How To Cleanse Alexandrite Crystal? 10 Ways 

  1. Why Should You Cleanse Alexandrite?
  2. 10 Ways to Cleanse Alexandrite
  3. What to Keep in Mind When Cleansing Alexandrite?
  4. Conclusion: Start Cleansing Alexandrite Crystals with the Earth’s Elements 

Due to many of the powerful healing and metaphysical properties of Alexandrite, it is necessary to cleanse this crystal fairly often. Now, you may be wondering what elements and methods you can use to effectively, easily, and safely cleanse your Alexandrite crystals.

The best practice for cleansing Alexandrite is harnessing the energy of the Earth, and placing your crystal directly in the soil to clear lower energies. You can also use both sunlight and moonlight as Alexandrite cleansing methods.

The energy of this color-changing crystal is very much about transmutation, you can connect with this energy in mindful and ritualistic ways by intentionally cleansing Alexandrite guided by the suggestions in this article.

Why Should You Cleanse Alexandrite?

Powerful, rare, expensive, and marvelously beautiful, Alexandrite crystal has several benefits including being very useful for dissolving negative beliefs, limitations, old emotional, mental, and energetic patterns, hurts, and baggage. 

While this crystal raises our vibration, it also absorbs the energy that it transmutes. We can keep Alexandrite crystal energy clear by regularly cleansing this stone, especially after intentionally working with it or after wearing it for a prolonged time.

a graphic table about why you should cleanse alexandrite

10 Ways to Cleanse Alexandrite

It is wise to do some research before cleansing any crystal, as some crystals are not advised to be exposed to sunlight, heat, and/or water. These elements may permanently physically alter or damage some crystals.

Alexandrite is an easy stone to cleanse, which is convenient as it is a crystal that should be intentionally cleansed often. Due to its high hardness and composition, Alexandrite is tolerant to light, heat, and water.

The Best Way to Cleanse Alexandrite: Earth or Soil

Soil in farmer's hand

As the ruling element of Alexandrite is Earth, using this element to cleanse your stone is highly effective. Simply place your Alexandrite crystal on or under any completely natural earth surface or element for just 1 hour to fully cleanse.

Tip: If you bury your crystal in the garden, mark the spot using another bigger stone on the soil surface. Working with soil and the Earth’s energy of composting is a very powerful cleansing practice. 

How to Cleanse Alexandrite Crystal with Natural Light

The sun light is shining through the forest

Alexandrite is a crystal that is highly responsive to light as it displays stunning color change effects in different lighting. This resonance with light means using natural light, such as sunlight and moonlight to cleanse your stone works perfectly.

Simply place your stone in a safe spot under the sky for one day and one night with a clear intention to fully cleanse your Alexandrite crystals energy.

Note: Alexandrite is a crystal that is sun safe. It has a high hardness and is resilient to the sun’s light and heat.

How to Cleanse Alexandrite with Sounds

woman performing a ritual using singing bowl

Another effective method that can be used to cleanse Alexandrite crystal is by using cleansing sound vibrations.

Holding your crystal, you can use sound healing instruments, classical instruments, or your voice to intuitively create sounds to energetically cleanse your Alexandrite crystal.

You can also cleanse this crystal using sound by simply playing a harmonic vibrational frequency and placing your crystals close to the source of the sound. Suggested sounds and frequencies for cleansing include deep nature sounds, purification mantras, or 417 Hz.

How to Cleanse Alexandrite with Affirmations

Words of Affirmation written on black rocks

Affirmations are a powerful cleansing force for any crystal or situation. Write down your affirmations and place your crystal together with this piece of paper for one day. You can also hold your Alexandrite while speaking your affirmation for crystal cleansing out aloud.

Positive Affirmations Suggestions:

  • All that no longer serves me and the energetic alignment of this crystal is now cleansed.
  • I am thankful to this stone for its healing work and now cleanse it with the power of my intention.
  • I trust the power of my intention and the earth’s elements to cleanse this crystal fully.

How to Cleanse Alexandrite with Water

a pair of hand scooping water in the river

Water is a potent and easy way of cleansing. However, we must be aware that this method is not safe for cleansing all crystals. The composition and hardness of a stone determine if it can touch or be immersed in water.

Alexandrite is very hard, so it is safe to go in the water. Simply hold or place your stone in a natural body of water or a vessel filled with pure water for at least one minute and up to one hour to easily and energetically cleanse this crystal.

Water can also be used to physically cleanse your Alexandrite. Simply wash the stone in pure water and use a sponge or cloth to clean the surface of your stone. 

How to Cleanse Alexandrite with Fire

A fire on a dark background

Unlike many other crystals, Alexandrite is also tolerant to heat, and so this makes it possible to cleanse using the transformational energy of fire.

As a rule of thumb, avoid touching any crystal to direct flame and avoid leaving your stones exposed to high heat for an extended period.

You can cleanse Alexandrite by lighting a candle (or a few candles) and placing them next to this crystal with the clear intention to harness the energetic cleansing effects of fire.

You can also harness fire to cleanse Alexandrite by burning sacred plant incense and smudge bundles. More details on this will follow under the next heading.

How to Cleanse Alexandrite with Scents

A woman cleansing the air by smudging burning sage.

Cleansing Alexandrite with natural scents is an enjoyable way to cleanse this crystal. Apply or burn sacred plants in dried and processed forms, such as essential oils, flower essences, and incense.

Simply burn an incense stick or sage bundle and bathe your crystal in the smoke. You can also circle the scented smoke around your stone in a clockwise direction for about one minute to cleanse energetically. 

You can anoint your crystal with a tiny drop of essential oil or place it with any living plant that has a cleansing action such as a sage bush or rosemary tree for an hour.

Read more about how to cleanse crystals with incense sticks.

How to Cleanse Alexandrite with Self-Cleansing Stones

3 different sizes of Selenite placed on table with a lit candle

One of the best stones that can be utilized to cleanse Alexandrite and all other crystals is Selenite. Selenite is a powerful self-cleansing stone that offers the effect of constant energetic cleansing.

To cleanse your Alexandrite using Selenite, hold both crystals and activate them by setting a clear intention for energetic cleansing. Then simply leave your Alexandrite touching or resting on a piece of Selenite for a minimum of one hour.

How to Cleanse Alexandrite with Salt 

A wooden bowl that is full of salt on a black background

Salt, also known as the mineral Halite, has innate cleansing effects. You can use salt to cleanse your Alexandrite crystal, as it is safe to be exposed to salt as it is above 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Many other crystals can be damaged by exposure to salt, so be sure to check out this list of crystals that can and can’t go in salt

Fill an appropriate size bowl with pink Himalayan salt or sea salt and bury your Alexandrite stone under the salt for up to one hour to neutralize and clean up any low vibrational energies held by your crystal.

How to Cleanse Alexandrite with Meditation

A woman sitting on a wooden pathway in nature

Different types of meditation can be used to cleanse Alexandrite. You can use meditation to enter into a state of full presence and deep connection with your crystal and the divine. 

Set clear intentions for the vibrations and visions that you channel within meditation to cleanse your Alexandrite crystal.

Hold or wear your Alexandrite stone and begin your meditation with intention setting, at least ten minutes of deep focused breathing followed by practicing visualization, cleansing affirmations, or mantras.   

What to Keep in Mind When Cleansing Alexandrite?

  • Alexandrite needs to be cleansed often.
  •  It is really easy to cleanse Alexandrite. There are many options, as this stone is sun- and water-safe.
  • Your most important role in cleansing this crystal is to stay present and set clear intentions for cleansing.
  • Try out different methods of cleansing Alexandrite to feel what is most effective for you.
  • You can stick to one method of cleansing or change it up each time you cleanse this crystal.
  • Vibrationally, the ideal way to cleanse Alexandrite is using the Earth or soil, but other suggested methods are effective, too.
  • Trust the Earth’s elements and nature to do the deep cleansing work.

Conclusion: Start Cleansing Alexandrite Crystals with the Earth’s Elements 

Cleansing your Alexandrite crystal is a great way to form a deeper connection with your crystal. Cleansing can form part of your ritual or practice of working with this crystal.

 The secret to easily and fully cleansing Alexandrite is by using elements connected to the Earth including soil, water, fire, and even other minerals, such as Selenite and salt.

Here is a summary condensing the information on cleansing Alexandrite discussed in the content above:

a graphic table about how to cleanse Alexandrite in 10 ways

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