Super Seven

(soo - per sev - uhn)
Main Origins:
Brazil, Australia, and Madagascar.

What is Super Seven?

A super seven crystal pendant on a table

The Super Seven crystal contains Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz, Cacoxenite, Rutile Quartz, Goethite, and Lepidocrocite, all in one crystal. This stone looks like a Smoky Quartz with Amethyst inside, but there is much more than that going on. 

You can sometimes find Super Seven crystals between Amethyst deposits, and just like Amethyst, you can use Super Seven to protect you from harmful electromagnetic radiation.


Super Seven Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Super Seven contains all the healing and metaphysical properties of the seven stones it consists of. This stone gets rid of your old ways of thinking, allowing for a new, conscious mindset that brings you expansion and growth

By removing tension from your aura, this stone will enable you to live more peacefully. Super Seven is also associated with the Storm element (Aether/Spirit).

Super Seven consists of Seven Crystals, and each of them has its own unique properties.

Amethyst – Helps with sleeplessness, calms a busy mind, and heals trauma.

Cacoxenite – Gives you awareness that allows you to connect greatly with others, nature, and the universe.

Clear Quartz – Heals and balances all 7 chakras and amplifies the spiritual properties of the other gemstones in the Super Seven crystal. 

Goethite – Revitalizes your energetic body and gives you an abundance of physical and mental energy and vitality. 

Lepidocrocite – Sorts out the information and thoughts in your mind to allow for a renewed, fresh perceptive.

Rutile Quartz – This stone prepares the soul and mind for spiritual growth and awareness, making it easier to learn important lessons and to change your perception.

Smoky Quartz – A powerful protective stone that shields your aura from anything toxic and debilitating to your spiritual growth. This stone also grounds you, allowing you to have a secure foundation for your spiritual journey.

Super Seven Healing Properties and Benefits

Spiritual Elevation

  • This stone connects you with your higher self by opening your eyes to spiritual truths and facilitating spiritual awakening. Super Seven contains all the properties needed to prepare you for spiritual advancement. 
  • Wear a Super Seven necklace, bracelet, or ring daily for enhanced spiritual wisdom


  • This stone lets you find the answers to your life questions by expanding your awareness and sending you important messages. When using this stone, the answers to many questions you have will automatically be presented to you over time.
  • Meditate with a Super Seven crystal in your hand for 15 minutes when you have a question, and the answer will come to you.

Emotional Healing

  • Super Seven is known to help heal and mend a broken heart, making it a great stone to use when undergoing emotional difficulties. If you have undergone a breakup, traumatic experience, or loss, Super Seven can make the healing process easier.
  • Wear a Super Seven pendant that rests on your heart chakra to heal the heart.


  • By reducing symptoms of ADHD and hyperactivity, Super Seven eliminates mental clutter and allows for crystal-clear vision. This crystal allows you to focus better, and finish tasks without getting distracted easily.
  • Keep a Super Seven crystal in your pocket to benefit from its mind-calming effects.


  • Super Seven revitalizes the aura and instills you with energy and determination. It helps the body function at its best capacity, giving you strength and energy to accomplish your goals.
  • Sleep with Super Seven on your bedside table to wake up refreshed and full of energy.

Enhances Communication

  • By clearing and opening the throat chakra, Super Seven allows you to express yourself authentically. This stone makes it easier to come out of your shell in social settings.
  • Meditate with a Super Seven crystal on your throat chakra for 5 minutes before engaging in important or serious conversation.

Super Seven Spiritual Properties and Benefits


  • Super Seven eliminates the negativity that causes creative blocks and fertility issues, allowing you to manifest and create abundantly.
  • Meditate with a Super Seven on each of your seven chakras for 5 minutes to clear negative energy. 

Positive Relationships

  • By filling your heart with compassion and love, Super Seven helps you build loving relationships. 
  • Meditate with a Super Seven stone on your Heart chakra for 5 minutes to invite more love into your heart.


  • This stone removes all your doubts and worries and releases addictions, allowing you to live carefreely.
  • Place Super Seven and a grounding crystal under your pillow next to a balancing crystal to relieve toxic thoughts while you sleep.


  • By letting you see what is truly important in life, Super Seven lets you apply your focus to what is needed.
  • Carry a Super Seven stone in your pocket daily to ensure your focus remains on the essentials.

A young woman practicing a yoga pose with different color spots on her back indicating chakra points

Balances all chakras

  • Super Seven is one of the rare crystals that can heal and balance all seven chakras
  • Place a Super Seven stone on your chakra that is out of balance for 10 minutes to rebalance it.

Ethereal Connection

  • Super Seven stones help keep you grounded during astral projection and allow you to access the Akashic Records via meditation.
  • Meditate with a Super Seven stone on your forehead (third eye chakra) to access important information about your soul.

Super Seven Side Effects

  • Avoidance: Increased awareness can cause you to avoid situations and people you would have previously accepted. You are more aware of the adverse impacts specific experiences have on you.
  • Intimidation: Super Seven increases your confidence and mental strength, which can come across as arrogant and overbearing to others.

Super Seven Meaning: What Does Super Seven Symbolize?

A group of people, putting their hand on top of each other

Super Seven is named after the Greek word “Kryptos,” meaning “hidden.” The meaning of Super Seven is “hidden gem.” 

As a stone that boosts your psychic powers, Super Seven enhances clairvoyance and telepathy, and it helps with channeling. It is one of the best stones to help you connect with your ancestors and spirit guides.

Super Seven unites and connects all of humanity. This stone was only discovered a few years ago, making it a new-age crystal, and its purpose is to heal and save the earth from destruction by bringing the world spiritual awareness.

Varieties of Super Seven

  • Rutile Super Seven: Rutile inclusions give this variety of Super Seven a brown, purple, black, or gray shade. This stone helps manifest your positive desires.
  • Super Eight: Hematite inclusions give this stone an unusual red hue. Use this stone for increased awareness of your physical body’s needs.

How To Cleanse Super Seven?

A small waterfall in nature

  • Moonlight – This stone rarely needs to be cleansed due to its self-cleansing properties, but it does require an occasional cleanse now and then. One of the safest methods to cleanse this stone is by placing it in the moonlight overnight.
  • Running water – Hold your Super Seven stone under a stream of water for a few minutes for a quick cleanse. You can also place it next to a river or a waterfall for a few hours.
  • Soil – For a powerful cleanse, bury your Super Seven stone in the earth for 24 hours to a week. Wrap your crystal in a natural fiber cloth beforehand to protect it from getting covered in soil.

Questions and Answers

Who should not use Super Seven?

Overly sensitive people should avoid wearing Super Seven daily, as it can overstimulate their emotions. Super Seven is a high-vibration crystal, so its effects can be overwhelming to some people.

Can you put a Super Seven crystal in the water?

Super Seven is a crystal part of the quartz variety and is safe to put in water. Ensure you use clean, untreated water, as harsh chemicals present in the water can corrode or damage your crystal.

What to say when using Super Seven?

When meditating with Super Seven, you can state the following affirmation: “I connect with the powers of the heavens to enlighten me with wisdom. So mote it be.”

Are Super Seven crystals expensive?

Super Seven is an expensive crystal that costs hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Can Super Seven go in the Sun?

Super Seven can go in the Sun for short periods of time. A chemical reaction caused by heat and light exposure can cause the crystals’ color to fade over time, so it is best to avoid leaving it in the Sun for longer than 30 minutes.

What’s the difference between fake Super Seven and real Super Seven?

Some stones have some of the minerals included in the Super Seven crystal in one crystal, but not all of them. If the crystal does not contain Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Clear Quartz, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Rutile Quartz, and Smoky Quartz, it is not a Super Seven crystal.

Where to keep Super Seven in your house?

Place Super Seven in your bathroom to detox your aura while you bathe or shower. Put it in your office, study, or studio for enhanced focus and creativity. You can also put it in the bedroom for increased intimacy and grounding, and in the entertainment area to uplift the energy in the room.

Is Super Seven a precious stone?

Super Seven is classed as a semi-precious stone. The precious stones are Diamonds, Sapphires, Emeralds, and Rubies. Any reference stating that Super Seven is a precious stone is inaccurate.

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