Crystal Bracelets: How to Wear, Use, Do’s and Don’ts

  1. How To Wear and Use Crystal Bracelets
  2. Do's on Wearing Crystal Bracelets
  3. Don'ts on Wearing Crystal Bracelets
  4. Where To Wear Your Crystal Bracelet
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One of the best methods for experiencing crystals’ healing powers is wearing crystal bracelets. Unlike other crystal-using methods, such as placing crystals on chakra points or positioning them in specific locations, wearing crystal bracelets allows you to reap the benefits of the crystals throughout the day.

Crystal bracelets are a great way to add style to your appearance and benefit from the crystal’s energetic properties. You’ll be amazed at how this hands-on approach can transform your life, all while complementing your style.

Before you scroll down, be aware that not all crystals are safe for wearing as bracelets. This guide will ensure you make informed choices when selecting the perfect crystal bracelet. Dive in and embark on a journey to discover the fascinating world of crystal bracelets!

How To Wear and Use Crystal Bracelets

collection of crystals hanging on a wood stem

To fully benefit from your crystal bracelet, knowing where and how to wear it is essential. While the left and right wrists offer distinct advantages, you may wear your bracelet on either side based on your preference or the specific energy you wish to harness.

When using crystal bracelets, ensure you cleanse and charge them with your intentions before wearing them for the first time. Then regularly cleanse your bracelet to maintain its energetic properties and remove accumulated negative energy. You can cleanse your crystal bracelet by smudging, using sound, soil, or water, or placing it in the moonlight or sunlight. 

Benefits of Wearing Crystal Bracelets on the Right Wrist

Wearing a crystal bracelet on the right wrist allows you to project your energy outward, making it ideal if you are looking to manifest specific intentions or engage with the world more confidently.

The right wrist is also associated with giving energy, making it an excellent choice for healers and caregivers who wish to channel healing and supportive energy to others.

Benefits of Wearing Crystal Bracelets on the Left Wrist

Wearing your crystal bracelet on the left wrist helps absorb and receive the bracelet’s energy, making it an excellent choice if you seek personal growth, healing, or emotional balance.

The left wrist is connected to your intuitive and subconscious self, so wearing a crystal bracelet on this side can help enhance intuition and deepen your connection to your inner wisdom.

Do’s on Wearing Crystal Bracelets

a crystal bracelet beside an amethyst geode and other tumbled crystal

Mix and match: You can wear multiple crystal bracelets simultaneously, but choosing crystals with complementary energies is vital to amplify their benefits.

Cleanse and charge: Regularly cleanse your bracelets to maintain their energetic properties and remove accumulated negative energy. Then you can charge them by placing them in the sunlight, moonlight, in water, smudging them, or using other cleansing crystals, like Selenite.

Pair with purpose: Choose crystal bracelets that align with your intentions and needs. Some great combinations include Rose Quartz and Amethyst for love and emotional healing or Citrine and Aventurine for abundance and prosperity.

Don’ts on Wearing Crystal Bracelets

colorful crystal bracelet placed on top of a white crystal geode

Overload: If you are wondering how many crystal bracelets you can wear, avoid wearing too many crystal bracelets simultaneously, as they may create conflicting energies and reduce their effectiveness. Stick to two or three that resonate with your intentions and complement each other.

Ignore incompatibility: Be mindful of the energy and properties of each crystal, as some may not work well together. For example, it’s generally advised not to wear grounding stones, like Hematite, with high-energy stones like Clear Quartz, as their energies may clash.

Neglect maintenance: Remember to regularly cleanse and recharge your bracelets to keep their energy vibrant and potent. Remove your bracelets when showering, swimming, or any activity that may expose them to harsh chemicals or physical stress. This will help preserve their beauty and longevity.

Where To Wear Your Crystal Bracelet

a white bracelet with five brown crystal beads at the front placed on a wooden platform

Wearing crystal bracelets can provide various benefits, depending on the crystal type and the wrist you choose to wear them on. Different crystal bracelets have different meanings. If you are wondering which wrist to wear your crystal bracelet, here are six crystals and the suggested wrist placement to explore for maximizing their benefits:

Black Obsidian: Wearing a Black Obsidian bracelet on your left or right wrist offers powerful protection against negative energies and psychic attacks while promoting emotional healing and self-discovery through its grounding and transformative properties. 

Rose Quartz: Wear a Rose Quartz bracelet on your left wrist to attract love, enhance self-love, and nurture emotional well-being. The left wrist supports receiving energy, making it ideal for drawing in loving vibrations.

Citrine: Place a Citrine bracelet on your right wrist to attract prosperity and manifest abundance. The right wrist is associated with projecting energy, making it perfect for focusing on wealth and success.

Amethyst: Wear an Amethyst bracelet on your left wrist to support spiritual growth, enhance intuition, and promote emotional healing. The left wrist’s connection to the subconscious mind helps you tap into your inner wisdom.

Black Tourmaline: If you are wondering which wrist to wear your Black Tourmaline bracelet on, wearing a Black Tourmaline bracelet on your left wrist can help protect you from negative energies and promote grounding. This placement allows you to receive Black Tourmaline’s stabilizing and protective properties.

Lapis Lazuli: Place a Lapis Lazuli bracelet on your right wrist to encourage clear communication and self-expression, making it perfect for creative and professional settings. Wearing it on the right wrist helps you confidently project your voice and ideas.

graphic designed table explaining the do's and don'ts of wearing/ using healing bracelet


  • Does it matter on which wrist I wear my crystal bracelet?

Yes, it does matter which wrist you wear a crystal bracelet, as it can impact its effectiveness. 

  • Which is the best crystal to wear every day?

The best crystal to wear every day depends on your needs and intentions. Popular choices include Clear Quartz for overall energy balancing, Rose Quartz for love and self-care, and Amethyst for spiritual growth and emotional healing. 

  • Can you wear a crystal bracelet with a watch?

Yes, you can wear a crystal bracelet with a watch. Just ensure they do not rub against each other, causing physical damage to the watch or the bracelet. 

  • Can you wear a crystal bracelet to sleep?

Yes, you can wear a crystal bracelet to sleep. While some people may find it comfortable, it’s essential to consider the energies of the specific crystal. Some crystals may promote relaxation and better sleep, while others might be too energizing. Listen to your body and remove the bracelet if it disrupts your sleep.

  • Can you let other people touch your crystal bracelet?

No, It’s generally advised not to let others touch your crystal bracelet, as their energies may transfer onto your crystal, potentially disrupting its energetic properties. Cleanse your bracelet to restore its original energy if someone else touches it.

  • Which wrist to wear a chakra bracelet?

When deciding which wrist to wear a chakra bracelet on, consider the energy you want to harness. If you wish to receive healing and balancing energy, wear the chakra bracelet on your left wrist. If you want to project healing and positive energy to others or the environment, wear the bracelet on your right wrist.

  • Which wrist to wear a Bloodstone bracelet?

If you want to harness Bloodstone’s protective and grounding properties to project strength and confidence, wear it on your right wrist.

  • Which wrist to wear a Moonstone bracelet?

The best wrist to wear a Moonstone bracelet is on your left wrist for connection to feminine energy, intuition, and emotional balance. 

  • Which wrist to wear a Pyrite bracelet?

The best wrist to wear a Pyrite bracelet to receive and benefit from its abundance-giving energies is the left wrist.

  • Which wrist to wear a Lava Stone bracelet?

If you want to know which wrist to wear Lava Stone to project strength and resilience, the best is the right wrist.

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