15 Healing Crystal Bracelets and How to Use Them

  1. 15 Healing Crystal Bracelets You Should Wear
  2. Lava Stone 
  3. Rose Quartz 
  4. Smoky Quartz 
  5. Tiger’s Eye 
  6. Fluorite 
  7. Citrine
  8. Jade
  9. Pyrite 
  10. Coral 
  11. Sodalite
  12. Dalmatian Jasper
  13. Moonstone
  14. Celestite 
  15. Howlite 
  16. Black Tourmaline
  17. FAQ
  18. Use Healing Crystal Bracelets from Today!

Healing crystal bracelets have been used for centuries to promote well-being on many levels. What are the uses of wearing healing crystal bracelets? How to use healing crystal bracelets?

Healing crystal bracelets can absorb and spread energy, distributing their power evenly throughout the body. To use healing crystal bracelets, choose a bracelet that contains crystals associated with the desired intention or benefit, then meditate on the bracelet and set your intention before wearing it.

Let’s dive into these healing crystal bracelets and how to use them. 

15 Healing Crystal Bracelets You Should Wear

A person is wearing a bracelet made of crystal gemstone

Did you know that a combination of Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Black Tourmaline can be one of the most potent healing crystal bracelets? The gentle energy of the Rose Quartz encourages self-love and forgiveness, while Amethyst gives off calming vibrations, and Black Tourmaline helps dispel negative energies. This combination ultimately results in a renewed spirit and an enhanced connection with the cosmos.

Lava Stone 

lava stone beads bracelet with star pendant

The Lava Stone has grounding properties that help to stabilize emotions by bringing balance, inner strength, and courage in times of change and uncertainty. The absorbent nature of Lava Stones allows them to hold essential oils, making them perfect aroma diffusers, which can enhance mood and well-being.

To activate your Lava Stone healing crystal bracelet, charge it by smudging. Then anoint it with a few drops of sacred essential oils and hold it in your hands while focusing on your intentions and desired outcomes. Using the power of meditation, visualization, and affirmation impart your Lava Stone with your energy and the trust of the celestial forces of the universe.

Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz Crystal bracelet with rays of sunlight

The Rose Quartz is one of the healing crystal bracelets with energy that attracts unconditional love, promotes self-love, and enhances tranquility through its gentle yet powerful vibrations. Wearing the bracelet harmonizes emotional well-being by balancing the Heart Chakra, encouraging deeper connections and emotional healing. 

Gently placing a Rose Quartz crystal in a glass of Water allows it to absorb the nurturing energies of the liquid, particularly under the Moonlight. This water-charging technique boosts the gemstone’s loving vibrations, leaving it cleansed and energetically charged for profound healing and self-love rituals.

Smoky Quartz 

Smoky Quartz crystal bracelet placed on a grayish platform

As a healing crystal bracelet, Smoky Quartz holds a powerful energy that aids in grounding, purifying, and stabilizing one’s aura. This beautiful stone not only changes negative energy into a positive light but also magnifies one’s spiritual connection to Mother Earth and the higher realms. It enhances the alignment between the physical and the ethereal body, promoting emotional balance and strengthening resilience.

To effectively activate your Smoky Quartz healing crystal bracelet, smudge it with fragrant sage smoke. As the celestial bodies work their enchanting magic, set a clear intention for your Smoky Quartz by visualizing specific goals, healing properties, or spiritual desires you wish to manifest. Once charged, your Smoky Quartz bracelet will be vibrationally aligned and ready to empower your journey with its grounding and protective energies.

Tiger’s Eye 

Tigers eye crystal bracelet placed on a wooden platform

Tiger’s Eye is one of the most beautiful stone bracelets, revered for centuries for its ability to inspire confidence, courage, and protection in its wearer. Regarding healing properties, Tiger’s Eye is known for its ability to balance the Solar Plexus Chakra, which helps empower individuals to manifest their dreams, enhance their willpower, and achieve their goals. It also helps individuals tap into their inner strength and courage, allowing them to tackle any obstacles that may come their way with ease and confidence.

To charge your Tiger’s Eye healing crystal bracelet, cleanse it by immersing it in a bowl of purified water mixed with a pinch of sea salt for 24 hours. Place your bracelet under Sunlight for 4 hours while simultaneously setting an intention for the type of protective, grounding, and healing energies you wish to harness from your charged Tiger’s Eye crystal.


three natural Fluorite crystal beads with a tree pendant

Fluorite, known as the “master healer” in crystal circles, is a powerful healing crystal bracelet that enhances mental clarity and promotes concentration. It resonates with the Heart and Third Eye Chakras responsible for emotional balance, spiritual growth, creativity, and intuition. By balancing these chakras, Fluorite helps individuals tap into their inner wisdom and intuition, leading to more profound insights and greater creativity.

To charge the Fluorite healing crystal bracelet, you first need to cleanse it by immersing it in a singing bowl’s soothing vibrations. Then place your Fluorite bracelet under the Moonlight during a Full Moon night to intensify its metaphysical properties and potency.


Citrine crystal small chunks scattered on table

Citrine is a breathtaking crystal known for its beautiful golden-yellow color and powerful healing properties. Citrine is closely associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, and by balancing this chakra, Citrine helps individuals manifest abundance, attract wealth and prosperity, and increase their sense of self-worth. It also helps clear the mind and promote mental focus, making it an ideal crystal for those struggling with procrastination or lacking motivation. 

Moonlight is a potent energy source that boosts the vibrational frequencies of Citrine. By placing Citrine under direct Moonlight, preferably during a Full Moon, its innate abilities to enhance prosperity and abundance are revitalized, connecting it more deeply with cosmic forces.


two jade crystal bracelets placed on a gray granite table

Jade stone bracelets are beautiful and are one of the most powerful healing crystals. Jade is known to be the “stone of eternal youth” and is believed to possess renewing properties that can help slow down the aging process, both physically and mentally. This stone also attracts prosperity, abundance, and good fortune, popular among business owners and anyone wanting to succeed in their careers. Wearing Jade as a bracelet is a way to keep this stone close to your skin, giving you powerful energies throughout the day.

To charge Jade, you must find a quiet and peaceful natural spot where the soil is healthy and undisturbed. Gently bury your Jade bracelet in the ground, either at the base of a thriving plant, tree or a natural surface, like a rock or moss, for a deeper connection with Earth’s vibrations. Leave the bracelet there for at least 24 hours, allowing the soil to absorb negative energies while boosting Jade’s harmonizing properties.


Person holding a pyrite crystal

Pyrite is a mineral commonly found in the Earth’s crust and widely used in industrial applications. For us spiritual seekers, this stone holds a special significance. It is a powerful crystal known to promote vitality, abundance, and overall well-being. 

It is often called the “stone of luck” and helps manifest prosperity and success. When worn as a crystal energy bracelet, it becomes a constant source of positivity that helps us easily navigate life’s challenges.

To charge your Pyrite healing crystal bracelet, ignite a small fire using natural materials, such as twigs or dried leaves, during a sunny day when the Sun is at its peak. Carefully pass the bracelet through the flames three times, ensuring it does not get too close to avoid any damage. As you do this, focus on empowerment and manifestation, visualizing the Sun’s fiery energy and Pyrite’s bold vibrations. 


Red coral bracelet on a black background

One of the gemstone bracelets for healing is Coral, which embodies the ocean’s nurturing energy, making it a powerful tool for harmonizing emotions and well-being while enhancing intuition. By wearing a Coral bracelet, you can stimulate your imagination, encouraging you to think outside the box and come up with innovative ideas. 

It also instills confidence in its wearer, allowing them to feel empowered and in control of their lives. Coral crystal energy bracelets are an excellent tool for empathetic people, as they can help them create healthy boundaries and protect them.

To charge the Coral crystal, harness the influential energy of the Sun by holding it at sunrise for a few minutesThis allows it to attract intuition, inner power, harmony, and balance to your life.


sodalite bracelet on a white background

One of the most significant benefits of Sodalite is its ability to enhance intuition. It is a stone closely linked with the Third Eye Chakra, responsible for our intuition and psychic abilities. It can clear your mind and enable you to think more clearly, allowing you to approach problems with a fresh perspective. It can provide a gentle grounding energy that boosts self-confidence and self-awareness for those struggling with self-doubt.

Charging a Sodalite using smudging involves enveloping its energy field with smoke from sacred herbs, like sage. This spiritual process purifies the stone of negative energies and increases its natural vibrational frequency to connect with cosmic wisdom.

Dalmatian Jasper

Dalmatian jasper placed on a granite platform

As a healing crystal bracelet, Dalmatian Jasper carries the empowering ability to balance Yin and Yang energies, helping to harmonize these energies and enabling you to feel more balanced and centered. 

Dalmatian Jasper is a powerful crystal protection bracelet. It nurtures protective instincts, making it an excellent tool for vulnerable or insecure people. It promotes playfulness and curiosity, awakening your inner child and enabling you to approach life with wonder and curiosity. 

Placing the stone next to a singing bowl is good to activate its healing properties with a lit candle, drawing into the Fire element’s properties like balance and passion. So, it helps ground us, clear negative energy, and provide a sense of stability and security. 


Moonstone bracelet on fingers with blue sky background

Moonstone is a talismanic stone that has been used for centuries, known for fostering inner growth, reducing stress, and promoting spiritual revelation. It can also help release emotional stress, anxiety, and tension, making you feel more relaxed and centered. 

It benefits those who wish to develop their psychic abilities or strengthen their connection to their higher self. Moonstone is a beautiful and feminine stone that can add a touch of elegance to any outfit for those who wish to connect with their feminine energy.

To charge Moonstone, it is best to leave it under the Full Moon light overnight, which will imbue it with powerful vibrations and harmonize the stone’s aura. With its gentle yet potent energy, Moonstone can help tap into your intuition and guide you toward a deeper understanding of yourself and the universe.


celestite crystal on a white background

As a healing crystal bracelet, Celestite is an excellent choice for anyone seeking to connect with their higher self and tap into divine wisdom. It opens and stimulates the upper chakras, including the Third Eye and Crown, making it an ideal choice for those who wish to enhance their psychic abilities, spiritual connection, and intuition. 

The Celestite crystal is also known for its ability to promote mental clarity and calmness. It is an excellent choice for those who wish to enhance their spiritual connection and experience a deep sense of peace and tranquility.

Charging a Celestite crystal involves infusing it with uplifting intentions while connecting to celestial realms. Hold the luminous gem in your palms, recite empowering affirmations aloud, and visualize the healing frequency of divine light that increases the stone’s calming properties.


Howlite crystal bracelet placed on a wooden trunk

As a healing crystal bracelet, Howlite provides a soothing effect on your emotions, quiets your thoughts, and promotes peace and tranquility. It is excellent for those wishing to deepen their spiritual practice and enhance their connection. It creates a constant source of support and positivity that infuses your aura. Its calming and grounding energy can help you to navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and grace, enabling you to feel more centered and balanced.

To harness the full potential of the Howlite crystal’s healing properties, it is recommended to charge it for several hours under the Full Moon’s light before meditating with it. This process will allow the strengthening of the crystal’s vibrational frequency, which will promote a sense of calmness and balance. 

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline splintered crystal bracelet on a white circled-pattern table

Black Tourmaline is a stunning and powerful healing crystal that is often used in jewelry, such as bracelets. This powerful stone is known for its ability to balance the chakras and purify the aura, which can help to promote emotional and spiritual healing. One of the most remarkable benefits of Black Tourmaline is its ability to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit. Black Tourmaline is an excellent choice for those seeking emotional and spiritual support.

Charging a Black Tourmaline with smudging involves incense to cleanse and energize the crystal’s vibrational frequency. It purifies the stone’s energy, allowing it to realign with your intentions and elevate your vibrations during personal transformation.


  • What are chakra healing bracelets?

Some chakra healing bracelets are Rose Quartz, Tiger’s Eye, Fluorite, Citrine, Celestine, and Black Tourmaline.

  • How does a healing crystal bracelet work?

A healing crystal bracelet works by harnessing the innate vibrational energies of the gemstones, channeling them into the wearer’s aura promoting balance, and enhancing their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

  • What are the benefits of healing crystal bracelets?

Some of the benefits of healing crystal bracelets are harmonizing personal energy, promoting emotional balance, and improving mental clarity, physical well-being, and spiritual connectivity by utilizing the vibrational frequencies of different gemstones.

  • How to wear healing crystal bracelets?

When adorning yourself with healing crystal bracelets, select those that resonate with your energy, and wear them on your non-dominant hand for optimal energy absorption.

  • Can I wear crystal bracelets every day?

Yes, you can wear crystal bracelets daily, and doing so can help you harness the crystals’ unique energetic properties and healing vibrations.

  • How do you clean and cleanse crystal bracelets?

To clean and cleanse crystal bracelets, gently wash them with water and mild soap before using the sacred smoke of sage or by placing them under the Full Moon’s glow, ensuring their powerful energies remain vibrant and adapted to your astrological aura.

Use Healing Crystal Bracelets from Today!

Crystal bracelets have many potential powers, especially with healing. Wearing one also can quickly spread these powers and, at the same time, adds a piece of touch-up jewelry to your outfit. So, go ahead and add these bracelets to your collection and experience the magic and transformative power of these unique crystals.

Here’s a quick view of the healing crystal bracelets and how to charge them:

a graphic designed table explaining 15 healing bracelets, its uses, and best way to charge the bracelet

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