50 Tiger’s Eye Affirmations

  1. Affirmations for Courage
  2. Affirmations for Willpower
  3. How to Use Tiger's Eye for Affirmations

When the mind is focused on positivity, love, and success, anything is possible, since the mind is so powerful. Affirmations are short yet impactful words and declarations that can help you think positively and change your thought patterns. 

They are statements you say to yourself, and over time, repeating these positive words will lead you to believing in them.

Tiger’s Eye is a powerful crystal that increases your courage and willpower, by bringing a sense of calm to the chaos in your life, and enhancing your ability to manifest what you wish to have. By diminishing your ability to limit yourself, Tiger’s Eye gives you the freedom and strength to embark on any journey you set your heart on. 

Additionally, Tiger’s Eye releases introversion and a sense of fear, allowing you to step out of your comfort zone and embark on challenges you might previously have feared.

Containing the eye of the Tiger, Tiger’s Eye gives you the strength and ability to zoom into your target and go after what you want with the fearlessness and determination of a tiger. As Tiger’s Eye is one of the stones for courage and confidence, you can use affirmations for Tiger’s Eye to increase the trust and faith you have in yourself and your abilities. 

Tiger’s Eye affirmations will improve your Tiger’s Eye’s ability to give you the inner strength you need to reach your goals, as well as bring optimism and happiness to your state of mind, giving you a positive mindset, ready to tackle anything in life sets out for you! 

Affirmations for Courage

a woman in front of rock formation she is looking to climb
  1. I have crystal clear vision and can see the truth around me.
  1. My intuition guides me to the steps I need to take.
  1. I am grounded and in charge of my destiny.
  1. I find healthy ways to resolve my inner battles.
  1. I work hard to let my passions and dreams blossom.
  1. Every aspect of my being is in alignment and balanced.
  1. I always consider my needs, as well as the needs of others, when making decisions.
  1. Nothing keeps me fenced in, and I grab every opportunity as soon as it comes.
  1. I have come far in life and am proud of who I have become. 
  1. I learn and grow from my challenges, which is why I welcome new experiences with open arms.
  1. My actions always lead me to success and abundance.
  1. I remain strong in moments of uncertainty.
  1. I do not hold on to self-doubt; I am confident and capable.
  1. I have the power and wisdom to navigate troubled waters with ease.
  1. I rule my life and destiny through the choices I make.
  1. Everything I want is already mine; I work hard for it.
  1. Happiness and success come to me quickly when I set goals for myself and reach them.
  1. I am determined to be the best at what I do.
  1. I keep my eye on the prize and do not allow myself to get distracted.
  1. I win at everything I do.
  1. I am the master of my reality.
  1. I stay loyal and truthful to my words.
  1. I deserve only the best and nothing less.
  1. Every day, I become stronger and more resilient.
  1. I achieve and accomplish anything I set my mind to. 

Affirmations for Willpower

a woman painting leaves
  1. I bring order to the chaos around me.
  1. My emotions are as light as a feather and do not weigh me down.
  1. Negative moods and emotions have no power over me.
  1. I am optimistic in everything I do. 
  1. I am proud of my accomplishments, and nothing can bring me down.
  1. I step out of my shell and face what life has in store for me.
  1. I welcome fresh, new experiences that expand my perception. 
  1. I discern between that which I need and that which I want.
  1. I attract wealth and abundance readily.
  1. I add great value to the world.
  1. I am brave and dare to face the unknown.
  1. There is no limit as to what I can achieve when I set my mind to something.
  1. I share my authentic truth and voice in all interactions.
  1. I fight and stand up for myself when I have to.
  1. I always make the right choices that result in growth and happiness.
  1. My determination, hard work, and effort leads to my success.
  1. My decisions and actions dictate my destiny.
  1. When I set my sights on a goal, I achieve it.
  1. Nothing and no one can get in the way of my success.
  1. I am in control of myself, my life, and my actions.
  1. I have the strength to take charge and push through until I succeed.
  1. My bad habits and negative thoughts have no power over me.
  1. Every step I take, I give it my all.
  1. Every day is what I make it, so I choose to make today a wonderful day.
  1. I control myself, my life, and my emotions.

How to Use Tiger’s Eye for Affirmations

stacked tiger's eye stones

Cleaning and prepping your Tiger’s Eye is essential before you begin utilizing your daily Tiger’s Eye mantras. Using a crystal that has recently been cleansed and charged is the best way to maximize its potential, and doing so will also help daily mantras and affirmations work more effectively. 

In addition, by preparing your Tiger’s Eye, there will be a noticeable effect of increasing your inner strength, courage, willpower, and ability to face whatever life throws at you with no fear.

Cleanse Your Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a crystal that absorbs energy from its user and the environment. For this reason, it’s essential to constantly charge and clear it if you want to use it for your courage and willpower affirmations. 

Luckily, Tiger’s Eye is a hardy crystal and does not need much special care, so any crystal cleansing method will work well with it. 

How to Cleanse Your Tiger’s Eye Crystal

  • During the Full Moon, set your crystal outside.
  • For about 24 hours, bury your crystal underground.
  • For 24 hours, submerge your crystal in a bowl of salt water.
  • Place your crystal in the rain.
  • Cleanse your crystal with a sage smudge stick.

Set Your Intention

Tiger’s Eye is a very versatile crystal with many uses and properties. When using Tiger’s Eye affirmations for courage and willpower, setting your goal is essential. Working with Tiger’s Eye is considerably more effective when you are clear on the goals you have..

Before starting your Tiger’s Eye affirmations, decide what you want to focus on and improve. . It’s essential to ground your aim; therefore, use your Tiger’s Eye while writing down the objectives you want to achieve, and stick these notes onto your mirror.

Seeing your notes will then serve as a prompt to say your Tiger’s Eye affirmations out loud, and keep your goals in mind, while putting on your makeup, or getting dressed for the day ahead.

Activate Your Tiger’s Eye

As Tiger’s Eye is a crystal that is ruled by the Sun, it contains solar energy, making it a powerful crystal to draw power from. Knowing how to activate your Tiger’s Eye can help you access the solar energy captured within it. 

Through this, you can use your Tiger’s Eye to be braver in fearful situations, and gain the confidence to make yourself stand out and shine. Tiger’s Eye is especially powerful for Leos who are ruled by the Sun.

3 Easy Ways to Activate Your Tiger’s Eye

  1. You can activate your Tiger’s Eye by wearing it at all times. Tiger’s Eye jewelry is very popular, and this is because it gives the wearer a sense of fearlessness that shines through in all their actions.
  2. Hold your Tiger’s Eye in your less dominant hand, and visualize a solid stream of all the warm colors, red, orange, and yellow, flowing from it into your lower chakras -the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras.
  3. Your Tiger’s Eye can also be activated using a Clear Quartz crystal. Repeat technique number 2 while holding your Tiger’s Eye and Clear Quartz together, and visualize energy entering your sacral, root, and solar plexus chakras. Tiger’s Eye reacts favorably when kept and worn beside a Clear Quartz crystal.

Perform a Tiger’s Eye Meditation

a woman wearing black shirt meditating

Meditating with Tiger’s Eye stimulates and activates your sacral, root, and solar plexus chakras, making you feel grounded within your individuality. Tiger’s Eye makes you feel that you have a vital function in the world and that you belong, making you more confident and full of determination.

After determining what you want to accomplish and manifest with your Tiger’s Eye affirmations, set aside some time to meditate with it. You can meditate with your Tiger’s Eye daily or just once before starting your mantras to increase their potency.

How to Meditate with Your Tiger’s Eye

  • Before starting, make sure you are comfortable and in a peaceful setting.
  • Simply placing your Tiger’s Eye on your sacral, root, and solar plexus chakras (the stomach, pelvis, and area below the pelvis) will help prepare and ground you to allow you to enter a meditative state. Tiger’s Eye is known for its ability to give you confidence within yourself and the strength to overcome almost anything.
  • Place your Tiger’s Eye on your solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras. Spend 5–10 minutes in meditation with it on each of these individual three chakras. 
  • While meditating, you can visualize one of your preferred natural settings, such as the ocean, a field of daisies, or a tall mountain covered in snow.
  • Imagine yourself traveling through this scene, letting go of every unfavorable idea or emotion, to make place for brand-new, happier ones.
  • Choose your favorite affirmations to repeat throughout your meditation since doing so will reinforce them in your subconscious mind and increase their impact on you.

Create a Daily Manifestation Ritual 

The more you say something, the more you’ll believe it! Saying your affirmations for just one day won’t cut it; you must incorporate them into your daily schedule and way of life. As you utilize your affirmations more frequently, they will impact your life tremendously and transform it.

How to Use Your Tiger’s Eye Affirmations Daily

  • Set aside time each morning to recite your affirmations while staring at your reflection.
  • Say your affirmations when driving to work in the morning, and the afternoon.
  • You can say your affirmations while bathing or showering. Even sing them out loud, if you please!
  • You can utilize affirmations while working out, especially when practicing pilates or yoga.
  • Affirmations should be practiced for 5 minutes daily in the morning, afternoon, and before resting your head on your pillow, to sleep at night.

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