What Does it Mean When Hematite Ring Breaks?

  1. 10 Reasons Why Hematite Rings Break
  2. What to do When Your Hematite Ring Breaks? 
  3. FAQ on Hematite Ring Breaking 
  4. In a Nutshell 

Hematite rings are root chakra crystals, excellent for clearing negativity, grounding, and strength. However, sometimes, they may break into two or three pieces for reasons other than neglect. What does it mean when a Hematite ring breaks? What to do after it breaks? 

Hematite ring that breaks may be due to heat, moisture, or falling, but it can also break when it’s done with your goals, time to move on, detecting too much stress, or trying to release negativity. 

I’ll tell you the reasons why hematite rings break so often, so that you know what’s actually going on. 

10 Reasons Why Hematite Rings Break

black ring on a gray background with shadows

Meaning behind Hematite Ring breaking into Multiple Pieces

Did your Hematite ring break into two pieces? Then, you’ll encounter a tough dilemma soon in life. 

My hematite ring broke into 3 pieces once, and a North-Indian psychic near the Ganges told me I should pass the pieces to three closest friends or family. It helped me reconnect with my brother and his family after a tough time. 

But when my Hematite ring broke into 4 pieces, I was told by another Psychic to bury, or place, the four pieces in four different corners/ directions of my home.  

Meaning behind a Lot of Hematite Rings Breaking 

As a balancing stone, it’s common for several Hematite rings to break all at once when the wearer is hexed. What’s happening is the Hematite is trying to clear the cursed negativity stuck to your spirit.  

Meaning Behind Hematite Ring Breaking Between Rituals

Hematite rings can break into pieces when you’re overstressed during any ritual. This results from your body’s stress vibrations clashing with the positive vibrations of the stone. Cleanse yourself before touching Hematite again.

Meaning Behind Hematite Ring Breaking Due to Negative Energy 

I saw a question on Reddit a few months ago – Do Hematite rings actually break from negative energy? Yes, Hematite rings can break after clearing negativity. 

But the same can happen when the crystal tries to release curses, hexes, evil eyes, and more. 

Many buy new Hematite rings to see them break and clear their fate, bad luck, and negativity. Some even buy a lot of Hematite rings in one go for this very reason. 

Meaning Behind Hematite Ring Breaking from Heat 

One of the non-metaphysical reasons your Hematite ring breaks is from expansion due to heat. So, keeping your Hematite ring in cool and dark places during hot months is ideal. Plus, strictly avoid wearing them in the summer, during daylight hours.

Meaning Behind Hematite Ring Breaking from Moisture 

Much like heat, moisture from sweat humidity and rain can also break your Hematite ring. So, avoid wearing it to the gym, in the rain, or snowy and humid places.

Meaning Behind Old Hematite Rings Breaking 

I had a Hematite ring that I was bonded to for five years. Honestly, I’d done a lot of charging, healing, and grounding with it for years, so it was special to me. 

But strangely, I felt a melancholic vibration touch me when it broke a few months ago. 

So, if your old Hematite ring breaks, it might be done with the goals or intentions you set out for. 

Meaning Behind Hematite Ring Breaking During Sleep 

Another common reason why the Hematite rings break is due to karmic debt. This is especially true if your crystal ring breaks out of sight, or during sleep. As Hematite helps you do penance for bad Karma, it keeps your soul awake and thinking when you wear them to bed.

Meaning Behind New Hematite Rings Breaking

If you broke a Hematite ring the first time you touched or wore it, Hematite might not be the right stone for you. 

When a Hematite stone suddenly breaks, it’s usually a sign of your spirit, chakras, and auric energy clashing with the stone’s energy.

You can check if this is the reason by getting a couple of hematite rings. If all of them break, you’ll know Hematite isn’t good for you, and you should avoid it. 

Meaning of Hematite Engagement Ring Breaking 

Hematite is one of the crystals often worn with diamonds on engagement rings. Psychics say it’s a great stone for founding, and grounding, a new beginning with your better half when worn this way. 

But if the Hematite stone in your engagement ring broke, it might signify your marriage may be coming to an end. At other times, it’s a premonition of a loss of life

If your Hematite ring breaks, tell your spouse to get it repaired. Finally, make them put it on your ring finger again to prevent any bad omens from destroying your marriage.

What to do When Your Hematite Ring Breaks? 

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I’ll tell you some things you can do with broken hematite rings below. 

  • Bury it for a month in three feet deep soil. Reuse the ring after.
  • Cleanse the broken ring by circling a Clear Quartz over it. 
  • You can gift pieces of Hematite to friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors. 
  • Add it to your bowl of Feng Shui crystals, or your spiritual altar. 
  • Add broken pieces of your Hematite ring to weak plants. 
  • Place the new pieces in different jewelry. 

FAQ on Hematite Ring Breaking 

If you’re worried about what to do with your broken Hematite ring, the following is written just for you!

How Long do Hematite Rings Usually Last?

Hematite scores low on the MOHS scale (between 5.5 and 6), so it can crack and break easily. But Hematite rings last long if you keep them away from heat and moisture. 

What Hand Should You Wear a Hematite Ring On and Why? 

Astrologers advise wearing a Hematite ring on the left hand. In spirituality, the left hand signifies charging and manifestations. Hematite attracts positivity and abundance into your life when you wear it this way. 

What Finger Should You Wear a Hematite Ring On and Why?

It’s good to wear Hematite rings on your thumb finger, as they’re both ruled by the same planet – Mars. But for regular wear, it’s good to wear Hematite rings on your middle finger because it keeps you grounded.

Can I Wear a Hematite Ring Every Day?

No, you should not wear a Hematite ring everyday, as it’s not good for the stone or you. That’s because prolonged wear can lead to Hematite side effects like cramps, headaches, and exhaustion

In a Nutshell 

It’s often poor care, mixed with the uber-low MOHS of Hematite that leads to cracks and breaks in Hematite rings. But mostly, Hematite rings break to release the negativity they’ve absorbed. 

Today, we learned that Hematite rings could also break under the following circumstances:

  • During dilemmas
  • Due to hexes and curses 
  • From stress vibrations 
  • To release negativity 
  • Heat 
  • Moisture
  • When its job is complete
  • Karmic debt
  • Not the right stone for you
  • End of a marriage
  • Loss of a person 

If your last Hematite ring suddenly broke, now you know why.Here’s a bonus tip – cleanse and charge your Hematite jewelry (and You!) frequently to avoid this from repeating.

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