How To Cleanse Citrine Crystals

  1. Water
  2. Incense
  3. Moonlight
  4. Salt
  5. Soil

Citrine is a beautiful crystal part of the quartz variety. This stone offers increased optimism, the ability to manifest your dream life, and attracts abundance and prosperity. Citrine, like Clear Quartz, does not need to be cleansed as regularly as other crystals, as it has self-cleansing properties. You can cleanse your Citrine once a month, but it can also function well with less frequent cleansing. 

You will notice that you must cleanse your Citrine once you cannot prosper and succeed at your goals. For example, you must cleanse your Citrine if you cannot attract abundance into your life and are not feeling as cheerful and optimistic as usual. 

Citrine is very powerful, and when I started wearing my Citrine crystal necklace, I began earning much more money and grew in my career. Luckily, Citrine is a hardy stone, and there are many different methods to explore if you want to know how to cleanse Citrine. However, avoiding extreme heat and light is vital, as these methods can cause Citrine to crack or its color to fade.


wooden bowl of water with flowers and candles

Can Citrine go in water? You can cleanse small pieces of Citrine in water. Although you can cleanse Citrine geodes and clusters with water, it is best to avoid using water for these specimens as water can get stuck in the crystal pockets and corners. Do not place damaged Citrine in water.

How To Cleanse Citrine With Water

  • You can hold your Citrine under a stream of water for 1-2 minutes for a quick cleanse. 
  • You can place small pieces of Citrine in rivers or the ocean for a powerful natural cleanse.
  • Place your Citrine crystal in the Sun for 10 minutes after cleansing it with water to dry it off.
  • You can visualize the water washing away the negative energy in the crystal, and you can charge the Citrine with your intention and by repeating affirmations.
  • Water cleanses that take less than 30 minutes should be repeated at least once a week.
  • If you place your Citrine in a body or bowl of water for longer than 24 hours, you only need to cleanse it once a month. 
  • When cleansing Citrine with water, ensure the Sun is not shining above the water, as too much sun exposure can damage your crystal. 


incense stick in a clay bowl

Can you cleanse crystals with incense? Sage, palo santo, or incense smoke effectively cleans crystals. If you want to know how to spiritually cleanse Citrine jewelry, smudging it is the best option, as no chemicals or harsh conditions are present that can potentially alter or damage the different materials, crystals, and metals in your jewelry.

How To Cleanse Citrine With Incense

  1. Using your preferred item, light one end with a lighter, candle, or match.
  2. Once ignited, please place it in a heatproof bowl, plate, or container.
  3. You can wave your Citrine through the sage smoke or use your hand or a feather to wave the smoke over the crystal. 
  4. Ensure that the smoke covers and touches each part of the crystal.
  5. You can visualize the smoke burning away the negative energy in your crystal and repeat affirmations to charge it.
  6. Open the windows and doors to ensure the bad juju leaves the room as the smoke exits.

If you have asthma or respiratory disease, avoid this method. Be sure to practice fire safety when smudging your crystals.


moonlight reflection on water

Moonlight has powerful cleansing and charging abilities on crystals, humans, and nature. Leaving your crystals in the moonlight is one of the best ways to cleanse them, as the moonlight draws out negative energy and replaces it with renewed energy. Moonlight cleansing works well for all Citrine specimens. 

How To Cleanse Citrine With Moonlight

  • If you want to know how to cleanse a Citrine bracelet or necklace, leaving it on your windowsill overnight to soak up the moonlight is the best way.
  • It is best to charge your Citrine in the moonlight when the moon is full and the sky is clear.
  • Place your Citrine on a windowsill, patio, or balcony that faces the moon.
  • Let your crystal soak up the moon’s light overnight for a powerful cleanse.
  • For a moon water cleanse, you can place your Citrine in a bowl of water outside in the moonlight.


pink salt crystals pouring out of a jute bag

Salt is also a crystal, and just like Selenite or Clear quartz, it can draw out and hold onto negative energy. Therefore, you can use salt to cleanse and charge your Citrine, as it is very efficient in resetting your crystal to its optimal state. Salt cleansing is an efficient way to cleanse small pieces of Citrine.

How To Cleanse Citrine With Salt

  1. The best salt is Himalayan salt, but you can use any salt for crystal cleansing.
  2. Fill a bowl with salt and place your crystal in the center.
  3. Bury the crystal in salt for at least 24 hours.
  4. When your crystal is cleansed, remove it from the salt and run it under water to clean away any residual salt. 
  5. Throw away any salt that you used to cleanse a crystal. Do not bathe with or consume the salt.

Avoid placing Citrine in salt water, as it can damage your crystal. Only use dry salt when cleansing your Citrine.


pots, plants and gardening tools on a soil bed

Burying a crystal in the earth is a great way to cleanse and charge it. If your crystal is newly acquired, bury it in the soil for at least a week. Beach sand consists mainly of rocks and gemstones, making it the perfect medium to cleanse a crystal, but you can bury your crystal in any natural soil to cleanse it. 

How To Cleanse Citrine With Soil

  1. Find an unpolluted spot in nature, and dig a hole to bury your crystal. 
  2. Wrap your crystal in a cloth to protect it from dirt.
  3. Leave your crystal in the hole for at least 24 hours a week if it is a new crystal. 
  4. Once your crystal has been cleansed, please remove it from the hole and run it under water for a few seconds to clean off any debris.

Earth cleansing is recommended for large pieces of crystals, as it is the most potent and effective way to cleanse a crystal.


  • How do you cleanse and charge Citrine stone at the same time?

Most methods that cleanse a crystal charge it as well. The best way to cleanse and charge Citrine is by placing it in moonlight or using another charging crystal like Selenite.

  • Can I charge Citrine in sunlight?

Citrine can quickly lose its color when exposed to extreme light and sunlight; therefore, charging it with sunlight is best avoided.

  • Can you cleanse Citrine in the moonlight?

Cleansing citrine in the moonlight is one of the best methods to consider, as it does not damage your crystal.

  • What do you say when cleansing Citrine?

When cleansing Citrine, say the following phrase: “As I cleanse and charge my crystal, I wish for it to bring me happiness, joy, prosperity, wealth, and abundance. So mote it be”.

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