Yellow Calcite vs Citrine. What are the differences?

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  3. Similarities between Calcite and Citrine 
  4. How to Tell Yellow Calcite Apart from Citrine? 
  5. Final Verdict: Calcite vs. Citrine

Calcite and citrine look so alike that I’d mistaken my grandma’s yellow calcite ring for  citrine for a decade. Both these stones have similar appearances, physics, and metaphysics. So, what sets them apart? What is the difference between yellow calcite and citrine? 

Citrine is ruled by all the lower chakras, while calcite is only associated with the solar plexus chakra. Although both stones appear yellow in color, their metaphysical properties, like their ruling planets, elements, and numerical vibrations, etc., don’t match.

Read on to discover the key differences in colors, chakras, physics, and traits of citrine vs. calcite. 

Calcite Crystal

Calcite is a clearing crystal found in white, red, peach, brown, orange, blue, green, and yellow. It’s also highly-vibrational,and recommended to eliminate diseases, fears, mind chatter, and negativity.

The two varieties of calcite stones that resemble citrine are yellow calcite and honey/orange calcite

Yellow calcite is excellent for the solar plexus chakra, while honey calcite works on the root, third-eye, and solar plexus chakras. 

These stones also cleanse, charge, and balance people, places, and chakras by clearing negativity. It sometimes works like a calming stone and eliminates anger too.

Here’s a quick look at the metaphysical traits of yellow calcite: 

Calcite Metaphysical Properties chart

What Happens to the Body with Yellow Calcite?

Because yellow calcite is ruled by solar plexus chakra, it awakens your kundalini life force to heal lower body parts like the spine, back, and neck. Charging it under sunlight for a few minutes is excellent for setting intentions, to accelerate physical healing. 

What Happens to the Spirit with Yellow Calcite? 

Yellow calcite also clears challenges and hurdles in your spiritual journey. Because Poseidon rules this crystal, holding a yellow calcite stone for a few minutes under running water charges it quickly. Doing so also removes spiritual blocks. 

What Happens to the Mind with Yellow Calcite? 

Often recommended for improving aptitude, yellow calcite is the best stone for clearing mental clutter and confusion. Using the kundalini life force, it stops negative thoughts, and protects your aura from toxic energies. 

Citrine Crystal

The yellow variety of quartz is called citrine. It’s popular for being a good luck crystal that attracts money when kept in wallets or safes. 

Citrine is an awakening crystal that charges your lower chakras. As a multi-chakra healing stone, citrine might look like yellow calcite, but it’s much more diverse than yellow calcite stones.

The best thing is, you can charge, amplify, and activate grids for good luck and fortune using a citrine healing crystal. 

Let’s look at the metaphysical properties that give citrine its powers: 

Citrine Metaphysical properties chart

What are the Physical Healing Properties of Citrine? 

Citrine crystals are good for filling you with energy, health, and virility. 

Unlike clearing diseases as calcite does, citrine works on nourishing and strengthening the limbs, and digestive and reproductive systems. Wearing a ring, or pendant, made of citrine keeps you in the pink of health. Charge it at sunrise for this.

What Spiritual Healing Properties Does Citrine Have? 

Being a multi-chakra stone that awakens the kundalini and inner sun, citrine brings wisdom, luck, and good fortune to the wearer. 

Moreover, this yellow crystal is a treasure-house of positivity, success, and balance. It’s best to charge citrine with incense, singing bowls, or chants, to set manifestation intentions. 

What are the Effects of Citrine on the Mind? 

Citrine can help you feel confident and uplifted if you’re feeling low. It  differs from calcite by filling your mind with positivity, instead of clearing all thoughts. I suggest charging citrine under the sun for five minutes for emotional balance.

Similarities between Calcite and Citrine 

A custom graphic for Yellow Calcite vs Citrine

While there are other varieties of calcite, both stones retain a yellow hue, due to iron impurities. However, calcite has an opaque to translucent appearance, while citrine has a glowy sheen in faceted types. 

Citrine and calcite are powered by the solar plexus chakra even though citrine rules other lower chakras too. 

Both are good together for physical healing, courage, and confidence, but better individually for cleansing and charging. 

How to Tell Yellow Calcite Apart from Citrine? 

While orange calcite has streaks of white in it, citrine has a uniform yellow color. Moreover, calcite may look cloudy or dense, unlike transparent polished citrine crystals. 

Polished yellow calcites aren’t as shiny as citrines. So, if you’ve seen a gloss or sheen on a polished yellow stone, it’s probably citrine. 

When it comes to honey calcite vs. citrine, calcite is more vivid with orange tops, like a heat-treated amethyst. 

Final Verdict: Calcite vs. Citrine

Calcite and citrine are lower chakra crystals, with similar colors and certain unique healing benefits. 

Wearing rings, bracelets, and pendants made from calcite and citrine are ideal for opening lower chakras. Both are high-vibration crystals good for courage, confidence, and physical health. 

However, there are more differences between calcite and citrine than similarities. You’ll get to know them once you start working with these healing crystals. 

Before you go, here’s a quick look at them:

Calcite vs Citrine Comparison Chart

You can charge yellow calcite with running water, and citrine with sunlight, no matter your intentions. In short, yellow calcite is great for cleansing the mind, body, and spirit, while citrine enhances innate energies. 

Which is your favorite crystal?

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