Morganite vs. Moissanite

  1. What is Morganite Crystal?
  2. Morganite Crystal Properties
  3. What is Moissanite Crystal?
  4. Moissanite Crystal Properties 
  5. 5 Similarities between Morganite and Moissanite
  6. 5 Differences between Morganite and Moissanite
  7. Morganite and Moissanite Crystal in Everyday Life
  8. Morganite and Moissanite Revealed by Experts
  9. Final Verdict 

Morganite and Moissanite are super popular for engagement rings and other jewelry pieces. Both are cheaper than Diamonds and have spiritual meaning and metaphysical properties. 

But what is the difference between Morganite and Moissanite? Let’s take a deep dive into both of these gemstones to figure it all out!

What is Morganite Crystal?

A polished morganite crystal on a white background

Morganite is the naturally pale pink variety of Beryl, first discovered in California in the early 1900s. With a high Mohs rating of 8, this stunning crystal is often cut into gemstones and used in jewelry. 

Morganite is a pleochromatic gemstone, meaning it can appear in different colors at different angles. It usually occurs in a peachy pink hue but can look darker with a bluish tinge when viewed at a different angle.

Morganite Crystal Properties

Because of its tender and soothing vibrations, Morganite represents love, care, and compassion. It connects with the Heart Chakra and opens up this point of energy to enhance your relationships with others and how you view yourself. Ruled by the element of Water, Morganite allows you to tap into your intuition and subconscious to expand your inner knowledge and self-awareness. 

The Moon and Venus govern Morganite, and we can use the crystal to develop our connection with these planets. As the Moon illuminates self-love and inner wisdom, Morganite helps us find these aspects within ourselves. Venus, on the other hand, is connected with abundance and pleasure. Because of this, we can use Morganite to send intentions of prosperity and love into the world. 

What is Moissanite Crystal?

moissanite on white background

Moissanite is an intriguing stone first discovered when an asteroid fell to Earth in 1893. When examining samples from a meteor crater in Arizona, Henri Moissan discovered the mineral and first believed it to be Diamond. However, analysis proved that what he found was a different type of mineral altogether. 

Most natural forms of Moissanite come from meteorites, but specimens have been discovered as inclusions in Diamonds, Xenoliths, and other rocks. However, natural Moissanite is extremely rare, which means that all of the specimens on the market are created in a lab. Interestingly, it is the second hardest mineral on Earth after Diamond, ranking 9.25 on the Mohs scale. 

Moissanite Crystal Properties 

Moissanite is a stone of cleansing, renewal, and wisdom. It activates the Crown Chakra to bring you spiritual enlightenment and truth, opening you up to higher realms of existence. It also connects with the Third Eye Chakra to boost intuition and self-awareness. 

Did you know that Moissanite is ruled by the planet Venus? Venus governs pleasure, abundance, and material goods, making Moissanite a fantastic stone for manifesting. Moissanite also gains its powers from the element of Air, enhancing communication and intelligence. 

5 Similarities between Morganite and Moissanite

These two beautiful healing crystals are fantastic additions to any gemstone collection. Before examining the differences between Morganite and Moissanite, let’s discuss why these gemstones are similar. 

H3: Uses

Morganite and Moissanite are often compared to one another because of how they are used in day-to-day life. Of course, many of us will use these stones for healing and spiritual growth. However, they are both common Diamond alternatives for engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry. 

Morganite and Moissanite are affordable alternatives for Diamonds. Both stones are relatively tough, making them perfect for daily wear. Furthermore, their toughness means that both crystals are perfect for getting cut into gemstones. 


The planet Venus rules both Morganite and Moissanite. In astrology, Venus governs femininity, abundance, material goods, and love. Because of this, we can use these two crystals to enhance your interpersonal relationships and your love for yourself. 

As Venus is connected to all things material, Morganite, and Moissanite are excellent stones for manifesting love and prosperity. We can meditate with these crystals when sending intentions out into the universe and find the beauty that surrounds us. 

Healing Properties

There are specific healing properties that both Morganite and Moissanite share. Both stones bring the energy of balance and clarity into your life, allowing you to find inner peace and tap into your innate wisdom. We can use either Morganite or Moissanite to relieve stress and find tranquility. 

Both Morganite and Moissanite promote growth and change. These stones allow you to unlearn negative habits and give you the strength to tap into your true potential. 

Numerical Vibrations

Morganite and Moissanite have a numerical vibration of 2. In numerology, the number 2 represents peace, harmony, and balance. This means that both Morganite and Moissanite bring this energy into your life when wearing them. 

The numerical vibration 2 is also associated with relationships, and as the stones have this numerical vibration, they can both be used to enhance our connections with others. 


Both Morganite and Moissanite have a high level of clarity, which means that inclusions and flaws are rarely visible. Because of this, both stones are great for jewelry. 

5 Differences between Morganite and Moissanite

We can see there are some similarities between these two crystals, but what do you need to know in order to tell them apart? Let’s look at the differences between Morganite and Moissanite.

Physical Properties

A few physical differences between Morganite and Moissanite allow you to tell them apart. Firstly, they have different colors. Morganite always comes in shades of pink and is usually a pale peachy hue. On the other hand, Moissanite is typically colorless and looks much more like Diamonds. Interestingly, as the majority of Moissanite is lab-grown, you can find this gemstone in other colors. However, this is rare. 

Morganite and Moissanite also differ on the Mohs hardness scale. Morganite ranks at 8, whereas Moissanite ranks at 9.25. Both rankings are high, making them both fairly durable stones. However, Moissanite is the second hardest mineral on Earth, after Diamonds, making it basically scratch-proof. 


Morganite is mined in a range of locations worldwide, such as Nambia, the USA, and Brazil. However, Moissanite is usually lab-grown because natural Moissanite is extremely rare. 

You may prefer the naturally found Morganite when buying one of these crystals. However, lab-grown crystals still hold the same healing and metaphysical properties as natural ones. 


A considerable difference between Morganite and Moissanite is their chakra associations. Chakras are seven energy points in our bodies that govern our physical, mental, and spiritual health. When picking between Morganite and Moissanite, reflect on what chakra you must focus on and balance. 

Morganite opens the Heart Chakra, whereas Moissanite opens the Crown and Third Eye Chakras. 

  • Heart Chakra: Governs love, compassion, peace, gratitude, and connectedness. 
  • Crown Chakra: Connects us to universal consciousness and boosts spiritual enlightenment and wisdom. 
  • Third Eye Chakra: Unlocks our intuition and perception. 

Metaphysical Properties

A few metaphysical differences between Morganite and Moissanite help us differentiate the two stones. Different elements rule these two stones, with Morganite being ruled by Water and Moissanite being ruled by Air. 

The element of Water enhances our understanding of our emotions and promotes healing and tranquility. It is also associated with the subconscious, which means that we can use Morganite to tap into our inner wisdom. 

The element of Air enhances our communication and helps us express ourselves with conviction and clarity. It also boosts our analytical skills, making Moissanite a fantastic stone for decision-making.

Zodiac Associations

Morganite and Moissanite have different zodiac associations. If you are deciding which to buy, reflect on which stone is associated with your zodiac, as you will connect to it better. 

  • Moganite is associated with Libra and Scorpio. 
  • Moissanite is associated with Aries and Taurus.

Morganite and Moissanite Crystal in Everyday Life

Morganite and Moissanite are incredible healing crystals that can really impact your day-to-day life. But what are the best ways to use these stones?

We recommend using Morganite for self-love rituals during the night of the Full Moon. Place your Morganite and lit candles on the side of your bathtub. Then run your bath and add in rose petals and essential oils. As you soak in your bath water, reflect on what you love about yourself and repeat self-love affirmations. 

Moissanite is a perfect stone to use for communicating with higher spirits, as it opens up the Crown Chakra to connect you with universal consciousness. Place your Moissanite crystal on your Crown Chakra while praying to your spirit guides and guardian angels. 

Morganite and Moissanite Revealed by Experts

morganite and moissanite visual comparison

Spiritualists and crystal collectors value both Morganite and Moissanite for their intrigue and beauty. Morganite is valued for its natural beauty and soothing vibrations, whereas Moissanite is sought after because of its toughness and likeness to Diamond. 

Final Verdict 

It can be difficult to pick between Morganite and Moissanite when wanting to add to your crystal collection or buy jewelry. If you want to enhance your self-love and connection with others, opt for Morganite. However, if you want to boost your spiritual wisdom, Moissanite will be perfect for you. 

Because the planet Venus rules both stones, you can work with Morganite and Moissanite together to combine their powers. 

morganite and moissanite comparison table

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