(mawr - guh - nahyt)
Main Origins:
Mozambique, Pakistan, the United States, Afghanistan, Namibia, Brazil, Madagascar, Afghanistan, and Russia.

What is Morganite?

A raw morganite crystal on a black granite

The Pink variety of Beryl is Morganite. Many more Beryllium crystals exist, such as Aquamarine (Blue Beryl) and Emerald (Green Beryl). 

Did you know Morganite gets its pink color from manganese, lithium, and cesium? It’s usually transparent or translucent with a shiny luster and rarely opaque. 

It represents love, care, intuition, and divine consciousness in the spiritual world.

Pink Beryl usually shows pink or peach hues but can show many more colors because Morganite exists in various rock formations. Some other minerals that exist with Morganite are Feldspar, Tourmaline, Apatite, and Quartz, to name a few. 

Morganite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Morgan’s Stone is an excellent stone for universal connection to psychic powers and karmic healing because it’s powered by a range of chakras, Gods, and metaphysical properties. 

Did you know Morganite is associated with Holy Mary? In Christianity, Mother Mary and Morganite both represent divine feminine energies. 

Morganite is ruled by the Middle Eastern Goddess of Fertility, Astarte; the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity, Lakshmi; the Babylonian Goddess of Creation, Tiamat; and the Norse Goddess of Love, Freyja.

Morganite is ruled by Venus and the Moon. Venus brings fortune, growth, and knowledge, while the Moon brings wisdom, intuition, and self-love to Morganite, making it best for people born under Libra and Scorpio.

Morganite is associated with all the seven chakras – Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root – because it exists in several colors with other minerals. It’s good for healing with Reiki

The Water element rules the crystal Morganite and is best for cleansing and charging it with other crystal charging techniques

Two cosmic vibrations are associated with Morganite – 3 and 2. The number 3 brings optimism and creativity to Morganite, while 2 is responsible for peace and intuition.

Morganite Healing Properties and Benefits

True Love

  • Did you know Morganite crystals attract twin flames and soul mates? For couples, it’s even better because placing it in the love corner will maintain, nurture, and enhance love. 
  • You can place Morganite tumbled stones in the feng shui corner of Southwest to enhance love around your home. Make sure to charge it with rose incense before placement. 


  • White Morganite is great for calming down because it opens the Crown and Heart Chakras. That’s how Morganite calms the nervous system and relaxes you. In some cases, it will improve the chances of conception.
  • Meditating with Morganite by holding it over your forehead, followed by your heart, will open both chakras. Carry it with you afterward to stop anxiety and improve fertility

Balance and Clarity

  • Morganite is popular for removing conflict, negativity, and imbalance. Bonding with this pink crystal helps you find peace and easily make decisions.
  • Charging with the light of the early morning Sun is perfect for intentions like balance, peace, and focus. 

Forgiveness and Letting Go

  • If you’re crippled by regret, guilt, revenge, loss, or grief, Morganite can help you move on. It teaches you how to maintain positivity and let go of negativity. 
  • Morganite can help you find emotional strength and acceptance when charged with healing sounds. The best way to do this is by placing it next to a Tibetan bowl and playing it.

Self-Love and Growth

  • Morganite helps you unlearn negative routines, habits, and thoughts to find time to care, concern, and pamper yourself. It will help you grow in life.
  • Activating Morganite for self-love is best with positive affirmations. Write ten affirmations surrounding self-love and chant them into the crystal to do this.

Morganite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman reading a book in front of a mirror

Karmic Therapy

  • If you’re going through misfortune, bad luck, diseases, or chronic spiritual issues, your karmic debts may be weighing you down. Use Morganite to learn how to do penance and attract prosperity for your good karma. 
  • Carrying the stone everywhere you go is the best way to clear karmic debts with Morganite. Don’t forget to bury it under three inches of soil overnight. 

Guidance and Protection

  • Morganite’s color is soft, but it’s a high-vibration stone that helps you communicate and receive guidance from guardian spirits. Use it for protection from psychic harm, hexes, and curses.
  • Soak a Morganite pendulum overnight in the moonlight and do a dowsing session to find spiritual guidance. 

Premonition and Intuition

  • Morganite varieties with white, blue, and purple colors are excellent for activating dormant psychic abilities, like intuition, clairvision, foresight, and scrying. 
  • Use Morganite for premonition and intuition by smudging it with the smoke of a sage stick. Then meditate with the crystal to receive messages as psychic visions.


  • Morganite connects you to the cosmos. It’ll make you feel lighter, brighter, and kinder toward yourself, others, and nature. 
  • To tap into the wisdom within Morganite and activate it with the Seed Mantra of its ruling element, Water – VAM.


  • Did you know Morganite helps you speak clearly with otherworldly beings? It’s a grounding crystal that also protects you from overwhelming negativity. 
  • You can use Morganite for mediumship by charging it with the Fire energy of a candle. Remember to hold the crystal safely while meditating on the spirit you want to contact.

Morganite Side Effects

  • Morganite does not have any side effects. It’s even good for lessening the side effects of Rose Quartz.

Morganite Meaning: What Does Morganite Symbolize?

A woman praying while standing on the sand

The meaning of Morganite is “Divine Love. 

Did you know Morganite is named after J.P Morgan, a popular jewelry and financier? The crystal was discovered by George Kunz, after whom Kunzite crystal was named. 

Owing to its pastel pink to peach hues, Morganite emerged in many names, such as the stone of passion, innocence, love, and promise. It’s one of the old Earth minerals

Morganite is believed to help confused, tormented, and lost souls to hope, salvation, and heaven. 

While it was discovered in the 20th century, the pink-peach Beryl is a powerful crystal worn with diamonds for true love, fidelity, commitment, and wisdom

Morganite has become even more famous thanks to B-listers like Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, and Emma Stone, who wore them.

Varieties of Morganites

  • True Morganite:  Common Morganite crystals show shades of pastel pink. They open the Crown and Heart Chakras, helping you connect better with the universe. It’s called Pink or Rose Morganite, too.
  • Peach Morganite: This type of Morganite shows peach, pink, and brown colors and opens the Heart and Root Chakras. It’s good for stress relief and karmic therapy. 
  • Salmon Morganite: A deeper shade of pink, brown, and peach-like cooked salmon, it’s darker than Peach Morganite. Use it to clear karmic debts and find balance in life.
  • Yellow Morganite: Showing a mix of yellow, white, and pastel pink hues, this Morganite variety may exist alongside other Morganite varieties. It’s great for luck, premonition, and guidance. 
  • Clear Morganite: Sometimes called Extra-Clear Morganite, this type of Morganite isn’t completely transparent and shows a softer shade of pink. Use it for intuition, wisdom, and karmic therapy.  
  • White Morganite: A nearly opaque variety of Morganite, this one is white without any pink hues. You can use it for enlightenment, letting go, clarity, and spiritual guidance.
  • AquaMorganite: If your Morganite crystals look bi-color with blue hues, this is a natural formation with Aquamarine. Aquamarine with Morganite attracts knowledge and psychic abilities.
  • Morganite with Black Schorl: This variety of Morganite with Black Tourmaline shows Black Tourmaline rods inside the pink crystal. Use it for grounding, psychic protection, and higher powers. 
  • Morganite with Green Tourmaline: Morganite forms with the green variety of Tourmaline as pencil-like rods inside or over the pink crystal. It’s great for prosperity, harmony, growth, and peace. 
  •  Morganite with Albite: Showing green, white, beige, and baby pink crystals in a single matrix, Albite naturally exists with Morganite. It’s usually used for purifying thoughts in spirituality. 
  •  Morganite with Cleavelandite: This is a Morganite variety that shows off white, pink, and white hues with Cleavelandite. Use it to find answers to your metaphysical questions by using a dowsing pendulum.
  •  Morganite with Feldspar: Often seen with white, off-white, beige, brown, peach, and pink colors, Morganite with Feldspar is a multi-chakra stone that amplifies positivity. 
  •  Morganite with Quartz: This variety of Morganite exists with Clear Quartz, showing peach with Clear or White Quartz. Use it for purifying chakras, thoughts, and space. 
  •  Morganite with Kunzite: Showing dark pink hues of Pink Kunzite with peach to pastel pink color of Morganite, this variety is a powerful stone for self-love and personal growth. 
  •  Morganite with Mica: If your Morganite sparkles or shimmers with scaly formations or white inclusions, it’s a variety with Mica. Use this crystal to clear your karmic debts and guilt. 
  •  Morganite with Apatite: Forming scaly and granular masses of white or off-white with pale green Apatite, this variety is common to the Eastern continents and ideal for divination.
  •  Morganite with Tantalite: This is a spectacular-looking variety of Morganite with bright red, white, white, pale, green, and clear hues. It grounds you, lights the inner fire, and connects you to the universe and higher realms.
  •  Morganite with Indicolite: Another variety of Morganite bearing Blue Tourmaline crystals on white Morganite masses, this is an excellent healing crystal formation for premonition, courage, and mediumship.
  •  Morganite with Goshenite: When Rose Morganite exists with clear Goshenite, it forms a variety good for universal connection. 
  •  Morganite with Muscovite: Forming scaly green to white, pink, and peach crystals, Morganite with Muscovite opens your mind to the life force energy of the universe. 
  •  Morganite with Lepidolite: Showing orange, red, gray, pink, purple, lavender, and beige, this type of Morganite awakens the higher consciousness. 

How To Cleanse Morganite?

A white sage stick and a selenite wand on a table

  • Smudging: The best way to quickly cleanse the negativity stuck on Morganite is by wafting the smoke of a sacred herb or incense thrice around it. 
  • Selenite: By circling a self-cleansing crystal like Selenite over Morganite, you can reset it to positive energies.
  • Seed Mantra: Chanting the seed or beej mantra of Water – VAM – into the crystal while holding it will cleanse stubborn negativity on Morganite.

Questions and Answers

What does the Morganite engagement ring mean?

A Morganite engagement ring means romance, sweet love, innocence, fidelity, and divine connection with your partner.

Is Morganite safe in the water?

Yes, Morganite is safe in water because it has a MOHS of 7.5 to 8, but avoid prolonged exposure, just like you do for other crystals.

Can Morganite go in the sun?

Yes and no. Morganite is safe in light, but direct or prolonged exposure to sunlight might damage it.

How can you tell if Morganite is real?

The best way to check if you have a genuine Morganite is by scratching it with window glass or a steel knife. Authentic Morganite crystals are harder than glass and steel, so they don’t scratch easily.

What crystals pair well with Morganite?

Clear Quartz is the best crystal pairing with Morganite because it enhances wisdom, psychic powers, and universal consciousness.

How to take care of Morganite?

Being a tough stone, Morganite doesn’t need extreme care. Avoiding exposure to heat and water is good.

Is Morganite expensive?

Yes, Morganite is an expensive crystal that fetches $100 to $1000 per carat.

What color of Morganite is most valuable?

Pure and bright pink color Morganite crystals are the most valuable variety.

Does Morganite break easily?

No, Morganite doesn’t break easily, thanks to its hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale.

Does Morganite sparkle like a diamond?

No, Morganite does not sparkle brilliantly like a diamond.

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