Can You Put Selenite in the Sun?

  1. Can Selenite be Charged in the Sun?
  2. How Long Can Selenite be in the Sun?
  3. Can you Charge Selenite in the Sun? 3 Tips to Keep in Mind 
  4. 10 Alternative Ways to Charge Selenite without the Sun 
  5. In a Nutshell 

Selenite is a cleansing crystal ruled by the moon. However, it attracts good fortune and physical health when charged by the sun. So, is selenite sun safe? Can selenite be left in the sun? How long can selenite be in the sun?

Yes, you can leave selenite in the sun, but not for long. 

Read on to find out how to charge selenite safely in the sun, and three alternative ways to charge your selenite crystal without the sun.

Selenite block on a white background

Can Selenite be Charged in the Sun?

Yes, you can charge selenite crystals to set intentions, amplify energies, and manifest in the sun. But long-time exposure to the sun leads to the crystal’s permanent damage. 

So, go for safe selenite charging techniques, such as moonlight, wands, grids, salt, and soil.

How Long Can Selenite be in the Sun?

You can leave selenite in the sun for up to four hours before the crystal loses its glossy sheen. 

You can prevent this by charging the stone quickly under the sun with meditation, and/or without the sun indoors, using mantras, incense, smudge sticks, and crystal grids.

Is Selenite Sensitive to Sunlight?

Yes, selenite is sensitive to sunlight. So, it’s better not to leave it under direct sunlight. 

However, you can keep the crystal in the shade when solar charging it. If you’re wearing selenite as jewelry, chant your positive affirmation for the day before wearing it.

Can Selenite be Left in the Sun? 

No, you shouldn’t leave selenite in the sun for over four hours. Leaving it all day in the sun can dull its brightness and white shine. Moreover, you shouldn’t expose selenite to sunlight for over four hours.

Can You Restore Faded Selenite?

Grayish selenite cube on a white background

When heat rearranges the molecules inside a selenite crystal, it typically fades the brightness of the crystal or turns it into a gray color. 

So, if the change is permanent, it’s best to accept the selenite as it is now. Remember that only the stone’s color has changed; most of its powers are still present.

If you think the color change is metaphysical, charge your selenite stone under the full or new moon. Place the selenite crystal overnight under the glowing light of Selene, the ancient, Greek, mythological  Goddess of the Moon,  and retrieve it before sunrise. It might work in some cases. As you can guess, selenite was named after Selene.

I advise against rinsing selenite, as it easily dissolves when soaked for a few hours in water. But a quick rinse isn’t a threat if you think water may restore it.

Can you Charge Selenite in the Sun? 3 Tips to Keep in Mind 

Yes, you can charge selenite in the sun, but prolonged exposure will degrade the crystal. If you’re an experienced crystal user wondering how to connect the energies of selenite and the sun, the following three tips will help you.

Where To Keep Selenite in the Sun? 

crystal on a window sill
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The best place to keep selenite is the windowsill. 

At the same time, make sure your windowsill doesn’t get direct sun throughout the day. Most importantly, choose a place out of reach from direct sunlight. 

The corners of your room, shelves, drawers, and cupboards are great too. In short, you don’t need the sun directly above the crystal to charge it with solar energy.

How To Charge Selenite in the Sun? 

Essential oil as part of the cleansing ritual

The best way is to create a spiritual altar for your selenite and other crystals, singing bowls, incense, essential oils, and/or crystal jewelry. It could be indoors in a room with at least one window. 

You can add the selenite plate, tower, or wand to the altar, and open the window to let in the early morning light. 

Also, remember to set a timer, alarm, or reminder on one of your gadgets, as to not forget to remove the selenite from the sunlight before the four hours end.

When To Charge Selenite in the Sun? 

3 crystals in outdoor
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The best time to solar charge most crystals is the sunrise. Besides its beauty and magnificence of it, it’s also when meteorological conditions align into place. 

Moreover, sunlight is essential for regulating our biological rhythm. So, it’s good to wake up and solar charge your chakras, and the selenite crystal, for a few minutes at sunrise.

10 Alternative Ways to Charge Selenite without the Sun 

Instead of all the effort involved in solar charging, I’ll tell you some ways to charge a selenite crystal without the sun. 

Whether you want to manifest, heal, protect, or amplify, the methods in the table below will help you program selenite in the best way.

10 ways on How to Charge Selenite chart

In a Nutshell 

Selenite is a high-vibrational crystal, but it’s fragile. With a Mohs Hardness Scale of 2, it can crack, and even dissolve, in water (only when soaked).

But if you take good care of it, charging selenite with the light and heat of the sun is easy. 

 Just remember, you must avoid direct sunlight, and limit solar charging to 4 hours.

Something to keep in mind: When holding the selenite while meditating, place it in your non-dominant palm if asking to receive. If your thoughts are those of giving, place it in your dominant hand. 

Here’s a summary of the tips we learned today:

The chart explains the techniques for charging selenite crystals in the sun.

So, what’s your favorite solar charging ritual for selenite?

Are you aware that certain crystals must be kept away from the sun’s rays?

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