6 Ways for Cleansing and Charging Crystals with Sunlight

  1. The Healing Powers of Sunlight
  2. 6 Techniques for Cleansing and Charging Crystals with Sunlight
  3. How to Cleanse and Charge Crystals with the Sun
  4. What Crystals Can You Keep in the Sun?
  5. FAQ
  6. Conclusion

The Sun has been revered since ancient times. Still, today, whether we take time to intentionally connect with it or not, the Sun is constantly giving us energy in so many ways; our lives literally revolve around the Sun.

Presently, we will focus on how the energy of the Sun is beneficial for crystals, specifically how you can use sunlight for cleansing and charging crystals.

The Sun is cleansing, life-giving, transformative, and illuminating on a physical and spiritual level. Connecting with and allowing the light rays of sunshine to touch your crystals can easily energetically cleanse and charge them. 

This element is so powerful that it can also become a destructive force if proper care is not observed. You will need to learn how to safely work with the Sun’s power in a balanced and considered manner, as not doing so can cause irreversible damage to certain crystals.

The Healing Powers of Sunlight

Sunlight above the clouds

Sunlight has been acknowledged as a source of great power since prehistoric times. Symbols depicting the Sun appear in countless artifacts, many cultures worship powerful Sun deities, and there are several massive monuments that honor the Sun.

Sunlight is a spiritual element that has a light and powerful physical presence. It is considered by many to be a celestial manifestation of vital godly energy.

The Sun is also linked with the Fire element, which is rapidly cleansing as it can transform and change the state of whatever it comes into contact with.

Today, the Sun is widely considered to be masculine or a manifestation of yang energy, often referred to as the father Sun. It is also associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, related to personal strength, willpower, and active growth.

Just the right amount of sunlight is essential for life and wellness on our planet, but too much Sun can cause severe damage. This is why it is an element that requires intentional presence and care in order to maintain this balance.

For the bigger picture, this care includes choosing our actions so as not to damage the health of the Earth’s atmosphere, which filters sunlight for us. In terms of crystal cleansing, this care involves knowing which stones can be in sunlight, when, and for how long.

Benefits of Sunlight for Healing Crystals

crystals on a spoon being surrounded by sunlight

Many healing crystals are highly responsive to sunlight, and you will almost immediately feel this once you try it. The illuminating and transformative rays of sunlight can easily cleanse crystals energetically and recharge them with vital life force energy.

It is important to cleanse and charge your crystals because, over time, they assist us with healing, protection, and alignment. This results in crystals absorbing and holding onto negative vibrations.

We can intentionally combine healing crystals with sunlight to cleanse and recharge them with positive energy that can power their original benefits.

Cleanse and charge your Sun-suitable crystals with sunlight after using them for intentional healing. If you are just storing, displaying, or wearing them, cleanse and charge them regularly, monthly, or intuitively, to maintain the positive benefits of your crystals. 

You can use sunlight at different times of the day or year to cleanse and charge your stones with nuanced effects:

  • Sunrise: A good time for cleansing and charging stones. Along with all the other sunlight effects, this time of day offers an inspiring and refreshing vibration for your crystals. Sun is gentler now, so it is suited to place any sun-safe stones out in the sunrise rays.
  • Midday Sun: Suited for deeply cleansing and charging stones as it offers the most intense fiery and potent vibrations. Midday Sun is really strong and not suited for cleansing all crystals. Even some of the lighter colors or softer sun-suitable stones should be kept out of the Sun at this time or only put out for a few minutes.
  • Sunset: This time is perfect for cleansing, as the sunset’s rays touch your stones and sweep away any negative vibes as the Sun moves out of range. The light is gentle, and you can cleanse any sun-suited stone in sunset light. 
  • Summer Solstice: Summer solstice, the longest day of the year, is a great time to cleanse and charge the energy of your crystals, especially your crystals that are associated with the Solar Plexus or are particularly resonant with yang (masculine) energy.
  • Solar Eclipse: This is a time when the moon is aligned between the Sun and Earth. It is an excellent time to cleanse your crystals, yet some practitioners say it is not a great time to charge your stones. Still, I have found it to be beneficial to charge your stones that have benefits linked to aligned masculine and feminine energy, as well as shadow work integration. 

6 Techniques for Cleansing and Charging Crystals with Sunlight

These are a few techniques you can explore to strengthen your connection to the Sun so that you can intentionally direct this energy to cleanse and charge your sun-suitable crystals.

Cleaning and charging your crystals with sunlight is not only about just placing your stones in the Sun and forgetting about them; the power of this practice also lies in presence and connection.

You are an integral part of your cleansing and charging ritual, so learn more about the practices you can choose to include.

 Sun Meditation 

Woman doing yoga pose for sun salutation

You can cleanse and charge your crystal while meditating in the sunlight, holding your crystal and allowing the sunrays to touch it (if it can be in sunlight), or hold it within your closed hand, if not. 

Allow the Sun’s energy to saturate you and move into your crystal, cleansing all non-resonant energy within it with a fiery rebirth and recharging it with abundant life-giving energy. 

Sun Mantra

girl doing a yoga pose with the sun at the background depicting sun mantra

Sit in the Sun with your crystal and chant or play the Surya mantra (Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Suryay Namah, which Means Salutations to the Great Sun God for his Divine grace). Allow your stone to bathe in sunlight for 10 to 15 minutes while invoking this mantra.

The sound vibrations of this mantra will attune you and your crystal to the frequency of the Sun and allow your stone to be fully receptive to the purifying and re-energizing light rays of this powerful celestial body.

Sun Deities

This technique can help you to connect and communicate with the intelligence and powers of the Sun and ask this element to cleanse your crystal. 

Choose any Sun deity that resonates with you or your crystal and take some time to connect with this deity through study, meditation, visualization, art, altar-making, offerings, etc.

You can then place your crystal in the sunlight for 10 to 15 minutes and ask the Sun deity to assist you by thoroughly cleansing your stone and recharging it or programming it with his power. 

Did you know there are so many Sun deities, as various cultures have used different names for their Sun Gods? Some Sun deities include Ra, Helios, Surya, and Huitzilopochtli. Earlier in history, the Sun was not always considered a masculine presence, so there are also many ancient Sun Goddesses that you can invoke.

Sun Salutation

woman doing yoga poses by the beach depicting sun salutation

Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutation, is a yogic flow consisting of 12 linking asana or postures. Practicing this series activates the Sun’s energy within you and honors the sacred Sun that is manifest as the celestial body that provides energy for all life.

Practicing Sun salutation 2 to 3 times while facing the Sun before charging and cleansing your stones with sunlight for 10 to 15 minutes can bring more connectivity and empowerment to your crystal cleansing and charging practice.

Sunlight Elixir

tiny jars surrounded by dried petals depicting sun elixirs

Place a clear glass vessel filled with pure water in direct sunlight, bless this water, and ask that it fuses with the Sun element for crystal cleansing and charging. 

You can place your crystal in this water, in the Sun for 10 to 15 minutes (if it is both sun- and water-safe). Alternatively, leave just the water in the Sun for a few hours to receive the Sun’s energetic imprint, then bring it in and use it to cleanse any stones that are water-safe but not Sun-safe.

Once you have used the water for its purpose of crystal cleansing, pour it all onto the Earth.

Fun Tip: Add cleansing or charging herbs to this elixir. Let the herbs infuse in the water and sunlight for an extra layer of intention and power.

Solar Breathwork

girl sitting under the sun doing meditation

This is a combined breathwork and visualization practice. Sit in the Sun and breathe deeply and slowly with your crystal in front of you in the sunlight for 10 to 15 minutes. 

With each inhale, draw in warm, glowing sunlight, pause, and let this light saturate your body. Bring your awareness to your crystal, and then while exhaling, visualize this light streaming into your crystal.

The light will first cleanse your stone. Each time you direct sunlight toward the stone with your breath, it will remove all negativity, and this will gently and easily lift out your stone toward the Sun in the sky to be dissolved. 

Once it is cleansed, charge your stone with the same breath. This time, when you envision sunlight moving into your crystal on your exhale, allow the crystal to stay full of sunlight and retain this energy. Continue this breathwork until you feel the crystal is completely charged.

This is an awesome practice for synchronizing with the Sun, your power, and your crystal.

How to Cleanse and Charge Crystals with the Sun

This is a suggested step-by-step crystal cleansing and charging ritual using the power of the Sun directed by your power. You and your crystal have an innate connection to this element, and you can activate and use this connection to harness the abundant powers of the Sun.

Step 1: Select Crystals

Choose the crystal you want to cleanse and charge, and make sure it is on the sun-safe list so it will not be physically damaged when you place it in the sunlight. 

You can also consider using sunlight for cleansing and charging your stones associated with the Fire element, Sacral Chakra, and masculine energy.

If your crystal is unsafe to be in the Sun and you still want to use this element, modify the steps accordingly to avoid direct sunlight exposure. Focus on choosing techniques mentioned above that can harness solar energy without directly exposing the stone to sunrays.

Step 2: Pick the Right Place and Time

Based on your crystal’s properties and the nuanced energy that you want to charge it with, choose what time of day you wish to engage in this ritual. We discussed the different times of day and their effects for this purpose earlier in the article.

Ideally, pick a place in the Sun where you will not be disturbed, where you can feel at ease to practice your chosen techniques deeply, and where you can safely leave your crystal in the Sun if you want to expose it to the Sun a little longer.

Step 3: Set Your Intention 

Clarify your intention to work with sunlight for crystal cleansing and charging, and affirm this verbally or within your mind and heart.

Step 4: Choose Your Technique

Awaken and bring presence to your connection with the Sun and direct this energy toward your crystal to cleanse or charge it using one or a few of the techniques discussed in detail in the previous section (also summarized within the conclusion table). 

Step 5: Aftercare

After actively using your connected sun-cleansing and charging technique, you can also choose to leave your crystal out for another 5 to 10 more minutes to continue immersing it in the sunlight for crystal charging.

When you collect your stone, end off by taking a moment to feel and express gratitude to the sacred Sun for its life-giving presence.

What Crystals Can You Keep in the Sun?

Crystals that CAN be in sunlightCrystals that should NOT be in sunlight
SunstoneSmoky Quartz
Rose QuartzClear Quartz
Carnelian Fluorite
Labradorite Blue Calcite
Tiger’s EyeOpal


Is Sunlight Good for Crystals? 

Yes, sunlight is good for durable crystals that have a light stable coloration. For these crystals, sunlight is good for energetic cleansing and charging.

How Does Sunlight Cleanse and Charge Crystals?

The presence of sunlight interacts with the crystal on an energetic level to cleanse and charge it. Sun resonates with the cleansing Fire element, and it has an abundant life-giving presence, which makes it effective for charging crystals. 

What Should You Remember When Using Sunlight with Crystals?

Remember to check if your stone is suitable to be exposed to the Sun, as some stones can fade or crack. To be cautious, do not leave your crystal in sunlight for more than an hour, as this is enough time to cleanse and charge a crystal.

Do Crystals Lose Color in the Sun?

Yes, some, but not all, crystals can lose or change color in the Sun.

Why Should You Cleanse and Charge Crystals Regularly?

Crystals used for healing, worn frequently, or kept in an environment exposed to various energies over time absorb energy misaligned with the crystal’s original benefits. To ensure you can continue using a crystal for its positive properties, regular cleansing and charging it is highly recommended.

How Often Should I Cleanse and Charge My cCystals Using Sunlight?

Cleanse and charge your crystals with sunlight after using them for active healing. If you passively wear or display your crystal, then cleanse and charge once a month or when you feel necessary.


As we have learned, sunlight is a power that is to be used with consideration and reverence. When you do so, you will reap the benefits of these techniques and get to fully enjoy your cleansed and charged crystals.

Technique for Sunlight Cleansing and Charging How to Use ItBenefits
Sun Meditation Meditating in the sunlight while holding your crystal.Cleanses non-resonant energy and recharges with abundant life, giving Sun energy. 
Sun MantraExpose your crystal to the sound vibrations of the Surya mantra and the Sun’s light.Sound attunement helps your crystal to be more receptive to the purifying and re-energizing sunlight. 
Sun DeitiesChoose any Sun deity that resonates and take some time to connect with this deity through study meditation, visualization, art, altar making, offerings, etc.Connection and communication with the intelligence and powers of the Sun to ask to harness sunlight crystal cleansing and charging.
Sun SalutationPractice this yoga flow while facing the Sun before charging and cleansing your stones with sunlight.Brings more connectivity and empowerment to this crystal cleansing and charging practice.
Sunlight ElixirIntentionally place a vessel of pure water in sunlight with your Sun and water-safe crystal in it. Combines the cleansing powers of Water and sunlight.
Solar BreathworkEngage in the suggested combined breathwork, sunlight visualization, and Sun exposure.Synchronization with the Sun, your power, and your crystal.

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