If you guessed that citrine blends well with the energies of other crystals, you’re 100% right! Some citrine pairings lead to prosperity, health, protection, and more. What are the best citrine combinations? What crystals go well with citrine?

Emerald, clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, moonstone, labradorite, cinnabar, and pearl, are the best crystals that go well with citrine. You can carry them in your pocket, or wear them together on your body, to invite the benefits of citrine combinations

Read on to learn more about the best 20 crystals to pair with citrine, and how to use them effectively. 

Citrine and Amethyst Together for Psychic Awareness 

Amethyst chunk on a white background

Nature put together citrine and amethyst to create a unique gemstone called ametrine. But when you manually combine the powers of amethyst and citrine, it produces a powerful dose of positivity. This is one of the best citrine pairings to unlock psychic powers too. 

Citrine and Clear Quartz Together for Leaders

clear quartz on a white background

Citrine sets the stage for enlightenment with clear quartz, thanks to the lower and higher chakra energies that fuse together. Using them in crystal grids attracts success, leadership skills, and psychic abilities into your life. 

Smoky Quartz and Citrine Together for Courage

Smoky Quartz geode chunk on a white background

This is one of the best citrine pairings for relieving stress. This duo instills in you courage, confidence, and optimism. As both are lower chakra stones, they’ll ground you and repel toxic people and energies from affecting you.

Emerald and Citrine Together for Connection 

4 chunks of emerald on a white background

Do you know that the emerald was one of four crystals God gave King Solomon? Wearing emerald with citrine crystal connects you deeper with your God. Citrine, paired with emerald, also enhances your universal connection with others.

Citrine and Moonstone for Manifestation 

moonstone on a white background

These stones of inner and higher powers are perfect for manifestation rituals and crystal grids. Moonstone and citrine can help you set strong intentions, and attract success or good luck, when worn together.

Aquamarine and Citrine Together for Success in Love

Tumbled Aquamarine stones on a white background

Do you have a crush? The best way to confess your love is by wearing citrine and aquamarine crystals together. This crystal pairing makes you charismatic and charming, besides attracting your true love into your life. Also, these two paired together, make an attractive color combination!

Malachite and Citrine Together to Attract New Opportunities 

malachite geode on a white background

Malachite is the stone of peace and support, but it brings successful opportunities in your career when worn with citrine. Wearing them together as rings also helps with confidence, transformation, and good fortune. 

Garnet and Citrine Together for Romance 

garnet on a white background

This is the ultimate citrine combination for couples. That’s because garnet awakens passion, vigor, and virility in wearers, with citrine. They’re the perfect crystal combo for rekindling the fire in your relationship, with romance and intimacy. 

Citrine and Labradorite Together for Meditation

Labradorite stones on a white background

Do you practice meditation? If it’s hard to switch off distractions, clutter, and negative self-talk, hold labradorite in one hand, and citrine in the other, while meditating. Together, these crystals tap into your alpha and theta brainwave states. 

Black Obsidian and Citrine Together for Protection

3 polished black obsidian stone on a white background

If failures or accidents are common in your life, hexes, evil eyes, or curses may be to blame. To relieve these negative energies, wear, or carry, black obsidian with citrine crystal. They’ll charge your aura to repel toxic energies. 

Peridot and Citrine Together for Prosperity

Peridot on a white background

Peridot is a stone that helps to ward off evil spirits, and attract well-being into your life. Paired with citrine, it turns into an abundance magnet. Together, they also invite good fortune, harmony, and wealth into your family.

Hematite and Citrine Pairing for Inner Power

hematite chunk on a white background

Hematite activates your kundalini energy center, by tapping into lower chakras. When it’s active, you’ll unlock your life force. It’ll make you set goals and achieve them, with Mother Earth (Gaia) by your side. 

Green Aventurine and Citrine Together for Calmness 

Aventurine stones on a white background

Whenever stress overwhelms you, touch a green aventurine with one hand, and citrine with the other. Green aventurine, paired with citrine, repels negative thoughts and calms your nerves. 

Cinnabar and Citrine for Creativity 

cinnabar on a white background

Do you know that cinnabar is called the “Dragon’s Blood?” It’s a stone of immense power for leaders and managers. Paired with citrine, this crystal pairing enhances your critical thinking skills. Wearing them together makes you confident, creative, and charismatic.

Moldavite and Citrine for Abundance

Moldavite chunk on a white background

Citrine is also referred to as the “Merchant’s Stone,” a stone of luck, just like moldavite When you combine the two, keep them in the center of your home. They’ll attract joy, money, and positive energies.

Red Jasper and Citrine for Grounding 

red jasper on a white background

When responsibilities and burdens pull you down, get your hands on citrine and red jasper crystals. This citrine combination will ground your worries, anxieties, and stress. It also helps you make the right decisions. 

Pearl and Citrine for Emotional Balance 

Pearl on a white background

This is another crystal combination for introverts and socially-anxious folks. You can tap into emotional intelligence, by combining the metaphysical properties of pearl and citrine. It also helps you build healthy relationships and choose the right friends. 

Sardonyx and Citrine for Balance

3 pieces of polished sardonyx on a white background

The stone of self-control, sardonyx, mixes with citrine energies, to bring stability and peace into your life. Sardonyx and citrine combination powers are harmony, tranquility, and positivity. Add them to crystal grids, to welcome these values into your home.

Citrine and Pyrite for Money and Wealth 

Pyrite chunk on a white background

Once worn as a protective amulet, pyrite also brings good fortune, when worn with citrine. Pyrite and citrine attract abundance, money, and prosperity, when worn as a bracelet on your dominant hand. 

Carnelian and Citrine for Luck 

carnelian chunk on a white background

When your chakras are balanced, and auras are bright, you automatically invite positive thoughts and opportunities. Wearing carnelian and citrine together turns everything you touch into a portal of luck.  

In a Nutshell 

Known as “the stone of luck,” “Merchant’s Stone,” and “warrior’s seal,” citrine is quite famous. But when combined with other crystals, citrine becomes even more powerful. 

The right citrine combination can attract protection, abundance, success, luck, courage, confidence, psychic abilities, and more.

For instance, citrine taps into creativity with cinnabar, manifestation with moonstone, and success in love with aquamarine. 

You can wear citrine pairings in a ring, bracelet, necklace, or pendant. Carrying them in your wallet, or purse, keeps you connected to the chakras they open.

So, which crystal will you pair with citrine?


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