Ruby Pairings: 15 Crystals to Complement It

  1. Ruby and Bloodstone Together
  2. Ruby and Diamond Together
  3. Blue Sapphire and Ruby Pairing
  4. Aquamarine and Ruby Combination
  5. Ruby and Garnet Together
  6. Emerald and Ruby Combination
  7. Ruby and Tiger’s Eye Together
  8. Clear Quartz and Ruby Combination
  9. Ruby and Pink Opal Together
  10. Jade and Ruby Combination
  11. Ruby and Pearl Together
  12. Rose Quartz and Ruby Combination
  13. Ruby and Amethyst Together
  14. Ruby and Amber Together
  15. Ruby and Chiastolite Together
  16. Tap into the Best Ruby Pairings!

Did you know Ruby is called The King of Gems? It’s the epitome of passion, love, and courage. And pairing it with compatible crystals amplifies the power of Ruby. So, what are the best crystals to pair with Ruby? How to use them?

The best crystals to pair with Ruby are those ruled by friendly planets, such as Bloodstone, Aquamarine, Garnet, Tiger’s Eye, Pink Opal, Pearl, and Jade. They can be charged uniquely for strength, karmic healing, success, beauty, and more.

Discover how 16 top Ruby pairings can attract incredible benefits into your life and what to watch out for.

Here’s a quick overview of Ruby’s metaphysical powers and properties:

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Ruby and Bloodstone Together

A bloodstone crystal on a white background

As Mars rules both stones, the Bloodstone-Ruby combination is compatible with astrology. 

Once upon a time, Bloodstone was named after a popular legend. It says Bloodstone originated from the blood of Jesus Christ during the crucifixion. Hence, it brings courage, peace, vitality, creativity, fertility, intuition, and abundance. 

Combining Ruby with this stone is ideal for boosting fertility, inner strength, willpower, immunity, and self-confidence. Using this Ruby combination will invite harmony, love, and grounding energies. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Ruby and Bloodstone

  • New Moon Activation: On a New Moon night, place your stones in a safe space where they can soak the energies. Leave it undisturbed for 6 hours, and always keep it on you. 
  • Zen Gardening: Place your stones beside a healthy growing plant for 2 to 4 hours and carry them afterward. Make sure the crystals aren’t under direct sunlight.

Ruby and Diamond Together

A diamond on a white background

According to astrology, Rubies and Diamonds are ruled by enemy planets. Hence, they aren’t compatible with each other in astrology. However, if your astrologer says otherwise, you can pair them.

Diamond is a purifying stone called Tears of the Gods to Gleaming Ice, Gem of Fire, Luminary Stone, and more across time for its unique powers. Psychics recommend it for spiritual awakening and healers for focus and manifestation. 

By pairing it with Ruby, marital bliss, romance, passion, fertility, and power comes to your psyche. This is a beneficial crystal combination for amplifying motivation, psychic gifts, knowledge, mental clarity, love, and luck.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Ruby and Diamond

  • Sunlight: Place your stones in a shady place to soak the healing energies of sunlight for a few minutes. You can also hold your hands over them to set your intention.
  • Jewelry Activation: Wearing charged Ruby and Diamond jewelry is a good way to amplify your intentions throughout the wear. Charge it with your intentions for a few seconds before wearing it to boost confidence and charisma. 

Blue Sapphire and Ruby Pairing

Blue Sapphire on a white background

Enemy planets rule this incompatible pairing of Blue Sapphire and Ruby. But they can be used together if your astrologer approves them based on your birth chart. 

Blue Sapphire is the stone of unlimited love, good fortune, and royalty. It was used for wisdom, psychic visions, luck, and justice by the Buddhists, Greeks, and Hindus. On top of that, Blue Sapphire also boosts extrasensory perception and intuition.

If your astrologist approves this Ruby combination, you can wear them to attain success, mental clarity, discipline, divination, awakening, and psychic protection. Charging them together and keeping them on you brings the best benefits. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Ruby and Blue Sapphire

  • Seed Mantra: Hold both stones and chant the seed mantras RAM and VAM for setting intentions.  
  • Affirmation: Chant this while holding the stone near your lips for success: I trust the universal powers to overcome the hurdles and attain extraordinary success. 

Aquamarine and Ruby Combination

polished aquamarine on white background

As friendly planets rule these crystals, you can wear Aquamarine with Ruby for positive effects. 

Aquamarine balances your Throat Chakra, calming your nerves and anxieties. It’s often used for peace, patience, pain management, positivity, confidence, and trauma healing. The best thing is it’s also good for vitality. 

Pairing it with Ruby opens the higher and lower chakras, leading to harmony, self-esteem, courage, letting go, and acceptance. You can also use this crystal duo for grounding during advanced spiritual rituals, like astral travel and divination.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Ruby and Aquamarine 

  • Elixir: Keep your crystal beside a glass of drinking water for 4 to 6 hours and leave it undisturbed. Consume the water and repeat the indirect infusion daily to clear physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages from within.
  • Palo Santo: Light a palo santo and fan the smoke all over your crystals while setting your intention with thoughts. Place the charged stones under your pillow to experience cosmic travel via dreams.

Ruby and Garnet Together

A raw garnet on a white background

Mars rules Garnet and Ruby crystals, which are good to pair for various benefits. 

Did you know Garnet is known as the Warrior Stone? Some legends say Noah used Garnet to light up his ark during the flood. It’s excellent for increasing immunity, chances of conception, and protective energies around the wearer. 

While they’re red color crystals and ruled by the same planet and element, this crystal combination creates a heightened sense of peace, grounding, romance, and commitment in the wearer. Many healers also use this combo for health and vitality.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Ruby and Garnet

  • Burial: Place your crystals in a silk pouch or paper box and bury them three inches under the soil overnight while visualizing your intention. Afterward, clean them up and carry them on you. 
  • Meditation: Hold Garnet and Ruby in your palms, close your eyes, focus on your intention, and imagine the universe making it happen. 

Emerald and Ruby Combination

Hexagonal emerald on a white background

As the enemy planet of Ruby rules over Emerald, these crystals aren’t astrologically compatible. However, if your astrologer says this Ruby pairing is advantageous, you should proceed.

If you look closely at the Aztec and Inca cultures, Emerald was hailed as a healer stone that could ward off evil vibrations. It’s widely used for success in love and career. Many legends also say scrying with Emerald helps you peek into the future. 

Pairing it with Ruby can be beneficial if your astrologer agrees. In such a case, this crystal duo enhances romance, passion, prophecy, and emotional balance. 

They help with vitality, immunity, and strength by balancing the Heart and Root Chakras. Charge the pairing and wear it below the heart for the best results.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Ruby and Emerald 

  • Heart Chakra Activation: Lie down and place Emerald on your Heart Chakra. Hold your palms over it and visualize your Heart Chakra getting activated. Place the charged Emerald with Ruby for a few minutes and continue visualizing your intention. 
  • Scrying: Look into your Ruby through the Emerald under the moonlight for a few minutes. Try to visualize divine interference with open-eye visualizations to activate the psychic power of clairvoyance.

Ruby and Tiger’s Eye Together

Tiger's eye Polished Gemstone on a white background

As Sun rules Ruby and Tiger’s Eye, they’re an excellent combination. 

As Tiger’s Eye opens the Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root Chakras, it’s an excellent stone for concentration, creativity, intelligence, decisiveness, and confidence. Bonding with it brings an avalanche of psychic gifts and emotional blessings. 

Suppose you combine it with the energy of Ruby. This pairing will lead to psychic protection, intuition, clairvision, wisdom, willpower, and manifestation.

This Ruby combination awakens hidden desires and talents when you bond with the stones after charging them.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Ruby and Tiger’s Eye

  • Gem Bath: Place Ruby and Tiger’s Eye beside a cup of water and leave the setup undisturbed for 4 to 6 hours. Now fill up your bath and add the elixir to the tub. Soak in it for 10 minutes while visualizing your intention.
  • Sun Salutations: Face the sunrise while holding your crystals in the dominant hand for 1 to 2 minutes. Carry the charged stone on your left side to activate wisdom, psychic powers, and willpower. 

Clear Quartz and Ruby Combination

clear quartz on white background

As Ruby and Clear Quartz are ruled by the Sun, they mutually benefit.

Clear Quartz is the best self-cleansing stone among crystals. But did you know it also amplifies energies? By bonding with it, you can enhance intentions, recovery, immunity, self-esteem, abundance, awareness, and psychic protection.

Integrating Clear Quartz with Ruby doubles passion, positivity, courage, psychic abilities, good fortune, cosmic consciousness, and the opportunity to manifest dreams. Try them together when you want that extra push in your ritual.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Ruby and Clear Quartz

  • Grid: Set up a crystal grid with Ruby in the center and 12 other compatible crystals around it. Take a Clear Quartz wand and activate the grid by touching the stones while visualizing your intention. Do it daily to manifest your dreams.
  • Breathwork: Hold your crystal near your lips and inhale deeply. Do it after waking up and keep the crystals in your pockets throughout the day to keep manifesting.

Ruby and Pink Opal Together

Pink Opal on white background

As Earth rules Pink Opal in astrology, it’s compatible with other crystals, including Ruby. 

Although Pink Opal was cataloged in 2011, it has been used for thousands of years. It’s believed to connect your physical body to the etheric realm. The stone is widely used for emotional intelligence, wellness, calmness, kindness, and self-love.

Pairing it with Ruby amplifies love, passion, self-care, compassion, health, vitality, and harmony. The crystal combo is also recommended for accelerating healing and grounding the wearer.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Ruby and Pink Opal

  • Candle: Light a candle and safely hold your stones near the flame for 10 to 20 seconds. Close your eyes and imagine how your intentions will manifest simultaneously. Repeat daily as long as it manifests.
  • Moonlight: Place your stones in a room with an open window under the Full Moon light for 8 to 12 hours. Once moonlight charging is complete, carry it on your dominant side throughout the day to resolve emotional challenges.

Jade and Ruby Combination

jade crystal on a white background

This is an excellent Ruby combination because friendly planets rule them. 

Once upon a time, Jade was used widely for attracting good fortune. But being a Heart Chakra stone, it’s good for balance, peace, and love in life. Legends say it repels psychic harm from touching the wearer’s body, mind, and soul.

Incorporating it with Ruby leads to inspiration, career success, romantic success, self-discovery, successful pregnancy, patience, calmness, and inner strength. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Ruby and Jade

  • Feng Shui Placement: Place your crystals together in the Southeast corner of your home while imagining your desired success.
  • Peace Altar: Set up a crystal altar for peace by arranging the Ruby crystal combination in the center of the grid with sacred herbs, flowers, and scents around it. Light a candle and smudge it daily to activate your intentions.

Ruby and Pearl Together

Pearl on a white background

Ruled by friendly planets, Pearl and Ruby are an excellent pairing for beauty and wealth. 

Pearl isn’t a crystal but an organic gemstone. Various cultures use it for health, youthfulness, love, virility, passion, inner peace, and immunity. Did you know Pearls are called the Tears of Angels, Dragon’s Tears, and Aphrodite’s Tears?

By partnering with Ruby, you can tap into metaphysical benefits, like harmony, beauty, charisma, fertility, and deep peace. The combination enhances inspiration, grace, success, and determination. It’s good for exams and interviews. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Ruby and Pearl

  • Solfeggio Frequencies: Place your healing stones near your speakers and play “solfeggio frequencies” via YouTube, Spotify, or any other digital music portal.
  • Water Charging: Place your gemstones in a glass bowl and sprinkle a few drops of tap water. Hold your palms over the bowl and visualize the intention you want. 

Rose Quartz and Ruby Combination

Rose Quartz Crystal on a white background

Friendly planets rule Ruby and Rose Quartz, making them an exceptional combination for deep emotional healing. 

Rose Quartz opens the Heart and Higher Heart Chakras and leads your destiny to unconditional love. 

Did you know some believe Rose Quartz came from Aphrodite’s Tears? Today, it’s widely used as love charms, protection amulets, and power talismans.

Pairing it with Pigeon Blood Ruby can intensify marital bliss, sex drive, chances of conception, generosity, courage, self-respect, and empathy. They’re a great pair for healing fears, anxiety, compulsion, and traumas. Healers recommend this duo for letting go and moving on, too.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Ruby and Rose Quartz

  • Smudging: Light a sage stick and briefly circle the sacred smoke over your stone while meditating on your intention. Do it daily until your intention is realized.
  • Mudras and Gestures: Place your crystals before you and your palms over them. Close your eyes and imagine channeling universal energies into them. Once charged, clutch them in tough situations to eliminate worries. 

Ruby and Amethyst Together

amethyst on white background

Due to the conflicting relationship between their ruling planets, Amethyst and Ruby mustn’t be used together unless your astrologer or mentor recommends it. 

Known as the Stone of Sobriety and Gem of Fire, Amethyst is known to awaken extrasensory perception. Keeping it close to you improves learning abilities, memory, wisdom, and thirst for knowledge. Psychics also use it for spirit contact.

Fusing the metaphysical energies of Ruby and Amethyst leads to harmony, virility, passion, endurance, willpower, and spiritual guidance. It’s a goal-setting crystal combination that amplifies success in your school and office.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Ruby and Amethyst

  • Twilight Activation: Sit in the open air at sunrise and hold Ruby and Amethyst in each hand. Hold them over your forehead, close your eyes, and visualize your purpose for using them. 
  • Spell Jar: Take a glass jar and place your crystals inside it. Also, add a few sprigs of holy basil, a few drops of eucalyptus, and some dried rose petals. Light a candle and blow the flame into the jar. Finally, close its lid and tie a ribbon around your spell jar. 

Ruby and Amber Together

Amber crystal on a white background

Sun rules Ruby and Amber; hence, they’re compatible. 

Amber isn’t a crystal but a fossilized resin from the ancient world. Therefore, it’s used for deep healing, accessing the universe’s history, and connecting with other realms. 

Some say Amber is incredibly lucky because it formed from pieces of the setting sun that fell into the seas. Combining it with Ruby will help you unlock greater goods, luck, spiritual gifts, and goals. It’s best for karmic healing and penance.

Carry Amber and Ruby below the waist after charging to maximize their powers. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Ruby and Amber

  • Fire Spells: Hold your crystals before a lit candle and express your intention aloud. Repeat it for a few minutes until you hear or see divine messages. 
  • Herbal Charging: Rubbing a sacred herb, like lavender or rosemary, gently over Ruby and Amber in continuous strokes will charge them with divinity and lead you to answers. 

Ruby and Chiastolite Together

polished chiastolite on white background

Since Mars rules Chiastolite and Ruby, they’re a great combination.

Known as the Cross Stone and Fairy Cross, Chiastolite has been used as a religious amulet for ages. It opens your Root Chakra and unlocks chakra blockages that lead to fear, insecurity, guilt, revenge, and instability. 

Fusing its energies with Ruby improves perseverance, decisiveness, critical thinking skills, harmony, and psychic protection. Together, they can help you jump dimensions, shift realities, and discover your spiritual destiny. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Ruby and Chiastolite

  • Mindfulness Walk: Hold the Ruby in your dominant hand and Chiastolite in the other while taking a 10 to 30 minute walk after sunrise and before noon. Don’t forget to visualize your intentions at this time. Do it daily for 14 days.
  • Prayer: Close your eyes while holding your crystals in your palm and pray whichever way you usually do. Afterward, keep the charged crystal on your bedside table to protect you on spiritual quests.

Tap into the Best Ruby Pairings!

When it comes to crystal combinations, Ruby is excellent because it brings physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits when paired correctly. 

For instance, Ruby pairs well with Bloodstone but may not do great with Blue Sapphire. If you’re not feeling good about a Ruby pairing, stop using them together until your astrologer approves them.

When paired correctly, Ruby can bring incredible benefits. 

Take a quick look at the best Ruby combinations before you go: 

graphic design table about Ruby Pairings: 16 Crystals to Complement It

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