Pyrite Pairings: 13 Crystals to Combine with Pyrite

  1. Pyrite and Citrine Together
  2. Tiger’s Eye and Pyrite Combination
  3. Pyrite and Amethyst Together
  4. Clear Quartz and Pyrite Combination
  5. Pyrite and Hematite Together
  6. Green Aventurine and Pyrite Combination
  7. Pyrite and Magnetite Together
  8. Malachite and Pyrite Combination
  9. Pyrite and Smoky Quartz Together
  10. Jade and Pyrite Combination
  11. Pyrite and Rose Quartz Together
  12. Turquoise and Pyrite Combination
  13. Labradorite and Pyrite Combination
  14. Tap into the Powers of Pyrite Pairing!

Pyrite has a longstanding history as a wealth magnet, protection amulet, and divination tool. Often mistaken for gold, it amplifies energy when paired with other crystals. 

What are the best Pyrite pairings? How do you pair it with other crystals?

The best Pyrite pairings are with crystals ruled by friendly planets, such as Hematite, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Tiger’s Eye, Amethyst, and Clear Quartz. These crystal pairings lead to success, abundance, luck, immunity, and more when charged in specific ways. 

I’ll show you how to uniquely pair Pyrite with 13 crystals to purify, manifest, amplify, heal, and achieve much more. 

Before diving deep into Pyrite crystal combinations and how they work, let’s look at its following traits:

A custom graphic table for Properties of pyrite

Pyrite and Citrine Together

Tumbled citrine gemstone on a white background

Ruled by friendly planets, Citrine is a beneficial pairing with Pyrite. 

Citrine is also a wealth magnet, like Pyrite, often used to enhance luck and abundance. 

Did you know that Citrine was believed to bring the powers of the Greek God Apollo? It’s linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra, bringing health and prosperity.

Merging its powers with Pyrite increases focus, good fortune, success, psychic gifts, and divine assistance. Citrine clears the obstacles in your financial path to attract the destined luck with Pyrite.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Pyrite and Citrine

  • Sunlight: Face the sun while holding Citrine in your dominant hand and Pyrite in the other to activate your intention. 
  • Feng Shui: Keep your crystals in the Southeastern corner of your house while visualizing opportunities for luck and wealth. 

Tiger’s Eye and Pyrite Combination

Tiger's eye crystal on a white background

Due to the friendly planets of Pyrite and Tiger’s Eye, the two crystals are compatible. 

Tiger’s Eye is a focus stone that enhances your critical thinking and mind power. It clears blockages from your chakras, soul, and psyche. Ancient Egyptians wore it for psychic protection, and Roman soldiers to boost their battle courage. 

Combining Pyrite with Tiger’s Eye shields you from negativity, creates stability, and improves mind power. Carrying it on you will make you feel positive, clear headed, and insightful. 

Psychics say this pairing also increases your strength by connecting you to Mother Gaia. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Pyrite and Tiger’s Eye 

  • Candle: Light a candle and keep your stones on its sides. Focus on the candle flame and visualize it energizing the crystals. 
  • Affirmation: Hold your crystals in the dominant hand before your lips and chant this affirmation into them: My mind is clear, sharp, and focused. 

Pyrite and Amethyst Together

An Amethyst yoni egg on a white background

The crystal combination of Pyrite and Amethyst is favorable because friendly planets rule them. 

Amethyst is the Stone of Higher Powers. Psychics say it clears confusion and negativity by opening the highest chakra in the body. Healers often recommend wearing Amethyst to students and professionals for imagination and knowledge. 

Merging it with Pyrite’s energies will amplify learning skills, higher consciousness, and psychic abilities. The crystal combination is perfect for manifestation as it heightens your intentions and leads them to the universe’s heart.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Pyrite and Amethyst 

  • Meditation: Hold your crystals in the left hand over your head and close your eyes. Visualize your higher chakras opening and your life force energy connecting to the etheric body. 
  • Crystal Gazing: For this activation, hold your crystals before the eyes and gaze into them for 5 to 10 minutes. When doing so, visualize your intentions manifesting. 

Clear Quartz and Pyrite Combination

Clear Quartz on a white background

As all the planetary energies rule Clear Quartz in astrology, it’s compatible with Pyrite. 

Clear Quartz is known as a self-cleansing crystal for purifying negative vibrations. It opens the Crown, Soul Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras. That’s how it activates psychic powers of intuition, premonitions, and spirit contact. 

Combining it with Pyrite leads to deeper awakening, grounding, and healing. Bonding with these crystals gives you mental clarity, focus, and motivation. 

Moreover, this pairing opens the higher and lower chakras, amplifies energies, and brings balance and harmony into your body, mind, and soul.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Pyrite and Clear Quartz 

  • Wand Charging: Keep Pyrite on a table before you and circle the Clear Quartz thrice over it. Activate Pyrite daily with Clear Quartz to tap into the benefits of this combination. 
  • Crystal Altar: Building a crystal altar with Pyrite in the center brings balance and harmony into your space. It’s even better to activate the altar with a Clear Quartz wand daily to amplify your intentions.

Pyrite and Hematite Together

polished hematite on white background

As Mars rules Hematite and Pyrite crystals, they’re a favorable combination. 

Hematite is a grounding stone widely used for psychic protection from hexes, curses, and evil vibrations. Did you know it helps to heal headaches, weakness, and diseases? Psychics say it enables you to connect with guardian angels.

Bringing Hematite energies with Pyrite will help you stop negative thoughts and self-pity. By connecting with the Earth Star Chakra, these crystals bring calmness and confidence in tough times. 

Carry them on your after charging to prevent negativity and evil energies from affecting you.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Pyrite and Hematite

  • Sage: Light a sage smudge stick and circle it over your crystals. Do this while setting your intentions with meditation or visualization. 
  • Burial: Place Hematite and Pyrite in a box and bury it at the entrance of your house. If you have several pieces, bury them around the four corners of your home for protection. 

Green Aventurine and Pyrite Combination

green aventurine isolated on white background

The ruling planet of Green Aventurine is compatible with Pyrite’s ruler; hence, using them together is advantageous. 

Did you know Green Aventurine is called the Stone of Opportunities? It’s good for Zen gardening due to Heart and Crown Chakras’ energies. Also called the Fairy Treasure Stone, experts recommend Green Aventurine for manifesting good fortune and wealth.

Incorporating the energies of Pyrite with Green Aventurine balances the higher and lower chakras simultaneously. As a result, you’ll feel harmonious, balanced, energetic, and wise. Pyrite-Green Aventurine is also good for immunity, health, and fertility.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Pyrite and Green Aventurine

  • Self-Reiki: Lie down and place the Pyrite crystal below your stomach or between your thighs and Green Aventurine in the middle of your chest. Visualize channeling the healing energies of the universe into your stones.
  • Zen Gardening: Place your crystal next to a healthy growing plant (in the shade) for 24 hours to charge it with the healing energies of the plant. 

Pyrite and Magnetite Together

magnetite stone on a white background

Ruled by the same planet – Mars – Magnetite is a good crystal to combine with Pyrite.

Have you heard that Magnetite is a leading stone? It leads you to positivity, fortune, wealth, and destiny. Healers usually recommend it to people who need inner peace, emotional balance, stability, and focus. 

The crystal combo of Pyrite with Magnetite manifests dreams of career success, deep peace, financial freedom, and spiritual gifts. Keeping it on your dominant side after charging will multiply your mental, physical, and emotional wealth. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Pyrite and Magnetite

  • Crystal Grid: Create a crystal grid with Pyrite and Magnetite in the center and compatible crystals around them. You can activate the grid daily with the mantra OM or the energy of a candle. 
  • Incense: Keep your crystals on a flat table and light an amplifier incense, like Rose or Jasmine. Circle the smoke over your crystals while meditating on your intentions. Do it daily before carrying the crystal duo on your dominant side.

Malachite and Pyrite Combination

A polished malachite crystal on a white background

Due to friendly planets, you’ll find many benefits from combining Malachite with Pyrite. 

Malachite is often called a Motherly Stone because it fills you with compassion, self-love, and warmth. Legends say Malachite, or Malakos Stone, brings courage, empathy, support, peace, divine guidance, and financial luck. 

If you combine it with the energies of Pyrite, you’ll find freedom from guilt, revenge, and inner scars. Pyrite and Malachite can help you transform your emotional and spiritual self. Using them together promotes growth and success. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Pyrite and Malachite 

  • Jewelry Activation: Place a Malachite ring and Pyrite bracelet on a table. Hold your palms over them and meditate on your intention. 
  • Seed Mantra: As Pyrite and Malachite associate with the elements Earth and Fire, you can hold the crystals in your palm and chant seed mantras LAM and RAM to activate them. 

Pyrite and Smoky Quartz Together

Smoky Quartz Polished Gemstone on a white background

As unfriendly planets rule Pyrite and Smoky Quartz, using them together is bad. However, if your astrologer advises otherwise, go for it. 

Smoky Quartz is the stone for clarity, decisiveness, and wisdom. It helps you release suppressed hurt, fear, guilt, anger, and pity by showing you the past, present, and future. It’s good for strength and often linked to the God of Magic, Hecate.

If you have the go-ahead from your astrologer, pairing Pyrite with Smoky Quartz will help you heal stress, regrets, and trauma scars. They’re a good combination that helps you move toward your destiny with positivity and hope. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Pyrite and Smoky Quartz

  • Worry Stones: Charge Pyrite and Smoky Quartz with sunlight and place them on your left side. Whenever you feel scared, restless, or worried, please close your eyes and clutch them together. 
  • New Moon: Sit under the new moon light with Pyrite in your left hand and Smoky Quartz in your right. Close your eyes and visualize the universal energies charging the crystals and healing your deepest scars.

Jade and Pyrite Combination

jade crystal on a white background

Ruled by incompatible planets, Jade and Pyrite aren’t a great combination, although they can result in positivity if your astrologer recommends wearing them.

Jade was the ultimate stone for wealth in Ancient China, and Māori legends say Jade protects from evil and negativity. In the New Age, Jade is also used to clear chakra blockages, especially those that affect you physically and emotionally. 

By pairing the healing energies of Pyrite and Jade, you will tap into luck, success, wealth, and abundance, as they’re both prosperity stones. Healers also recommend this combination for finding self-reliance, inner strength, and abundance. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Pyrite and Jade

  • Prosperity Spell Jar: Create a prosperity spell jar by adding your crystals to a mason jar with fresh or dried basil, clover leaf, cinnamon, and a small amount of gold or money. Then meditate on your intention and tie a ribbon around the jar.
  • Twilight Charging: Face the setting sun at dusk with both the stones in your palms. Try to imagine the several colors of twilight entering your stones and activating them with powerful vibrations of manifestation and healing. 

Pyrite and Rose Quartz Together

Rose Quartz Crystal on a white background

Friendly planets rule the favorable crystal combination of Pyrite and Rose Quartz. Hence, you can use them together for many benefits. 

Most of us know Rose Quartz is one of the best Heart Chakra stones that teaches you to love others, yourself, and the nature around you. Did you know healers say it can alleviate sicknesses and diseases? It also teaches how to accept reality.

You’ll find deep peace, new skills, patience, courage, and balance by pairing it with Pyrite. It’s an excellent combination to find success in love, too. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Pyrite and Rose Quartz

  • Heart Chakra Activation: Hold your crystals over your heart while sitting in the lotus pose and meditate on your deepest fears and blockages. Afterward, carry the crystals above your waist for seven days and do this ritual daily.
  • Crystal Elixir: Keep your crystals beside a glass of drinking water (not in the glass) and visualize the crystals charging your crystals with positive energies. Leave the setup undisturbed for 4 to 6 hours before consuming the elixir.

Turquoise and Pyrite Combination

A polished Turquoise crystal on a white background

Ruled by favorable planets, Pyrite and Turquoise become a high-vibration crystal combination.

Turquoise is famous for alleviating physical problems. But did you know it can calm the wildest storms and the self-destructive mindsets? The stone opens the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, leading you to peace, joy, and happiness.

Bringing the healing energies of Pyrite with Turquoise helps you find your most authentic self and hidden talents. It’s best for students and professionals during exams and interviews. Psychics say it can clear your path and attract success. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Pyrite and Turquoise 

  • Herbal Ritual: Sit in a quiet space and keep your crystals on a flat surface. Take a charging herb, like myrrh, patchouli, or lavender, and rub it softly over your crystals while imagining the manifestation of your intentions.
  • Singing Bowl Meditation: Place Pyrite on the right side of your singing bowl and Turquoise on the left. Play the bowl by tapping or rimming for a few minutes daily for 28 days while meditating on your intention.

Labradorite and Pyrite Combination

Labradorite on a white background

Ruled by favorable planets, the combination of Pyrite and Labradorite is beneficial because it raises your vibrations. 

Labradorite is a high-vibration stone that opens the Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Solar Star, Lunar Star, and Earth Star Chakras. Hence, it amplifies your willpower, psychic abilities, good luck, and grounding. 

Combining this stone with Pyrite gives you a divine crystal combination for spiritual luck and awakening. This Pyrite pairing leads you to spiritual destiny, karmic healing, divine intervention, and cosmic consciousness.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Pyrite and Labradorite

  • Breathwork Ritual: Sit comfortably and hold the crystals near your lips after waking up. Take deep inhalations and exhalations while visualizing your intentions. Carry the charged stone in your purse or bag everywhere for a few days.
  • Midnight Scrying: Hold the stone before your eyes after sunset and gaze into the stone for a few minutes. Repeat this ritual every night before bed and keep the stones under your pillow to get psychic visions and messages.

Tap into the Powers of Pyrite Pairing!

Now that we have thoroughly explored the best to worst Pyrite pairings, you must pick the best combinations based on your intentions and purposes. 

Some will help you find financial luck, others success in love, strength, and deep peace. For instance, Turquoise with Pyrite reveals your truest feelings, while Magnetite and Hematite will help you enjoy the earthly treasures. 

Here’s the checklist of Pyrite pairings we learned today: 

A custom graphic table for 13 crystals to combine with Pyrite

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