How To Cleanse Crystals with Selenite

  1. How to Cleanse Crystals with Selenite Stick
  2. How To Cleanse Crystals with Selenite Wand
  3. How To Cleanse Crystals with Selenite Tower
  4. How To Cleanse Crystals with Selenite Bowl
  5. Does Selenite Need to be Charged?
  6. Does Selenite Need to be Cleansed?

Can Selenite cleanse other crystals? Selenite is one of the essential crystals to have, as it acts as a master tool that cleanses all your other crystals. Having a piece of Selenite handy is a great way to quickly cleanse a crystal if you wish to use it immediately. 

Cleansing a crystal with Selenite can be a quick, easy process, or it can take longer if you want to get a deeper cleansing. 

Crystals are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years old. All that time spent on earth means that they have seen and been around a lot, and like humans, also have a memory. 

Crystals hold onto energies present within the environment, and people near it, which is why clearing out the energies crystals hold onto is vital, if you do not wish to be exposed to them. Certain gemstones absorb negative energy, and these, in particular, need to be charged frequently. 

Selenite has a powerful ability to clear blocked energy, remove negative energy, and increase the positive energy in the wearer and its environment. Similarly, it can do the same to crystals, which is why Selenite is one of the best crystals to keep yourself, your environment, and crystals free of negative vibes and energies! 

If you are wondering how long it takes to cleanse crystals with Selenite, it varies depending on the type of Selenite used, and the method. 

As a rule of thumb, your crystals need to be cleansed and cleared once a month, to keep them free of past baggage, and in tip-top performing condition. If you feel that a crystal is no longer doing what it is supposed to, and not making a difference in your life, it is probably time for a cleansing. 

How to Cleanse Crystals with Selenite Stick

sage sticks and selenite on a wooden table

Selenite sticks are unprocessed, raw pieces of Selenite that are affordable and commonly available. You can use a Selenite stick like a lint roller all over your body, and it will remove stagnant and negative energy from your auric field in minutes. 

In addition, Selenite can reset a crystal back to its initial “factory” setting, removing any adverse effects it can have from accumulated negative energy. Knowing how to cleanse crystals with a Selenite stick lets you get the most out of your Selenite.

Smudging is an ancient native American Indian practice that involves burning herbs, primarily sage, to rid an item, person, or environment of negative energy. You can also smudge things with certain types of incense, such as frankincense or sage, which have a similar effect as burning herbs. 

Smudging only became legal in 1978 when the American Indian religious freedom act was passed, and before that, the practice was illegal in many places in America. Just like herbs are traditionally used to cleanse items, you can use Selenite and Selenite sticks similarly.

Cleanse Crystals with Selenite Stick

  1. Always use a Selenite stick bigger than the crystal you wish to charge.
  2. A Selenite stick that can stand upright acts as a Selenite tower. Place the Selenite stick in the center, touching the crystals you wish to charge for 24 hours.  
  3. Selenite’s properties are increased in the sun. You can place a crystal you wish to charge outside, touching your Selenite stick, and this will cleanse and charge your crystal in just a few minutes! 
  4. To cleanse a crystal, place a Selenite stick next to it, ensuring they touch each other for 24 hours.

How To Cleanse Crystals with Selenite Wand

selenite wand on a white background

Selenite wands are powerful tools used to achieve crystal cleansing with meditation. Unlike other forms of Selenite, like Selenite bowls or plates, Selenite wands can cleanse crystals without needing to touch them. 

Instead, you can point your Selenite wand toward an object you wish to cleanse and visualize the toxic energy leaving. After about 5-10 minutes, the Selenite wand will remove the negative energy from the object, or crystal, you wish to clear. 

Knowing how to cleanse crystals with a Selenite wand helps you get quick charges and cleanses in when you have limited time.

Cleanse Crystals with Selenite Wand

  1. Keep a Selenite wand near the entrance of your house, to give crystals that enter your home a quick cleanse.
  2. Take the Selenite wand, and wave it over your crystals in a comb-like fashion for 5 minutes. Ensure to sweep the wand in a direction away from you, not toward you. Visualize a bright yellow light entering your crystal, allowing it to be recharged and cleared.
  3. You can also place a crystal next to your Selenite wand, with the tip of the wand touching the crystal you wish to charge for a few hours. Selenite is more effective at charging and clearing crystals when touching them. When leaving a Selenite wand unattended, you will get more significant results when it touches your other crystals.

How To Cleanse Crystals with Selenite Tower

selenite tower on a white background

Not only are they beautiful to look at, but Selenite towers are lovely to use if you wish to amplify and strengthen the energy of another gemstone. When placing a Selenite tower next to another crystal, the qualities present within that crystal are strengthened, giving you somewhat of a “super stone.” 

Knowing how to cleanse crystals with a Selenite tower helps you make your crystals super powerful! 

Cleanse Crystals with Selenite Tower

  1. To ensure that your Selenite tower is free of any lingering energy, clean it by submerging it in dry salt for 24 hours, leaving it outside during the Full Moon, or by smudging it with White Sage or Palo Santo.
  2. Selenite towers create a protective shield. You can protect your other gemstones from negative energy indefinitely by having them placed around a Selenite tower.
  3. Put all the gemstones you wish to cleanse and charge in a circle near your Selenite tower for a few hours.
  4. If possible, let the crystals that you want charged touch the Selenite tower, as this decreases the charging time and has a more powerful effect than when the crystals are not touching. 

How To Cleanse Crystals with Selenite Bowl

a man and woman holding a crystal bowl

Selenite bowls are beautiful and decorative with a beneficial purpose. Unlike Selenite wands or sticks that point a stream of energy toward a specific object or direction, Selenite bowls cleanse and charge the items placed in them. 

One of the most valuable purposes of a Selenite bowl is to place your other crystals in it, to let it cleanse them. Knowing how to cleanse crystals with a Selenite bowl helps you get in more efficient, effort-free charges and cleanses for your crystals! 

A Selenite bowl makes the perfect crystal storage, as it charges and cleanses your crystals and keeps them clear of negative energy while in it. A Selenite bowl works the same way as a Selenite charging plate for crystals, a flat plate of Selenite that also charges and cleanses crystals and jewelry placed on it. 

Both Selenite bowls and plates can smudge specific items. All crystals react well to Selenite; therefore, you can put any crystals in a Selenite bowl, or on a Selenite plate.

Cleanse Crystals with Selenite Bowl

  1. Cleanse your Selenite bowl by placing it in dry salt for 24 hours, outside during a Full Moon, or by smudging it with White Sage or Palo Santo, to ensure it’s free of residual energies.
  2. Place the crystals you want to be cleansed in your Selenite bowl for a few hours for a quick cleanse.
  3. You can keep your crystals in your Selenite bowl for as long as you wish. When you take them out, they will be ready to use, cleared, and charged.
  4. Store the crystals you use, and the jewelry you wear daily, in your Selenite bowl to keep them charged and in tip-top shape! 

Does Selenite Need to be Charged?

selenite tower with plants on a window sill

An essential question is commonly asked: “Does Selenite need to be charged?” Selenite holds a potent charge that cleanses the environment and clears other crystals, but just like all other crystals, it runs out of energy and needs to be recharged. 

The more you use your Selenite to cleanse and charge other crystals, the more it will need to be charged. Bigger pieces of Selenite don’t need to be charged as often as smaller pieces. Therefore, when a Selenite has been recently charged, it is much more effective at cleansing other crystals and does it much quicker. 

How To Charge Selenite

  • Use a smudge stick, or incense with Palo Santo, White Sage, or Frankincense, and pass your crystal through the smoke.
  • Place your Selenite outside in the Sun for 30 minutes.
  • Place your Selenite outside during the Full Moon.

Does Selenite Need to be Cleansed?

You might be wondering, does Selenite need to be cleansed? After all, it is the master cleansing crystal; surely it can cleanse itself? Many people think Selenite is self-cleansing, a common misconception that occurs among people who work with Selenite. 

However, even though it can cleanse and clear other crystals, it also needs to be cleansed. To cleanse a Selenite, you can use a White Sage Smudge stick, or Palo Santo, or leave it in a bowl of dry salt for 24 hours.

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