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  2. Selenite Tower Healing Properties and Benefits
  3. How To Cleanse Crystals Using Selenite Tower 
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Do you want to know how to use a Selenite tower to cleanse different crystals? One of the essential crystals to own is Selenite, since it functions as a master tool that purifies all of your other crystals. Using Selenite towers is an easy and handy way to cleanse your crystals, and there are many different methods to try for various purposes. 

Clearing the energy that crystals hold onto is essential, as crystals retain energies from the surrounding environment and individuals. Many gemstones can absorb negative energy, and these, in particular, require frequent charging and cleansing. Let’s look at what does a Selenite tower do and how you can use it.

Selenite Tower Meaning

selenite cube on a white background

Selenite has the potent capacity to release trapped energy, eliminate negative energy, and boost positive energy in the user and their surroundings. Therefore, Selenite is one of the best crystals to protect yourself, your environment, and crystals from harmful vibes and energies, and it can also do the same with crystals.

There are many different forms of Selenite, such as Selenite wands, Selenite spheres, Selenite tower lamps, and Selenite plates and bowls, etc. A Selenite tower forms naturally and comes in many different shapes and sizes. Large Selenite towers can cleanse larger crystals, while small towers can cleanse small pocket crystals and jewelry.

Selenite Tower Healing Properties and Benefits

Selenite Wands, Sticks and Towers Benefits and Uses

selenite stone on a wooden background
  • A Selenite wand, stick, or tower can be used like a lint roller to quickly remove stagnant and unfavorable energy from your auric field.
  • Selenite wands cleanse crystals without needing to touch them, unlike other forms of Selenite, such as Selenite bowls or plates.
  • This crystal acts as a protective stone and erects a protective shield around your aura.
  • Using Selenite connects you to your guardian angels and the angelic realm.
  • Connected to the crown chakra, Selenite is excellent for spiritual work and gaining insight and awareness. 
  • Selenite guards you against psychic vampires and those who drain your energy.
  • Wearing Selenite or placing it in your environment invites peace and tranquility.
  • Selenite towers have many healing properties, such as clearing mental and emotional tension, strengthening and purifying the physical body, and healing those needing TLC.

Selenite Tower Lamp Benefits and Uses

selenite tower lamp on a window sill with plants
  • Selenite lamps are Selenite towers with an electric charge. These lamps emit a powerful force, and amplify and strengthen the qualities of Selenite.
  • Place a Selenite lamp in a room that you wish to clear of residual energy. 
  • Switch your Selenite lamp on next to your work desk, to clear your mind and help you focus while working.
  • You can place Selenite tower lamps next to people who are ill, to clear their stagnant energy and help them heal better.
  • Switch on your Selenite lamp in the room where you store your crystals, to cleanse and charge them.

Selenite Bowl and Plate Benefits and Uses

2 people holding a crystal bowl
  • Selenite helps crystals charge more effectively when it is touching them. You will observe more noticeable effects when a Selenite tower is in contact with your other crystals when it is unattended.
  • Selenite Bowls and plates are excellent to utilize if you want to amplify and strengthen the energy of another gemstone, in addition to being stunning to look at. A “super stone” is created when you place a crystal in a Selenite bowl or on a plate, as it enhances the properties already existing in that crystal.
  • Bowls made of Selenite are attractive and elegant while serving a useful purpose. Selenite bowls cleanse and charge the objects placed in them, unlike Selenite wands or sticks that guide a stream of energy toward a particular thing or direction.
  • Placing your other crystals in a Selenite bowl to let it cleanse them is one of the bowl’s most beneficial uses. You can charge and wash your crystals more effectively and effortlessly if you know how to use a Selenite bowl.

How To Cleanse Crystals Using Selenite Tower 

You may make your crystals even more powerful by learning how to cleanse them using a Selenite tower. 

  • Use a Selenite tower larger than the crystal you want to cleanse.
  • To charge crystals for 24 hours, place the Selenite stick in the center and ensure the crystals you wish to cleanse are touching it.
  • In the Sun, Selenite’s characteristics are enhanced. It only takes a few minutes for a crystal to be cleansed and charged by placing it outside and touching your Selenite stick. Make sure your crystal is a sun-safe crystal before attempting this method.
  • Selenite towers can also function as Selenite wands. Use the Selenite tower for five minutes to gently comb over your gems. Make sure to wave the tower away from you rather than toward you. To recharge and clear your crystal, picture a bright yellow light entering it.

How to Charge Crystals Using Selenite Tower

The adverse effects that a crystal may have from accumulating negative energy can be eliminated by charging it with a Selenite tower. Get the most out of your Selenite tower by learning how to cleanse crystals using it.

  • You might be wondering how to clean your Selenite tower. You can cleanse it by immersing it in dry salt for 24 hours, leaving it outside during the Full Moon, or smudging it to ensure it holds no residual energy.
  • Selenite towers build a barrier of defense. You can shield your other crystals from harmful energy by arranging your other gems around a Selenite tower.
  • Envision the harmful energy leaving your crystal and filling it with bright yellow and white light during meditation, while the Selenite tower is touching your crystal. 
  • The Selenite tower will clear the object, or crystal you want to clear, of negative energy after 24 hours. You can speed this up by placing your Selenite tower and crystals in the sun for 30 minutes instead.

Other Selenite Tower Uses

Selenite towers have many benefits and are vital instruments used in meditation, reiki, and many spiritual practices, to open and strengthen the Crown chakra. 

Placing Selenite towers in high-paced work environments helps create peace and calm in the area. You can place a Selenite tower in the pot of a dying plant, and it can help heal and revive it. 


  • Where Do I Place the Selenite Tower?

Keep a Selenite tower close to your front door, to cleanse any crystals that enter your home. The tip of your Selenite tower can be placed next to a crystal, so that it is in contact with the crystal you want to charge for a few hours. 

When touched, Selenite helps crystals charge and cleanse more effectively. You will observe more noticeable effects when a Selenite tower contacts your other crystals when it is unattended.

  • Are Selenites Worth Anything?

Selenite is not a very expensive stone and costs around $5 to $30 USD. However, processed pieces of Selenite, such as bowls, plates, and lamps, are more expensive.

  • How are Selenite Towers Formed?

Selenite is formed when sulfate and calcium-rich salt water evaporates. During this process, some minerals stay behind that were present in the water, and these minerals form Selenite towers and wands.

  • What Happens When You Wet Selenite?

Selenite has a hardness of 2 on the Mohs scale. This crystal is brittle and can break easily; when you are not careful, it can cause splinters. The minerals present within Selenite are easily dissolvable in water, which is why Selenite can dissolve when placed in water. For this reason, it is best to avoid wetting your Selenite, and you should not swim, bathe or shower wearing it.

  • Where Can You Find Selenite Naturally?

A Selenite tower is a Selenite wand or stick that can stand upright on its own. Selenite towers are thicker Selenite sticks with a flat base, allowing you to place them upright on a flat surface. 

The biggest crystals found are Selenite, which usually grow in cave systems. The biggest piece of Selenite found was 12 meters long and weighed 55 tons, known as a Selenite skyscraper. You can find Selenite in specific cave systems or sedimentary regions once covered by saltwater.

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