How to Cleanse Malachite Crystals?

  1. Cleansing Specifics
  2. Cleansing Malachite with Moonlight
  3. Cleansing Malachite with Clear Quartz
  4. Cleansing Malachite with Soil
  5. Cleansing Malachite with Sea Salt
  6. What should I do after cleansing? 
  7. Rituals To Accompany the Cleansing Process

Malachite is a beautiful crystal for the Heart and Throat Chakras, ranging from light and pastel green to bright green, all the way to dark green. It corresponds with the zodiac signs Capricorn and Scorpio. 

Malachite’s healing properties include balance, wisdom, protection, comfort, security, healing, self-awareness, inner calm and tranquility, loyalty, friendship, compassion, self-love, and positive transformation. As a gemstone for the Heart Chakra, Malachite helps in raising the outward flow of love, tolerance, empathy, understanding, compassion, and intuition. 

Cleansing Specifics

raw malachite on wood

Why would you want to cleanse your malachite? Malachite’s meaning signifies a powerful stone that protects you from electromagnetic harm, pollution, psychic attack, negative energies, and destructive projections (or intentions) of others. 

It’s essential to cleanse your Malachite because to do so keeps it in a state of psychic purity. The psychic impurities that are often received during meditation, healing, and crystal use won’t circle around if they are cleansed regularly. 

Malachite should be cleansed frequently, as it absorbs negative energy and pollution from the environment, as well as from your own energy field or aura. You can cleanse Malachite every day if you use it a lot. Cleansing it should be done at least once a week. The new and full moons are best for Malachite cleansing. 

Can you cleanse Malachite in water? The answer is no, you can’t. Malachite has a Mohs hardness of only 3.5 – 4, making it quite a soft stone. The best you can do to cleanse it with water is to gently wipe your Malachite with spring, mineral, mountain, or a purified water cloth, but only gently and for a few moments. 

Malachite is not ideal for soaking, rinsing, or leaving in a bowl of water, unlike other crystals who seem to love water (yes, crystals are conscious, living entities, too!).

Cleansing Malachite with Moonlight

close up photo of the moon

Moonlight is the perfect cleanser for Malachite because it is a feminine stone for the Heart Chakra. It has many feminine qualities, including emotional intelligence, nurturing, caring, and empathy.

The Moon is also a feminine planet, with strong ties to the subconscious realms. This makes Malachite thrive in a loving and compassionate environment. The Moon is known for being incredibly sensitive, sweet, and unconditionally loving; the Sun’s counterpart, who is equally respected for his masculine, assertive, and direct attributes.

The subtle healing and astral vibrations from the Moon radiate into the ether, which is then absorbed or picked up by Malachite.

On how to cleanse Malachite with moonlight, follow these instructions:

  • Place your Malachite in the light of a new or full moon, or at any other time when “la lunar” is bright and clearly visible in the sky. 
  • Leave it there overnight but make sure it’s protected from the possibility of rain. Keep it under a cover and sheltered. 

Cleansing Malachite with Clear Quartz

quartz and smudge sticks on a wooden board

Clear Quartz is known as the Master Healer. It’s a crystal that can be used to cleanse, heal, and empower all other crystals. As Malachite can’t go in water, Clear Quartz is the perfect alternative.

The etheric energy field of Clear Quartz interacts with the energy field of the Malachite, “supercharging” it and activating the Malachite metaphysical properties. 

  • To use Clear Quartz as a companion crystal activator, hold your Malachite in the palm of your left hand. With the Clear Quartz in your right hand, hover it over the top of the Malachite, a few inches away. This is actually called “programming” in Crystal healing/therapy, and it can be done by yourself at home!
  • Set some intentions. Project the intention of removing energetic impurities and harmful energy from your Malachite; in which case, the unwanted energy is removed through the ether, dissipating into the quantum healing field.
  • Then set the intention for charging it with light, healing energy, and power.
  • That’s it! The quartz crystal acts as a master healer, amplifying the dormant healing qualities within. 
  • Note: You can also use a Clear Quartz cluster and leave your Malachite on top of it for 6 to 12 hours. 

Cleansing Malachite with Soil

loose soil on a white background

Soil cleansing is also known as “earthing” or “grounding.” It’s excellent for all Earth, Heart Chakra, and green gemstones. As a green gemstone with the ruling element of Earth, soil cleansing is highly effective for Malachite.

  • Simply bury your Malachite a few inches under the earth, in a safe and secure place.
  • Leave it there for 6 to 12 hours but not before setting some intentions.
  • You may even want to actively send the Malachite and the soil it’s buried in some healing (i.e. place your hands over the crystal and earth, a few inches away). 
  • Visualize a beautiful green-golden light emanating from the palms of your hands. Say either out loud or internally, “I bless you with love and light. I send healing vibrations of purity.”

Cleansing Malachite with Sea Salt

sea salt in a white bowl and jute bag with wooden spoon

Your next best thing to water is sea salt, which contains a combination of important minerals that can respark the spiritual and metaphysical healing properties of your Malachite.

You need to get the right kind of salt. Table salt is not recommended. Use Himalayan salt, sea salt, or epsom salts, as they are the most pure kinds of salt that actually benefit your crystals. 

  • Place your Malachite in a small bowl of salt and leave it there for 6 to 12 hours, making sure it is 100% covered.
  • Voila! It sounds simple, yet your Malachite (and your own energy field) will thank you for it. 

Other Cleansing Methods

woman dusting malachite crytals
  • Sunlight: You can use sunlight for the “yang” and masculine energy that moonlight fails to provide. For the most balanced experience, cleanse and charge your crystal in moonlight for 6 to 8 hours, followed by 6 to 8 hours of sunlight (or vice versa, as you can use sunlight first followed by moonlight).
  • Smoke: Sage, herbal incense, resin, and other safe-to-burn herbs, which are also known as “smudge-sticks,” are perfectly fine for your Malachite. The only cleansing method that is not suitable is water, so smoke or smudging can be a great solution. 

What should I do after cleansing? 

woman undergoing crystal healing

1. Place It on Your Altar or Shrine

Left on your altar or shrine, Malachite energizes and amplifies the vibration of your room or sacred space, particularly your Heart Chakra. This unique gemstone enhances the purity of a room or space, aligning you with your own sacredness within. 

2. Meditate with It

Meditation is excellent for the qualities of the Heart Chakra. You can meditate with your cleansed Malachite to spark inner compassion, self-love, understanding, higher wisdom, and emotional intelligence. 

3. Place It on Your Throat Chakra

Lie down and place your Malachite on your Throat Chakra. Ask Spirit, the Divine, or whatever higher benevolent power you believe in to send you some subtle guidance. Remember that Malachite is a stone for both the Heart and the Throat Chakras.

Malachite can be used for intuition, awakening your inner voice, activating an inner desire to speak your truth, share your wisdom and talents, and express yourself more authentically and vulnerably in intimate relationships. 

You might want to listen to some rainforest nature sounds to intensify the vibrations and provide for a deeply euphoric and blissful effect.

Rituals To Accompany the Cleansing Process

  • New Moon Ritual: Working with Malachite on and during a New Moon portal (also known as a lunar cycle) is perfect for fresh starts and new beginnings. This is an ideal time for new love, romance, fertility, and giving birth to new conditions, in both your professional and personal life. 
  • Full Moon Ritual: A time of completion, accumulating, and coming full circle, cleansing and subsequently meditating/work with Malachite during a Full Moon cycle helps to create potent internal shifts. This lunar cycle is ideal for integration and finding inner balance between dualistic forces, opposing qualities, and your light and shadow selves.
  • Lunar and Solar Eclipse: You can research the lunar and solar eclipses to add a dimension of celestial stardom to your cleansing ritual. These serve as powerful portals to higher consciousness, healing, and spiritual perception.

Contrandications/Health Matters I Should be Mindful of

  • Asthma and known allergies: For sage and other smoke methods, take precaution if you have asthma or other known allergies. It’s advised to avoid this altogether, as there are much safer alternatives.
  • Pregnancy: Avoid the smoke method for pregnancy, as well.


1. How do I cleanse Azurite Malachite?

Azurite Malachite can be cleansed in water for a short period of time. 

2. Is Malachite toxic to touch?

Malachite that has become wet can be somewhat toxic, if sufficient quantities are absorbed in your skin. 

3. What happens if I bathe or shower with Malachite?

As Malachite has a soft/low Mohs value, the longevity and toughness will ultimately decrease. 

4. Can other people touch my Malachite? 

Malachite is a powerful protection and cleansing stone, shielding you from psychic pollution and harmful negative energies, so letting other people touch your malachite is not advised. They may “infect” your stone with their distortions, negativity, or imbalances. 

5. What is the spiritual significance of Malachite?

Malachite is known as the stone of transformation. It is a spiritual cleanser, energizer, activator, and harmonizer that increases your inner vibration. 

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