Guide to Cleansing and Charging Crystals with Singing Bowls

  1. Overview of Singing Bowls 
  2. 6 Techniques for Cleansing and Charging Crystals with Singing Bowl 
  3. How to Use a Singing Bowl with Crystals 
  4. FAQs
  5. Incorporate Singing Bowls into Your Crystal Routine Today!

Healing crystals give us so much support and comfort. They allow us to develop our connection with spirituality and Mother Nature and help us move forward on our path in life. So, it makes sense that we must support them in return! Cleansing and charging crystals is how we support our magical tools and ensure their powers are potent. 

There are so many ways we can cleanse and charge crystals, and today, we will look at how to use a singing bowl for crystals. These spiritual objects connect with the vibrations of our healing crystals to gently cleanse and charge them. 

So, can you use singing bowls for cleansing and charging crystals? Yes, you can! Using a singing bowl for crystal cleansing and charging is a fantastic way to look after your stones and boost their incredible powers. 

Overview of Singing Bowls 

singing bowls placed beside two individuals

Singing bowls are ancient spiritual tools used for meditation, stress relief, and cleansing. They originated in Nepal and India, and in 8 A.D., they were brought to Tibet. Since then, many spiritualists have connected with these beautiful objects to enhance growth and expansion. During the 1970s, singing bowls started to be imported to North America and Europe, helping others on their spiritual journey. 

Traditionally, singing bowls are made with seven different types of metals. They are created into a metal bowl and can be played by using a mallet to gently hit the bowl or rub around the edges. People who work with singing bowls find that the sounds they omit promote relaxation, pain relief, and spiritual expansion. 

The size of the singing bowl affects the sound it makes. Larger bowls produce a low sound, whereas smaller bowls are high-pitched. This means that different singing bowls relate to different chakras and work to purify these seven energy points.

Because of the frequency of the vibrations of singing bowls when played, they connect with the energy of healing crystals. They harmonize with the energy of the element of Earth to charge crystals, providing us with a tangible expression of spirituality and peace

Benefits of Singing Bowls for Healing Crystals 

a girl throwing away papers depicting stress relief

Healing crystals pick up energy throughout their use and can absorb negative vibrations from the world. Because of this, we must cleanse them regularly to keep them safe from energy that may affect their powers. We also must charge our stones to enhance and maintain their metaphysical and spiritual properties. Charging crystals also allows us to set intentions, helping us deepen our connection with them and the universe. 

The sound energies of singing bowls affect the energy within healing crystals. Using a singing bowl for crystal cleansing provides a deep cleanse of your stones, with the vibrations of the sound washing over them. The sound will unclog any negative energy that your healing crystals may have. 

You can also use a singing bowl for crystal charging. Because singing bowls connect to the energy of the element of Earth, it is a great way to charge your stones and set intentions. The element of Earth is connected with material goods, work, grounding, and success. Because of this, singing bowls are a fantastic way of charging stones with affirmations linked to these aspects of our lives. 

There are different types of singing bowls, with the two popular types being metal or crystal singing bowls. Metal bowls are great for grounding and stress relief, whereas crystal singing bowls boost the energy of exploration and spiritual growth. If you are new to singing bowls, we recommend opting for a medium-sized metal one. 

How to Use a Singing Bowl 

a person using a singing bowl

One of the beautiful things about singing bowls is their simplicity. You don’t need to be a musical maestro to connect with them! You can play a singing bowl for crystal cleansing and charging in a few different ways, and each one is effective. 

Firstly, you can simply strike the bowl with the mallet on its exterior wall, creating a rich tone that will ring through your space.

You can also play a singing bowl by rubbing your mallet around the rim of the bowl. Take your singing bowl in your non-dominant hand and the mallet in your dominant hand. Gently tap the side of the bowl to create a sound. Then, as the sound is still vibrating through the singing bowl, begin to run the mallet around the bowl’s rim in a circular motion. 

Once you get the hang of these methods, you can expand your technique by adding in water charging or the Wah Wah technique. We will look at these techniques later on in the article!

6 Techniques for Cleansing and Charging Crystals with Singing Bowl 

So, how can we use a singing bowl for crystals? Let’s look at the best ways you can cleanse and charge your stones with a singing bowl!


A raw and unpolished smoky quarts on a white background

Our first technique for using a singing bowl for crystal cleansing and charging is pretty simple! You need to select your crystal and place it on a level surface. It must be free of clutter so the vibrations of the singing bowl connect with the crystal. 

Then pick up your singing bowl and begin to play. You can play it by tapping the bowl and letting it ring or using the mallet to rub the rim. As you do so, visualize a white ball of energy expanding from the singing bowl and soaking into the crystal to cleanse it. 

If you are charging your crystal with this method, you can visualize your intentions while playing your singing bowl. Identify what you want the crystal to help you with, and repeat your affirmation as you play your singing bowl. 

This method works well with crystals that promote grounding and security, such as Black Tourmaline and Smoky Quartz. It rids them of any negative energy they may have soaked up. 

Gong Beat Method 

Amethyst crystal on a white background

The gong beat method provides your crystals with a total cleanse. This method works by striking the bowl and holding your crystal above it. 

To cleanse or charge your crystals in this way:

  • Place your singing bowl on a clutter-free, flat surface.
  • Place the stone you wish to cleanse next to it.
  • Grab your mallet and gently strike the side of the singing bowl once.
  • Allow the sound vibrations to spread into your space.
  • When you are ready, take your crystal and hold it right above your singing bowl.
  • Visualize the sound vibrations surrounding your crystal.

This method works well for crystals that promote peace and tranquility, such as Amethyst and Selenite. The gentle gong beat will cleanse and uplift the stone’s energy, allowing them to work their magic!

Making the Bowl Sing 

a raw lapis lazuli crystal on white background

Making the bowl sing is an excellent method for cleansing more than one crystal. 

Place your stones on a flat surface in front of you and pick up your singing bowl. Hold your singing bowl in your non-dominant hand and the mallet in your dominant hand. Give the singing bowl a gentle tap, and then start to make it sing by circling the rim with the mallet. 

While playing the singing bowl, move your hands and the bowl over and around the crystals you want to cleanse. Spend time with each stone, allowing the sound vibrations to thoroughly wash over each one individually. 

This method works well for high-vibrational crystals, like Clear Quartz and Lapis Lazuli. Making the bowl sing allows you to connect with these stones for spiritual enlightenment and wisdom. 

Water-Charging the Bowl

polished aquamarine on white background

Another way you can use a singing bowl for crystal charging and cleansing is by incorporating the element of Water. Mixing water with sound healing cleanses your stones and enhances their metaphysical qualities. 

For this technique, you will need to half-fill your singing bowl with water. Then place your crystal on a clutter-free surface with the singing bowl in front of it. 

Start playing your singing bowl by rubbing the rim in a circular motion. The sound of the singing bowl will be slightly muted as you play. Allow a few moments of singing before concentrating on your intention for cleansing and charging. When you are ready, appeal to the element of Water to cleanse and charge your crystals. 

This method is perfect for stones that are ruled by the element of Water, such as Aquamarine and Labradorite. The mixture of sound and Water energy will cleanse them and unlock their spiritual and metaphysical powers. 

Wah Wah Method 

aventurine on white background

The Wah Wah method boosts the powers of the singing bowl by adding your own sound to the sound of the bowl. 

Place your crystals in front of you and pick up your singing bowl in your non-dominant hand. Then begin to play by stroking the rim with the mallet in your dominant hand. After a while, take away the mallet and put it down. Then hold your singing bowl up to your mouth. As you face into the singing bowl, begin to open and close your mouth. This will allow you to create the Wah Wah sound. 

This method is great for crystals of prosperity, luck, and success, such as Jade and Aventurine. When you charge the stones this way, your energy is connected with the crystals to boost your intentions.

Open Air Singing Bowl Cleanse/Charge 

An Angelite crystal on a white background

We can enhance the cleansing and charging of crystals by appealing to the celestial bodies of the Sun and Moon as we do so. By using a singing bowl for crystals in the open air, the powers of the Sun and Moon are brought in to unlock the potent abilities of the stones.

You must go out under sunlight or moonlight with your crystals and singing bowl for this method. Place the stone down and begin playing. As you do so, thank the Sun or Moon for their powers. 

This method is excellent for crystals ruled by the Sun, such as Citrine and Pyrite, or the Moon, such as Howlite and Angelite

How to Use a Singing Bowl with Crystals 

These techniques allow us to use a singing bowl for crystal cleansing and charging. But what must you know to get the most out of your singing bowl? Let’s look at how using a singing bowl with crystals can boost peace, spiritual growth, and harmony. 

Step 1: Select Your Crystals 

All crystals can be charged and cleansed with a singing bowl. However, listen to your intuition when picking what stones you wish to cleanse and charge this way. Sometimes, a crystal simply calls out for a sound bath!

It may also be useful to reflect on the notes that your singing bowls make and their planetary and chakra associations. According to the Tibetan system, each note is linked to a planet and chakra. By opting for the note that is associated with the ruling planet or chakra of your crystal, you can further your connection with the stone and amplify its powers. 

summary table of chakra and planet counterpart of crystals

Step 2: Choose a Safe Space

Now you have your crystal and singing bowl, you must pick the right place for you to cleanse and charge them. You will need a flat surface to place your stones. It must also be clutter-free, as other objects may get in the way of the singing bowl vibrations. 

Ensure the space you are working in will be free from distractions and interruptions. As singing bowls harness the energy of the element of Earth, you may wish to face North, as this direction links to Earth. 

Step 3: Prepare and Setup 

It is essential to cleanse your space with incense or sage before starting the cleansing and charging process. This means that there is no negative energy that may disrupt things.

You may also want to clean your singing bowl before using it. To do so, take a soft cloth and gently wipe inside and outside your singing bowl. 

Step 4: Select Your Technique 

Once you are ready, it is time to select your technique! If you are new to singing bowls, opt for the gong beat or placement-wise methods. They are easy to do and allow you to practice using your singing bowl. 

If you are using a singing bowl for crystal charging, reflect on the stone’s metaphysical properties to pick the correct technique. For example, if you have a Celestite crystal, you may wish to charge it with the Water-charging method, as it connects with the element of Water. 

Step 5: Set Your Intention

Setting your intention for cleansing and charging is an essential part of the process, so make sure you have it before you begin. If you are using a singing bowl for crystal cleansing, you can opt for a simple intention such as, ‘This crystal is cleansed by sound.”

If you are using a singing bowl for crystal charging, identify how you want your crystal to help you. Then sum it up in a sentence to use while you charge your crystal. 


Can You Place Crystals Inside a Singing Bowl and Why?

No, it is not advised to place crystals inside a singing bowl. This is because the bowl or stone may get damaged due to the vibrations from the resonance of the bowl. 

Why Should You Cleanse and Charge Crystals Regularly?

You should cleanse and charge crystals regularly to rid them of any negative energy they have picked up and to boost their powers. 

How Often Should I Cleanse and Charge My Crystals Using Singing Bowls?

You should cleanse and charge your crystals with a singing bowl at least once a month. However, if you use a specific crystal regularly, it should be cleansed and charged every week. 

What to Remember When Adding Water to the Singing Bowl?

When adding water to your singing bowl, make sure it is only half full. If it is over halfway full of water, you may find it difficult to play. 

Are Metal Singing Bowls Better Than Crystal Singing Bowls?

No, there is no “better” type of singing bowl. However, many people opt for metal singing bowls because they have a long spiritual history and are durable. 

What are Chakra Singing Bowls?

Chakra singing bowls are bowls that harmonize with the chakras. Each chakra is linked to a singing bowl note, and we can work with the different notes to unblock and heal the chakras. 

Incorporate Singing Bowls into Your Crystal Routine Today!

Singing bowls are magnificent spiritual objects, and they have a deep connection with crystals. By using a singing bowl for crystal cleansing and charging, you can develop your crystal healing skills and get the most out of your stones. 

Here is a summary of the methods we have looked at today. Which one will you try? 

summary table of charging techniques for crystals and their pros

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