We live in an age where the right decisions help us survive, but the wrong ones can derail everything. Healing crystals can open the chakras necessary for making decisions with wisdom. What crystals are good for decision making? What do they do?

Citrine, amethyst, fluorite, and malachite are some of the best crystals for decision-making. These crystals invoke traits like guidance, confidence, intuition, calmness, motivation, and courage, to make the right decisions.

Learn how to use the best crystals for decision-making, to eliminate indecisiveness, mind chatter, negativity, and low confidence. As a special bonus, I’ll share a step-by-step guide for setting up a decision-making crystal grid in your home. 

Citrine Crystals for Clarity and Decision Making

citrine chunk on a white background

Lower chakras, like the sacral and solar plexus, awaken your kundalini energy (life force). As citrine opens both these chakras, it fills you with the willpower, courage, and confidence to make the right call.

Malachite Crystals for Guidance and Clarity 

Malachite Geode on a white background

Do you know malachite is a centering crystal? It’s the best stone to wear for helping with decisions under emotional distress. Malachite gives you the insight, support, and strength to make the right choices. So, wear it as a ring, or a bracelet, on your dominant hand for guidance.

Tiger’s Eye Crystals for Indecisiveness 

polished tiger's eye stone on a white background

A mentally stimulating stone for confusion, low self-confidence, and indecision, tiger’s eye unlocks your inner strength too. It opens the solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras, to clear your mind with nothing but intentions. 

Amazonite Crystals for Getting Things Done

Semi polished amazonite chunk on a white background

One for destroying bad habits, thoughts, and ideas, amazonite, is the perfect crystal for perfectionists (like Virgos!). It helps to look at the bigger picture with dedication, positivity, and focus. Wear it as a pendant, to accomplish more from your current reality. 

Lapis Lazuli Crystals for Intuition 

lapis lazuli for intuition on a white background

Psychic abilities like foresight, wisdom, enlightenment, and intuition help you make decisions quickly, by broadening your mindset. Wearing a lapis lazuli bracelet, or pendant, to work, keeps you connected to the higher chakras, to make good decisions at work. 

Smoky Quartz Crystals for Taking Action 

smoky quartz isolated on a white background

Often used for grounding rituals, smoky quartz, is a brownish crystal that connects you to the first chakra. It’s a good crystal for taking action, because smoky quartz renews your connection with Mother Earth, to remind you of your duties. 

Aquamarine Crystals for Calmness 

Polished Aquamarine stones on a white background

This blue stone is popular for leaders, because it makes the wearer wiser and more tolerant of challenges. This balancing stone is best worn as a ring, or a pendant, as it connects you with intuition, charisma, and tranquility. 

Amethyst Crystals for Overthinking 

Amethyst geode on a white background

Are you battling stress and confusion? Get an amethyst crystal wand, and circle it thrice over your clothes, accessories, and forehead. An amethyst  disperses destructive and wasteful thought energies, by empowering your intuition. It’s a good crystal for dispelling paranoia too. 

Purple Fluorite Crystals for Confidence 

Fluorite chunk on a white background

Purple fluorite is the dream crystal, recommended for focus and confidence. It helps manifest dreams by increasing your self-worth, self-respect, and self-expression. Use a purple fluorite wand, or earring, to meditate for a few minutes before making any decisions.

Carnelian Crystals for Motivation

polished carnelian on a white background

A lower chakra crystal for decision-making skills, carnelian, brings power inside of you. This crystal, used for inspiration, also rouses your life force energy, to unlock creativity. 

Black Tourmaline Crystals for Social Anxiety 

black tourmaline on a white background

Do you have social phobias? A grounding crystal, like black tourmaline, calms the nerves and uplifts your mood, when worn on the hand or neck. Black tourmaline also shields your aura from bad vibes and energies.

Charoite Crystals for Manifesting Intentions 

Polished Charoite stone on a white background

Decision-making is a huge responsibility. But keeping a charoite in your pocket, will make it easy-peasy, using spiritual guidance. It’s a manifestation crystal for intuition, wisdom, and spirit communication. 

How To Create a Crystal Grid for Decision Making 

What if you could create the continuous energy of crystals, to help you make the best decisions? The crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals, based on sacred geometry, to set intentions and send them to the universe’s heart. 

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Pick two or more crystals from the list, and arrange them based on a design of choice. 
  2. Pick crystals based on the chakra or the end goal. For this, ask yourself a question, such as “what chakra helps with decision making?”
  3. For instance, a carnelian gives you courage, while lapis lazuli brings intuition. So, pairing the above crystals on the grid, brings you several benefits at once. 
  4. Finally, activate the crystal decision-making grid with an amethyst, or clear quartz wand. Don’t forget to keep the crystal grid undisturbed, until the next new moon. 
  5. That’s it! Your crystal grid is ready!

What Chakra Helps with Decision-Making? 

Chakras are wheels of minor and major energy sources in the body. That’s why all the seven chakras are important for making decisions. 

All that said, the solar plexus chakra is considered the most effective for cultivating decision-making skills. It’s located a few inches above your belly button. 

You can open the solar plexus by wearing a ring, bracelet, or waist chain made of citrine, smoky quartz, carnelian, citrine, or tiger’s eye. 

In a Nutshell 

Stress is one of the constants of every decision these days. If you want to calm down and make the right call, crystals help your mind, spirit, behavior, cognitive skills, and body. 

You can meditate with these crystals to help with guidance too.

The best crystals for decision-making are those that awaken the solar plexus. But crystals for the sacral chakra, root, crown, third eye, heart, and throat, are also important for helping with the decision-making process. 

For instance, the third eye chakra may be important for the head of an organization, because it rules intuition and foresight. At the same time, the sacral chakra might help someone battling indecisiveness, and the root chakra helps with social phobias. 

Ideally, you should wear a malachite when deciding matters of the heart, citrine for matters of business, and amethyst for matters of the mind. 

But psychics and experts say the best way to help you cultivate decision-making skills is by setting a crystal grid using different crystals. Pick your favorite stones from the list above, to make your own grid. 

Ready? Get started now!


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