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There are thousands of different varieties of crystals. Although they are all different in their own unique way, some crystals share similar patterns, colors, and shapes that can cause confusion when trying to identify them. 

Red Agate and Carnelian are different kinds of Chalcedony, a variety of Quartz. Chalcedony is a subclass of crystals that are a mixture of Microcrystalline, or Cryptocrystalline Quartz, and Morganite. As Red Agate and Carnelian are of similar mineral composition, it can be easy to confuse them, as they look, and feel, identical.

Many people wonder and get confused if Carnelian is the same as Red Agate. The main difference between Carnelian and Red Agate is in their patterns. Agate always has defined bands and patterns that are easily noticeable, whereas Carnelian does not have such consistent patterns. 

The Red Agate vs. Carnelian metaphysical properties are also different, and each should be used for various purposes.

The different varieties of stones that are usually confused are Red Agate vs. Carnelian, Fire Agate vs. Carnelian and Red Agate, Apricot Agate vs. Carnelian and Red Agate, and Red Banded Agate vs. Carnelian and Red Agate. Each of these stones is a unique crystal and should not be confused with each other.

Red Agate Crystal

Red Agate is a red, or orange, semi-hard stone with a hardness between 6 and 7 Mohs. Red Agate contains white or orange bands that form patterns in the stone, giving it an easily distinguishable appearance.

Red agate stone slice

Red Agate is linked to the root chakra and hosts the ability to ground you and boost your confidence so that you have the self-assurance to create security and stability in your life. In addition, Red Agate gives you a sense of inner calm that helps you easily navigate tricky waters in life. 

The main healing property of Red Agate is providing the wearer or user with the courage to face challenges in life without backing down or getting overwhelmed. In addition, Red Agate is a protective stone, so wearing it can ward off negative influences and cleanse your energy field. 

As a powerful grounding stone, Red Agate allows you to feel safe and secure in yourself, your life, and your future. 

Red Agate is one of the best crystals to work with if you need help overcoming a difficult or traumatic situation that breaks down your confidence in yourself and your faith in life. In addition, Red Agate can strengthen your willpower, giving you the courage to take charge of your life and destiny.

Carnelian Crystal

Carnelian is a red, or orange, semi-hard stone with a hardness of 7 Mohs. Carnelian can also contain white and orange bands just like Red Agate, but what sets Carnelian apart from Red Agate are the Hematite inclusions. 

The concentration of iron oxide dictates the shade of red or orange of Carnelian. Carnelian crystals come in a much more extensive range of colors compared to Red Agate, and you can find pink, red, orange, or even brown Carnelian crystals. 

Carnelian stones on a white background

Carnelian is connected to the sacral chakra, which is responsible for your sexual expressions, creativity, and how you express your emotions. Carnelian helps balance your sacral chakra; through this, you will have more stable, balanced emotions that allow you to embark on your creative endeavors without resistance. Carnelian is also a good crystal for setting intentions.

The main healing properties of Carnelian are providing the wearer with the confidence, inspiration, and vitality to manifest their highest creative abilities and powers. If you feel drained, uninspired, and lacking vision in life, Carnelian can put the spring back in your step again, bringing you many “aha!” moments and the ability to be more innovative.

Carnelian is a beautiful stone to fight depression and help you see life’s bright side again. It can help you find the passion and drive to complete your goals and tasks with more determination if you have been struggling to be productive. 

By stabilizing the sacral chakra, Carnelian helps you relate and connect with others more intimately and to be more comfortable with your sexuality.

Similarities between Red Agate and Carnelian

A custom graphic for Red Agate vs Carnelian

Red Agate is not Carnelian, but they do appear to be very similar. They look very similar in their tumbled and rough forms, as they can have different layers of coloring that cause them to look alike. 

Both crystals come in varieties of red and have a hardness of 7 Mohs. Red Agate and Carnelian both belong to the Fire element, and are ruled by the planet Mars.

Although Red Agate has visible white or orange bands that can help you distinguish it when compared to Carnelian, the different specks and patterns of colors on Carnelian can easily be confused for the bands and patterns in Red Agate. Knowing how to tell the difference between these two crystals is vital to avoid confusion.

How to Tell Red Agate and Carnelian Apart

When you search for Red Agate or Carnelian in Google, it is clear that there is significant confusion between the two stones, as some sites use images of Red Agate when referring to Carnelian, and some sites use Carnelian images when referring to Red Agate. 

If you do not know how to tell the difference between Red Agate and Carnelian, it can be tricky to differentiate between these two crystals. Luckily, there are a few ways to distinguish between these stones.

1. Look at the Patterns

Red Agate contains white and orange bands that create a very different pattern. Carnelian usually displays different shades of color but without visible bands.

2. Look at the Colors

Carnelian crystals usually have less rich and intense shades of orange or red and seem somewhat transparent. In contrast, Red Agate is generally a deeper, more prominent shade of red with minimal transparency.

3. Ask the Vendor

Many vendors sell dyed Red Agate as Carnelian, and it is essential to ask if there is a difference between the stones before purchasing them. Some vendors will be aware of the differences, or whether the stones have been dyed, and can disclose this information to you to avoid confusion.

Red Agate vs. Carnelian

A chart that compares the difference of Red agate and carnelian

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