Standardized tests and exams help gauge the knowledge, competence, aptitude, and expertise of students. Certain crystals improve confidence, reduce anxiety, and attract success in exams. Which are the best crystals for tests? What crystals help with exams? 

The best crystals for tests and exams are: 

I’ll tell you all about my 16 favorite crystals for test taking with steps to use them today.

Iolite Crystals for Concentration

iolite on a white background

Iolite is a little-known higher chakra crystal best for clarity during exams. It helps you prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually. To activate this crystal, charge it overnight under the moonlight before carrying it on/with you. 

Black Tourmaline Crystals for Passing Driving Test

black tourmaline on a white background

Black Tourmaline is the best crystal for passing driving tests because it guides your way. The crystal balances your mind and body to clear obstacles, negativity, and evil energies in your path. 

Azurite Crystals for Math Tests

azurite chunk on a white background

If Math is your biggest fear, keep an Azurite palm stone on you when studying it. As Azurite opens your third eye and throat chakras, your guardian angel will teach you difficult concepts and how to express them fearlessly during Math exams

Carnelian Healing Crystals for Finals Week

carnelian stones on a white background

Carnelian works like a charm if you need an all-rounder crystal for test-taking and exams. It’s a must-have for finals, midterms, and competitive exams. Wear it as a ring on your dominant hand after charging it with the fire of a lit candle. 

Black Opal Crystals for Luck in Exams

Polished Black Opal on a white background

Apart from ourselves, many other variables affect our results in exams, tests, and life in general. Black opal helps to remove hurdles and challenges from your way, so you can do good and attract the best results. 

Charge it with running water before wearing it to your exam.

Amethyst Crystals for Visualization

amethyst chunk on a white background

Purple Quartz is one of the most important crystals that help with visualization. That’s why it’s my go-to suggestion for people attending creative exams. You can also manifest succeeding on your test by meditating for five minutes with Amethyst, in your dominant hand, at sunrise.

Is Rose Quartz Good for Exams? Best Crystals for Test Anxiety

rose quartz chunk on a white background

Rose Quartz uses the heart chakra for removing anxiety and overthinking before exams. Hold a raw Rose Quartz stone in your palms to activate it. You can also meditate at the same time by closing your eyes. 

Pink Quartz crystal will calm your nerves during exams if you wear it as a pendant.

Sugilite Gemstone for Success in Competitive Exams

polished sugilite on a white background

Some crystals help you pass exams, and Sugilite helps to top your exams. Wear a Sugilite ring on your dominant hand, no matter what exams you have, to attract success. You can also program it by burying Sugilite in three inches of soil for a day, or week, before exams.

Blue Lace Agate Crystals to Improve Confidence 

polished blue lace agate on a white background

If you want a crystal that helps to erase negative self-talk, you need a high-vibration stone like Blue Lace Agate. Charging it with positive intentions like “I am confident,” or “I am unique” will enhance your self-esteem. 

Honey Calcite Crystals for Memory 

honey calcite on a white background

One of the biggest exam challenges is remembering everything you studied and prepared. If this is your biggest peril , get a Honey Calcite tower and circle it thrice over the study material. Do this to retain information clearly during tests.

Blue Tiger’s Eye Crystals for Academic Success

Polished blue tiger's eye on a white background

Competitive exams are rough, but academic exams are even rougher. Blue Tiger’s Eye crystals for academic luck are great because they awaken your dormant skills. Charisma, memory, communication skills, wisdom, and intelligence are benefits of wearing them. 

Amazonite Crystals for Relaxing before Exams 

amazonite slab on a white background

Test anxiety is easy to manage with Rose Quartz. But Amazonite helps you relax by eliminating physical knots and tension in your body and mind. Charge Amazonite before tests by doing a breathwork exercise like Kapalbhati on the day of your test.

Fluorite Crystals for Studying and Learning 

purple fluorite chunk on a white background

If you want a good study partner or buddy, get a Fluorite wand and set it up on your study table.

Make sure to charge it by closing your eyes and blowing into the crystal while visualizing your ideal study sessions. Do this to open your mind and absorb information easily.

Citrine Crystals for Luck in School

citrine crystal chunk on a white background

Sometimes hard work, focus, and perseverance aren’t enough to reach the top. However, with crystals for good grades like Citrine, you can attract success, luck, and good fortune into your school life. 

After cleansing it with a Clear Quartz, charge Citrine crystals for academics by holding it for 3 minutes in sunlight.

Blue Apatite for Oral Exams 

blue apatite chunk on a white background

Do you get panic attacks during viva exams? If oral tests and speech exams give you nightmares, take a Blue Apatite crystal on your next exam. It’ll instill intuition, confidence, self-expression, and charisma in your voice, body, and spirit. 

Moonstone Crystals for Sleep Before Exams 

polished moonstone on a white background

Besides crystals for learning and luck, you also need crystals to help you rest well before  exams. Take a Moonstone and charge it with meditation before placing it on your nightstand for a good night’s sleep. Do this before the exam night to manifest success! 

In a Nutshell 

Do you know tests and exams have been going on for centuries? Exams are tough no matter what they’re testing. A lot can affect your test performance negatively, such as anxiety, distractions, sickness, and nerves.

To make sure they don’t, use crystals for specific tests. 

The following table overviews the crystals we learned today for test taking and exams.

Crystals for taking exam list

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