Blue Tiger’s Eye

(bloo tie-gers eye)
Main Origins:
Canada, India, China, Namibia, Brazil, China, South Africa, the United States, and Australia.

What is Blue Tiger's Eye?

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Other Blue Tiger’s Eye names are Hawk’s or Falcon’s Eye. This crystal has unique physical characteristics that exhibit chatoyancy, or “cat’s eye effect.” It also displays a deep blue color, ranging from a soothing sky blue to a rich navy blue.

About chemical and physical composition, Blue Tiger’s Eye is composed of a mineral known as crocidolite, which is a form of asbestos. When it comes to texture, this crystal has a smooth and polished appearance, resembling a hawk or a falcon’s eye when exposed to light.

Blue Tiger’s Eye gained popularity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a semi-precious stone used in jewelry and carvings. Given the Blue Quartz’s metaphysical properties, it became remarkable and loved by crystal enthusiasts. 

This stone is associated with the Throat Chakra, used for communication and self-expression. 

Did you know that Blue Tiger’s Eye is a powerful talisman that fights off curses? It was utilized for its protection-driven nature that deflects negative energies in the area. 

Blue Tiger's Eye Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Blue and gray are the critical players in color energies associated with Blue Tiger’s Eye. Blue signifies calmness and serenity, while gray represents neutrality and balance. These colors align the crystal with the power to maintain equilibrium, reducing stress and anxiety.

This stone resonates with the Throat Chakra, which encourages communication and self-expression. It is also associated with Solar Plexus Chakra, which fosters self-confidence and personal power. In addition, the Crown and Third Eye Chakras are linked to spiritual awareness and intuition.

The Root, Sacral, and Heart Chakras are not directly connected to the Blue Tiger’s Eye. Yet, they indirectly support the stone’s ability to ground, emotionally express, and balance.

Blue Tiger Eye is governed by the Sun and Mercury, which infuse vitality and mental clarity. It is associated with the elements of Fire and Air, which resonate with the crystal’s drive for personal growth and well-being. 

Ruling God, Odin, imparts wisdom and courage to Blue Tiger’s eye wearer. While Xuan Wu, Freya, Ra, and Athena are associated with protection, sensuality, life-giving energy, and inner strength, respectively. 

This crystal vibrates with energies of 4, 6, and 11. The number 4 brings stability, the number 6 promotes balance and harmony, and the number 11 enhances intuition. 

Blue Tiger's Eye Healing Properties & Benefits

 Mental Clarity 

  • This crystal is known to calm your mind, reducing anxiety. Since it enhances mental clarity, the Blue Tiger’s Eye allows you to focus and concentrate
  • Hold the crystal as you close your eyes and imagine your mind becoming clear. Feel its calming energy filling your thoughts. 

Confidence and Communication 

  • Blue Tiger’s Eye boosts your self-confidence and communication skills by stimulating the Throat Chakra
  • Wear the crystal as a pendant and affirm while touching it. Feel a sense of assurance and energy growing with each word. 

Emotional Intelligence

  • One of Blue Tiger’s Eye benefits is to ground emotions and balance your perspective. This helps enhance your ability to empathize and understand. 
  • Meditate with your stone by holding it in your palm as you focus on your emotional center. Let the crystal connect your emotions to others. 


  • Blue Tiger’s Eye boosts self-esteem by providing its users with a sense of empowerment. 
  • Place your crystal on your Solar Plexus Chakra during meditation. Visualize yourself being confident while absorbing the crystal’s power to energize. 

 Stress Reduction

  • Blue Tiger’s Eye’s healing properties include stress reduction through calming the nervous system. 
  • Have it with you during stressful situations. Rub the crystal between your fingers and allow it to release tension and restore a sense of calm. 

Blue Tiger's Eye Spiritual Properties & Benefits

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Higher Powers

  • Blue Tiger’s Eye’s spiritual properties include strengthening your connection to higher powers. It allows you to connect with the energies of the cosmos, which eases spiritual growth.
  • Hold it under the moonlight, specifically during a full moon. Meditate with your stone while you visualize your spiritual intentions.


  • This crystal has the power to harmonize your inner energies and psychic senses. 
  • Place the crystal on your Third Eye as you meditate and imagine your intuition bloom like a flower. 

Enlightenment and Wisdom

  • By grounding your thoughts, this crystal can promote enlightenment and wisdom. It allows you to see situations from a higher outlook. 
  • Activate this benefit by holding the Blue Tiger’s Eye while asking for its guidance toward greater wisdom. 

Dream Recall and Dreamwork

  • This crystal can enhance your dream recall by balancing the subconscious mind. It also allows you to access dream symbolism better. 
  • Before you sleep, place the crystal under your pillow and allow it to assist you in remembering your dream.

Inner Harmony

  • One of Blue Tiger’s Eye’s healing properties is to calm your emotional issues and concerns, promoting harmony within.
  • Sit quietly with the crystal in your hand and visualize it removing negative emotions. Imagine the crystal replacing your thoughts and feelings with tranquility and light. 

Side Effects of Blue Tiger's Eye

  • Irrational Behavior: Excessive use of the Blue Tiger’s Eye may lead to emotional instability. Ease this by practicing grounding techniques, such as meditation.
  • Overconfidence: Using this crystal may lead to overconfidence, which results in poor decision-making. Avoid this by staying humble and having a balanced perspective.
  • Passive: Prolonged use of this crystal may affect your productivity. Fight this from happening by setting clear goals and maintaining an active mindset. 

Blue Tiger's Eye Meaning: What Does Blue Tiger's Eye Symbolize?

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Blue Tiger’s Eye means “inner peace and calmness.”

This mesmerizing crystal has alternative names, such as Hawk’s or Falcon’s Eye, which look like the keen eyes of these birds.

Traditionally, the Blue Tiger’s Eye properties are believed to protect its users from negative energies. It is known to stimulate the Third Eye Chakra, which promotes intuition and insight.

Consider pairing your crystal with Azurite to enhance spiritual qualities. You can also combine it with Indicolite for some grounding energy.

Mythical “all-seeing” eye protection against curses and evil intentions is associated with Blue Tiger’s Eye. Historically, this crystal is thought to provide clarity of vision, especially at night.

Types of Blue Tiger's Eye

  • Common Blue Tiger’s Eye: This crystal type boats a soothing blue hue that enhances one’s insight and intuition.
  • Dark Blue Tiger’s Eye: Promotes a sense of inner strength and courage with its deep, mesmerizing blue shade.
  • Golden Blue Tiger’s Eye: A stone that captivates, given its blue and gold hue mix. It is known to inspire confidence and prosperity.
  • Striped Blue Tiger’s Eye: It is a distinct crystal composed of blue bands that are cherished for promoting balance and harmony in life. 
  • Orange Blue Tiger’s Eye: This type exhibits a warm orange tint that is favored for boosting your creativity and motivation. 
  • Yellow Blue Tiger’s Eye: This variety primarily offers a combination of yellow and blue tones. It is known to offer mental clarity and enhance your skill in communicating. 
  • Pale Blue Tiger’s Eye: As the name suggests, this crystal displays a pale blue color that is believed to promote serenity. 
  • Brown Blue Tiger’s Eye: Showcases a rich brown hue that grounds and enhances practicality.
  • Blackish Blue Tiger’s Eye: Presenting a deep, black shade, this crystal protects its wearer from negativity. 
  • Colorful Blue Tiger’s Eye: This particular variety exhibits a stunning range of blue hues, from deep navy and cobalt to lighter sky and aqua blues. It possesses unique energetic properties that are often associated with various intentions and purposes.
  • Dyed Falcon’s Eye: This type of crystal is dyed from deep brown to reddish-brown to resemble a falcon’s eye. It is believed to provide insight and precision. 
  • Azure Blue Tiger’s Eye: Given its radiant blue color resembling the clear skies, this crystal promotes calmness.
  • Midnight Blue Tiger’s Eye: A crystal with a deep, velvety shade known to explore the mysteries of your subconscious mind.
  • Cobalt Blue Tiger’s Eye: Sporting a bold cobalt color, this gemstone fosters assertiveness and motivation.
  • Emerald Blue Tiger’s Eye: It combines blue and green hues that often encourage growth and healing.
  • Lavender Frost Blue Tiger’s Eye: Offering a delicate lavender-blue coloration that instills a sense of peace and serenity. 
  • Turquoise Blue Tiger’s Eye: It mixes blue and turquoise hues that inspire self-discovery and inner growth. 
  • Indigo Blue Tiger’s Eye: Exhibiting a rich indigo shade known to enhance intuition and perception. 
  • Electric Violet Blue Tiger’s Eye: This combines the hues of vibrant blue and violet, which fosters creativity.
  • Moonlit Blue Tiger’s Eye: This crystal connects with lunar energies by radiating silvery-blue hues and glow.
  • Arctic Blue Tiger’s Eye: It has icy blue tones favored for aiding decision-making and mental clarity. 
  • Celestial Blue Tiger’s Eye: Showcases a celestial blue color reminiscent of a night sky. A crystal that is often used for cosmic and astral work. 
  • Mystic Blue Tiger’s Eye: A captivating crystal with a deep blue hue that enhances intuitive abilities. 
  • Silver Lining Blue Tiger’s Eye: Composed of silvery-blue luster, this crystal enables you to embrace changes with grace. 
  • Tranquil Aqua Blue Tiger’s Eye: Features an aqua-blue hue that promotes inner peace and emotional healing. 

How to Cleanse Blue Tiger's Eye?

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  • Candle: Cleanse your crystal by gently passing it over a candle’s flame, removing negative energy. 
  • Moonlight: Place your Blue Tiger’s Eye overnight under the moonlight and let the crystal purify and revitalize. 
  • Breathwork: Hold your crystal as you exhale negativity and inhale positivity. Visualize renewing energy enveloping your stone. 

Questions and Answers

How is Blue Tiger's Eye Formed?

It is formed through a natural process of alteration. This can happen when a bluish-gray mineral, known as a Hawk’s Eye, undergoes a transformation caused by iron. The heat and pressure of the Earth’s crust also contribute to the said formation. 

Is Blue Tiger’s Eye Natural?

Yes, the Blue Tiger’s Eye is a natural gemstone. It is neither synthetic nor artificially created. 

Why s Blue Tiger’s Eye Blue?

It is blue due to the blue hue presence in the hawk’s eye. This color results from the mineral composition and structure of the stone. 

Are Blue Tiger's Eye Safe in the Sun?

Yes, the Blue Tiger’s Eye is safe in the sun. But prolonged exposure to the sun is prohibited as this may cause stone discoloration. 

Are Blue Tiger's Eye Safe in the Water?

Generally, the Blue Tiger’s Eye is safe in the water. But avoid prolonged submersion as this may affect the luster and stone appearance over time.

Interactions with Blue Tiger's Eye

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