9 Success Spells with Crystals and How to Cast Them

  1. History of Success Spells 
  2. 3 Steps to Cast a Success Spell for Beginners
  3. 9 Crystals for Success Spells 
  4. Tips to Do Success Spells Like a Pro 
  5. Conclusion 

In our fascinating history, people from all cultures have explored ways to draw success, good fortune, and luck into their lives. Crystals have always been an important part of spells and rituals. From ancient emperors to modern entrepreneurs, the quest for success knows no boundaries. But what exactly are these spells?

Spells for success are rituals or incantations designed to enhance one’s prospects for success in various aspects of life. These spells are typically cast with specific intentions and can include a variety of ingredients, symbols, words, and even crystals to channel and amplify one’s desire for success.

In this article, we will explore nine unique success spells. We will also discover the unique power of crystal to help you harness the forces of good fortune and prosperity. 

History of Success Spells 

A woman raising her hands while holding papers in front of her laptop

Throughout history, success spells have held a special place in the hearts and minds of people from various cultures and regions. These spells are like ancient treasures passed down through generations. They reflect our universal desire for good fortune and prosperity.

Success spells were woven into elaborate jewelry, like amulets in Ancient Egypt, to bring wealth and success. In India, Vedic mantras were chanted with devotion to invoke the blessings of the gods for prosperity. Each culture had its unique rituals and incantations for attracting good luck.

Here are ten popular success chants and affirmations that people have used through the ages:

  1. “Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Mahalakshmi Namaha.” 
  2. “Abra Kadabra.”
  3. “By the power of three times three, let prosperity come to me.”
  4. “May abundance flow, prosperity grow.”
  5. “As I believe, so I achieve.”
  6. “Success is my destiny.”
  7. “Fortune favors the bold.”
  8. “Luck is on my side.”
  9. “With each challenge, I grow stronger.”
  10. “I am the architect of my future.”

3 Steps to Cast a Success Spell for Beginners

Casting a success spell might sound mystical, but it’s a straightforward process that anyone, including beginners, can follow. Here, we’ll walk you through the three essential steps to get you started on your journey to success.

Step 1: Cleanse Your Crystal 

Before you begin, preparing your crystal for its magical work is crucial. Start by giving your crystal a good cleanse. Imagine it’s like taking a refreshing bath for your crystal friend. To do this, simply hold the crystal under cool, running water for a minute or two, visualizing any negative energies being washed away.

Another way is to leave your crystal in the moonlight or sunlight for a few hours, allowing it to soak in natural energy. A clean crystal is like a blank canvas, ready to absorb the intentions you’ll soon infuse it with.

Step 2: Figure Out an Intention 

Success spells are all about channeling your desires and intentions. Take a moment to sit quietly and meditate on what you want to achieve. It could be acing a school test, making new friends, or excelling in a hobby. As you think about your goals, consider how achieving them will make you feel.

Visualize the success and happiness you’ll experience. Once you have a clear picture, write your intention down on paper. Be specific and positive in your wording. For instance, “I will excel in my math test and feel proud of my accomplishments.” Writing your intention is a roadmap for your spell to achieve your goals.

 9 Techniques for Casting Success Spells 

In this section, explore nine powerful techniques for casting successful spells. Each method has its unique benefits and can help you manifest your desires with the aid of crystals. Let’s delve into these enchanting practices. 

Spells for Success Grid

Creating a successful crystal grid is like designing a magical map to your dreams. To make one, select a few crystals that resonate with your goals and place them in a pattern on a clean surface. As you arrange them, say this spell, “With crystals bright, my goals take flight, and success is in sight.” 

Visualize your intentions coming true while focusing on the grid. Keep it where you can see it daily to amplify your desires. Keeping your grid in a visible place is a constant reminder of your aspirations, keeping you motivated and on track.

Spells for Success Elixir

A success crystal elixir is like a potion for your dreams. To make one, cleanse a crystal and place it in a glass of water. Leave it under moonlight overnight. As you drink it, repeat this mantra, “With crystal’s might, success takes flight, filling me with light.” Feel the energy infuse your being, igniting your path to success.

This elixir can help you maintain a positive and motivated mindset, bringing your goals into sharper focus. Drinking it consistently strengthens your objectives and links you to your crystal, boosting manifestation.

Spells for Success Fire Ritual

A successful fire ritual is a transformative experience. Write your intention on a piece of paper, ignite it safely, and say this incantation, “As this paper burns, my success returns, so mote it be.”

The flames carry your desires to the universe, while the ashes ground your intentions in reality. The ashes left behind are a physical reminder of your commitment to your goals.

Spells for Success Smudging

Smudging with success crystals purifies your space. Light sage or palo santo and say this affirmation, “With smoke so pure, success is sure, negative energies no more.” Walk through your space, allowing the smoke to clear away obstacles and invite success.

This ritual creates a clean and positive environment that allows your intentions to manifest more easily. Smudging with success crystals can bring clarity and focus to your thoughts, helping you stay on your path to success.

Spells for Success Meditation Ritual

Hold a success crystal in your hand and breathe deeply in your meditation ritual. Say this mantra, “With crystal’s grace and success, I embrace my heart’s desires in this space.” Let the crystal’s energy guide your meditation, helping you manifest success.

The crystal’s energy supports your visualization of success and aligns your vibrations with the frequency of your goals. This heightened connection helps you manifest success more effectively.

Spells for Full Moon Success Ritual

During a full moon, charge your success crystal under its glow. As you do, recite this affirmation, “By the moon’s light, my success takes flight, dreams shining bright.” The moon’s energy amplifies your crystal’s power, paving the way for success.

This energy amplifies your crystal’s natural properties, making it an even stronger ally in your quest for success. Full moon rituals can help you overcome uncertainties and hurdles, highlighting your goals.

Spells for Success Gem Bath

A success gem bath is like a soothing soak for your soul. Add success crystals to a warm bath, saying, “In this water’s embrace, success I will chase, my dreams I’ll efface.” As you soak, imagine your worries dissolving and success flowing into your life.

The crystals in the bath water infuse it with their energies, enveloping you in a cocoon of positivity. This technique relaxes, reduces stress, and releases bad energies, making your mind open to success.

Spells for Activating Success via Jewelry

Wearing success crystals as jewelry enhances your aura. Hold your jewelry and say, “With crystal’s allure, success is secure; my path is ever pure.” As you wear it, feel its energy connecting with your intentions for success.

The crystal’s energy can help boost your confidence and align your thoughts and actions with success. By wearing the crystal, you carry its energy, creating a protective shield against negativity and attracting success to you.

Spells for Success via Feng Shui

Incorporate success crystals in your home using feng shui. Place them in the Southeast corner, the area associated with abundance. As you do, chant, “With crystal’s grace, success finds its place in my home’s embrace.” Let these crystals attract success and prosperity into your life.

This technique promotes a harmonious atmosphere, creating an environment where success and prosperity thrive.

9 Crystals for Success Spells 

In this section, explore nine powerful crystals for casting successful spells. Each crystal has its unique benefits and can help you manifest your desires. Delve into these enchanting gemstones.

Yellow Sapphire

yellow sapphire crystal on a white background

A vibrant gem known for its connection to prosperity and abundance. Yellow Sapphire can be worn as jewelry, placed in your workplace, or carried in your wallet to promote financial prosperity. Additionally, incorporating it into the spells for success fire ritual can be particularly potent.

During the ritual, hold the Yellow Sapphire close and focus on your financial goals. Imagine the crystal radiating wealth and abundance to help you attain your financial goals as obstacles burn.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye Pendulum on a white background
Source: Pinterest | EtsyCA

With its beautiful bands of gold and brown, it is a crystal that encourages courage, motivation, and focus. To harness its energy for career success, carry a piece of Tiger’s Eye in your pocket or as a piece of jewelry. As you go about your day, hold it when making important decisions or facing challenges. 

This crystal enhances your self-confidence and determination, helping you stay committed to your career goals. Tiger’s Eye and spells for success smudging will help you overcome doubts and succeed in your work.


Labradorite on white background

It is a magical stone known for enhancing intuition and imagination. Wear Labradorite jewelry or display it in your creative workplace to maximize its potential. Incorporate it into the spells for success meditation ritual to deepen your connection with your creative self. 

Hold Labradorite in your hand in meditation and let its magical energy inspire new ideas and innovative breakthroughs. This will set the stage for artistic achievements and success.


Citrine crystal on a white background.

This gem, often called the “Success Stone,” is a sunny crystal associated with joy and abundance. To use Citrine for personal growth and overall success, keep it in your pocket or as part of your daily attire. Carrying Citrine with you will help you maintain a positive attitude and attract opportunities for success. 

During the spells for Full Moon success ritual, place Citrine under the moonlight to charge its energy. This aligns the crystal with the moon’s phases, boosting its ability to bring riches and success to your life.


jade crystal on a white background

Symbol of wisdom and tranquility, making it ideal for emotional and spiritual success. To experience the benefits of Jade, carry it with you or wear it as jewelry. It will help you stay calm and emotionally balanced, paving the way for spiritual growth. 

When taking a success gem bath with Jade, immerse yourself in the warm water with the crystal close by. As you soak, imagine your cares and your burdens melting away, leaving you rejuvenated and ready for spiritual victory.


Peridotite crystal on a white background

The greenish hue of Peridot makes it a powerful symbol of development and change. To benefit from its power, wear Peridot as jewelry, such as a necklace or a ring. Keeping it close to your body allows you to access its transformative energy, promoting self-confidence and personal growth. 

The spells for activating success via Jewelry technique is an excellent way to harness Peridot’s energy. Wearing it daily will raise your self-esteem, making self-improvement possible.

Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli on a white background

Lapis Lazuli symbolizes intellectual success because of its relationship with knowledge and truth. To use Lapis Lazuli effectively, place it in your study or workspace. Its energy enhances intellectual abilities and encourages clear communication

With the spells for success via feng shui, place Lapis Lazuli in the Southeast corner of your home for academic success. This arrangement boosts your focus and clarity, helping you excel in your studies and intellectual pursuits.


Polished blue kyanite crystal on a white background

The rare crystal, Kyanite, may quickly align and clear your chakras. This gem makes it ideal for life balance and achievement. To harness Kyanite’s benefits, create a success grid using it as the central piece.

Use the spells for success grid technique to arrange other success crystals around the Kyanite. This grid will help create a harmonious and balanced life, allowing you to thrive in all areas of your journey to success.


Oregon Sunstone on a white background

Like its namesake, the Sun, Sunstone is a stone of warmth and positivity that can be used to increase feelings of worth and confidence. To use Sunstone, wear it as jewelry, such as a necklace or a bracelet. You’ll infuse yourself with self-worth and a positive outlook as you wear it daily. 

Create a success elixir with Sunstone using the spells for success elixir technique. To do this, place the crystal in a glass of water and let it sit in the moonlight. Drinking this infused water can boost your self-esteem and confidence, making life success easier.

Tips to Do Success Spells Like a Pro 

Here are some tips for performing wealth and abundance spells:

  • Set Clear Intentions: Before beginning a success spell, know exactly what you want to achieve. The more precise your intentions, the more focused the spell will be.
  • Choose the Right Crystal: Select a crystal that resonates with your goals. Different crystals have unique energies, so pick one that aligns with your specific desires.
  • Timing Matters: Pay attention to the phase of the moon, day of the week, or other astrological factors that may enhance your spell’s effectiveness.
  • Cleanse Your Space: Ensure your environment is clean and free of negative energies before performing a successful spell. This helps create a pure space for your intentions to manifest.
  • Be Patient: Success spells may not yield immediate results. Stay patient and persistent in your efforts.
  • Express Gratitude: Show appreciation for any progress or success that comes your way. Gratitude can attract more positive energy into your life.
  • Stay Positive: Maintain a positive attitude and visualize your goals with confidence. Negative thoughts can hinder your spell’s effectiveness.
  • Practice Ethical Magic: Avoid hexes, curses, or black magic that harm others or yourself. Harmful intentions can backfire and bring harm, so always focus on positive and ethical outcomes.
  • Avoid Guarantees: Be wary of anyone promising guaranteed results from spellwork. True success often depends on factors, including your efforts and choices.
  • Remember the Law of Threefold Return: What you put out into the world usually returns to you threefold, so focus on sending out positive energy and intentions to receive the same in return.


We’ve studied success spells and crystals to actualize our desires gracefully. Success takes many shapes, and we can mold our fate with the correct intentions and tools. Clear goals, the suitable crystals, crystal grids, and meditation practices help spellwork succeed. 

Patience, positivity, and ethical magic are essential. Avoid harmful hexes and curses, as they bring unintended consequences. Success spells are a journey toward self-improvement and personal growth. Open your heart to abundance, focus on your dreams, and let crystals guide you to a better future.

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