Jade vs. Green Aventurine: A Comparison of Gemstones

  1. What is Jade Crystal?
  2. Jade Crystal Properties 
  3. What is a Green Aventurine Crystal?
  4. Green Aventurine Crystal Properties 
  5. 5 Similarities between Jade and Green Aventurine
  6. 5 Differences between Jade and Green Aventurine
  7. Jade vs. Green Aventurine Revealed by Experts
  8. Final Verdict

As a crystal collector, you may come across gemstones that look and feel similar. There are many wonderful healing crystals in the world, all with unique spiritual and physical properties. 

If you want to add a green crystal to your collection or have a green gemstone you need clarification on, you may want to know the difference between Jade and Green Aventurine. 

This article will examine these two beautiful gemstones and what you need to know to tell them apart. 

What is Jade Crystal?

jade crystal on a white background

Did you know that there are actually two different minerals that are called Jade? They are Nephrite and Jadeite and are both silicate minerals. Famously a green gemstone, Jade can also be found in yellow, black, blue, purple, white, and pink. 

The Nephrite variety of Jade rates as 6 on the Mohs scale, with Jadeite having a rating of 7. Nephrite is usually dark green, whereas Jadite tends to be a lighter shade. Both often have intriguing markings and bands visible on the stone. 

Jade Crystal Properties 

Jade is a wonderful stone of luck and abundance. Governed by the planet Venus, you can use Jade to manifest prosperity and success. Historically, Jade has been used as a stone of protection to ward off evil. 

Jade harmonizes with the Heart Chakra, promoting emotional balance and love. It also works with the Crown and Throat Chakras, allowing us to speak our truth and access high levels of consciousness. 

As it gains its powers from the element of Earth, you can use Jade for grounding. Its energy connects us with the here and now, allowing us to feel secure and safe. 

What is a Green Aventurine Crystal?

polished green adventurine on a white background

Green Aventurine is a form of Quartz. Inclusions of Chrome-bearing Fuchsite in the stone cause it to have a shimmery, glittery appearance called aventurescence. It comes in shades of green and is known as the Stone of Opportunity, with the name reflecting its powerful ability to bring success and abundance into your life. 

Green Aventurine has a rating of 7 on the Mohs scale, making it a fairly durable stone. Because of its toughness, it is often carved into sculptures and beads for jewelry. 

Green Aventurine Crystal Properties 

Associated with luck and abundance, Green Aventurine boosts your power to manifest and achieve your goals. As a Heart Chakra stone, Green Aventurine enhances your receptivity to love and interpersonal connections. It opens you up to forgiveness and compassion toward yourself and those in your life, allowing you to stay positive. 

The astrological associations of Green Aventurine boost its powers. Governed by the planets Mercury and Venus, we can use it to connect with Venus to bring abundance and material success into our lives. As Mercury amplifies wisdom and intelligence, we can use Green Aventurine to enhance understanding and decision-making. 

Green Aventurine gains its powers from the elements of Air and Earth. The element of Earth boosts its manifesting powers, whereas the element of Air helps us communicate and use our intellect. 

5 Similarities between Jade and Green Aventurine

Before we dive into the differences between Jade and Green Aventurine, let’s look at what makes them so similar. 

Heart Chakra 

Both Jade and Green Aventurine harmonize with the Heart Chakra, which governs emotions and our love for ourselves and those in our lives. When we have a blocked Heart Chakra, we may distrust others and have a negative view of ourselves. 

We can work with Jade and Green Aventurine to open up the Heart Chakra, promoting unconditional love and healthy relationships. 


We may confuse Jade and Green Aventurine because of their physical appearance. Both stones are translucent and found in a range of green shades. You can also see inclusions and markings on both stones. Furthermore, both Jade and Green Aventurine are durable stones with a Mohs rating of 7.

Metaphysical Properties

Both Jade and Green Aventurine are stones of luck and fortune. Their energy opens us up to success and abundance, with both stones having been used for years for this amazing ability. Jade and Green Aventurine gain their powers from the planet Venus, which governs material possessions and finances. Venus also promotes creativity and romance, allowing us to express ourselves freely. 

Healing Properties 

Jade and Green Aventurine are extremely calming crystals, promoting peace and tranquility. Their soothing energy helps us overcome negative emotions and tune out of our hectic day-to-day lives. Meditating with Jade and Green Aventurine provides us with a space to relax and recuperate. 

Earth Element 

The element of Earth governs Jade and Green Aventurine, meaning we can connect with the powers of Earth when using these crystals. The element of Earth brings us stability and grounding, allowing us to feel at home in the here and now. It also boosts our ability to manifest, as it is associated with prosperity and success. 

Using Jade and Green Aventurine together boosts our connection with the Earth and its powers.

5 Differences between Jade and Green Aventurine

A custom graphic for Jade vs Aventurine

These two wonderful healing crystals have much in common, from their appearance to their spiritual properties. Now, what are the differences between Jade and Green Aventurine?

Let’s look at the metaphysical and physical differences between Jade and Green Aventurine and learn how to tell these two stones apart. 


We know that both Jade and Green Aventurine open up the Heart Chakra. But Jade also works with the Crown and Throat Chakras. The Crown Chakra unlocks universal knowledge and spiritual truth, whereas the Throat Chakra boosts communication and personal truth. 

Because of these chakra associations, opt for a Jade to connect with higher realms of consciousness and develop your spiritual knowledge. Jade allows you to work toward true enlightenment and awareness.

Physical Properties 

Even though they look pretty similar, there are a few physical differences between Jade and Green Aventurine that will help you tell them apart. One key difference is their shine. Green Aventurine has a glittery shine to it, whereas Jade is either matte or glass-like. 

Furthermore, the banding and patterns within a Jade stone are much more apparent. We may come across Green Aventurine with similar lines and banding, but it is more common in Jade. Looking at the patterns and shine of your stone will help you determine if it’s Jade or Green Aventurine. 

Numerical Vibrations 

All healing crystals hold a specific numerical vibration that amplifies their power. Knowing the numerical difference between Jade and Green Aventurine will help you decide which gemstone to work with. Jade has a numerical vibration of 11, whereas Green Aventurine has a numerical vibration of 3. 

The numerical vibration of 11 holds significant spiritual powers. It boosts intuition, psychic abilities, and spiritual growth. 11 is a master number in numerology and carries the energy of potential, growth, and awakening. 

The numerical vibration of 3 is one of positivity and joy. It enhances creativity, self-expression, and playfulness.

Zodiac Associations 

Jade and Green Aventurine have different zodiac associations, meaning they work better with specific zodiac signs. When deciding which stone to buy, we recommend opting for one that connects with your zodiac sign. 

  • Jade is associated with Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Taurus. 
  • Green Aventurine is associated with Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Virgo.

Metaphysical Properties 

Specific metaphysical differences between Jade and Green Aventurine help us to differentiate the two stones. The planet Venus rules both. However, Mercury also impacts the powers of Green Aventurine. As Mercury enhances wisdom and intellect, Green Aventurine is an excellent stone for decision-making. 

Furthermore, alongside Earth, the element of Air is associated with Green Aventurine. The element of Air impacts our analytical skills, providing Green Aventurine a further boost to its ability to help us make choices and see things clearly. As Air also governs communication, we can use Green Aventurine to help us speak to others and get our point across.

Jade vs. Green Aventurine Revealed by Experts

Crystal collectors and spiritualists prize Jade and Green Aventurine because of their beautiful appearance and healing properties. Jade, especially its Jadeite variety, is more expensive and valued because of its exciting history and rarity. However, the stunning shimmery appearance of Green Aventurine makes it a unique stone to add to your collection.

Final Verdict

If you are looking to add a crystal to your collection, it can be difficult to pick between Jade and Green Aventurine! Both stones have powerful spiritual energy, bringing luck and abundance into your life. 

If you wish to expand your spiritual awareness by opening your Crown Chakra, go for a Jade. However, opt for Green Aventurine if you want a stone that boosts your intellect. You can also use both stones together to amplify their powers. 

A custom graphic table of Jade and Aventurine unique properties

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