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Disclaimer: Crystals and crystal-infused cosmetics are not an alternative for products that help heal and treat severe burn wounds. Always apply adequate skincare and treatment when faced with serious burns.

In the days of summer, when temperatures soar, keeping cool becomes a priority and a challenge. For many, the heat brings more than discomfort, it aggravates skin conditions, like rosacea and eczema, causing facial redness, inflammation, stinging and flair-ups. 

The quest for cooling relief has led many in the beauty world to crystals, heralded for their soothing and restorative properties. These good vibes will calm irritated skin and provide a sense of inner and outer peace. 

This new age meets old world ingredients have carved out a growing niche in beauty products that aim to provide a cooling sensation. But what are the best crystals to incorporate into cosmetics to achieve that icy, inflamed skin-taming effect during hot summer months?

What Crystals Can Do for Cooling Effects

cosmetic products with leaves on cream background

Different crystals have different heating and cooling attributes, making some more effective than others for formulating cooling beauty products. In these products, finely crushed crystals are incorporated into gels, creams and facial mists to impart their cooling energies. 

The crystals release these energies as their finely polished edges come into contact with skin, like miniature ice cubes. Some crystals used have excellent anti-inflammatory and irritation-calming properties. 

By combining these energetically-potent crystals into facial mists, masks, and creams, their cooling powers can be transferred onto troubled complexions whenever relief is needed.

While the scientific evidence remains inconclusive, these crystalline ingredients continue to grow in popularity for their promise to lend products a cooling, soothing sensibility. 

13 Crystals for Cooling Effects

With summer just around the corner, keeping your cool becomes a priority. For natural cooling relief, turn to the healing energies of crystals. Here are 13 of the best crystals to achieve a chilling effect.

Blue Lace Agate

polished blue lace agate on white background

Blue Lace Agate is heralded for soothing redness and inflammation. Its soft blue coloring emits tranquilizing energies that reduce skin irritations. Gently crushed Blue Lace Agate can be mixed into facial masks, creams, and mists. 

As the finely ground powder touches the skin, it releases a cooling blast of invisible vibrations that pacify agitated complexions. Blue Lace Agate promotes clarity and radiance from the inside out.


Amethyst has been prized since ancient times for its cooling properties. Greek and Roman soldiers wore it in battle to prevent overheating. It alleviates headaches and releases heat from the body when applied topically. 

Finely milled Amethyst powder lends creams and gels its chill-inducing violet vibrations. Use Amethyst-infused mists to spritz on irritated, inflamed skin whenever you need some relief during hot summer days for instant cooling calm.


moonstone on white background

When crushed into a fine, glimmering dust and swept across skin, Moonstone has a luminous cooling effect, like moonbeams pouring fluidly over a heated complexion. Use its dust in a facial mask mixed with yogurt and honey and feel the peaceful darkness of a quiet night envelope your skin, reducing redness and calming inflammation. 

Add it to a Hydrosol mist to instantly refresh irritated complexions with a misty lunar coolness. Spray over a pounding stress headache for relief. Moonstone connects us to feminine yin energy and the soothing darkness of the void.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz crystal on a white background

Rose Quartz carries a sweet, romantic energy that breathes quenching life into skincare. For a calming pick-me-up during brutally hot days, add finely powdered Rose Quartz to your body lotion or mix with a spoon of yogurt and honey to create a silky-smooth face mask. 

Spread this rosy mixture over inflamed skin and feel the flowers practically burst into bloom with soothing relief. Allow 10 minutes for the Rose Quartz to work its magic, reducing irritation and kissing skin with its cooling, loving glow. Spritz on a Rose Quartz hydrosol mist on unbearably hot days or during a flush of emotion.


Rhodochrosite on white background

When Rhodochrosite is crushed, mixed into creams or mists, and applied onto skin, it sends out pulsating waves that vibrate like a soothing sonic massage. 

Mist your face with a hydrosol containing Rhodochrosite essential oils or mix into yogurt honey masks. Spread onto skin and feel the swirling bands practically rotate with restorative vibrations that ripple relaxation into your complexion. 


aquamarine on a white background

Aquamarine instantly transports you to a tropical paradise. Embrace the chill of this stone by incorporating its sky-blue dust into facial mists and creams. As Aquamarine particles unite with your skin, its aqueous energies ripple relaxation down to a cellular level, like ocean waves lapping gently at the shoreline. 

This stone instills calm and cools inflammation for conditions like dermatitis. For an extra aquatic boost, store Aquamarine-infused products in your refrigerator before applying for an icy oceanic relief. 

Mist an Aquamarine hydrosol spray over sunburned skin or dab creams onto irritations as this crystal’s watery vibe flows with restorative rivers that mitigate skin eruptions.


Celestite on white background

Celestite has an immediately pacifying presence. Capture the dreaminess of this crystal in cooling face mists and creams by adding delicately crushed particles during formulation for a vaporous effect. Its pale sky color emits restful high-vibration energies from the angelic realms. 

With just one application, feel your cares drift away as Celestite mist rains down or mix with aloe vera gel for a fluffy cloud-like mask. Watch skin irritations dissipate as rolling banks of peaceful balance suffuse your complexion. 


polished Chrysocolla on white background

This stone imparts soothing vibrations wherever it is placed, earning the nickname “Peace Quartz.” Finely crushed Chrysocolla particles blended into creams, gels, and mists carry calming energies that ripple relaxation into troubled complexions. 

Its chill color dispels inflammatory heat from skin afflictions like eczema. As Chrysocolla particles fuse with lotions and potions, it cools irritation. Mist yourself with Chrysocolla hydrosol or mix it with soothing aloe vera for DIY healing masks to chill out your look and restore peace despite summer’s sweltering onslaught.

Blue Calcite

A Blue Calcite crystal on a white background

Blue Calcite’s wintry blue-white striations evoke images of glaciers and snow drifts, perfect for cooling inflammation when applied topically. Transform into an ethereal ice queen by incorporating finely crushed Blue Calcite into mists, gels, and creams. 

As Blue Calcite fuses with lotions and potions, feel its frosty vibrations calm fiery skin eruptions by shielding skin in an invisible layer of conductive frost. The longer Blue Calcite is left on skin, the deeper its frigid relief penetrates as it calms redness and irritation with an Arctic-level chill. 


Angelite on white background

Incorporate crushed Angelite particles into serums, mists, and moisturizers for a heavenly cooling effect. As this crystal suspension makes contact with skin, its essence offers compassionate comfort to aggravated complexions, like a loving embrace from the divine. 

The longer Angelite-infused creams and gels remain on skin, the deeper you feel your stresses glide away. Its chilled energies offer compassionate comfort for inflammatory skin conditions.

Blue Tiger’s Eye

Blue Tiger's Eye on white background
Image Source: Pinterest | The Fifth Element Life

Like its golden cousin, Blue Tiger’s Eye unleashes big cat energy with its dark blue ripples, evoking a jungle feline on the prowl. But rather than stoking heat, Blue Tiger’s Eye gem essence cools and calms whenever it comes in contact with skin. 

Mix crushed particles into gels and lotions for misting onto inflamed complexions. Feel its inner chill permeate pores and pacify fiery sensitivities with the soothing effect of a large, purring cat. 


Unakite x no credit needed

Unakite stones impart restorative energies when pressed directly onto inflamed skin. For cooling relief, gently glide an Unakite palm stone over irritated areas using sweeping motions. Feel its tranquil vibrations calm and refresh aggravated complexions as you massage it in. 

Try rolling a cooled Unakite crystal facial roller across cheeks and forehead for an extra chill. The more Unakite’s surface makes contact with skin, the deeper its tension-relieving properties can penetrate. 


Turquoise on white background

Press bright Turquoise stones straight onto sun-parched skin. Turquoise crystals tuned to skin’s needs work like an emotional dial, turning down inflammatory heat. Glide polished Turquoise chunks over irritations to soothe and chill aggravated areas. 

Use a cooled Turquoise gua sha board to gently stroke outward across cheeks, sweeping away anxiety-fueled redness. Also try gently rolling a Turquoise roller massager straight from the refrigerator onto the forehead, cheeks, and other areas of discomfort.


Are Crystal Cosmetics for Cooling Effects Safe?

When used properly, crystal-infused cosmetics that are used for cooling effects are generally considered safe. However, certain crystals may irritate sensitive skin. Do a patch test before using any new products regularly, and make sure you apply crystal-infused products gently to avoid cutting or damaging the skin. Consult your dermatologist with any skin concerns.

What are the Benefits of Using Cooling Crystals in Cosmetics?

Crystals are thought to emit energies that reduce inflammation and redness that allows them to offer a cooling effect in cosmetics. Their soothing vibrations can potentially calm conditions like eczema and rosacea flare-ups when crystals are incorporated into gels, mists, and creams. 

How Do You Use Crystals for Cooling Effects?

To use crystals for cooling effects, finely crush crystals, like Amethyst or Rhodochrosite, and add them to DIY skincare recipes and cosmetics. You can also purchase ready-made crystal-infused mists, lotions, and creams formulated for inflammation relief and apply them as needed to irritated areas.

When and How to Use Crystals for Cooling Effects?

To use crystals for cooling effects, use cooling crystal skincare products during hot summer months, flare-ups, or whenever skin feels uncomfortably inflamed. Gently spritz mists onto affected areas of the body and use creams and gels after bathing or showers when skin is clear of other products. Applying at bedtime can benefit overnight skin rejuvenation, as well.

What are the Disadvantages of Crystals for Cooling Effects?

While many report excellent results using crystal skincare, their effects can vary person to person. Benefits remain scientifically unproven. Some disadvantages of using crystals for cooling effects include improperly sanitized or crushed crystals that could potentially irritate skin. As with any product, discontinued use if any discomfort occurs.

Use Crystals for Cooling Effects!

Beat the heat with nature’s gorgeous gems on your side! As temperatures blaze, get ready to mist, mix, and massage crystal elixirs onto that flushed skin for some sweet relief. Watch ingredients get to work reducing irritation when blended into your DIY balms, masks, and mists.

Spark your inner mermaid with Aquamarine mists; channel interstellar ice queen powers with glacial Blue Calcite creams. Grab a handful of crystalline calm and experience serene, contented skin in the season’s sweltering heat!

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