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Crystals are treasures of the Earth, and when we welcome them into our lives with intentional connection and reverence, we can experience many great benefits. One of the most interesting ways of incorporating them into your life is by using cosmetics infused with crystals, and this can be done in different ways for different types of cosmetics, crystals, and parts of your body.

In this article, we will specifically focus on exploring from a physical and metaphysical perspective: what are the best crystals in cosmetics for feet and elbows?

Some of the best stones to add to your cosmetics for feet and elbows include Amber, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Red Jasper, Halite, Mica, Lava Rock, Zeolite, Selenite, and Morganite.

Definitely, not all stones are suitable for adding to cosmetics, and of the stones that can be used, there are specific methods that you can use to safely infuse each into your foot and elbow care regimen. Each of the suitable stones mentioned radiates properties effective for energetic and physical healing and alignment.

Disclaimer: Crystals in cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular, from large established brands to DIY creators infusing stones into products. Be sure to purchase from a reputable source. Please know that the information on this topic is primarily anecdotal. Take heed of the tips provided here, combined with further research and, of course, consulting your intellect, common sense, and intuition while choosing crystals and methods to work with.

The Growing Trend of Crystal Feet and Elbow Cosmetics

scrub, spray and lotion with roses on marble background

Although crystals in cosmetics have recently gained more attention, this is actually not a new concept. Specific stones have been used since ancient times as topical applications for healing and beautification. Today, crystals are infused into cosmetics using many different methods, depending on which is most suitable and safe for each stone.

Appropriate crystals in cosmetics for feet and elbows can be included accordingly in foot and elbow moisturizers, scrubs, or even used as massage tools for health and wellness. Some stones can be added for a fun shimmer effect to your creams or even to nail polish.

Using crystals in these ways allows us to have a multilayered experience, helping us to connect with and access both the earthly physical healing properties and spiritual benefits of crystals. 

There are a myriad of stones with healing and activating benefits for the skin, muscles, bones, and energy meridians of the feet and elbows. Still, only a select few can be utilized in cosmetics. We must consider each stone’s durability, chemical composition, and texture.

This will help to determine the applications of each stone in feet and elbow cosmetics and to choose the most suitable methods for infusing the vibration or physical presence of each stone into cosmetic products safely and effectively. 

Dos and Don’ts of Crystal in Feet and Elbow Cosmetics

Being aware of some essential considerations before using crystals in cosmetics and for feet and elbows can make your experience way more enjoyable and effective. Here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind:

  • Don’t choose just any crystal without confirming that it is suitable to be added to cosmetics.
  • Do try a test patch of crystal cosmetics you purchase or make. Pay attention to how your body responds before continuing use.
  • Don’t use crystals that are soft or can be damaged during exposure to oil or water for infused elixirs.
  • Do ensure mineral powders are cosmetic grade and ground to a suitable fine powder for use on the skin.
  • Don’t use soluble crystals with chemical compositions that are unsafe for the skin.
  • Do research the intricacies of your chosen infusion methods for crystal cosmetics. 
  • Don’t use stones with sharp edges or textures for massage, as they can damage your skin.
  • Do your research on the best techniques for feet and elbow massage with crystal tools.
  • Do properly clean and energetically cleanse your stones before using them in cosmetic formulas or for massage.
  • Don’t use super porous stones for massage, as they may house bacteria in the stone, which can be transferred to your skin.

10 Crystals for Feet and Elbows

These are a few of the ideal stones for use in foot and elbow cosmetics, with guidance on precisely how they can be used in cosmetics and some of the key benefits of each. 

Be attentive to the specific methods suggested for each crystal because not all these crystals can be used interchangeably. Some are safe for infusions or elixirs but unsuitable for crushing into a powder or as massage tools.


amber crystal on a white background

While this fossilized tree resin is not actually a crystal but technically a mineraloid, it is safe and beneficial for use in cosmetics for elbows and feet. It can be infused in oils or water to create an Amber elixir or crushed into a fine powder and added to cosmetics for gentle exfoliation. 

Cosmetic-grade Amber extracts can also be added to your foot and elbow massage oils, moisturizers, or body mists for both physical and metaphysical benefits. Amber is great for pain relief, as it is anti-inflammatory and has antioxidant properties. 

In its extracted or powdered forms, Amber is even said to help brighten skin, reduce dark marks, and treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. This mineraloid would make an excellent addition to healing salves for elbows and feet.


Citrine chunk on white background

This variety of golden yellow Quartz is perfectly durable to be added to your elbow and feet cosmetics. It can be stored inside your jars and bottles of products or infused in the oil or water components of a cream or a serum then rubbed on your feet and elbows to receive the added experience of crystal vibrational healing.

You may also use a Citrine crystal massage tool to apply products or to massage your feet and boost circulation. Citrine is a good stone for increasing positivity. You can indulge in a foot massage with Citrine crystal or infused products to intentionally attune to this stone’s frequency to uplift your mood and increase your energy.

It is also known as a stone of regeneration and has a balancing effect. Ritually apply Citrine-infused moisturizers to your elbows as part of a balancing self-care routine.

Clear Quartz

clear quartz on white background

Clear Quartz is a staple in crystal healing, and it can be safely infused in both water and oil-based products and used as a massage tool. Clear Quartz will amplify the effects of all the natural active ingredients in your products.

It can also be used alongside other crystals for this purpose. Hold your stone and program it with any specific intention related to the health and healing of your feet or elbows before adding this stone to your infusions or storing it inside your cosmetic bottles.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper on white background

Store a small piece of durable Red Jasper in your jar of moisturizer, body oil, or mist. Like most types of Jasper, it can also be used to create a water or oil-based elixir, which can be added to foot mists, creams, or foot and elbow oil formulas.

Red Jasper has a very nurturing energy, making it great for this type of crystal-infused self-care. It is perfect for the feet, as its energy is grounding. Applying a Red Jasper-infused formula or using a piece of Jasper crystal massage tool on your feet can help you connect deeply with the earth, connecting with this infinite expression of life force energy.


Halite crystal on a white background

Halite, a crystal that most are familiar with under the name of salt (specifically rock salt), is an excellent addition to a foot or elbow scrub. Ground to your desired texture, it can have a gentle or powerful exfoliation effect. Thorough exfoliation is an important step in any foot care routine, and gentle exfoliation can really benefit your elbows, too.

Simply add the natural rock salt of your choice, such as readily available Pink Himalayan Halite, to a foot scrub with a bit of oil and other suitable herbs or essential oils. Another way to benefit from the physical and metaphysical benefits of salt is by adding it to your foot soaks. 

It has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties that can be useful for certain foot conditions. On an energetic level, Halite cleanses negative energies and purifies our energetic field.


Mica on white background

This soft pearlescent mineral is widely used in beautifying cosmetics that boast a natural shimmer. It can be added to a nourishing carrier oil or to your existing moisturizer in a fine powder for luminous, glowing feet or used on your arms and elbows for the same purpose.

A little Mica powder can be added to your nail polish for a gentle shimmer effect, or you can set in tiny thin flakes of Mica into your nail art. This will allow you to wear this crystal uniquely. It is not often used in jewelry due to its softness, so this is a fun and clever way to carry Mica with you for extended periods.

Besides giving you an experience of crystal feet, Mica also boasts energy healing and alignment benefits, such as energetic protection, grounding, regeneration, and improved focus.

Lava Rock

lava rock chunk on white background

This is a volcanic stone with an interesting texture that makes it suitable for use as an exfoliator. Lava Rocks can be used as a foot and elbow pumice by rubbing larger, suitably shaped pieces on these areas with a gentle yet firm hand. It will help to remove dead skin and stimulate circulation, leading to overall healthier, softer, and more beautiful feet and elbows.

Be sure to clean your Lava Rock pumice regularly using an old toothbrush, hot water, and soap to prevent bacteria build-up within the pores of this porous stone. Beyond its benefits as an exfoliation, Lava Rock’s energy is good for grounding, pain management, and igniting your personal power.


Polished Selenite On a white background

Selenite is a popular crystal in all regards, and this nontoxic stone is suitable for use in cosmetics. It can be infused into your cosmetics if you are willing to damage this soft crystal, so we recommend adding fine, natural Selenite powder to cosmetic formulas for feet, such as balms and creams.

Please be sure only to use specimens of completely pure Selenite and powder them suitably, or you can purchase products with Selenite from reputable skincare businesses. This crystal is one of the keystones for energetic cleansing, as it is self-cleansing, an effect that can be harnessed through your cosmetics to cleanse your auric field.

It has been reported to help users gain a more youthful appearance by reversing the effects of free radicals and encouraging healing on a cellular level.


Zeolite on white background

This soft stone is widely available in its powdered form and can be made into a foot mask or added to your foot soak for the detoxification of toxins through the feet or cleaning up certain foot conditions. Zeolite, particularly Clinoptilolite, is a mineral of volcanic origins that offers deep cleansing, detox, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Engaging with this mineral will also help with cleansing and detox on an energetic level. It can help with self-acceptance and letting go of a judgmental or cynical attitude toward yourself and life. 


Morganite on white background

This is a high vibrational crystal that is great for adding to your cosmetics for feet and elbows for the purpose of energetic and physical upliftment. It is a pink variety of Beryl, which means it is extremely hard, making it most suitable for making water or oil-based Morganite crystal elixir, which can be blended into a cosmetic formula and ritually applied to your feet, elbows, and body.

Morganite is a helpful crystal for releasing anger, negative emotions, anxiety, and stress, which are all factors that can impact our health in many ways. Apply Morganite-infused moisturizer or sprays to your feet with the intention of self-care to release negativity and illness on a deep, energetic level.

How to Use Crystal in Cosmetics for Feet and Elbows: Suggested Step-by-Step Ritual

  1. Purchase or create a crystal-infused foot cream or oil.
  2. Choose a crystal massage tool that is shaped like a small tumbled stone, palm stone, gua sha, or wand. 
  3. Choose a crystal that can be grounded and used as an exfoliant.
  4. Make sure all stones are physically clean.
  5. Smudge your crystal, infused products, and space by burning a cleaning herb bundle or incense.
  6. Set your intention for this care ritual. 
  7. Utilize your exfoliation stone as a scrub or rub it on your heels and rougher areas of your feet.
  8. Wash and dry your feet, and then apply your crystal-infused cream or oil. You can then use the crystal massage tool to rub your foot as you enjoy. 
  9. You can adapt these steps and use a similar routine for your elbows to maintain smooth skin and connect with crystal energies in this unique way.

TIP: Learn more about the acupressure points of the feet to harness more specific health and healing benefits. 


What are Crystal-Infused Cosmetics?

Crystals-infused cosmetics are body skincare and beauty products that include specific skin-safe crystals in various ways. They can be infused using the same method as a crystal elixir, or some stones can be physically added to the cosmetic in a powdered form.

How Do Crystals Help Feet and Elbows?

Certain crystals can have both physical beautification and skin healing benefits for both the elbows and feet. Some stones can be used for exfoliation of these rougher parts of the body, and some can be utilized for cleansing, detox, healing, and beautification of the feet and elbows.

Which Crystals are Best for Feet and Elbows?

The best crystals for the feet and elbows, as detailed in the article, are Amber, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Red Jasper, Halite, Mica, Lava Rock, Zeolite, Selenite, and Morganite. They can be used or appear in cosmetics in different forms according to their structure and durability.

How Do I Apply Crystal Cosmetics?

You can apply crystal cosmetics in the same way you use any other cosmetics for feet and elbows. It’s always well worth your time to set an intention and take a moment to appreciate the presence of the crystal frequencies in your infused cosmetics.

What is the Best Homemade Foot Scrub?

One of the best and most simplistic homemade foot scrubs is a blend of Halite (rock salt), nourishing skin oil, and an herb or essential oil with benefits that suit your needs and desires. Blend two parts salt to one part oil and add a few drops of skin-suitable essential oil or sprinkle dried herbs or flowers.

What Rock is Used to Exfoliate Feet?

When shaped appropriately with no sharp edges, Lava Rock can be used to exfoliate feet. Crushed Halite or rock salt can also be utilized for this purpose. 

Use Crystals for Feet and Elbows!

Including crystals into your cosmetic use definitely requires careful research. You must consider the types of crystals that can be used and the best methods for each. 

You can have a lot of fun experimenting once you have ascertained the safe stones and experience many benefits from engaging in this special way of connecting with crystals while also physically attending to these rougher parts of your body temple.

CrystalHow to Use itBenefits
AmberInfused in oil or water for cosmetics formulas, as an extract, and as a fine powder.Pain relief, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, brightens skin, reduces dark marks, treating eczema, and psoriasis. 
CitrineInfused in oil or water for cosmetics formulas and as a massage tool.Positivity, mood-boosting, increasingenergy, balancing, and regenerative.
Clear QuartzInfused in oil or water for cosmetics formulas and as a massage tool.Amplifies the effect of other ingredients, and it can be programmed with any intention.
Red JasperInfused in oil or water for cosmetics formulas and as a massage tool.Nurturing, grounding, circulation, and increasing energy flow.
HaliteCrushed or powdered to required gritted used for a foot scrub or soak.Exfoliation, antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, cleanses negative energies, and purifies the aura.
MicaCrushed or powdered to required grit can be added to moisturizers or nail polish. Shimmer, beautifying, protection, grounding, regeneration, and improved focus.
Lava RockUse large pieces as pumice stones.Exfoliation, remove dead skin, stimulate circulation, grounding, pain management, and personal power.
ZeoliteZeolite powder in a foot mask or a tiny bit in salves and creams.Detoxification, cleansing, self-acceptance, and releasing judgment and cynicism. 
SelenitePure Selenite only can be powdered and added to various foot cosmetics.Cleanse your auric field, youthful appearance, and cellular-level healing.
MorganiteInfused in oil or water for cosmetics formulas.Releasing anger, negative emotions, anxiety, and stress.

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