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Crystals have been used for facial massages for hundreds of years, and they have been steadily gaining popularity for use within cosmetic facial massage products and as facial massage tools. They are such an awesome addition to your skincare and self-care because they can offer added benefits on multiple levels, including but also beyond just the physical.

That being said, not all stones are suitable for use in cosmetics or for facial massage. There are quite a few specific crystals that you can use, and each has nuanced benefits. In this article, we will specifically explore the best crystals in cosmetics for facial massages.

Processed and used accordingly, some of the best crystals for use in facial cosmetics and massages include Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Clear Quartz, Jade, Zeolite, Aragonite, Opalite and Moonstone.

The power of these crystals can be used within facial massage cosmetics and for facial massages in different ways and forms, and the crystals you can use will depend on the method you choose. You will need to consider aspects like the durability, chemical safety, and texture of the crystal. 

Disclaimer: Even though crystals for facials and cosmetics are trending, most of the information on this topic is mainly anecdotal. Please read through the guidance provided here, continue your research, and consult your intellect and intuition before choosing how you want to work with crystals for this purpose.

The Art of Crystal Facial Massages

woman having a face massage with crystal gua sha

There are two main ways that crystals can be included in cosmetics for facial massages. They can be infused into facial massage products or suitably smooth crystals can be used to practice facial massage. And, of course, both these methods can be combined for a super crystal-charged facial massage experience.

Facial massage cosmetics, which can be infused with crystals, can include oils, creams, serums, and gels. Infusion of the crystal’s physical or energetic properties can be done using methods such as adding in fine mineral powders, spagyric tinctures, or gems elixirs. You can utilize a crystal-infused face oil, store your facial oil with a crystal in the bottle, or in a bottle made of crystal.

Crystals can be used as a massage tool to apply facial massage products. This has many benefits; the extended contact made when using a crystal during the massage process can allow us to attune to the stone’s energy and fully receive the benefits of this. The motions of the massage, when done correctly, are also great for increasing circulation, relieving facial tension, and even natural facial sculpting over time.

The most well-known example of crystals for facial massage is from Ancient China, which is called Gua Sha, and utilizes a specially shaped Jade crystal for both facial and body massages. Other crystal facial massage tools include rollers, wands, and even mushroom-shaped and polished stones. Although these are more specifically suited for this purpose, you don’t necessarily have to go out and spend money to get started with crystal facials . 

Many suitable crystals are quite common, and simpler pieces, such as tumble and palm stones, can also be used. You can also experiment with making crystal-infused cosmetics with simpler techniques or delve into deeper research and experimentation with the more complex crystal cosmetic formulation options.

Including suitable crystals in your facial cosmetics and massage practices in these ways can seriously elevate your experience. Many of the suggested crystal options we will explore offer benefits that are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This is such a unique way to connect with crystals as well as upgrade your self-care, health, and beauty.

Dos and Don’ts of Crystal Facial Massage 

Here are a few things you should consider when using crystals in cosmetics and for facial massages.

  • Don’t use just any crystal, as not all of them are suitable to be added to facial cosmetics, and specific stones can be utilized for facial massage.
  • Do start with a test patch or small massage session to feel into how your body reacts or responds.
  • Don’t use highly porous stones for massage, as they can harbor bacteria within the stone that can be transferred to your skin.
  • Don’t use crystals with sharp angles or rough textured stones for massage, as they can cause damage to your skin.
  • Don’t use stones that are easily damaged in oil or water
  • Don’t use stones that have a soluble composition that is not suited to skincare.
  • Do appropriately physically clean and energetically cleanse your crystals before adding them to cosmetics or using them for facial massages.
  • Do conduct research on the optimal techniques of facial massage and intricacies of the infusion methods (we will provide some elementary guidance under step-by-step practice later in this article).

Choosing the Right Facial Cosmetics for Your Crystal Massages

We will touch on the key benefits of some of the best crystals that can be used and how they can ideally be utilized either in facial cosmetics or for crystal massages.

Please pay attention to the specific uses suggested for each crystal and how to add it to your facial because not all these crystals can be used similarly. Some crystals may be safe for infusion or elixirs but unsuitable for crushing into a powder or as facial massage tools.

Read through each crystal section carefully and, of course, please conduct further research should you choose to use the crystals in different ways or use others.

Rose Quartz

rose quartz on white background

The presence of Rose Quartz can offer benefits such as improved circulation and soothing skin inflammation. On an energy-healing level, this stone is also very soothing and heart-opening. It is an excellent stone to boost self-love and appreciation as you lovingly practice facial massage.

This pink variety of Quartz can be included in your facial oils and creams for massage by intentionally infusing the crystal energetics into the oil, glycerin, or water components of the cosmetic or simply put a piece of Rose Quartz in the bottle or jar. Rose Quartz facial massage tools are widely available, and these are perfectly suitable.


amethyst on white background

Amethyst is great for bringing relaxation to the facial muscles and relieving tension. It is well suited for use on the face as it is associated with the Third Eye Chakra, and you can use it to gently massage your Third Eye area to connect with this benefit and stimulate the Third Eye, which leads to increased intuition, higher perspective, and psychic abilities.

As it is also a type of Quartz, durable purple Amethyst can be infused into facial massage cosmetics in many ways. Amethyst crystals can be tumbled, cut, and polished into shapes suitable for facial massages.

Green Aventurine

green aventurine on white background

Green Aventurine is a crystalline support for many skin conditions, such as rosacea, acne, and eczema. It is suitable for soothing inflamed skin, and it has an abundant revitalizing energy. 

This green variety of Quartz, that includes specs of shimmering Mica, can be infused into your facial cosmetics or utilized in the form of gua sha, facial roller tumble stone, or other shaped crystal massage tools.

It would be a perfect stone to infuse into a cooling facial gel, such as aloe vera, or to apply an after sun gel or cream for a gentle, refreshing Aventurine crystal facial massage.

Clear Quartz

clear quartz on white background

This master healer crystal can benefit your crystal facial in an inspiring way. It is a stone that can be programmed for any specific intention and amplify this intention. 

You can choose to program your Quartz for the exact facial benefits you require, and you can use it in facial cosmetic products to amplify the powers of the other active ingredients and the overall effectiveness of the products.

Due to the hardness of Clear Quartz, it can be infused into facial cosmetics in many ways. You can place a piece of Quartz into your oil, serum, or cream bottles and jars. You can also source a Quartz massage tool or simply a Clear Quartz tumbled stone to practice facial massage with. 


jade on white background

Jade was the stone of choice in Ancient China for crystal massages using the gua sha tools and techniques. Initially, the Jade gua sha tools were reserved only for royalty, and if you try one, you will feel why. Green Jade is especially beneficial in facial massage for its clearing, balancing, and beautifying effects. 

Jade gua sha stones, rollers, and other massage tools are now widely available and amazing for a facial massage that leaves you looking and feeling radiant. You can also create Jade-infused facial massage cosmetics using various techniques or infuse your existing cosmetics by placing a piece of clean and cleansed Jade stone into the jar or bottle.


Zeolite on white background

Zeolite, or Clinoptilolite, is one of the more unique crystals you can include. It has potent cleansing, detoxification, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects. Intentionally connecting with its frequency during crystal facial massages can help you to release judgment on yourself.

It is a softer and very porous stone, so it’s not widely available or recommended to use in the form of a crystal massage tool. It can be used as a powder in your crystal facial cosmetics. It is typically used as a face mask but can be added in small amounts to your facial cosmetics for massage, such as a face-suitable oil or natural cream.


Yellow Aragonite crystal on a white background
Image source: Wikimedia.org | Marie-Lan Taÿ Pamart

Aragonite is a calcium carbonate mineral that is mostly sourced from Pearls and shells, but it can form as Aragonite crystals, too, and it is really beneficial for the skin. It should be only used in the form of very fine Aragonite powder that can be added to your facial massage oil or cream.

In crystalline form, it is relatively low in hardness, so we don’t recommend using the stone itself as a massage tool. The benefits of Aragonite for skincare include healing blemishes and brightening your skin tone.


Opalite on a white background

Opalite is not technically a crystal; it is a man-made Opal simulant that is made of glass. It still does hold metaphysical benefits and can be used as a facial massage tool. You will find gua sha, rollers, and tumble stones abundantly available that can be used for this purpose.

This beautiful man-made stone is super durable, so it will last a long time and will be easy to keep clean. This is super important when using your stones for facial massage. Opalite is very cooling on the skin, and it can bring a feeling of lightness, positivity, and renewal.


moonstone on white background

Natural Moonstones are a very attractive option to include in your crystal facial, and it is possible to do so within specific parameters. As this stone is slightly porous, it is not ideal as a crystal massage tool, but it can be carefully infused for shorter periods within cosmetic formulas. 

Please be aware that there is the possibility of oil or water affecting your Moonstone’s luster or strength. Although it’s not the easiest stone to add to crystal facial practice, it does have some wonderful and relevant benefits. 

Moonstone is excellent for bringing balance to hormones, and this can be helpful for skin affected by hormonal fluctuations. It is also suitable for alleviating water retention. It cleanses and aligns your energy, helping you achieve a moon-like glow as you care for yourself by tending to your personal radiance.

How to Use Crystals in Cosmetics for Facial Massages: Suggested Step-by-Step Practice

  1. Choose one small, durable crystal or a mineral powder that is suitable for infusing into facial cosmetics.
  2. Clean and cleanse your crystal. 
  3. Hold your stone and set your intention for how you would like to benefit from it. 
  4. Choose a natural carrier oil that is suited to your skin type; add this into a small glass jar.
  5. Add in your crystal or a small amount of your cosmetic-grade mineral power.
  6. Additionally, you can add dried herbs, flowers, or essential oils of your choice that have skin benefits and resonate with your chosen crystal.
  7. Seal your jar well and place it on your altar to infuse for at least 1 week (or a minimum of 4 weeks if you’ve added dried herbs and want to extract some of these benefits, too). 
  8. Shake the jar daily and connect with your intention while doing so.
  9. In the meantime, choose another stone that is suitable to use as a facial massage tool.
  10. When it’s ready, strain your oil and store it in a small dropper bottle. 
  11. Cleanse your face, and then use a few drops of your crystal-infused oil together with your crystal massage tool to indulge in a crystal facial massage.
  12. Remember to clean and cleanse your crystal massage tool before and after using it on your face.

TIPS: Learn more about proper techniques for facial massage for more specific results. Some beginner considerations include using gentle to medium pressure only. Research the lymphatic drainage pathways of the face, paying special attention to areas on your face that need it. And, of course, enjoy the process and follow your intuition.


What are the Benefits of Crystal Face Massages?

Crystal massages can offer a range of benefits, which are both physical and energetic. Each crystal provides specific benefits. For example, Moonstone can help balance hormonal skin issues, and Aragonite is detoxifying for the skin. The action of using a crystal to massage your face is known to be beneficial for boosting circulation, reducing inflammation, lymphatic drainage, relieving tension, and more.

What is a Crystal You Can Rub on Your Face?

You can rub a suitably cut, shaped, and well-polished Rose Quartz on your face with a little facial oil for a beneficial crystal massage. 

How Do You Use Face Massage Stones?

Choose a suitable crystal that is shaped for facial massages, such as a gua sha, roller, a wand, or mushroom stone. Clean and cleanse your massage tool. Apply a face serum or oil (it can also be crystal infused) and use your stone to massage your face using gentle strokes in mostly upward and outward directions.

Do Facial Massage Stones Work?

Yes, facial massage stones have been used for hundreds of years, and they continue to gain popularity and be used for many benefits.

What are the Disadvantages of Stone Massages?

Using a crystal unsuitable for the skin or not cleaning your stone may result in skin reactions or breakouts. Stone massages may also pose disadvantages if you don’t use a proper technique.

Which Stone is Best for Facial Massages?

The best stones for facial massages are made of Jade or Quartz varieties, such as Rose Quartz, Amethyst, or Aventurine.

Use Crystals for Facial Massage!

Experiment and experience the different ways you can use crystals for facial massage to discover which crystals and techniques work best for you. Enjoy a deep connection with your stones and yourself through this unique practice.

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