Main Origins:
Bulgaria, Antarctica, China, Israel, France, Iceland, Ethiopia, Germany, Madagascar, Norway, France, Italy, Greenland, Japan, Kenya, Indonesia, Hungary, New Zealand, India, Kenya, Spain, Austria, China, and the United States.

What is Clinoptilolite?

Clinoptilolite on dark background
Image source: wikimedia commons

Clinoptilolite is a natural Zeolite mineral made of microporous Hydrated Aluminosilicate. It’s a prehistoric volcanic rock known for detoxifying the body from heavy metals and radiation. This is due to its high silica content that gives it incredible adsorption and ion exchange abilities. 

Geologically, it is composed of aluminum, silica, and oxygen with a crystalline structure. It’s a Heulandite type of mineral, also known as Natron-Heulandite. 

This Zeolite mineral is mostly clear and colorless but can also exhibit white, green, teal, pink, brown, yellow, orange, red, and gray colors. It typically forms tabular crystals in sedimentary rock from volcanic ash. 

Natron-Heulandite holds a high status for its ability to filter harmful substances, especially for water purification, agriculture, and environmental cleanups.

Fun Fact: Did you know Clinoptilolite was indispensable during the infamous nuclear disaster of Chernobyl? It was used to treat radioactive wastewater.

Clinoptilolite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Clinoptilolite is mostly seen in clear and colorless colours It opens the Crown, Soul Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras. This is why bonding with this crystal leads to higher consciousness, spiritual awareness, intuition, clarity, purification, and manifestation. 

This natural Zeolite mineral also exhibits many other colors, activating the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Lunar Star, Solar Star, and Earth Star Chakras. As a result, it fosters optimism, immunity, divine assistance, and awakening.

Did you know Mercury governs Clinoptilolite in astrology? It’s responsible for intelligence, self-expression, logical reasoning, and creativity. 

Hence, this Zeolite stone is beneficial for signs of Virgo and Capricorn, as it leads to empathy, patience, and growth.

The Earth element is associated with Clinoptilolite, making it ideal for harmony, protection, and hope when kept in the feng shui directions of the East and Northeast.

Natron-Heulandite brings the metaphysical benefits associated with Demeter, the Greek Goddess of Agriculture; Bhumi Devi, the Hindu Earth Goddess; Persephone, the Greek Goddess of Growth; and Cernunnos, the Celtic God of Nature.

This Heulandite-type Zeolite crystal resonates with the number 8, promoting success, power, healing, and wisdom. 

Clinoptilolite Healing Properties & Benefits

Detox and Healing

  • The best varieties to clear toxins from the body are Water Clear, Blue-Green, Brown, and Clinoptilolite-Ca. They can also remove blockages from the digestive, immune, and reproductive systems. 
  • Create a crystal elixir by keeping your crystal untouched near a glass of water for 4 to 6 hours. Consume the water once it’s infused indirectly and repeat the process once or twice a week for a month. 

Mental Clarity 

  • Do you suffer from chronic brain fog or confusion? Keep a charged Clinoptilolite variety such as Water Clear, Burnt Orange, or Yellow above your waist for focus and clarity.
  • Smudging your crystal with a sage smudge stick clears the mental fog, confusion, and emotional dilemmas. 


  • Opening your Heart Chakra with varieties such as Olive-Green, Euhedral, Pink, and Rosette Clinoptilolite connects you with other beings. 
  • Sit in a safe space under the moonlight, holding your crystal over your chest, and visualize your mind opening and connecting with beings around you for a few minutes.

Communication Skills 

  • Olive-green and Rosette varieties of Natron-Heulandite can remove fear and phobia. They also boost your self-confidence so you can speak your mind. 
  • Chant the seed mantra “LAM” while holding it before your lips for a minute. Then, place it over your neck, lips, and forehead for a minute to enhance your self-expression and communication skills.

Optimism and Stress Relief 

  • Varieties like Blue-Green, Red, and Clay-included Clinoptilolite clear blockages in your emotional system, making you hopeful and positive. 
  • Carry your crystal after charging it with sound energies using a singing bowl. To do this, place your crystal next to a singing bowl and play it for a few minutes after waking up.

Clinoptilolite Spiritual Properties & Benefits

woman enjoying the nature surrounded by yellow flowers

Psychic Shielding 

  • Are you afraid hexes or negative energies are affecting you? Then, hold onto a Water-Clear, Bladed, Ferrierite, or Pyrite Natron-Heulandite charged by the Earth. 
  • Bury your crystal overnight under three inches of soil to activate it for psychic protection. Carry the charged crystal on your person for a week before recharging with the Earth element. 


  • Setting a Clinoptilolite in Quartz Geode in your bedroom is good for awakening psychic powers like intuition and psychic vision. 
  • Create a crystal altar with your crystal in the center and lavender, frankincense, and mugwort around it in a circular pattern. Place four purple candles in the north, south, east, and west of the altar and meditate on your intention. 

Angelic Contact

  • If you’re confused with physical, emotional, or spiritual areas of your life, getting divine assistance from angels is the best idea. Clinoptilolite varieties included with Purple Fluorite and Calcite are perfect for this. 
  • Charge your crystal by holding it under sunlight for five minutes while visualizing the heavens opening up to you. Finally, place the charged stone under your pillow before sleep.

Spiritual Awareness and Growth

  • Varieties of this Zeolite mineral in colors like olive green and pink work well for spiritual development. For this, you can also use those included with Purple Fluorite, Diopside, or Clay. 
  • Make a Spell Jar by adding your crystal to the bottom of the spell jar, followed by sage, sandalwood powder or oil, and lotus petals. Tie the mouth of the jar with a ribbon at the end to set your intention. 

 Purification and Manifestation

  • Many types of Clinoptilolite, like Water-Clear, Pink, and Red, can neutralize negativity and amplify intentions. Hence, they’re excellent for purifying aura, spaces, and help with manifesting intentions. 
  • Chant this affirmation to prepare your crystal for purification or manifestation: “I release negativity from my mind, body, and soul, allowing my intentions to manifest.

Side Effects of Clinoptilolite

  • Dependency: Excessive use of this mineral without pauses or breaks can lead to addiction to spiritual thrills and fantasies. Take a break from the crystal every other day to prevent this. 
  • Sleep Disruption: Keeping a charged Zeolite mineral may disturb your sleep with vivid dreams or premonitions.
  • Loss of Personal Boundaries: Sensitive users may feel like they’re a different person if their birth chart doesn’t agree with the energies of Clinoptilolite. In such cases, consult an astrologer before continuing to wear this crystal. 


Clinoptilolite Meaning: What Does Clinoptilolite Symbolize?

The meaning of Clinoptilolite is detoxification. 

It was first documented in 1969 around California in San Bernardino and was mistaken as Heulandite for a long time. 

Interestingly, Clinoptilolite was misidentified as Mordenite based on chemical analysis in 1890. But the platy shape and optical characteristics led others to believe it was a monoclinic dimorph of Ptilolite.

Clinoptilolite is physically beneficial for eliminating exotoxins, mycotoxins, cholesterol, ammonia, bile, lead, silver, mercury, and cadmium from the body. Therefore, it’s beneficial to clear chakra blockages and detox your mind and spirit.

This Zeolite mineral is also associated with spiritual development, psychic powers, hope, love, empathy, kindness, mental clarity, and logical reasoning.

Types of Clinoptilolite Crystals

  • Clinoptilolite-Na: This variety commonly shows pale to dark orange crystals, sometimes with colorless crystals. Use it for grounding, strength, and eliminating toxins from your body, mind, and soul. 
  • Clinoptilolite-Ca: Exhibiting vibrant orange hues that are highly translucent, this variety boosts mental clarity, cognition, intelligence, and creativity. 
  • Clinoptilolite-K: Clinoptilolite with Potassium shows pale to dark green hues, often encrusted with vibrant orange crystals. They’re a kundalini energy stone that improves universal consciousness, willpower, and courage.
  • Water Clear Clinoptilolite: One of the most common types of Clinoptilolite mineral, this type of crystal is colorless with high transparency. It’s also good for purifying the body and mind.
  • Blue-Green Clinoptilolite: Exhibiting pale blue, teal, and blue-green hues, this type of Natron-Heulandite is a powerhouse for health, immunity, angelic contact, and detox. 
  • Olive Green Clinoptilolite: This is another variety of the Heulandite-type Zeolite mineral with pale green to olive green hues. This stone enhances empathy, spiritual awareness, wisdom, and self-expression.
  • Yellow Clinoptilolite: Also known as Stained Clinoptilolite, these crystals exhibit bright to pale and dull yellow shades that sometimes sparkle. Use this variety for psychic powers like intuition and premonitions and also for manifesting success. 
  • Burnt Orange Clinoptilolite: Klinoptilolith in rusty, dark, and deep orange hues constitute this variety. These stones improve your endurance, immunity, resilience, and auric shield. 
  • Pink Clinoptilolite: Natron-Heulandite showing pale to dark pink hues is good for opening the Heart and Crown Chakras. Hence, using them for love, empathy, kindness, manifestation, purification, and transformation is best. 
  • Red Clinoptilolite: This variety of Zeolite minerals may show crimson, maroon, or dark red hues, often with brown, cream, or orange undertones. Use them for optimism, stress relief, and universal awareness.
  • Brown Clinoptilolite: Clinoptilolite in pale and dark brown hues helps activate the Root and Earth Star Chakras to boost detox, clarity, and psychic protection. 
  • Euhedral Clinoptilolite: This type of Natron-Heulandite boasts a well-formed crystal structure. Use it for stability, harmony, emotional balance, and love.
  • Tabular Clinoptilolite: This is one of the most common Heulandite-type Zeolite mineral varieties, and crystals naturally occur in flat plates or slabs. It’s good for decisiveness, logical reasoning, growth, and healing. 
  • Clinoptilolite Blades: Klinoptilolith may form blade-like structures naturally in clear, brown, red, or green hues. They are ideal for clearing confusion, purification, manifestation, and psychic gifts. 
  • Clinoptilolite Rosette: Natron-Heulandite often forms natural formations that resemble rosettes or flower petals. Use them for transformation, love, communication skills, and inner healing. 
  • Clinoptilolite-Ca and Heulandite-Ca Series: Klinoptilolith forms a series with Heulandite exhibiting white, maroon, or orange hues. They’re good for stability, detox, stress relief, and optimism. 
  • Clinoptilolite with Purple Fluorite: Clinoptilolite with Purple Fluorite cubes is a rare sight and leads you to spiritual development, psychic powers, angelic contact, and manifestation. 
  • Clinoptilolite in Quartz Geode: Zeolite minerals may naturally form, showing baby pink, teal, white, colorless, and druzy crystals. They are excellent for purification, psychic shielding, amplification, immunity, and strength.
  • Clinoptilolite with Mordenite: Natron-Heulandite naturally forms with White Mordenite hairs, leading to self-discovery, tranquility, hope, health, and harmony. 
  • Clinoptilolite with Diopside and Grossular: Water-Clear Klinoptilolith crystals naturally form with Grossular Garnet and Diopside, showing orange, brown, and green hues. They’re great for rejuvenation, strength, and spiritual awareness.
  • Clinoptilolite with Ferrierite: One of the most common varieties called Clinoptilolite-Fe, this type shows colorless to white, brown, and orange crystals. Use it for mental clarity, abundance, and psychic shielding. 
  • Clinoptilolite in Matrix: Zeolite minerals can also form in varied colors inside the Andesite, Basalt, and Rhyolite matrix. They’re excellent for grounding, willpower, strength, and decisiveness. 
  • Clinoptilolite with Pyrite: A natural formation of Filiform Pyrite with Clinoptilolite-Ca, this variety shows up in gray or black on a base rock of white with iridescence. Use this crystal to attract prosperity and shield against negative energies. 
  • Clinoptilolite on Clay: A type of Clinoptilolite with stalactite formation, this crystal exhibits clear, yellow, and brown hues. It’s good for spiritual awareness, stress relief, hope, and healing.
  • Clinoptilolite-K with Calcite: Klinoptilolith may also form with Pink Calcite, showing silver flashes in rounded shapes. Use this natural crystal combination for empathy, clarity, growth, and angelic contact. 

How to Cleanse Clinoptilolite?

Lighted candles on a table

Note: Clinoptilolite is a self-cleansing crystal. However, pick a convenient method from below if your intuition keeps prompting you to cleanse.

  • Sunlight: Hold your crystal before sunset and visualize your thoughts blending with the Sun’s rays and cleansing your crystal.
  • Candle: Light a candle and hold your crystal safely around the flame for a minute to reset its purity.
  • Palo Santo: Circling a lit Palo Santo smudge stick over your crystal can thoroughly cleanse your crystal by ejecting the negativity absorbed by it. 

Questions and Answers

Is Clinoptilolite a Mineral?

Yes, Clinoptilolite is a Zeolite mineral and a crystal. 

Can Clinoptilolite Get Wet?

Yes, Clinoptilolite can get wet, but it’s unsafe to soak or expose it to water for long periods.

Is Clinoptilolite Safe in The Sun?

Yes, Clinoptilolite is safe in the Sun for short periods. Avoid direct sunlight and long-term exposure to prevent damage to its structural integrity.

Is Clinoptilolite of Volcanic Origin?

Yes, Clinoptilolite is of volcanic origin and is generally found in volcanic ash deposits called tufts.

What are The Uses of Clinoptilolite?

The most popular use of Clinoptilolite is as a molecular sieve. Additionally, it’s used in construction, as a binding agent in agricultural feed, as an additive in household products, and as a desiccant.

Is Clinoptilolite Expensive?

No, Clinoptilolite is not an expensive crystal. Depending on size, color, composition, and origin, the cost may range from $10 to $500.

Is Clinoptilolite Safe for Humans?

Yes, Clinoptilolite is safe for humans as it is inert, meaning chemically inactive. Moreover, this mineral is beneficial as it removes heavy metals and toxins due to its high porosity. It also has anti-inflammatory effects. 

Where is Clinoptilolite Found?

Clinoptilolite is typically found in Zeolitic sedimentary rocks. You can easily find it in volcanic ash basalt and shale deposits. 

Interactions with Clinoptilolite

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