(zoi - sahyt)
Main Origins:
Afghanistan, Tanzania, Kenya, Pakistan, Switzerland, Norway, USA, Austria, India, and Sri Lanka.

What is Zoisite?

A zoisite crystal on the sand

Zoisite is a gemstone that is found in metamorphic and pegmatitic rock. It comes in a variety of colors, with some varieties translucent and others opaque. The most famous variety of Zoisite is Tanzanite, which appears in blue and purple shades.

This versatile stone has been used for many spiritual and ornamental purposes over the years. Opaque varieties are often carved and used as beads or ornaments. Translucent varieties, such as Tanzanite, are usually cut and treated to place into jewelry. 

Did you know that Zoisite crystals are often heat treated to enhance their color? Blue Zoisites are sometimes actually brown varieties of the stone that have been treated with heat. This enhances their look and makes them perfect for both jewelry and crystal healing.

Zoisite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Zoisite works with the Heart and Crown Chakras, creating a flow of energy between both. This allows you to understand your personal connection with higher powers and spirituality. It is a great stone to use if you are new to spiritual practices and wish to enhance your growth. 

This wonderful stone promotes feelings of rebirth and renewal. It triggers change and realizations in your life while also replacing negative energy with positive energy. 

Did you know that Zoisite gets its power from both the element of Earth and of Fire? Zoisite balances the energy of these two elements, allowing you to stay grounded as you transform into your higher self. The element of Fire unlocks transformation and growth, whereas the element of Earth helps us feel safe and secure. 

Zoisite allows positive energy and love to flow through you. It helps you to overcome anger and sadness, bringing change into your life. If you have been through a difficult time, working with a Zoisite stone can help you leave your pain in the past. 

Connected to the Sun, you can use Zoisite to bring optimism and light into your life. Its vibrations enhance your own personal strength and inner power, allowing you to be who you want to be.

Zoisite Healing Properties and Benefits


  • The transformative properties of Zoisite help you address issues in your life and embrace renewal and personal growth. 
  • Meditate with a Zoisite stone on the night of the waning moon. Identify things you wish to let go of and visualize a better future for yourself. 


  • Zoisite brings positive energy into your life, giving you a mood and energy boost. 
  • Wear a Zoisite around your neck, close to your Heart Chakra, to allow its energy to bring you rejuvenation and positive vibes. 

Overcoming Grief

  • Because of its positive, healing energy, Zoisite is a fantastic stone for overcoming grief and moving on from the pain. 
  • When you feel overwhelmed with grief and sadness, take a moment to hold your Zoisite stone in your hands. Focus on the good that is in your life and acknowledge who you have lost. 

Self Acceptance

  • Zoisite transforms negative energy, allowing you to see yourself for who you truly are. This promotes self-acceptance and boosts your self-esteem. 
  • Meditate with your Zoisite stone while repeating affirmations of self-acceptance and self-love. 

Peace of Mind

  • By opening up the Heart Chakra and allowing love to flow through you, Zoisite unlocks peace and tranquility. 
  • When you feel overwhelmed with emotions, hold your Zoisite stone close to your Heart Chakra. Focus on your breathing and allow your emotions to flow through you and out into the world. 


  • If you are recovering from trauma, illness, or sadness, Zoisite helps you see the light at the end of the tunnel. 
  • Wear a Zoisite stone on your dominant hand to remind yourself of your strength and courage.

Zoisite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A tray of crystal clusters, candles, statue and a pot of flowering plants


  • Zoisite cleanses your auric field and the space around you. It works to transform negative energy into positive energy. 
  • Place your Zoisite stone in your living room to allow its energy to cleanse your space. You may also wish to meditate with it while repeating affirmations of cleansing and renewal. 

Spiritual Awakening

  • Because it works to open up the Crown Chakra, we can work with Zoisite to enhance our spiritual growth. 
  • Place your Zoisite on your Crown Chakra while meditating to help you explore spiritual knowledge. 


  • Zoisite helps you to align yourself with your true path in life. It allows you to uncover the truth of your soul and your connection with the universe. 
  • Meditate with your Zoisite stone as you explore your true self. 


  • You can work with Zoisite to manifest your goals and dreams. Its energy promotes change in all aspects of your life, boosting your manifestation skills. 
  • Hold your Zoisite stone in your hands while you visualize your dream future and set intentions


  • Zoisite boosts your understanding of yourself and your hidden knowledge. This allows you to explore and enhance your intuition. 
  • Wear a Zoisite crystal as a necklace to allow its energy to boost your intuition and innate wisdom


  • Working with both the element of Earth and Fire, you can use Zoisite to center yourself and your emotions. 
  • Hold your Zoisite stone in your hand while visualizing a flow of energy coming from the stone and into your heart.

Zoisite Side Effects

  • Intense Change: Because Zoisite brings forth renewal and transformation, some people may find the change it triggers intense. It is important to remember that this change will ultimately be positive.  

Zoisite Meaning: What Does Zoisite Symbolize?

A woman smiling in nature

Zoisite gets its name from the naturalist Sigmund Zois who first found the unique stone in 1997. He sent the specimen to Abraham Gottlob Werner, who confirmed it was a new discovery and named it Zoisite. Since then, new varieties of the stone have been discovered and used in crystal healing and jewelry. 

Many varieties of Zoisite are pleochroic. This means that they appear in different colors from different angles. This wonderful effect enhances their beauty and makes them even more sought after by collectors. 

Zoisite symbolizes hope and joy. Its vibrations enhance self-discovery and bring you new perspectives on life. It is known as the Stone of Rebirth and the Stone of Return, allowing you to connect to yourself and the universe.

Types of Zoisite

  • Gray Zoisite: This gray variety of Zoisite is opaque, in a dark gray shade. It is perfect for bringing balance and harmony into your life.
  • Purple Zoisite: Appearing a translucent dark to light purple, purple varieties of Zoisite connect with and opens the Crown Chakra. This allows you to move forward on your spiritual journey. 
  • Green Zoisite: Green Zoisite can be dark to light green and both opaque and translucent. This type of Zoisite is great for embracing change and renewal.
  • Brown Zoisite: A light brown variety with golden hues, use a Brown Zoisite for setting intentions and manifesting your dreams. 
  • Yellow Zoisite: Yellow Zoisite appears dark yellow with green tinges. This variety is brimming with hope and positivity, transforming negative energy and bringing happiness into your life. 
  • Orange Zoisite: Orange Zoisite is a translucent variety, with an orangish-gold tone. Use an Orange Zoisite to help you gain focus and understanding of your goals. 
  • Tanzanite: This blue variety of Zoisite gets its color from the inclusions of vanadium. It boosts psychic abilities and our connection with higher levels of consciousness. 
  • Chrome Tanzanite: A yellow-green variety of Zoisite, Chrome Tanzanite promotes recovery and stability. 
  • Thulite: Thulite refers to specimens of Zoisite that have a pink hue to them, which comes from manganese. This variety works with the Heart Chakra and brings peace and compassion into your life. 
  • Anyolite: Anyolite has Ruby and Zoisite in the crystal and appears in a beautiful mix of green and pink. Work with this variety to boost your self-esteem and self-acceptance. 
  • Clinozoisite: Clinozoisite refers to Zoisite that is crystallized in a monoclinic system. This variety promotes acceptance, forgiveness, and recovery. 
  • Spotted Zoisite: Appearing with dark spots within the crystal, Spotted Zoisite brings forth the energy of clarity and understanding. 
  • Banded Zoisite: Banded Zoisite has dark lines within the crystal. It is a fantastic stone to enhance your connection with Mother Nature. 
  • Zoisite with Hornblende: Zoisite mixed with Hornblende appears green with black inclusions. This variety promotes peace and calm and allows you to see things clearly.

How To Cleanse Zoisite?

sun beams shining through a tree

  • Sunlight: Place your Zoisite crystal in the sunlight for twenty minutes. Do not leave it for much longer, as it may damage the stone. 
  • Moonlight: Place your Zoisite stone under the Full Moon for a whole night. 
  • Candles: Light a candle and leave it burning for a few minutes. Then take your Zoisite crystal and carefully run it through the flames until the smoke has surrounded the stone.

Questions and Answers

What is a Zoisite used for?

Zoisite is used to open up the Heart and Crown Chakras. It enhances transformations and personal growth, allowing you to connect with your true self.

Is Zoisite a gemstone?

No. Technically, the term Zoisite refers to a mineral. The gemstones are varieties of this mineral. 

What does the Zoisite stone symbolize?

Zoisite symbolizes renewal, rebirth, and positive transformation.

Zoisite symbolizes renewal, rebirth, and positive transformation.

Yes, Ruby Zoisite is a rare combination of two crystals and can only be found in a few places around the world.

What is Ruby Zoisite stone good for?

Ruby Zoisite is a fantastic stone to open up the Heart Chakra. It brings positive energy into your life and promotes love and happiness. It also works to balance all the chakras together, tapping into the powers of both Ruby and Zoisite.

What Zodiac is Ruby Zoisite good for?

Ruby Zoisite is good for Aries and Aquarius zodiac signs.

Does Ruby Zoisite glow in the dark?

Yes, when a UV light is shone on a Ruby Zoisite, the Ruby in the stone will glow. This is because Ruby has fluorescence, which means the energy it absorbs is emitted through light.

Is Zoisite a Quartz?

No, Zoisite is its own crystal mineral.

Where can Zoisite be found?

Zoisite can be found in a range of locations around the world, such as Afghanistan, Tanzania, Pakistan, Switzerland, and the USA. 

Is Zoisite a rock or a mineral?

Zoisite is a type of mineral.

What is another name for Ruby Zoisite?

Ruby Zoisite is often referred to as Anyolite. This name comes from the Maasai word for green, which is anyoli.

Can Zoisite go in the water?

Yes, Zoisite can be put in the water and cleaned for short periods of time.

Can Zoisite go in sunlight?

Yes, Zoisite can be put in the sun and charged in this way.

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