(an - da - loo - sahyt)
Main Origins:
Spain, Russia, Australia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Brazil, USA, Canada, and South Africa.

What is Andalusite?

An Andalusite crystal on a black background

Andalusite is found in metamorphic rocks and is an aluminum nesosilicate mineral. It comes in various colors and levels of opaqueness, with some specimens extremely transparent. 

A variety of Andalusite is Chiastolite, which is famous for having a distinctive cross shape on the stone that is caused by graphite inclusions. 

Transparent specimens of Andalusite are often pleochroic, which means they appear in different colors from different angles. These specimens are usually the ones cut into gemstones to display this effect. Because of this pleochroic effect, Andalusite has been dubbed the poor man’s Alexandrite. 

Jean-Claude Delamétehrie named Andalusite after an area of Spain, where the stone was originally noted. However, Andalusite is abundant worldwide, with varieties found in a range of countries and states.

Andalusite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Andalusite is a powerful crystal that harmonizes all the chakras, creating energy flow from the Crown Chakra down to the Root Chakra. It also strongly connects with the Heart Chakra, promoting understanding and emotional awareness. As it is a Root Chakra gemstone, we can use Andalusite for centering and grounding. 

Did you know that Andalusite connects with the Soul Star Chakra? This secondary chakra is located in your etheric body, a few inches above your head. It connects you with higher wisdom and understanding, allowing you to explore past lives and your soul’s mission. 

Andalusite gains its powers from the element of Earth. This element governs our feelings of safety and security, and connecting with it helps us feel one in the world. You can also work with the element of Earth to manifest material abundance and good health

Because it harmonizes the Crown, Heart, and Root Chakra, Andalusite is a fantastic stone for balance and self-awareness. It promotes a deep understanding of the self and our purpose in the world, helping us move forward on our journey. We can use Andalusite if we feel unsure of our path and want the courage and conviction to make the right choices. Did you know that Andalusite gains its power from the planet Venus? Venus is the planet of abundance and love, and we can use Andalusite to bring this energy into our lives. Use Andalusite to manifest your heart’s desires by connecting with Venus.

Andalusite Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Andalusite helps you realize your truth and amplifies ambition and purpose. We can use it to boost self-realization and personal development. 
  • Charge your Andalusite crystal with a candle. Then wear it on your dominant hand to enhance your personal development. 


  • If you are struggling with your memory, wearing an Andalusite stone can help you. Its energy clears the mind and brings forth focus. 
  • Charge your Andalusite with moonlight before wearing it as a necklace. When you need help with memory, gently touch the stone. 


  • By connecting you with your truth and enhancing focus, Andalusite helps you see situations clearly and find solutions to problems. 
  • Charge your Andalusite crystal with chanting. Then hold it when you are thinking about a problem you are facing and ask it to help you find a solution. 

New Ideas

  • Andalusite stimulates the mind and intellect, bringing you new ideas and ways of thinking. Because of this, it is a great stone for creatives who are finding themselves blocked. 
  • Charge your Andalusite with water by holding it under running water for a few moments. Then place it on your desk at work or in your creative space to prompt new ideas.

Emotional Balance

  • Connected to the Heart Chakra, Andalusite helps you regulate and understand your emotions. Its powerful vibrations open your Heart Chakra and allows you to find a balance within. 
  • Charge your Andalusite with positive affirmations of balance and wellness. Then wear it around your neck.

Andalusite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A small tree is growing on an old tree trunk


  • Andalusite activates the Root Chakra, which allows you to center your energy and find security. 
  • Use your Andalusite for Root Chakra healing by placing it on the chakra and visualizing your energy coming back to your body and meeting at the Root Chakra. 

Connecting With Mother Nature

  • Because it gains power from the element of Earth, we can use Andalusite to deepen our connection with Mother Nature. Connecting with nature boosts spiritual awareness and helps us feel safe and secure. 
  • Charge your Andalusite by burying it in soil and leaving it submerged overnight. Then go out in nature and meditate with your Andalusite stone, paying attention to your senses and what you are experiencing. 


  • Andalusite is a strongly protective stone used to ward off negative energy and the evil eye. 
  • Charge your Andalusite stone with sage. Then place it near your front door to protect your home and aura from negative energy and psychic attacks. 

Chakra Healing

  • Andalusite activates the Crown and Root Chakra, creating energy flow between them. This means that its energy connects with all chakras that are between them. 
  • Hold your Andalusite crystal on your Crown Chakra while repeating affirmations of healing and growth. Then go down your chakras one by one with the stone, repeating affirmations for each one. 

Psychic Abilities

  • Because it opens up the Crown Chakra, we can use Andalusite to amplify and explore psychic abilities and hidden knowledge. 
  • Charge your Andalusite with water, as the element of water is connected with the subconscious. Then place it on your Crown Chakra as you explore and develop your psychic abilities.

Andalusite Side Effects

  • Materialistic Attitudes: Andalusite’s power comes from the planet Venus, which governs abundance and material gain. Because of this, using Andalusite may cause materialistic attitudes. 
  • Overwhelming Spiritual Realizations: Because it activates the Soul Star Chakra, you may have realizations about past lives. This can be overwhelming for some. 
  • Overworking: Andalusite amplifies ambition and hard work, which is fantastic in moderation. However, you may be too focused on work when using Andalusite, which can cause burnout or stress.

Andalusite Meaning: What Does Andalusite Symbolize?

A group of people sitting in the floor and smilling

The meaning of Andalusite is understanding

Andalusite helps you understand yourself and your purpose in the world. Working with this stone will reveal your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to move forward on your true path in life. It also amplifies your personal power and ability to make decisions. Did you know that Andalusite is often referred to as the Seeing Stone? This is because it boosts your awareness of yourself and others, allowing you to see the truth.

Types of Andalusite

  • Common Andalusite: Common Andalusite is a green stone with dark yellow and orange pleochroism. Use this variety to promote new ideas and self-awareness.  
  • Chiastolite: This variety of Andalusite is a light brown stone with a distinctive cross mark. Chiastolite is a fantastic protective stone that boosts feelings of stability and safety.  
  • Olive-Green Andalusite: Olive-Green Andalusite is a transparent stone in a light green shade. This variety opens up the Heart Chakra and brings forth emotional understanding and balance. 
  • Brown Andalusite: This variety is a light brown transparent stone. Brown Andalusite is a great stone to use to connect with Mother Nature. 
  • Gray Andalusite: Gray Andalusite is an opaque variety in a light gray shade. Use this variety to boost your spiritual understanding. 
  • Pink Andalusite: This variety appears in a light pink shade and helps with problem-solving and focus. 
  • Brown Andalusite: Brown Andalusite is a light brown, translucent gemstone. It is a brilliant stone for grounding and centering. 
  • White Andalusite: White Andalusite is an opaque stone in a dusty white shade. Use a White Andalusite for chakra healing.
  • Yellow Andalusite: This variety is a transparent crystal in a golden yellow shade. Use a Yellow Andalusite to boost your confidence and self-awareness. 
  • Red Andalusite: Red Andalusite is a red gemstone with orange hues. This variety is perfect for opening the Root Chakra. 
  • Orange Andalusite: A deep orange gemstone, use Orange Andalusite to amplify your personal power and inner strength. 
  • Bicolor Burnt Andalusite: Bicolor Burnt Andalusite is a gemstone with orange and green shades within it. Use this variety to boost feelings of self-love and confidence. 
  • Brazilian Andalusite: Brazilian Andalusite is a brown and orange gemstone. It is perfect for protection.
  • Andalusite Garnet: This variety has a honey-orange shade to it and can be used to promote self-awareness and understanding. 
  • Viridine: Viridine is a bright green variety of Andalusite, with its colors caused by manganese impurities within the crystal. Use Viridine to unlock and develop your intuition and psychic abilities. 
  • Andalusite with Milky Quartz: This variety is a milky white Quartz crystal with darker inclusions of Andalusite. Use Andalusite with Milky Quartz for developing cosmic connections.

How To Cleanse Andalusite?

Sunlight above the clouds

  • Sunlight: Place your Andalusite stone in the sunshine for five minutes. 
  • Water: Hold your Andalusite stone under running water for a few moments. Natural water, such as a stream, is better, but tap water will also work. 
  • Herbs: Place your Andalusite stone in a jar with cleansing herbs, like sage or rosemary. Seal the jar and then leave it for 12 hours.

Questions and Answers

Is Andalusite a rare stone?

No, Andalusite is a common mineral. However, specimens that are good enough to cut into gemstones are rare. 

Where is Andalusite found?

Andalusite is found in Spain, Russia, Australia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Brazil, USA, Canada, and South Africa.

What kind of mineral is Andalusite?

Andalusite is an aluminum nesosilicate mineral.

What is Andalusite also known as?

Andalusite is also known as the poor man’s Alexandrite, as it has a pleochroic effect.

What type of rock is Andalusite?

Andalusite is a mineral found in metamorphic rocks.

Can Andalusite go in the water?

Yes, Andalusite can go in the water.

Can Andalusite go in sunlight?

Yes, Andalusite can go in sunlight.

What is the difference between Chiastolite and Andalusite?

Chiastolite is a variety of Andalusite. This means that all specimens of Chiastolites are Andalusite stones, but not all Andalusite specimens are Chiastolites.

What zodiac signs should wear Andalusite?

Andalusite is connected with the zodiac sign Virgo.

What zodiac signs should not wear Andalusite?

People with the zodiac sign Leo should not wear Andalusite. This is because Andalusite is ruled by Venus, which is an enemy planet of the sun.

Where should Andalusite be placed in the house?

Andalusite should be placed near the front door or by a window to protect your home from negative energy. 

Can Andalusite be worn every day?

Yes, you can wear Andalusite every day, as it is a durable gemstone.

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