(bron - zahyt)
Main Origins:
Brazil, India, Austria, Germany, USA, Argentina, Australia, China, France, Greece, Iran, Namibia, Italy, South Africa, Antarctica, Greenland, Norway, and Finland.

What is Bronzite?

Polished bronzite crystals

Bronzite is a silicate variety of Enstatite under the Pyroxene group of minerals, so it’s often called Brown Enstatite. 

The crystal gets its iconic brown hues from iron and is often called iron-bearing Enstatite. It’s popularly used in the spiritual community for grounding, manifestation, energy, prosperity, and peace. 

Did you know Bronzite was called Bastite for a long time? The fibrous structure of this crystal looked like a bast, an old term for the hair of goats, badgers, and other animals. 

Most of the Bastite crystals come from Brazil. They show numerous shades of brown, from chocolate to tan and beige, often with golden flecks from Pyrite

Bronzite may also show green, blue, black, pink, green, orange, red, and white with a metallic or submetallic tin from the presence of other trace minerals. They’re usually opaque but may be translucent with a pearly luster.

Fun Fact: Varieties of Bronzite are stages of iron alteration, and Bronzite continues to age until schillerization. Iron changes into fine layers of oxides and hydroxide, and you see a metallic shine in Bronzite.

Bronzite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Bronzite is mainly associated with brown and yellow colors, so it heals Root, Solar Plexus, and Earth Star (secondary or minor chakra) Chakras on top of grounding and protecting you. 

Other varieties of this crystal also open the Sacral, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, and Solar (minor) Chakras. 

The Earth element rules Bronzite in feng shui, so it’ll protect you when kept in the Southwest or Northeast direction. 

The ruling planet linked to Bastite is Venus, signifying peace, beauty, luck, and creativity.

Who should wear Bronzite? Zodiac signs like Sagittarius, Scorpio, Leo, and Aries find their best with Bronzite. 

Bastite crystal also draws into the powers of deities like Gaia, the Greek Goddess of Earth; Thor, the Norse God of Thunder; Aine, the Celtic Goddess of Love; Tlazolteotl, the Aztec Goddess of Healing; and Durga, the Hindu Warrior Goddess.

Many Bronzite benefits, like manifestation, vitality, confidence, and wisdom, come from its cosmic vibration numbers 1 and 11.

Bronzite Healing Properties and Benefits

Inner Peace

  • Bronzite properties include peace, teaching you acceptance and openness. Instead of negative self-talk, you’ll realize all the benefits the cosmos has in store for you.  
  • Activate your Bronzite for inner peace by smudging it with a sacred herb, like sage, while chanting OM. 

Creativity and Intelligence

  • The mind-expanding effects of Bastite also improve your brain power and the quest for knowledge after bonding with it. Bronzite is great for overcoming writer’s block because it boosts productivity. 
  • You can place your crystal on a yoga mat and sit on it with your spine above the stone. Do some breathwork, yoga, or meditation to charge the stone before carrying it. 

Courage and Confidence

  • Anxiety and evil go together, and Bastite helps to banish both by improving self-respect and self-confidence.
  • Learn to dare in life by always keeping a charged Bronzite in your left pocket. To charge it for courage or confidence, bury it overnight under three inches of soil. 


  • Do you feel tired? Bronzite clears chakra blockages to clear your mental load and boost energy. 
  • Charge your crystal with the fire energy of a candle before eating or drinking. 

Patience and Grounding

  • Whether it’s anger management or pessimism hindering your patience, Bronzite can help by grounding excess energies away. 
  • Program Bronzite for patience by chanting positive affirmations into the crystal. It will help to ground away your tension and worries.

Bronzite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

woman standing at the beach during sunset


  • Did you know the universe listens to all your thoughts? Bronzite is one of the stones that amplify intentions and send them to the universe’s heart.
  • Make a crystal grid with Bronzite in the center to manifest your intentions. 


  • Jealous and toxic neighbors often send negativity to you and your family subconsciously. But keeping charged Bronzites in the four corners inside the house is good for repelling such evil vibrations.
  • Circle an amplifying stone like Apophyllite over Bastite to activate it for psychic protection. You can then place them in the different corners of your home.

Psychic Visions

  • Did you know sleeping with Bronzite clarifies communication with the higher realm? You might receive messages through psychic visions or apparitions. 
  • Program your crystal for psychic abilities by soaking it under the Full Moon light for a few minutes. You can also gaze into the stone on moonlit nights and keep it under the pillow before sleep.

Abundance and Success

  • Bronzite varieties with golden flecks and tones are good for transmuting misfortune into prosperity. This crystal helps by guiding you and helping you make the right decisions. 
  • You can set a crystal altar with Bastite tumbled stones in the Southeast corner of your home to invite success and abundance. 

Karmic Therapy

  • Past life recall is an advanced technique that shamans, psychics, and priests do to clear karmic debts. 
  • Combine multiple programming techniques, like meditation, chanting, healing sounds, and incense, to find spiritual guidance in clearing your karmic debts.

Bronzite Side Effects

  • Blind Positivity: Bastite connects you to Mother Gaia, the Earth Goddess, so beginners might laugh a lot at the face of trauma.
  • Emptiness: Some users say Bronzite makes you feel empty when trying advanced rituals, like Merkaba meditation or Astral projection. Cleanse with a Selenite and rest if this is you.
  • Sleep Disturbances: Sleeping with Bronzite is recommended, but it may be counterproductive if you’re not used to psychic visions and spirit contact. 
  • Conflict in the Birth Chart: If the planets in your horoscope conflict with the metaphysical properties of Bronzite, you may be frequently lost or troubled.

Bronzite Meaning: What does Bronzite Symbolize?

A man kneeling on top of the mountain

The meaning of Bronzite is mindfulness.

It’s a grounding stone that connects you to not only the Earth but also the Cosmos. Healers recommend it for boosting healing, peace, energy, passion, and success

Bronzite was often called Bastite, from the word “bast,” meaning the hair of goats, badgers, and other animals. 

Did you know Bronzite is the Stone of Courtesy? It’s also a stone of mindfulness and cosmic connection. 

Ancient Greeks and Romans used it in amulets and talismans to ward off evil energies. Ground or powdered Bronzite was applied as medicinal pastes to clear toxins, illnesses, and diseases in the early times. 

Bastite is now an essential crystal for chakra cleansing in Reiki, manifestation grids, and wellness. It’s often called Bahia Stone from Bahia Cansanção mines in Brazil. 

Fun Fact: Bronzite is used in pigments and the construction industry. It also has other meanings to painters, artists, and designers today.

Types of Bronzites

  • Common Bronzite: Did you know Bronzite is commonly described as a brownstone with bronze flecks? It may show green, yellow, or blue tints based on schillerization. Use it for vitality, peace, and psychic awakening. 
  • Speckled Bronzite: Hypersthene in this variety shows spot-like mottled inclusions in beige, yellow, or pale colors. It’s great for focus and intelligence. 
  • Banded Bronzite: Some crystal varieties show concentric bands of yellow or golden flecks in a brown base. Use it for spiritual guidance. 
  • Golden Bronzite: Showing golden flecks in a dark brown base color with abstract inclusions of tan and beige colors, it’s good for abundance and clearing toxins from the body. This variety is often called Styrian Bronzite.
  • Golden Druzy Bronzite Geode: This type of Hypersthene forms a reddish center with beige or pale-yellow exteriors. Use it for palm stones, especially for patience and courage. 
  • Bronze Bronzite: A dark color Bronzite showing a brownish-red hue, this variety is good for passion because it also awakens the Kundalini energy center. 
  • Regalite and Bronzite: Also called Sea Sediment Jasper Bronzite, this crystal formation occurs in red, green, purple, blue, indigo, and pink colors. Use it for safety, protection, and knowledge. 
  • Bronzite with Mosaic Jasper: A multicolor variety, this crystal shows pale purple, yellow, and orange. It’s good for crystal altars for amplifying positive energies. 
  • Turquoise Bronzite: Not a Turquoise variety, this is an Enstatite variety with turquoise color and brown veining. Use it to improve brain skills to become more creative and expressive. 
  • Orange Bronzite: This variety of Bronzite features vibrant orange with dark brown and pale yellow colors. It’s great for confidence, energy, and vitality. 
  • Bronzite Pyroxene: Also called Bronzite Pyroxenite, this is a magnetic stone that comes from its magnetite inclusions in brown, tan, black, and green colors. Use this crystal for past life recall and karmic healing. 
  • Olivine Bronzite: Popular as the Gao Stone, this is a unique mix of three crystals – Olivine, Bronzite, and Chondrite. Use it for prosperity and wisdom.
  • Bronzite with Pyrite: Green Pyrite often forms with dark brown Hypersthene crystals with golden flecks. It’s good for support, peace, and energy. 
  • Bronzite Gabbro: Often formed with Gabbro and Nuummite, this is a Black Bronzite with brown, beige, red, and gray inclusions. Black Gabbro is commonly found with Baitite and is great for protection.
  • Montana Rock: A natural formation of Bronzite in Serpentine, this variety may show black, brown, green, golden, or gray colors. It’s good for setting intentions for inner healing.
  • Hematite with Bronzite: Showing black instead of brown with yellow inclusions and specks, this natural crystal pairing is good for psychic protection. 
  • Pietersite Fire Bronzite: This is a Pietersite variety with Goethite and Hematite with Bronzite. It’s great for charging manifestation grids.  
  • Bronzite and Axinite: Showing rare blue flecks in a jungle of dark to pale brown and beige hues, this natural combination brings spiritual awareness and good luck.

How To Cleanse Bronzite?

A woman meditating during the sunset

  • Healing Sounds: Keep your crystal before your sound system to let it soak in cleansing sounds for an hour from Solfeggio or chakra music on YouTube, Spotify, or Soundcloud.
  • Meditation: Hold the crystal at eye level and gaze into it while taking deep breaths. Continue to meditate while visualizing the negativity absorbed by the stone clearing up.
  • Seed Mantra: Chanting seed mantra OM or RAM is good for resetting your crystal after use.

Questions and Answers

Is Bronzite safe in the water?

Yes, Bronzite is safe in the water for short periods. Do not soak it for over 5 minutes if you don’t want to damage your crystal.

Can Bronzite go in the sun?

Yes, Bronzite is safe under the sun for a few minutes. Avoid prolonged exposure and direct sunlight.

How to identify fake Bronzite?

Look for pleochroism because most Bronzites show weak color shifts from pale green to orange. They’re also heavier and cold to the touch.

Is Bronzite rare?

No, Bronzite is not rare on average. That said, high-quality Bronzite crystals may be rare.

Can you sleep with Bronzite?

Yes and No. Bronzite is good for insomnia but may be too exciting or energizing for beginners.

Which hand to wear Bronzite?

It’s good to wear Bronzite on the ring finger of your left hand to receive the blessings of Venus.

How to take care of Bronzite?

The best way to care for Bronzite is by cleansing it with lukewarm water once a month. You should also cleanse it before and after every use to remove the negativity it absorbed.

What crystals to pair with Bronzite?

The best crystals to pair with Bronzite are Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Aegirine, Black Obsidian, Marcasite, and Fire Agate.

Is Bronzite expensive?

Bronzite crystal costs circa $2 per gram

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