(ak - suh - nahyt)
Main Origins:
Russia, USA, France, Tanzania, Japan, Mexico, Pakistan, Switzerland, Canada, UK, Italy, Brazil, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Australia.

What is Axinite?

Axinite crystal on a black granite background

Axinate is a borosilicate stone made of calcium and aluminum. It forms tabular, granular, aggregate, clusters, twins, rosettes, prismatic, and massive crystals on Granite, Orthoclase, Bronzite, Quartz, Garnet, Prehnite, and many other crystals. 

This crystal is usually seen in shades of hazy brown, but it can show many more colors, like blue and purple. Axinite may be shiny, dull, or pearly. There are transparent to nearly opaque varieties with parallel banded growths. 

Did you know Axinite crystals can shift colors? That’s not the same as color changing, and this refers to a complete color change from pink under incandescent to blue under fluorescent light in certain varieties of Axinite. 

Fun Fact: The borosilicate mineral is mostly uncut, but high-quality varieties, like purple and clove-brown, are sometimes cut as gems.

Axinite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

This crystal is mainly seen in shades of brown and is associated with the Root and Earth Star (secondary) Chakras. They attract grounding, stability, psychic protection, resilience, and courage to the crystal.  

If your Axinite shows purple, gray, violet, pink, blue, or colorless, it’s good for opening the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Stellar Gateway, and Soul Star Chakras. They bring higher powers and physical healing. 

Axinite properties include four planetary energies in astrology:

  • Sun brings luck and courage.
  • Earth attracts stability and prosperity. 
  • Neptune signifies dreamwork and mental clarity. 
  • Pluto is known for transformation.

This crystal is directly linked to two elements: 

  • Storm or Air represents creativity, manifestation, vitality, and growth.
  • Earth stands for detox, courage, wisdom, luck, and safety

Many cultures believe Axinite taps into the Hindu God of prosperity, Ganesha; the Greek Goddess of Harvest, Demeter; the Egyptian Sun God, Amun; the Mayan Guardian God, Yum Kaax; and the Aztec God of renewal, Xipe Topec.

The number 9 links to success, wisdom, and good fortune.

Axinite Healing Properties and Benefits

New Beginnings and Relationships

  • Did you know Axinite is a lesser-known crystal for joy, inner peace, and patience? It helps you adjust to new places and changes without stress or anxiety.
  • Take four Axinite crystals and place one in each of the four corners of your bedroom or home. Don’t forget to charge crystals in one or more ways before setting them.

Inspiration and Courage

  • Axinite helps you connect to your most authentic self besides uplifting you. It’s a good stone for mindfulness, self-confidence, and motivation. 
  • Charge this crystal for motivation with the Fire energy by holding it for 20 to 50 seconds before a lit candle.

Knowledge and Growth

  • This crystal is excellent for learning issues. It helps the wearer with focus and a newfound passion for knowledge.
  • Activating this healing stone with meditation and placing it on your study or work desk is good for intelligence, knowledge, and personal growth. 

Detox and Vitality

  • Have you felt stuck or blocked recently? If it’s due to chakra imbalance, Axinite can help you detox and improve strength and skeletal health. 
  • Program this crystal for health, energy, strength, and endurance by charging it with sunlight for a few minutes. Do not place it under the direct light of the sun.


  • Did you know Axinite is a decision-making stone? It boosts brain skills to analyze right and wrong on top of the kundalini awakening. 
  • Use this crystal for leadership skills and confidence by smudging it with a sacred herb, like Sage, Palo Santo, or Cedarwood.

Axinite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A treasure chest that is full of jewelries and coins

Good Luck

  • This crystal taps into your dormant skills and talents to naturally attract luck and good fortune toward you and your family. Axinite benefits are best when kept according to Feng Shui. 
  • Keep Axinite at home in the Southeast direction to attract luck, fortune, and prosperity.

Cosmic Awareness and ESP

  • If you want to improve your empathic or social skills, Axinite can help you get there and beyond. It connects your subtle body to the cosmos and heightens perception.
  • Use this crystal for ESP, intuition, and paranormal abilities by charging it with healing sounds of singing bowls or chants.

Grounding and Protection

  • Did you know Axinite helps you quickly recover by tapping into the Earth Star Chakra? It’s a personal protection crystal that ensures you’re always safe from psychic harm. 

Spiritual Transformation

  • Axinite raises your auric vibration by opening your spirit to higher planes of existence. Psychics and seers often say this crystal works for awakening, astral projection, and transcendence. 
  • Use this crystal for spiritual transformation by wafting the smoke of an incense thrice over it and meditating on your intention.


  • As a high-vibration crystal, this calcium-aluminum borosilicate amplifies intentions and realizes your goals with cosmic energies.
  • Make a manifestation crystal grid with Axinite in the center and multi-chakra focus stones and way stones. Also, charge the crystal with your breath by chanting the mantra OM into it.

Axinite Side Effects

  • Irrational Fears: If you’re new to Axinite, it can cause paranoia, anxiety, and fear of random things from overuse. Take a break if this is you and cleanse with Selenite towers.  
  • Drowsiness: Some may feel fatigued or weary while wearing this crystal, usually when their chakra energies are drained. It may also be a symptom of overusing Axinite.
  • Nightmares: If you just started sleeping with Axinite under your pillow, this may lead to nightmares. Sometimes, psychic energies disturb your sleep to convey angelic messages. 
  • Horoscopic Problems: When there are a series of misfortunate events, it might be your zodiac sign conflicting with the ruling planet of this crystal. Consult an astrologist for more info.

Axinite Meaning: What does Axinite Symbolize?

A woman meditating in a room

The meaning of Axinite is inner fire. 

This crystal is traditionally associated with spiritual connection, manifestation, creativity, willpower, relationships, courage, and good luck. 

Did you know Axinite comes from the Greek word axine? The word means axe-shaped due to its formations appearing in blades, wedges, and twin crystals. 

You can also use Axinite in crystal grids, altars, feng shui bowls, lucky charms, and jewelry. They’ll guide you with milestones on your spiritual path. It’s also associated with inner strength and growth.

Types of Axinite

  • Common Axinite: The usual variety of Axinite shows honey-brown to dark-brown colors with multicolored inclusions and striations. It’s good for awareness, transformation, courage, and manifestation.
  • Manganaxinite: This type of Axinite crystal shows purple and red hues from manganese. Use this healing crystal for self-love and wisdom. It’s also called Axinite-Mn.
  • Magnesio-Axinite: Originating from Tanzania, this is a clear, colorless, yellow, brown, yellow, or purple variety of Axinite. It’s also called Axinite-Mg and is good for purity and manifestation. 
  • Ferroaxinite: The brown variety of Axinite, with smoky or dark hues, is a crystal with more iron in its lattice. Use it for mental clarity and decisiveness. It’s also called Axinite-Fe. 
  • Tinzenite: Named after its originating area in Switzerland – Tinzen – this variety shows blade-like crystals in orange, peach, yellow, white, and pale red hues. It’s good for inner fire and creativity, although it often forms with quartz crystals.
  • Axinite Rosette: Creating rosette-shaped or scaly crystals, this Axinite variety forms in different colors, like brown, purple, orange, white, pink, and black. It’s good for grounding, good luck, and spiritual awareness. Did you know this crystal is also called Axinite Rose?
  • White Axinite: Also called Gemmy Axinite, this type of crystal shows a wide range of healing crystal colors, like brown, yellow, or green, apart from White. It’s good for purification and amplification. This variety comes from Peru.
  • Fire Axenite: When Axinite shows multiple colors of brown, yellow, blue, and black, it forms this variety. Use it for manifestation, vitality, and detox.
  • Franklin Axinite: A type of Mangano-Axinite from Franklin, New Jersey, this crystal also fluoresces in red. Use it for passion, fertility, and transformation. 
  • Phantom Axinite: If you can see crystals or ghost-like inclusions inside Axinite varieties in any color, it might be a Phantom crystal. Use this crystal for intelligence, wisdom, and awareness. 
  • Etched Axinite: A variety of Axinite with etched, striated, or indented faces, this type of crystal looks corroded. It’s good for grounding and psychic protection. 
  • Twin Axinite: Often seen in Axinite clusters, two crystals grow together with separate terminations in this variety. They may be translucent, transparent, or opaque in brown, yellow, and beige hues. Use them for setting intentions.  
  • Axinite Floater: Originating from Ural mines in Russia, this variety may be bi-terminal in dark brown colors with edged abrasions without any matrix. They’re high-vibration crystals, good in crystal grids for manifestation.  
  • Axinite Wedges: The wedge-shaped variety, this healing stone has a sharp or pointed tip in a brown hue. Use this crystal for mental clarity and grounding. 
  • Axinite Blades: Known for its plate-like or rosette-like formations, this variety is also naturally seen in brown. It’s good for psychic protection.
  • Yellow Axenite: Seen in transparent yellow to hazy brown colors, this crystal may show green hues, too. Use it for physical healing and prosperity. 
  • Purple Axinite: This variety of bladed borosilicate stone shows pale purple colors, like lilac and lavender, with white and blue flashes, sometimes with etched faces. It’s good for wisdom, inspiration, and transformation.
  • Red Axinite: This borosilicate mineral also shows bright red with reddish-black tones. Use this crystal for new beginnings, fertility, and manifestation. 
  • Rose-Yellow-Pink Axinite: Showing pale pink or rose with yellow or pale brown hues, this stone is good for healing and manifestation because it opens all the lower chakras alongside the Heart. 
  • Black Axinite: When this crystal forms with Clinochlore from the Chlorite mineral group, you’ll see black with brown hues. Use such crystals for psychic protection and detox.
  • Axinite with Albite: This is a natural formation of Pericline, a variety of Albite in maroon, white, green, yellow, purple, dark brown, and blue-green colors. It’s good for fame and reputation. It’s also called Maroon Axinite. 
  • Skardu Axinite: This is a Pakistani variety of Axinite in shades of brown with a near-transparent appearance. It’s good for courage and inner healing. 
  • French Axinite: Popularly called Rhone Alpes Axinite, this crystal may show reddish-brown hues in granular, plate-like, and aggregate forms with color-shifting phenomena. They’re good for manifestation. 
  • Axinite-Epidote: This type of Axion Stone forms needlelike shapes with green prismatic Epidote crystals. They’re great for emotional healing and inner peace.
      • Axinite Slabs: These are usually seen in Axinite with Epidote and Quartz in olive green, white, and purple with abstract patterns. Use it for charging other crystals.
      • Axinite with Adularia: This crystal variety shows white, brown, blue, colorless, green, and white hues. Use it for drawing into the Moon Goddess’s energies.
  • Axinite-Garnet: Axinite forms brown crystals with crusty green crystals of Grossular Garnet. This natural crystal pairing is good for prosperity, harmony, and inspiration. Note that Axinite also forms with Andradite Garnet.
  • Axinite-Prehnite-Pectolite-Margarosanite-Xonotlite-Willemite-Hendricksite-Garnet-Franklinite: This natural variety of Axinite fluoresces in blue, gray, red, black, white, and orange colors. It’s good for multi-chakra healing, as you might’ve guessed.
  • Axinite-Actinolite: Often forming with Quartz and Datolite, this variety shows pale green, white, black, and brown hues. Use this crystal for charging chakra energies or purifying your home. 
  • Axinite-Chlorite: This natural formation forms Axinite Rose with rosette crystals in black with chlorite coating. It’s good for grounding and stability. 
  • Axinite on Quartz: Often forming with Clear Quartz and Milky Quartz, this natural cluster variety may be druzy, needlelike, or prismatic. Use it for manifestation. 
  • Bronzite in Axinite: An opaque variety of Axinite, this variety shows beige or dull yellow banding patterns on a dark brown base color. It’s great for courage and self-confidence.

How To Cleanse Axinite?

A full moon over the sea

  • Full Moon: You can keep your healing crystal overnight under the light of the Full Moon in a room with open windows to clear negativity inside it. 
  • Soil: Bury the crystal under three inches of soil overnight for a night to remove negativity stuck to it from spiritual rituals or wear. 
  • Incense: Light incense and waft the smoke over your crystal thrice or more to remove negativity absorbed by the crystal in a few seconds.

Questions and Answers

Is Axinite a gemstone?

Yes, Axinite is a gemstone.

Is Axinite rare?

Yes, Axinite is a rare gemstone, particularly when it’s purple and blue.

Is Axinite the same as Bronzite?

No, Axinite is a borosilicate, while Bronzite is an Enstatite variety with iron. Axinite and Bronzite do occur together in dark brown color with gold or beige bands.

Is Axinite safe in the water?

Yes, Axinite is safe to clean and rinse occasionally with water. Make sure to dry it right after. Don’t soak Axinite in water.

Can Axinite go in the sun?

Yes, Axinite can go in sunlight, but avoid direct or prolonged exposure to sunlight to avoid damaging the stone permanently.

Is Axinite dangerous or toxic to the touch?

No, Axinite is not dangerous or toxic to the touch.

What crystal to pair with Axinite?

The best crystals to pair Axinite are Clear Quartz and Morganite.

Is Axinite expensive?

Axinite usually retails for $10 to $100, and crystals with high clarity and quality may retail for $500 to $100.

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