Uvarovite Garnet

(oo - vahr - uh - vahyt gahr - nit)
Main Origins:
Russia, China, India, Slovakia, Jordan, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Iran, Finland, Morocco, Australia, Italy, United States, Austria, Oman, Turkey, Sweden, Norway, Turkey, Albania, Sudan, Switzerland, Taiwan, Myanmar, and Cuba.

What is Uvarovite Garnet?

A Uvarovite Garnet on a rock

Uvarovite Garnet is a rare and exquisite green crystal. The crystal’s rich emerald-green color makes it striking. Its pattern can range from clear to translucent, allowing light to pass through and create a dazzling shimmer. Its texture is glassy and smooth.

Chemically, Uvarovite Garnet is a calcium chromium silicate crystal. It is part of the group of Garnets, and it is the only kind of Garnet that gets its color from chromium. It is mostly made up of calcium, chromium, and oxygen, with small amounts of some other elements.

This crystal has been around for a while compared to some other gems. It was named after Russian nobleman and mineral collector Count Sergei Uvarov after its 1832 discovery in the Ural Mountains. The crystal became popular when presented as a precious gemstone in the late 19th century. 

Its brilliant green hue and shine make it a popular gemstone. Collectors covet rare Uvarovite Garnet. Metaphysically, crystal fans believe it promotes abundance, success, and a strong connection with nature.

Did you know that Uvarovite Garnet is sometimes called the “Emerald of the Urals?” Its emerald-like green tint earned it this name. It is less popular and commercially available than emeralds. Its rarity and unique features add to its allure.

Uvarovite Garnet Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

People often associate Uvarovite Garnet with green, which stands for growth, rebirth, and plenty. Uvarovite Garnet’s green energy is said to boost vigor, prosperity, and a connection to nature. Silver symbolizes intuition, introspection, and inner wisdom, too. 

This crystal represents the Heart Chakra. Love, compassion, and emotional healing are associated with the Heart Chakra at the center of the chest. It promotes harmony, love, and balance in relationships through this chakra.

Earth energy grounds and nurtures Uvarovite Garnet. Uvarovite Garnet symbolizes home balance and stability in Feng Shui. It can attract abundance and enhance personal and professional growth in the Southeast and East.

The planet Mars is represented by this gemstone. Mars’ fiery and aggressive energy enhances Uvarovite Garnet’s boldness, strength, and vitality. This planet gives Uvarovite Garnet passion, drive, and decisiveness.

Persephone and Freya preside over Uvarovite Garnet. Persephone embodies birth and death, while Freya represents love and abundance. Together, they infuse Uvarovite Garnet with the energy of life’s cycles, love, and prosperity.

Because of its association with the number 7, It may help one become more spiritual, intuitive, and self-aware.

Uvarovite Garnet Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Uvarovite Garnet promotes abundance, prosperity, and progress in all areas of life.
  • Hold Uvarovite Garnet and envision your goals to activate it. Declare your goals and declare your readiness for victory.

Love and Relationships

  • One of the Uvarovite Garnet’s benefits is to open the Heart Chakra. It promotes love, compassion, and understanding, creating happy relationships.
  • Place Uvarovite Garnet in a bowl of rose water or next to your heart to program and charge it for love and relationships. Visualize love and positive relationships and establish the intention to attract and develop them.

Immunity and Strength

  • Uvarovite Garnet’s benefit is to improve immunity and physical strength by making people feel better and giving them more energy.
  • Visualize Uvarovite Garnet receiving renewing energy beneath running water or in sunlight to program it for immunity and strength. Hold it in your hand and wish for improved immunity and strength.

Motivation and Confidence

  • Uvarovite Garnet can boost motivation and confidence by making people more passionate and determined.
  • Place it on Selenite overnight to cleanse and charge it for motivation and confidence. Hold it and imagine yourself motivated, confident, and self-assured.

Stress Relief

  • One of Uvarovite Garnet’s metaphysical properties is promoting emotional balance, calming the mind, and relieving tension. 
  • For stress reduction, cleanse it with Himalayan salt for a few hours. Take deep breaths and visualize the crystal’s green energy enveloping you, relieving stress.

Uvarovite Garnet Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman meditating outdoor in the forest

Grounding and Protection

  • Uvarovite Garnet grounds and protects by linking you to Earth’s nurturing energies. This Uvarovite Garnet’s properties protect you from negative energy and provide security.
  • Hold it in your hand to activate it, and imagine roots growing from the crystal into the Earth, grounding and protecting you.

Spiritual Destiny

  • One of Uvarovite Garnet’s healing properties is by opening the heart to heavenly guidance, helping one discover and embrace their life mission.
  • To charge it overnight on a Selenite charging plate, cleanse and train Uvarovite Garnet for spiritual destiny. Close your eyes and hold it in your palm.

Psychic Vision

  • This crystal activates and balances the Third Eye Chakra, improving intuition and clarity of understanding.
  • Overnight under the moon, it absorbs lunar energy to program and charge it for psychic perception. Hold it and picture your Third Eye blazing green.


  • Uvarovite Garnet amplifies intents and desires, bringing great possibilities and experiences.
  • Hold it in your hand to program it and affirm your goals to manifest it. Visualize your desires accomplished and feel grateful.

Spiritual Growth

  • It opens the heart to love, compassion, and higher consciousness, expanding spiritual awareness.
  • Soak it in Clear Quartz crystal-infused water overnight for spiritual growth. Next day, hold the Uvarovite Garnet for spiritual growth and heavenly connection.

Side Effects of Uvarovite Garnet

  • Sensitivity Amplification: Some people report feeling uncomfortably sensitive to energy after wearing Uvarovite Garnet. Ground yourself with deep breathing or grounding visualization exercises.
  • Overstimulation: Uvarovite Garnet’s powerful energy may overstimulate some people. Take breaks and relax with Uvarovite Garnet in moderation.
  • Emotional Release: Its therapeutic powers may briefly awaken unresolved emotions. Self-care, journaling, and trusted friends or therapists can help you release emotions.

Uvarovite Garnet Meaning: What Does Uvarovite Garnet Symbolize?

Different fruits and vegetable on the table

Uvarovite Garnet represents growth, abundance, and connection to the natural world.”

The Russian politician and art patron Count Sergei Semionovich Uvarov is honored as the namesake of the Garnet variety known as Uvarovite. The crystal was found for the first time in Russia’s Ural Mountains.

This crystal is also called “Emerald Green Garnet” and “Uvarovite Green Garnet.”

Traditionally, Uvarovite Garnet was considered to bring wealth, happiness, and fertility. It is presently considered a crystal of growth, healing, and environmental awareness.

It goes well with other heart-centered crystals, like Rose Quartz, which brings out more love and kindness; and Green Aventurine, which brings in more money and helps you grow as a person when paired with Uvarovite Garnet.

One interesting thing about this stone is that, with its bright green color, it is one of the strangest and most eye-catching types of Garnet. It is often used in jewelry because people think it will bring them luck, success, and protection.

Types of Uvarovite Garnet

  • Common Uvarovite Garnet: A vibrant green crystal linked to growth, wealth, and environmental connection.
  • Bright Green Uvarovite Garnet: An intense green crystal known to attract and increase wealth.
  • Dark Uvarovite Garnet: A deep green crystal linked to grounding energy and safety from bad things.
  • Outokumpu Uvarovite Garnet: A Uvarovite variety found in Outokumpu, Finland, known for its deep green color and connection to nature’s energy.
  • Uvarovite Microcrystals: Tiny green Uvarovite crystals with a strong energy that helps mental growth and intuitive skills.
  • Uvarovite Floaters: The matrix’s small, rounded Uvarovite crystals promote emotional healing and regrowth.
  • Uvarovite Garnet Dodecahedral: Dodecahedral uvarovite crystals, which are visually distinct, represent equilibrium, harmony, and spiritual connection.
  • Uvarovite Druzy: Uvarovite crystals with druzy surfaces boost spirituality and positive energy.
  • Uvarovite Garnet with Chromite: The Uvarovite and Chromite crystals work together to give you inner strength, protection, and the ability to make your wishes come true.
  • Uvarovite Garnet with Diopside: Uvarovite and Diopside promote emotional health and Heart Chakra activation.
  • Uvarovite Garnet with Clinochlore: Combining Uvarovite and Clinochlore helps people grow spiritually, connect with nature, and heal their physical and energetic bodies.
  • Uvarovite Garnet with Amesite: Uvarovite-Amesite combination promotes spiritual change, psychic skills, and higher realms. 
  • Uvarovite Garnet with Shuskite: When Uvarovite and Shuskite are put together, they boost the power of manifestation and bring wealth and success.
  • Uvarovite Garnet with Quartz: Uvarovite and Quartz enhance crystal energy, spiritual clarity, and intentions.
  • Uvarovite Garnet with Calcite: Calcite and Uvarovite work together to balance your emotions, boost your confidence, and help you develop your spirituality.
  • Uvarovite Garnet on Serpentine: Uvarovite crystals on Serpentine stone improve healing, balance, and Earth energy.
  • Uvarovite Garnet with Diamonds: The combination of Uvarovite and Diamond represents wealth, luxury, and spiritual enlightenment.
  • Uvarovite Garnet with Pyrite: Uvarovite and Pyrite’s protective and empowering properties are multiplied when used together.
  • Uvarovite Garnet with Chalcopyrite: The combination of Uvarovite and Chalcopyrite brings success and wealth and improves psychic powers.
  • Uvarovite Garnet with Pyrrhotite: Uvarovite-Pyrrhotite combination grounds spiritual energy, stabilizes emotions, and protects.
  • Uvarovite Garnet with Tremolite: Uvarovite and Tremolite enhance intuition, spirituality, and higher dimensions.
  • Uvarovite Garnet with Sphalerite: Combining Uvarovite and Sphalerite helps mental protection, grounding, and achieving goals.

How to Cleanse Uvarovite Garnet?

Lighted candles on a table

  • Sage – Pass Uvarovite Garnet through the smoke of burning sage to get rid of bad energy and clean it up.
  • Clear Quartz – To clean and boost the energy of Clear Quartz, put Uvarovite Garnet on a Clear Quartz cluster or near a Clear Quartz crystal.
  • Fire – Hold it over candlelight or campfire for a few seconds to clean it with Fire.

Questions and Answers

Can Uvarovite Garnets get Wet?

Yes, it can become wet, but they should not be exposed to water or chemicals for long.

Are Uvarovite Garnets Safe in the Sun?

Yes, sunlight does not damage or fade Uvarovite Garnets.

Are All Green Garnets Uvarovite?

No, not all green Garnets are Uvarovite. Green Garnets include Uvarovite, Demantoid, Tsavorite, and Grossular.

Is Uvarovite Garnet Expensive?

Uvarovite Garnet is cheaper than Demantoid and Tsavorite Green Garnets. Gemstone quality, size, and availability affect the price.

How Can You Tell if Uvarovite Garnet is Real?

Uvarovite Garnet can be identified by its deep green hue, unusual crystal structure, and natural inclusions. It should be purchased from reliable sources or verified by a gemologist.

What’s the Difference Between Uvarovite and Grossular Garnet?

Grossular Garnet and Uvarovite Garnet are Garnets with differing chemical compositions and crystal shapes. Grossular, a calcium aluminum silicate, is green, yellow, and red, whereas Uvarovite, a calcium chromium silicate, is green and crystallized.

How Do You Take Care of Uvarovite Garnets?

Store Uvarovite Garnets separately to avoid scratching. Rinse and dry with a delicate brush and mild soap. Avoid high temperatures and chemicals with Uvarovite Garnets.

What Stones Go Well With Uvarovite Garnets?

Uvarovite Garnets can be used with Emeralds, Green Tourmaline, and Peridot to make exquisite jewelry. They complement earthy tones and warm-colored gemstones, like Citrine and Garnet.

Interactions with Uvarovite Garnet

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