(gas - peh - ayt)
Main Origins:
Canada, Australia, Greece, Italy, Germany, South Africa, Japan, Tanzania, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe, Bosnia, Spain, and the USA.

What is Gaspeite

Gaspeite Crystal on a black granite. Source: EtsyCA | TheGlobalStone
Source: EtsyCA | TheGlobalStone

Gaspéite is a nickel carbonate mineral from the Calcite group, seen in green, apple-green, or yellow-green shades with brown or yellow mottling. The crystal is mostly opaque with a glassy luster and uneven fractures. 

Did you know Gaspéite was discovered around 50 years ago? Before then, it was a powerful crystal among Native American reservations. It was called Allura at the 1994 Tucson Gem Show and was misidentified as a Chrysoprase before that. 

The iconic yellow-green color of Allura owes it to nickel. Sulfide minerals like Violarite, Nickeline, Millerite, and Pentlandite convert into Gaspéite. This crystal represents the nickel-based Calcite varieties. 

Fun Fact: Did you know the presence of Gaspéite is used as a mining indicator for nickel-based ore? 

Gaspeite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

The nickel carbonate crystal mainly shows blue and blue-green colors with brown or black veining. It’s associated with the Heart, Solar Plexus, and Root Chakra. They bring Gaspéite benefits like universal connection, health, and safety. 

Gaspéite is also seen in gray, red, purple, and white. They open the Crown, Higher Heart, the Earth Star, and the Soul Star Chakras. These primary and secondary chakras bring harmony, love, luck, grounding, and karmic healing.

Did you know Gaspéite is linked to the elements of Water and Air? They attract intelligence, wisdom, patience, physical healing, and manifestation to the stone. 

Where to keep Gaspéite in the house? The East direction is the best place to keep Gaspéite in the house to attract feng shui benefits. 

Gaspéite is linked to several planetary bodies in astrology, like Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, and Earth. They’re responsible for bringing communication skills, mind power, psychic abilities, creativity, and protection to this healing crystal. 

Who should wear Gaspéite? Pisces, Virgo, and Sagittarius should wear Gaspéite crystal to overcome fear, compulsion, distractions, and rashness.

Allura draws into the powers of deities like Ma’at (the Egyptian God of Justice), Viracocha (the Incan Creation God), Oshun (the Yoruban Fertility Goddess), Vishnu (the Hindu Protection God), and Xipe Totec (the Aztec Fertility God). 

The cosmic vibrations of 3 and 8 bring Gaspéite properties, like creativity and abundance. 

Gaspeite Healing Properties and Benefits

Sleep Health

  • Most Gaspéite healing stones relax the body and the knots, tensions, and stresses ailing it. 
  • Do a few minutes of progressive relaxation exercise with this crystal under your pillow. Charge your crystal with the healing sounds of a Himalayan singing bowl for a few minutes.

Fertility and Libido

  • Gaspéite with N-Magnesite, Pyrite, and Serpentine are effective for boosting the chance of conception.  
  • Program your Allura crystal for fertility by burying it under three inches of soil overnight. Then clean it and place it in your bedroom.

Metabolism, Immunity, and Weight Loss

  • Did you know green and yellow colored Gaspéite clears negativity from the body? It boosts cellular regeneration, vitality, weight management, and fat burning in the body.
  • Pick Allura varieties with black or brown mottling and indirectly infuse its energies to make a crystal elixir, consuming it regularly.

Tranquility and Relief

  • Gaspéite is easy for most people to bond with because it’s an uplifting stone that relaxes your body, mind, and soul. 
  • Meditate with your crystal after waking up, or use it as a worry stone in stressful situations to let the cosmic light wash over you. 

Deep Healing

  • Did you know Gaspéite unfolds a childlike joy inside you? It helps you heal emotional hurts and scars by connecting you with Goddess Ma’at
  • Charge your crystal by visualizing your intention to Goddess Ma’at. Use mantras and affirmations to amplify your visualizations. 

Gaspeite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A silhouette of a woman meditating near the shore


  • Gaspéite raises your auric vibrations to match the subtle body and communicate with guardian spirits and angels. 
  • Program your crystal for mediumship by combining techniques like meditation, yoga, chanting, breathwork, singing bowls, smudging, or moonlight charging in one sitting.

Prosperity and Luck

  • Do you feel trapped in the poverty circle? Try Gaspéite for a few days by carrying it in your wallet or purse
  • Activate your crystal by meditating on the wealth you desire while facing the rising sun for two minutes. 


  • Manifestation isn’t magic because it connects the energy of your intentions with the universal life force. Allura activates higher chakras (Crown and Soul Star) to link to the universal life force.
  • Set a manifestation grid in the Southeast corner of your home with Allura stone in the center. Don’t forget to chant the seed mantra OM into the crystal before you set the grid. 


  • Psychics often recommend Black and Brown Gaspéites for repelling psychic attacks, hexes, and curses. Did you know carrying a Gaspéite crystal protects babies and expecting mothers?
  • Place a crystal in every corner of your house to create a protective shield. You can keep it in flowerpots if you live in an apartment.

Karmic Healing

  • If you ever felt like you were bearing the results of past life karma, it might be your guardian angel warning you. Use a Gaspéite crystal to learn how to do penance for your or your ancestral karmic debts.
  • Sit in a comfortable space with a lit candle on a moonlit night. Pick your crystal and gaze into it while meditating on karmic debts to receive psychic visions. 

Gaspeite Side Effects

  • Restless: Negative self-talk aimed at the stone can sometimes make you jittery or restless afterward. If this is you, take a warm bath and meditate with a Selenite for a few minutes.
  • Disoriented from current reality: When new to crystals, spiritual awareness can be too much and may even detach you from reality. Cleanse your vibe with a Selenite and take a break from Allura for a week.
  • Horoscopic Problems: If adverse events happen for no reason, it might be from Gaspéite’s properties clashing with your birth chart. Consult an astrologist after cleansing with Clear Quartz or Selenite crystals.

What does Gaspeite Symbolize?

Woman laying and having a reiki healing from an expert

The meaning of Gaspéite is deep healing. 

It’s named after its place of discovery and documentation – the Gaspé Peninsula in Canada. This crystal was misidentified throughout history and misnamed Green Turquoise, Citron Chrysoprase, and Lemon Magnesite, to name a few.

Gaspéite is traditionally used across many cultures and may mean peace, relief, protection, health, fortune, psychic vision, and immunity. It’s a new stone that exists naturally with many crystals and rock formations. 

Did you know the Australian Aborigines used Gaspéite as a vision stone? The crystal is associated with karmic penance, spirit communication, and spiritual destiny in the new age. 

Types of Gaspeite

  • Common Gaspéite: Seen in apple-green to blue-green colors with black or brown mottling, Gaspéite usually brings calmness, mindfulness, and sleep. 
  • Olive-Green Gaspéite: Showing pale yellow to olive-green hues, this Allura variety shows brown or gray inclusions. Use this crystal for abundance and peace.
  • Black Gaspéite: When the black areas are more than green in this crystal, it’s good for deep emotional and physical healing. 
  • Chartreuse Gaspéite: This type of Allura stone is mostly used to attract good luck and vitality. It shows a yellowish-green base color without mottling. 
  • Brown Gaspéite: A dark-colored stone in brown and neon green with dark mottling, this Allura variety is mostly used for protecting an unborn baby.
  • Picasso Finish Gaspéite: This variety resembles Picasso Marble in pale or dark brown hues with dark green. It’s good for imagination and motivation.
  • Reniform Gaspéite: This is the best type of Allura crystal for transformation and spiritual destiny. It shows up with kidney-shaped crystals in dark green or brown colors. 
  • Resin-Stabilized Gaspéite: This treated Gaspéite has extra shine and added fluorescence (blue or green), unlike its natural counterparts. It’s popular as resin-treated Gaspeite and works well in manifestation grids for fertility and love. 
  • Australian Gaspéite: A pale yellow, beige, or green stone, this variety is great for clearing chakra blockages. It’s also good for karmic healing through spiritual guidance.
  • Botryoidal Gaspéite: Unlike other botryoidal crystals, Allura forms crystals inside botryoidal concretions in various colors. They’re great for detox, weight loss, fertility, and other wellness challenges. 
  • Gaspéite with Chrysoprase: Showing varied shades of blue as inclusions in Chrysoprase, this crystal formation usually comes from Tanzania. It’s excellent for helping with binge eating, weight management, and self-care.
  • Gaspéite veins in Dolomite: Appearing as dark green veins in Dolomite, this Allura variety is perfect for libido and immunity. 
  • Gillardite-Gaspéite: This variety shows dark and pastel green hues on a beige or brown matrix. It helps you heal deep emotional scars, release hurtful memories, and move on from trauma. Sometimes, white crystals of Gypsum form with this variety.
  • Gaspéite with Magnesite and Jade: Showing white veining in a blue-green crystal, this is a mix of N-Magnesite with Gaspéite and Jade. It’s excellent for attracting prosperity, abundance, and wealth into your family.
  • Gaspéite with Saratite-Hellyerite: Forming yellow-green inclusions inside Gaspéite, this variety is good for improving your health and chances of conception. 
  • Widgiemoolthalite on Gaspéite: Sometimes coating Gaspéite with bright green and brown crystals, Widgiemoolthalite is another rare nickel carbonate stone. Use it for balance and healing. 
  • Gaspéite with Goethite: Allura crystal forms inside Gaspéite in a yellowish-green and brown color. It’s great for immunity, detox, and protection. 
  • Limonite with Gaspéite: A unique variety of Gaspéite, this crystal may show various colors like yellow, brown, and green. It’s good for awakening psychic abilities like mediumship. 
  • Calcite with Gaspéite: Did you know Calcite can form as a secondary mineral with Allura? They may be clear, yellow, white, brown, or green. Use this crystal for accessing the Akashic Records and shifting realities. 
  • Serpentine with Gaspéite: Often seen in nickel deposits, Allura can form on Gaspeite, showing gray, green, and pale-green colors. This crystal is good for harmony and fertility.
  • Gaspéite with Hydrohonessite: This variety of Allura is seen in nickel sulfide deposits, often with Violarite and Pentlandite, showing yellow, black, and green colors. Use this rare stone for relaxation and pain management. 
  • Gaspéite with Millerite: Seen with Pyrite and Bravoite, Gaspés stone also exists with Millerite naturally. It may show green, white, cream, or purple hues. Use it for deep sleep.

How to Cleanse Gaspeite?

Selenite crystal beside a sage on plate

  • Smudging: Light a cleansing incense and waft the smoke over your crystal for a minute to remove negativity stuck to it after powerful rituals.
  • Seed Mantra: You can also chant the mantra VAM into the crystal while meditating on the divine light that clears the negativity absorbed by your crystal. 
  • Moonlight: Place your crystal overnight under the moonlight to cleanse and reset its healing energies.

Questions and Answers

What type of mineral is Gaspéite?

Gaspéite is a nickel carbonate and a variety in the Calcite mineral group.

Is Gaspéite the same as Green Turquoise?

No, Gaspéite is a nickel carbonate, and Green Turquoise is a hydrated aluminum copper phosphate. Gaspéite is softer than Turquoise and has a brighter green tone, unlike Turquoise’s blue-green hue.

Is Gaspéite the same as Lemon Magnesite?

No, Gaspéite is not the same as Lemon Magnesite. Gaspéite is a nickel carbonate, while Lemon Magnesite is a magnesium carbonate. They can, however, coexist as a variety of Gaspéite with more nickel than magnesium. When there’s more magnesium, it’s Lemon Magnesite.

Is Gaspéite rare?

Yes, Gaspéite is a rare and uncommon type of nickel carbonate found in a few countries.

Is Gaspéite safe in water?

No, Gaspéite is not a water-safe crystal.

Can Gaspéite go in the sun?

Yes, Gaspéite is safe under short periods of indirect sunlight. It may fade if left out in the sun for too long.

What crystals to pair with Gaspéite?

The best crystals to pair with Gaspéite are Morganite and Clear Quartz.

How do you identify Gaspéite?

Look for Gaspéite’s physical traits, like apple-green or grass-green color with brown mottling or veining. You can also check the streak by rubbing it against unglazed porcelain because Gaspéite will show yellow or green powder.

How much does Gaspéite cost?

Gaspéite costs $1 to $10 per carat in small sizes, and large specimens may fetch up to thousands.

How to take care of Gaspéite?

The best way to care for Gaspéite is by keeping it away from direct heat, sun, rain, and snow. As it’s a soft crystal, keep it safe from accidental collisions and falls.

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