(trem - uh - lahyt)
Main Origins:
USA, Pakistan, Canada, Tanzania, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, and Afghanistan.

What is Tremolite?

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Tremolite is a rock-forming mineral in the amphibole group of silicate minerals. It occurs as long crystals and fibrous aggregates and was first described in 1789. Tremolite is a fairly common mineral, but Tremolite gemstones are rare. 

This crystal can be found in various colors but is mainly white or light green. Its green hues are caused by iron, with dark green specimens of the stone having high iron inclusions. Other mineral inclusions, such as manganese and graphite, change the colors of the crystal. 

Tremolite is closely connected to Actinolite and shares many physical qualities with this mineral. The main difference between Tremolite and Actinolite is the levels of iron and magnesium, with Tremolite having more iron and Actinolite having more magnesium. 

Because certain varieties of Tremolite are forms of asbestos, we recommend avoiding raw forms of the mineral. Polished specimens of Tremolite are safe to handle, but always remember to wash your hands after use. 

Tremolite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Tremolite works with all the chakras but connects exceptionally well with the Heart Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra, and the Crown Chakra. Its energy opens up the Heart Chakra to amplify feelings of love and compassion. It harmonizes with the Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra to boost your spiritual awareness and understanding. 

We can use Tremolite to develop our connection with our truth and the universal truth, helping us overcome confusion and lies. 

It is said that Tremolite unlocks hidden and ancient knowledge within us, allowing us to access higher spiritual knowledge. We can use this crystal to enhance our understanding of past lives and access the Akashic Records. This makes it a perfect stone to use for meditation and psychic practices. 

Did you know that Tremolite gains its powers from the element of Water? In spirituality, the element of Water governs the subconscious, emotions, and renewal. We can use Tremolite to promote gentle healing and change in our life, appealing to the element of Water as we do so. 

Tremolite is connected to the planet Earth, making it a perfect crystal to amplify our relationship with Mother Nature. Meditating in nature with your Tremolite stone helps your energy align with the energy of the Earth, strengthening feelings of safety and grounding. It also helps us understand the importance of looking after nature and healing the wounds left by humanity. 

All crystals hold a certain numerical vibration, which adds to their metaphysical properties and healing abilities. Tremolite has a numerical vibration of 6. In numerology, 6 is connected with support, love, and nurture. We can use Tremolite to bring this energy into our own lives and boost our relationships with others. 

Tremolite Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Tremolite boosts our sense of self and provides us with courage. It helps us to believe in ourselves and the choices we make. 
  • Charge your Tremolite by submerging it in soil and leaving it there overnight. Then wear it around your neck to amplify feelings of personal power and courage. 

Self Esteem

  • Because it connects with the Heart Chakra, we can use Tremolite to boost self-esteem and self-love. 
  • Charge your Tremolite crystals with positive affirmations regarding your relationship with yourself. Then place it in your bedroom to amplify your self-esteem.

Emotional Balance

  • Tremolite helps us understand our feelings and brings calmness to heightened emotions. 
  • Charge your Tremolite with calming incense, such as lavender or sandalwood. Then hold it in your hands and visualize a tranquil scene when you feel upset or angry. 


  • We can use Tremolite to boost our love life as it opens up the Heart Chakra. We find making deep and meaningful connections easier when we have an open Heart Chakra. 
  • Charge your Tremolite with chanting. Then hold it on your Heart Chakra while you repeat intentions for love and romance. 

Long-Distance Healing

  • Tremolite enhances long-distance connections, helping you support loved ones that are far away from you. 
  • Hold your Tremolite while thinking about your friend that is far away. Send them support and love through the stone. 

Tremolite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

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Accessing Akashic Records

  • We can use Tremolite to access the Akashic Records, which are said to hold information about your soul, past lives, and the universe.
  • Charge your Tremolite with a Clear Quartz wand. Then have it nearby while repeating mantras that help you access the Akashic Records. 


  • Tremolite helps us to recall and understand our dreams. 
  • Place your Tremolite stone on your bedside table. When you wake up, hold your Tremolite crystal as you recall your dreams and journal them. 

Chakra Cleansing

  • Because it connects with every chakra, we can use it to harmonize and cleanse each one. 
  • Hold your Tremolite stone on your Crown Chakra while repeating a Crown Chakra mantra. Then move the stone down your chakras, repeating a mantra for each one. 

Universal Truth

  • Tremolite opens up the Crown Chakra, which helps us access universal truth and develop our spiritual knowledge. 
  • Charge your Tremolite with moonlight. Then hold it on your Crown Chakra when meditating. 

Spirit Guide Communication

  • Because it helps us access higher knowledge and realms of existence, we can use Tremolite to communicate with our spirit guides and guardian angels. 
  • Charge your Tremolite with sage. Then place it on your Crown Chakra while you pray to your spirit guides. 

Side Effects of Tremolite

  • Intense Spiritual Messages: Tremolite opens us up to higher knowledge, meaning we may receive spiritual messages. These messages can be overwhelming and intense for some. 
  • Heightened Emotions: Tremolite will bring repressed emotions to the surface when it opens up the Heart Chakra. These emotions may be upsetting and confusing. 
  • Selflessness: Tremolite boosts our feelings of care and support for others. This means that using the stone too much may make you neglect your own needs for someone else’s. 

Tremolite Meaning: What Does Tremolite Symbolize?

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The meaning of Tremolite is Spiritual Knowledge.

Tremolite opens up the Crown Chakra to unlock spiritual knowledge and understanding. It also opens up the Soul Star Chakra, which is a secondary chakra that is located in our etheric body. The Soul Star Chakra holds information regarding our past lives and universal truth.

Tremolite is also a lucky stone, as it promotes confidence and vitality in those who work with it. The positive energy it emits attracts positivity into your life.

Types of Tremolite Crystals

  • Common Tremolite: Common Tremolite is a light green stone with white inclusions. Use a Common Tremolite to open up the Heart Chakra and bring confidence and love into your life. 
  • Pure Tremolite: Pure magnesium Tremolite is a creamy white stone. Pure Tremolite links with the Crown Chakra and enhances your connection with spirit guides and universal knowledge. 
  • Brown Tremolite: Brown Tremolite gains its brown color from graphite inclusions. Use a Brown Tremolite to improve your resilience and strength. 
  • Nephrite Jade-Tremolite: Nephrite Jade is composed of either Tremolite or Actinolite and is a dark green stone with brown dots. Nephrite Jade is perfect for manifesting abundance and love. 
  • Dark Green Tremolite: Dark green specimens of Tremolite have high iron inclusions. Use Dark Green Tremolite to ease heightened emotions and bring balance. 
  • Byssolite-Tremolite: This variety of Tremolite is green or blue and occurs as needle-like crystals. It is rarely used for healing, but inclusions of it can be found in other minerals, such as Quartz. 
  • Chrome Tremolite: Chrome Tremolite is an emerald green variety of Tremolite, with the color caused by inclusions of chromium. This variety amplifies positive thinking and helps you overcome negative emotions. 
  • Cat’s Eye Tremolite: This variety of Tremolite displays chatoyancy, which means that when the stone is cut, light is reflected in a line at the center of the crystal. Cat’s Eye Tremolite is perfect for dreamwork and developing psychic powers. 
  • Witch’s Finger: Witch’s Finger is a rare stone made up of Tremolite, Quartz, Actinolite, and Mica. It is a calming crystal that relieves stress and worries. 
  • Lavender Gray Tremolite: This variety of Tremolite is a light lavender stone with white inclusions. Use Lavender Gray Tremolite for chakra cleansing. 
  • Hexagonite: This rare variety of Tremolite is rich in manganese and is found in shades of purple and pink. Hexagonite is perfect for healing relationships and promoting love and compassion.  
  • Fluoro-Tremolite: This variety appears as a white stone with light green Tremolite crystals. Use Fluoro-Tremolite to enhance spiritual knowledge and understanding. 
  • Actinolite-Tremolite: Actinolite-Tremolite is a dark green crystal. Use this variety to open up the Heart Chakra. 
  • Tremolite-Diopside: This intriguing mix of crystals creates a green and white stone. Use Tremolite-Diopside to enhance your connection with ancient spiritual wisdom. 

How To Cleanse Tremolite?

A white sage and selenite crystal on a bowl

  • Sage: Burn a stick of sage for a few moments. Then hold your Tremolite stone in the smoke. 
  • Soil: Bury your Tremolite stone in soil and leave it submerged for 12 hours. 
  • Clear Quartz Grid: Place two Clear Quartz crystals on either side of your Tremolite stone. Leave the stones there for 12 hours.

Questions and Answers

What is Tremolite Used For?

Tremolite is used to open up the Heart , Third Eye, and the Crown Chakra to enhance spiritual knowledge, love, and awareness. It helps us open up to ancient spiritual knowledge and discover the truth regarding ourselves and the universe.

Is Tremolite Rare?

Yes, Tremolite is a rare gemstone. The mineral Tremolite is fairly common, but it is unusual to find it in gemstone-quality structures.

How Much is Tremolite Worth?

Rough Tremolite usually costs $5 to $20 per carat. But polished and cut stones will often be worth more.

Is Tremolite a Rock or a Mineral?

Tremolite is a rock-forming mineral. 

What is Tremolite Jade?

Tremolite Jade is a form of Tremolite called Nephrite Jade.

Can You Put Tremolite in Water?

No, you shouldn’t put Tremolite in water.

Who Should Wear Tremolite?

Tremolite connects well with those born with the zodiac signs Gemini, Libra, Scorpio, and Pisces.

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