(ak - tin - l - ahyt)
Main Origins:
US, Brazil, China, Madagascar, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Thailand, and Canada.

What is Actinolite?

A raw Actinolite crystal on a black reflective background

Warning: Some varieties of Actinolite are asbestiform. This means you must research the type of Actinolite you have and ensure it is safe to handle. Most polished Actinolite gemstones are safe but always research them properly before using them.

Actinolite is an amphibole silicate mineral that is found in metamorphic rocks. It is usually a translucent stone in green, black, and gray hues. Actinolite forms in long crystals or needle-like structures and is often found within other gemstones, such as Quartz.

Despite being a common mineral, gemstone varieties of Actinolite are rare. Gemstone varieties of Actinolite include Nephrite, which is a type of Jade. You may also come across the chatoyant form of the mineral, which has an incredible cat-eye appearance. 

Magnesium-rich varieties of Actinolite are classified as asbestos, so you should not use them. Their particles are extremely small and can damage the lungs. 

Actinolite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Actinolite is a Heart Chakra gemstone, which means we can use it to heal and open this chakra. The Heart Chakra governs emotions and our relationships with others, allowing us to accept love into our lives. Having a balanced Heart Chakra promotes gratitude, joy, and compassion. 

Did you know that Actinolite is also connected to the Earth Star Chakra? This is a secondary chakra that is located in the etheric body, around twelve inches below us. The Earth Star Chakra grounds our chakra system to the earth and promotes feelings of security in the world and universe. 

Actinolite is a highly protective stone that protects your aura from negativity while channeling positive energy through the Earth Star Chakra and into your soul. It helps you overcome pain and trauma, releasing negative emotions into the world. Because it activates the Heart Chakra, you can use it to safely work through your feelings and move forward with positivity and light. 

All gemstones are connected to a specific planet in astrology, which boosts their powers. Actinolite is connected to the planet Venus, and we can use it to bring this planet’s energy into our lives. Venus rules love and sensuality, allowing us to develop abundance, comfort, and affection.

Did you know that Actinolite carries the numerical vibration 9? The number 9 has a high vibrational frequency and boosts spiritual understanding and transformation. It represents endings and beginnings, helping us move forward on our true path in life.

Actinolite Healing Properties and Benefits

Emotional Balance

  • Because it works with the Heart Chakra, we can use Actinolite to bring forth emotional balance and understanding. 
  • Charge your Actinolite crystal with sage, which enhances the energy of cleansing and growth. Then hold your Actinolite while meditating and working through your emotions. 


  • Actinolite boosts feelings of self-love and self-worth, helping you develop a healthy relationship with yourself. 
  • Charge your Actinolite with moonlight. Then hold it while repeating positive affirmations of self-love and confidence

New Beginnings

  • Actinolite can help us move forward in life and embrace new beginnings and opportunities. 
  • Charge your Actinolite with a candle, as the element of Fire will enhance positive change. Then hold it while visualizing your future and reflecting on what changes you wish to make. 


  • The Heart Chakra governs our connections with others, which means we can use Actinolite to boost compassion and understanding. 
  • Charge your Actinolite with positive affirmations of compassion and empathy. Then wear it around your neck at all times to enhance your connections with others. 


  • Actinolite helps us trust ourselves and others by amplifying our self-worth and compassion. 
  • Wear your Actinolite crystal as a necklace. When you need to tap into its powers, gently touch the stone to boost feelings of trust.

Actinolite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Woman meditating with incense with the sky as its background


  • Because Actinolite gains its powers from Venus, we can use it to manifest love, money, and abundance. 
  • Charge your Actinolite with soil, as the element of Earth boosts material manifestation. Then hold it while sending your intentions into the universe. 


  • Connected to the Earth Star Chakra, we can use Actinolite for grounding. 
  • Hold your Actinolite in your hands while sitting crossed-legged on the floor. Imagine an orb of light flowing out of the stone, through you, and down to your Earth Star Chakra. 


  • Actinolite is a powerful shielding stone that protects you from negative energy and thoughts.
  • Charge your Actinolite with herbs of protection, such as rosemary. Then place it somewhere in your living room to shield your home and aura from negativity. 

Cosmic Connection

  • The positive energy of Actinolite crystals expands into the universe, allowing you to connect with higher realms of existence. 
  • Charge your Actinolite with a singing bowl. Then have it nearby when you are meditating. 

Self Discovery

  • Actinolite allows us to find our spiritual truth and discover our purpose in life. 
  • Charge your Actinolite under the light of the full moon. Then hold it while you are meditating and connecting with your spirit guides.

Actinolite Side Effects

  • Repressed Emotions: Actinolite releases negative emotions into the world, which may cause repressed feelings to appear. These repressed emotions may cause upset and pain. 
  • Intense Dreams: You may find yourself having intense dreams when using Actinolite. If so, make sure you keep it outside of your bedroom. 
  • Astrological Conflict: Actinolite is ruled by Venus, which is an enemy planet of the Sun. This means that you might find it brings you misfortune if you are born with the zodiac sign Leo.

Actinolite Meaning: What Does Actinolite Symbolize?

different kinds of safety equipment on the wooden table

The meaning of Actinolite is safety

Actinolite brings the energy of safety, trust, and protection into our lives. We can use it to feel secure in who we are and our place in the world. 

The name Actinolite is taken from the Greek word aktinos, which means beam. The stone sends beams of positive energy into the universe, allowing us to connect our souls with higher realms of existence.

Types of Actinolite

  • Common Actinolite: The common variety of Actinolite is a translucent green gemstone. It is perfect to use for overcoming negative thoughts and processing emotions. 
  • Nephrite Jade: Nephrite Jade is Actinolite’s dark green, opaque variety. Use Nephrite Jade for manifesting love and abundance. 
  • Byssolite: This variety of Actinolite appears as a mass of thin, needle-like crystal structures. You may find Byssolite in other gemstones, such as Demantoid Garnet, which creates patterns within the stone. 
  • Black Actinolite: This variety of Actinolite comes in a black, metallic shade. Use Black Actinolite to protect yourself from negative energy. 
  • Gray Actinolite: The gray variety of Actinolite boosts cosmic connection and spiritual enlightenment. 
  • Cat’s-Eye Actinolite: This variety of Actinolite is green and has a chatoyancy effect, meaning light reflects in a thin beam on the center of the stone. Use Cat’s-Eye Actinolite to protect your home and self from negative forces. 
  • Fibrous Actinolite: Fibrous Actinolite has hair-like crystal growth. It should never be used for crystal healing as it is a form of asbestos.  
  • Smaragdite: Smaragdite is a light green variety of Actinolite, with its color caused by inclusions of chromium. Use this variety to open up your Heart Chakra and boost self-love. 
  • Witches Finger: This rare gemstone is a mix of Quartz, Actinolite, and other minerals, with Actinolite threads easily visible. Witches Finger is only found in Zambia and works to relieve worries and stress. 
  • Spray Actinolite: Spray Actinolite appears as a dark green stone with white lines. Use this variety to amplify your spiritual awareness and connect with your spirit guides. 
  • Ferro-Actinolite: This variety of Actinolite is a dark green to black, with its color caused by iron inclusions. Use Ferro-Actinolite for grounding and connecting with Mother Nature. 
  • Epidote-Actinolite: Epidote-Actinolite is a green stone with dark inclusions of Actinolite. This variety is excellent for boosting your confidence and self-esteem. 
  • Retrograde Actinolite: This variety is gray with a smooth surface and amplifies manifestation and cosmic knowledge. 
  • Alpine Vein Actinolite: This variety of Actinolite appears as long, metallic structures. Use Alpine Vien Actinolite for dreamwork and astral projection. 
  • Actinolite in Quartz: Actinolite in Quartz is a stunning variety, with long, green Actinolite needles visible through the transparent Quartz. This variety amplifies spiritual growth and aligns the chakras. 
  • Actinolite-Albite: This variety appears as translucent Albite with dark green Actinolite inclusions. Actinolite-Albite is fantastic for promoting peace and tranquility. 
  • Actinolite-Glaucophane: Actinolite-Glaucophane is a dark green stone with black and white markings. Use this variety to connect with the Earth Star Chakra.
  • Actinolite-Lawsonite: This variety appears as bright green Lawsonite crystals with veins of dark Actinolite. Use Actinolite-Lawsonite to open up and heal the Heart Chakra. 
  • Actinolite-Calcite: An intriguing specimen of translucent Calcite with needle-like Actinolite inclusions, use this variety to boost spiritual development.

How To Cleanse Actinolite?

A full moon over a town

  • Moonlight: On the night of the full moon, place your Actinolite crystal outside or on your windowsill. Leave it there from dusk till dawn. 
  • Singing Bowl: Place your Actinolite stone on a table in front of you. Then spend a few minutes playing with your singing bowl to cleanse it. 
  • Sage: Light a smudging stick of sage. When it has been burning for a few moments, hold your Actinolite stone in the smoke.

Questions and Answers

What is Actinolite used for?

Actinolite is used to bring peace, harmony, and love into your life. It works with the Heart Chakra to amplify positive energy, compassion, and joy.

Is Actinolite hazardous?

Yes, some Actinolite varieties are asbestos, meaning they can damage your lungs. Always research which type of Actinolite you wish to buy before doing so.

Is Actinolite rare or common?

The mineral Actinolite is fairly common. However, gemstones made of it are quite rare.

Is Actinolite a gemstone?

Yes, some varieties of Actinolite are used as gemstones, such as Nephrite Jade and Cat’s Eye Actinolite.

What zodiac is Actinolite?

Actinolite is connected to the zodiac sign Scorpio.

How much is Actinolite worth?

The worth of Actinolite depends on its variety and size. However, it usually costs around $10 to $50 per carat.

Can you put Actinolite in water?

No, you should not put Actinolite in water.

What is the other name for Actinolite?

The other name for Actinolite is the Ray Stone.

What is the spiritual meaning of Actinolite?

The spiritual meaning of Actinolite is care and compassion. It opens up the Heart Chakra to bring love, empathy, and joy into your life.

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