Chrome Diopside

(krohm dahy - op - sahyd)
Main Origins:
Russia, Pakistan, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, and South Africa.

What is Chrome Diopside?

Chrome Diopside is a green variety of Diopside, which gains its color from inclusions of chromium. It is a rare form of gemstone and was only discovered in 1988. Since its discovery in Russia, other deposits of Chrome Diopside have been found worldwide. 

Did you know that Chrome Diopside is said to have fallen from the Tree of Life? The Tree of Life has been found in many cultures across the world, from Norse mythology to Ancient Mesopotamia teachings. It symbolizes the interconnectedness of the physical world and other realms, representing rebirth, renewal, and growth.

Chrome Diopside helps us to develop our understanding of the Tree of Life. We can connect to other worlds and our ancestors by meditating with this incredible gemstone. It also can bring forth new beginnings and change in your life.

Chrome Diopside Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Raw chrome diopside crystals that is stacked together

Chrome Diopside works with the Heart and the Root Chakras. It brings balance and security to your emotions, allowing you to release any baggage you have been clinging to. By harmonizing these two chakras, Chrome Diopside will enable you to understand your feelings and develop a strong sense of awareness

Did you know that Chrome Diopside gains its power from the planet Mercury? This planet governs wisdom and intelligence, and we can use the energy of Chrome Diopside to connect with its powers. When wearing Chrome Diopside, you will notice that your mind becomes sharper, and learning new skills comes naturally to you. 

Connected to the energy of planet Earth, we can use Chrome Diopside to develop our bond with Mother Nature. If you wear this stone and walk in nature, you may see the beauty that surrounds you much more clearly. Chrome Diopside will also help you gain spiritual guidance from the planet Earth. 

Chrome Diopside is a healing stone that allows you to overcome pain and trauma. This wonderful gemstone flushes out old baggage from your heart and allows you to move forward on your journey in life. 

Did you know that Chrome Diopside has the numerical vibration 9? 9 is the highest numerical vibration, bringing spiritual awareness and awakening into our lives. Number 9 represents the universal truth and boosts faith and enlightenment.

Chrome Diopside Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Chrome Diopside brings creative energy into your life, allowing you to express yourself in new ways and focus on any creative projects you have.
  • After charging your Chrome Diopside with incense, place it near you while working on a creative project. When you need some inspiration, hold the stone in your hands. 

Self Love

  • Connected to the Heart Chakra, Chrome Diopside helps us on our journey of self-love and self-care. 
  • Charge your Chrome Diopside in moonlight, as this allows the Moon’s tender energy to enhance the crystal’s healing properties. Hold your Chrome Diopside in your hands while repeating affirmations of self-love. 


  • Chrome Diopside aids in learning and focuses, helping us to progress our skills and knowledge. 
  • Wear a Chrome Diopside ring on your dominant hand to enhance your learning. 

Emotional Release

  • The powerful vibrations of Chrome Diopside resonate throughout the mind, body, and soul, unblocking any emotional baggage or trauma. 
  • Meditate with your Chrome Diopside on the night of the waning Moon. Address any pain that you need to let go of. 


  • A stone of letting go and moving forward, we can use Chrome Diopside to bring forgiveness into our lives. 
  • Charge your Chrome Diopside with a candle. Then wear it as a necklace to let its energy harmonize with the Heart Chakra and enhance forgiveness.

Chrome Diopside Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A person is looking through the magnifying glass


  • We can use Chrome Diopside for spiritual protection, as it promotes positive energy and dispels negativity. 
  • Charge your Chrome Diopside with positive affirmations before wearing it as a necklace for protection. 


  • A stone of learning and progression, we can turn to Chrome Diopside to enhance our intuition. 
  • After charging your Chrome Diopside with the light of the Full Moon, hold it while you explore the hidden knowledge you have within. 

Self Discovery

  • Chrome Diopside expands the awareness of the self, allowing us to discover new aspects of our spirituality. 
  • Wear a Chrome Diopside ring on your dominant hand to enhance self-discovery. 

Spiritual Balance

  • The vibrations of Chrome Diopside bring balance to mind, body, and soul. It allows us to explore these different aspects of ourselves while staying in harmony with our physical and emotional needs. 
  • Charge your Chrome Diopside with sage, then wear it as a necklace to bring harmony and balance. 

Past Life Recall

  • Chrome Diopside helps us connect with the Tree of Life and explore the different aspects of our spiritual past, including our past lives. 
  • Hold your Chrome Diopside in your hands while practicing past life recall.

Chrome Diopside Side Effects

  • Negative Emotions: As Chrome Diopside works to rid us of baggage and trauma, we may feel negative emotions when wearing it. This is the pain resurfacing from the core of our souls before leaving our bodies. 
  • Tiredness: Chrome Diopside boosts self-discovery and learning, which can tire people out. If you are feeling tired, make sure you are limiting your time with the stone. 
  • Uncomfortable Realizations: While Chrome Diopside helps us understand ourselves better, this may lead to uncomfortable realizations about ourselves. 

Chrome Diopside Meaning: What does Chrome Diopside Symbolize?

A woman is meditating near the lake while facing the sun light

The meaning of Chrome Diopside is enlightenment

This wonderful stone shines a light on who we are, who we once were in past lives, and what we can achieve in our future. 

The word Diopside comes from the Greek words “dis,” meaning “two,” and “opse,” which means “face.” It was named this because it sometimes forms dual prismatic crystal faces. The word chrome refers to the inclusions of chromium in the stone that creates the green color. 

Types of Chrome Diopside

  • Common Chrome Diopside: The common variety of Chrome Diopside is a bright green gemstone, often cut and placed in jewelry. This variety opens and heals the Heart Chakra. 
  • Tashmarine Diopside: Tashmarine Diopside is a yellow-green gemstone that gets its color from iron. Use a Tashmarine Diopside to boost self-discovery and personal growth. 
  • Black Chrome Diopside: This variety of Diopside is found in a dark green shade that appears black with green hues. Use a Black Chrome Diopside for protection and grounding. 
  • Lime Green Chrome Diopside: A light green variety of gemstones, use Lime Green Chrome Diopside to enhance self-love and emotional release. 
  • Pistachio Green Chrome Diopside: This light green-blue variety of Chrome Diopside is fantastic for forgiveness and letting go. 
  • Yellow Chrome Diopside: This variety of Chrome Diopside has a yellow color zoning within the crystal. Use a Yellow Chrome Diopside to boost your creativity and self-expression.
  • Malacacheta Chrome Diopside: This fascinating variety comes from Brazil and is a dark green color with white bands and inclusions. Use a Malacacheta Chrome Diopside to enhance your spiritual awakening. 
  • Seaweed Green Chrome Diopside: Seaweed Green Chrome Diopside refers to specimens found in a dark green shade with black markings. This variety is fantastic for boosting your connection with Mother Nature. 
  • Chrome Diopside Violane: Violane refers to specimens of Chrome Diopside that contain Dolomite or Limestone. It appears in white, blue, gray, and purple shades and can be used for spiritual growth and balance. 
  • Rose Anhydrite in Chrome Diopside: This beautiful mix of minerals creates a blend of purple and dark green hues with white banding. Rose Anhydrite in Chrome Diopside is a perfect stone for opening up the Heart Chakra. 
  • Chrome Diopside with Zoisite: Chrome Diopside with Zoisite appears as a white stone with dots of green Chrome Diopside. Use this variety to develop your intuition and psychic powers. 
  • Cat’s Eye Chrome Diopside: This intriguing variety has Chatoyancy, meaning a band of light is reflected in the stone after it has been cut. It is a dark green stone and should be used for grounding and protection. 
  • Garnet Pyrope with Chrome Diopside: Often also including Olivine, this variety has a mix of purple Garden Pyrope and light green Chrome Diopside. Use Garnet Pyrope with Chrome Diopside to enhance self-love and self-care. 
  • Chrome Diopside with Graphite: This variety has one or two long, prismatic Chrome Diopside crystals set in a Graphite matrix. Use Chrome Diopside with Graphite for protection and letting go. 
  • Chrome Diopside with Calcite: Chrome Diopside with Calcium has apple green Chrome Diopside inclusions within White Calcite. This variety is perfect for spiritual healing and growth. 
  • Chrome Diopside in Sulfide Matrix: This variety has a Sulfide matrix with golden-green Chrome Diopside crystals within. Use Chrome Diopside in Sulfide Matrix for emotional release and harmony. 
  • Chrome Diopside in Quartz: Chrome Diopside in Quartz is a white Quartz stone with inclusions of green Chrome Diopside. This variety is perfect for meditation and prayer. 
  • Chrome Diopside with Pyrite: This variety, originating from Tanzania, is a light green color with flecks of golden Pyrite inclusions. Use Chrome Diopside with Pyrite to enhance your intellect and wisdom. 
  • Chrome Diopside with Titanite: This stunning mix of orange Titanite crystals and deep green Chrome Diopside is the perfect variety to enhance your confidence and self-esteem. 
  • Chrome Diopside with Albite: Appearing as a white cluster of Albite crystals with green Chrome Diopside inclusions, this variety is fantastic for harmony and peace.

How To Cleanse Chrome Diopside?

A person holding different crystals for chanting

  • Chanting: Chant the seed mantra yam while holding your Chrome Diopside crystal. 
  • Moonlight: Place your Chrome Diopside crystal outside on the night of the Full Moon
  • Soil: Bury your Chrome Diopside in soil, ensuring it is fully submerged. Leave it in the soil for 12 hours.

Questions and Answers

Is Chrome Diopside an expensive stone?

No, Chrome Diopside is a reasonably affordable crystal. It ranges from around $15 to $75 per carat.

Is Chrome Diopside a rare gem?

Yes, Chrome Diopside is a fairly rare gemstone.

What is Chrome Diopside good for?

Chrome Diopside opens up the Heart Chakra and brings harmony and peace into your life. It also helps you with self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. 

Is Chrome Diopside the same as Tourmaline?

No, Chrome Diopside has a different mineral structure from Tourmaline stones.

What is another name for Chrome Diopside?

Other names for Chrome Diopside are Green Diopside, Russian Diopside, Imperial Diopside, and Vertelite.

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