(prey - nahyt)
Main Origins:
South Africa and Australia.

What is Prehnite?

Different shapes of a polished Prehnite crystal

Prehnite is an inosilicate of aluminum and calcium. Discovered in 1788 in Cradock, South Africa, Prehnite is named after Colonel Hendrik Von Prehn, the commander of the military forces of the Dutch colony of the Cape of Good Hope.  

Prehnite was used as a stone of prophecy by the indigenous South Africans. Prehnite connects you to the earth element and allows you to be more down-to-earth and grounded by teaching you how to be in harmony with nature.

Prehnite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Prehnite has many metaphysical healing properties and benefits. This stone connects to Gaia, the Earth goddess, the mother of all life. 

This stone lets you see the value in all aspects of love, helps you develop compassion, and nurtures the environment and animals on Earth. Prehnite helps you create life and manifest your highest intentions by connecting you to creative and maternal energy.

Prehnite Healing Properties and Benefits

Health and Strength

  • By teaching you how to be in harmony with nature, Prehnite helps you adopt a healthier lifestyle, giving you more vitality. Prehnite connects you with animals, helping you form loving relationships with them, and with plants, allowing you to use them for health.
  • Place a Prehnite stone in your kitchen to make healthy dietary choices or carry it in your pocket when exercising for increased stamina.

Forgiveness and Emotional Balance

  • By healing the heart chakra, Prehnite balances your emotions and allows you to invite love and empathy into your heart. This stone makes it easier to understand others and to connect with their emotions.
  • Wear a Prehnite crystal pendant that rests on your heart chakra to connect with the vibration of love.

Detox, Rehabilitation, and Recovery

  • Prehnite pushes you to let go of addictions, compulsions, and what does not serve you, clearing the path to a healthy, happy life. It allows you to form healthy habits that will benefit your growth and health.
  • Meditate with Prehnite on your heart chakra for 10 minutes every day when you need to release something in your life.

Hormone Balance and Blood Circulation

  • By repairing the connective tissue in your body, Prehnite helps heal the body in many ways. 
  • Sleep with Prehnite under your pillow to enhance cell regeneration and renewal while you sleep.

Stress Release

  • Prehnite releases stress from the emotional and mental part of you, making you feel more at ease. This stone is very soothing to the mind and can help rid mental clutter and toxic thoughts that cause you to experience negative emotions.
  • Meditate with Prehnite in your palm for 5 minutes to access its calming effects when feeling overwhelmed.

Prehnite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A treasure chest that is full of jewelry on the sand

Dream Work and Therapy

  • Prehnite is a stone for “dreaming and remembering.” It will enhance your dreams and help you remember them. It also increases the chances of lucid dreaming, where you are conscious of your dreams and able to control them.
  • Place Prehnite under your pillow to increase the frequency and intensity of your dreams.

Abundance, Luck, and Prosperity

  • This stone connects you with the frequency of love and abundance by healing your heart chakra. It lessens feelings of poverty, and lack, and helps you realize that your mindset dictates what you attract.
  • Meditate with Prehnite on your heart chakra for 20 minutes to invite more luck and prosperity into your life.

Psychic Protection

  • Prehnite protects you from the unknown and gives you endless strength by allowing you to be ready to face anything. This stone protects you during meditation and prevents intrusive thoughts from interfering with a tranquil mental state.
  • Carry a Prehnite stone in your pocket for protection.

Astral Travel

  • Prehnite keeps you grounded and connected to your physical body when astral traveling. By establishing a secure cord that connects you to your body, Prehnite ensures safety and protection when your spirit leaves your body.
  • Keep a Prehnite crystal on your bedside table for safe astral travel.

Spirit Contact and Guidance

  • Using Prehnite in rituals strengthens the invitation and allows you to contact spirit guides to ask them for guidance. Prehnite is a talisman that invites high-vibration spiritual beings into your space.
  • Place Prehnite on a crystal grid in front of you during meditation to contact your ancestors and spirit guides.


  • Prehnite allows you to sense what is to come in the future, allowing you to plan and prepare for anything. Using Prehnite can give you bad feelings when you are about to face danger, allowing you to make a plan to escape the situation.
  • Wear Prehnite jewelry daily for increased intuition and psychic insight.

Prehnite Side Effects

  • When combined with Moonstone, Prehnite leads to depression. Moonstone connects you to your emotions, and in combination with Prehnite, it can cause you to lose touch and sight of reality and be blinded by emotions.
  • When combined with Ruby, Prehnite causes rage. These two crystals used or worn in combination overstimulate the heart chakra, leading to hostile emotions of anger and aggression.

Prehnite Meaning: What Does Prehnite Symbolize?

A woman with crystals on her chest while a person is holding a crystal pendulum above it

The meaning of Prehnite is “Stone of Magic.” 

What does Prehnite symbolize? Prehnite is the stone that heals the healer, making it the best crystal to use if you are sensitive. By connecting you to your inner value, Prehnite lets you find happiness within yourself and prevents you from looking to external forces for answers.

A Prehnite stone can be a personal therapist, giving you guidance and answers. This stone works wonders when used for feng shui, as it creates a serene atmosphere in your home.

Varieties of Prehnite

  • Anhydrite: This variety has white crystalline shards and connects you to your guardian angels and celestial beings.
  • Laumontite: A white mineral part of the zeolite group, Laumontite works wonders for removing toxins from your body and environment. 
  • Glauberite: A yellow/white crystal that forms in clay, Glauberite is brittle and does not have many metaphysical properties. 
  • Pink Prehnite: A pink variety of Prehnite that gives you the ability to love unconditionally.
  • Red Prehnite: A red variety of Prehnite that helps calm anger and aggression.
  • Orange Prehnite: This orange variety of Prehnite is extremely rare, and it is meant to connect you with the wisdom and strength of the gods.
  • White Prehnite: A white variety of Prehnite that clears away negative emotions.
  • Zeolite: Zeolite occurs in many colors and is used in reiki to heal the energetic body.

How To Cleanse Prehnite?

A person holding a sage above the fire

  • Soil – Return this crystal to its roots by burying it in the earth for 24 hours to a week for a powerful cleansing. 
  • Moonlight – Place Prehnite inside on a windowsill where the moonlight can cleanse it overnight.
  • Smudge Sticks – Light one end of a sage bundle, incense, or palo santo stick and wave the smoke over the crystal. Ensure that the smoke leaves the room through a door or window to rid your home of negative energy.

Questions and Answers

Can Prehnite go in the water?

No, you should never let Prehnite come into contact with water. When placed in water, Aluminium present in Prehnite can leak into the water.

Can Prehnite go in the sun?

No, Prehnite is not safe in the sun. Avoid placing Prehnite in the sun, as it can cause its color to fade.

Why is my Prehnite changing color?

Prehnite’s color can fade or change when exposed to different light sources or open air as it causes a change to the content of the Fe2+ and Fe3+(Iron).

What’s the difference between fake Prehnite and real Prehnite?

Prehnite crystals should not feel too soft, and the color will be pearlescent in sunlight. Fake Prehnites can feel soft and lack that pearlescent shine.

Who shouldn’t wear Prehnite?

Prehnite is a brittle crystal and should not be worn by overly active people or people who are outdoors a lot, as it can break and fade quickly. Other than that, everyone can benefit from the spiritual and metaphysical properties of this stone.

Where to keep Prehnite in your house?

Place Prehnite in the southeast direction of your living room, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom to benefit from its heart chakra healing properties. Prehnite is a good stone to keep in the bedroom, as it heals the heart chakra while you sleep.

Which hand to wear Prehnite?

You should wear Prehnite bracelets or rings on your left hand for enhanced intuition.

Which finger to wear Prehnite?

The best finger to wear a Prehnite ring on is the ring finger on your left hand, as this finger is connected to the earth element.

Which day to wear Prehnite?

The best day to wear Prehnite is on April 22nd, during Earth Day and the celebration of the Greek goddess Gaia.

What’s the cost of Prehnite? Is Prehnite expensive?

Prehnite is inexpensive and costs roughly $5 – $10 per carat.

How often should you cleanse Prehnite?

If you wear or use Prehnite daily, it will benefit from weekly cleanses. If your Prehnite is left in a room in your house, cleanse it at least once a month to ensure you benefit from its healing properties.

Is Prehnite a precious stone?

Prehnite is a semi-precious stone. The four precious stones are Emeralds, Rubies, Diamonds, and Sapphires. Any information claiming that Prehnite is a precious stone is inaccurate.

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