(kris - uh - ber - uhl)
Main Origins:
Brazil, Zimbabwe, Russia, Argentina, South Africa, the UK, Usbekistan, Norway, Algeria, United States, Canada, Sri Lanka, France, Portugal, Zambia, Japan, Kenya, Sweden, Mozambique, Antarctica, Tanzania, Spain, Poland, Germany, India, and Myanmar.

What is Chrysoberyl?

Chrysoberyl on a black reflective background

Chrysoberyl is a gem that comes in many different colors, shapes, and patterns. Most people recognize it by its yellow to greenish-yellow colors, which can look like honey or olive. Its texture is smooth and sometimes silky, and its design is often a cat’s eye or an asterism with a sharp six-sided star shape.

It has an orthorhombic crystal system, which means that it makes clear, separate crystals. Given how it is made, the crystal is clear and has a high refractive index, making it look shiny. Also, compared to other jewels, it has a high density.

Chrysoberyl has a rich history. It was originally found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Russia, and Tanzania. Brazilian mining in the 19th century made the crystal popular. Its brilliance and durability made it a popular jewelry stone.

Due to its exceptional Chrysoberyl properties, it is highly prized by crystal enthusiasts and collectors. Its stunning colors, clarity, and hardness make it a desirable gemstone for jewelry and investment. Collectors prize its cat’s eye and star patterns. Gemstone enthusiasts value Chrysoberyl’s rarity, especially in Alexandrite.

Did you know that Chrysoberyl has a unique myth associated with it? It was believed to protect against evil spirits and provide luck in ancient times. The cat’s-eye effect resembles nocturnal predators’ eyes, leading to this idea.

Chrysoberyl Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Chrysoberyl’s bright colors have different energy properties. Yellow and golden Chrysoberyl symbolize abundance, confidence, and self-expression. Clear Chrysoberyl symbolizes wisdom, clarity, and spirituality. 

Purple and pink Chrysoberyl promote the Heart Chakra inducing love, compassion, and emotional healing. Blue Chrysoberyl helps Throat Chakra and expression. White and colorful Chrysoberyl enhances other stones and spiritual growth.

The main chakra linked to Chrysoberyl is the Solar Plexus in the upper belly. Chrysoberyl opens up and stabilizes the Solar Plexus Chakra, which gives you more confidence, boldness, and focus.

Chrysoberyl’s main element is Fire, which stands for change, desire, and vitality. In Feng Shui, Chrysoberyl is often linked to the South and the Center of a room, which is connected to the Fire element. Putting Chrysoberyl in these places can boost energy flow, inspiration, and passion.

The Sun rules over Chrysoberyl, making this stone a symbol of leadership, vitality, and personal strength. Chrysoberyl’s characteristics are amplified by the Sun’s radiance, making its wearer more capable of facing challenges head-on and coming out on top.

Agni, Loki, Xiuhtecuhtli, and Swaróg rule Chrysoberyl. Agni, the Hindu Fire God, symbolizes purity and transformation. Loki, a Norse God, shows how fire and chaos evolve. Xiuhtecuhtli, the Aztec God of Time and Fire, symbolizes renewal, change, and rebirth. Swaróg, a Slavic sun deity, represents life, strength, and courage.

Chrysoberyl has been shown to vibrate at the numerical frequency of 3, which is associated with creativity, communication, and self-expression.

Chrysoberyl Healing Properties and Benefits

 Focus and Strength

  • Chrysoberyl benefits can help you focus, stay on task, and find your inner power. Its energies make you more focused and determined.
  • To activate Chrysoberyl crystal, hold it in your hand and picture yourself getting stronger and more focused.


  • It is believed to help with pregnancy and the health of the reproductive system. It brings out the excitement of making things and starting over.
  • To use Chrysoberyl’s ability to improve fertility, you can program or charge it by putting it on an object or symbol connected to fertility, like a picture of a baby or a fertility talisman.

Emotional Intelligence

  • Chrysoberyl enhances one’s ability to feel and understand other people’s emotions.
  • Holding Chrysoberyl in your hand and seeing yourself becoming more emotionally aware and attentive to others activates emotional intelligence.


  • The crystal improves brain agility, the ability to solve problems, and the ability to learn
  • To program or charge Chrysoberyl for intelligence, you can hold it while you read or do other mentally challenging things and imagine absorbing and remembering what you learn.

Good Sleep

  • Its energy helps people sleep better, reduces insomnia, and improves general health.
  • The best way to activate the crystal is by putting it under your pillow or near your bed while you sleep to restore and balance your body’s natural balance.

Chrysoberyl Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Hands holding a tarot cards surrounded by candles

Psychic Powers

  • Its energy stimulates the Third Eye Chakra, which helps you see more clearly, understand things better, and gain spiritual understanding.
  • To program or activate Chrysoberyl, hold it in your hand and concentrate on developing your psychic skills and intuition.

Spiritual Awakening

  • Chrysoberyl helps with mental growth and awakening. It helps expand awareness, connect with higher realms, and get spiritual direction.
  • Meditating with Chrysoberyl is the best programming technique for spiritual awakening, as the energy opens your mind and strengthens your spiritual experiences.

Luck and Fortune

  • Its energy brings positive things and abundance into one’s life.
  • For activating, carry Chrysoberyl with you as a personal talisman, and rub it between your hands often while picturing good things happening in your life and money coming in.


  • Chrysoberyl benefits help with manifesting by strengthening the desire and speeding up the process.
  • Write down your goals or desires on a piece of paper, put Chrysoberyl on top of it, then hold the crystal in your hands while visualizing those desires or intentions expanding.

Transformation and Growth

  • Chrysoberyl helps inner change and progress for spiritual growth. Its energy promotes self-reflection, personal progress, and everyday integration of greater understanding.
  • To charge or program Chrysoberyl for transformation and growth, engage in self-reflection and journaling while holding the crystal, allowing its energy to amplify your inner growth process.

Side Effects of Chrysoberyl

  • Superiority Complex: This crystal may trigger a sense of superiority or arrogance. To avoid this, practice humility and focus on embracing the unique qualities of others.
  • Hardship before Detox: Chrysoberyl can help discharge negative energies, but it may present discomfort at first. Accept the process, be patient, and seek support from a trusted spiritual guide.
  • Oversensitivity: The crystal increases emotional sensitivity. Maintain self-awareness, grounding, and equilibrium through meditation or relaxing activities.

Chrysoberyl Meaning: What Does Chrysoberyl Symbolize?

The trees of leaves are changing

Chrysoberyl represents “personal transformation” and “inner growth.”

The name “Chrysoberyl” comes from the Greek words “chrysos” for “gold” and beryllos” for “beryl.” It was first found in Sri Lanka, which used to be called “Ceylon.” Since then, it has been found in Brazil, Russia, and Tanzania, among other places.

Chrysoberyl is also called Cymophane” and “Cat’s Eye” because of its unique chatoyancy effect, which makes it look like a cat’s eye.

Traditionally, Chrysoberyl has been linked to good luck, protection, and clear eyes. In modern times, it is highly regarded for its metaphysical properties, such as its ability to improve psychic skills, help spiritual growth, and attract wealth.

Chrysoberyl goes well with other crystals, like Moldavite, which helps you become more spiritually aware; Amethyst, which improves your intuition; and Citrine, which helps you attract money and make things happen.

A remarkable fact about Chrysoberyl is that it is one of the hardest gemstones. Ancient people wore it as a protective amulet and a source of good fortune in business and love.

Types of Chrysoberyl

  • Common Chrysoberyl: Features a yellow or golden color and is known for its protective and balancing qualities, which bring peace and stability to the person who wears it.
  • Alexandrite or Chromium-rich Chrysoberyl: A rare type of Chrysoberyl that changes color, going from green to red when exposed to sunshine and incandescent light, respectively. It corresponds to transformation, good luck, and a stronger sense of awareness.
  • Chrysoberyl Twins or Trillings: Found in yellow, golden, transparent, purple, pink, blue, white, and multicolored, they generate unique forms when two or more Chrysoberyl crystals grow together. Regardless of hue, these formations strengthen teamwork and relationships.
  • Green Chrysoberyl: The green hue of Chrysoberyl promotes health, growth, and rebirth.
  • Yellow-Green Chrysoberyl or Chrysolite: It is sometimes called Chrysolite, a gemstone that is yellowish-green in color and promotes life, creativity, and prosperity.
  • Blue Chrysoberyl: Features a beautiful blue color and is associated with communication, self-expression, and psychic powers.
  • Fishtail Chrysoberyl: This gemstone can help you manage stress, build resilience, and try new things. Fishtail Chrysoberyl supports personal growth and well-being in yellow, golden, transparent, purple, pink, blue, white, and multicolored forms.
  • Flower Chrysoberyl: With its flower-shaped crystals, it symbolizes development, beauty, and possibility, whether it is yellow, golden, clear, purple, pink, blue, white, or multicolored.
  • Cymophane or Cat Eye Chrysoberyl: Available in various colors, such as yellow, golden, clear, purple, pink, blue, white, or multicolored, it acts as a guiding light on a person’s journey. It relates to intuition, protection, and spiritual understanding and acts as a guiding light on a person’s journey.
  • Ceylonese Chrysoberyl: Represents Sri Lanka’s energy, wisdom, spiritual growth, and ancient knowledge. Colors like yellow, golden, clear, purple, pink, blue, white, and multicolored depict Ceylonese heritage and spiritual progress.
  • Chrysoberyl with Albite: It is embedded in Albite, a white feldspar. It enhances spiritual contact and helps integrate human power with greater wisdom.
  • Chrysoberyl with Kyanite: Chrysoberyl crystals can come with a blue silicate mineral (Kyanite). It helps spiritual growth, self-discovery, and communication by combining Chrysoberyl’s transformation and Kyanite’s alignment.
  • Chrysoberyl with Topaz: The fusion of Chrysoberyl crystals and multicolored Topaz, including yellow, golden, clear, purple, pink, blue, and white, enhances personal growth, amplifies intentions, and attracts success.
  • Chrysoberyl with  Quartz: Combining Chrysoberyl crystals with clear or colored Quartz, such as yellow, golden, clear, purple, pink, blue, and white, cleanses and balances spiritual growth and well-being.
  • Chrysoberyl Muscovite: With pearly Muscovite, fostering self-reflection, self-growth, and spiritual awareness in various colors like yellow, golden, clear, purple, pink, blue, and white.
  • Chrysoberyl-Staurolite: Features alongside Staurolite, a cross-shaped brownish-black mineral. The combination promotes spiritual grounding, inner strength, and positive development.
  • Chrysoberyl-Beryl: This combination of Chrysoberyl and Beryl, including Aquamarine and Emerald, promotes emotional balance, clarity, and goal achievement in various colors like blue (Aquamarine) and green (Emerald).
  • Chrysoberyl-Spessartine: Combined with Spessartine, a vivid orange to reddish-brown Garnet, it enhances passion, creativity, manifestation, personal growth, and positive transformation.
  • Chrysoberyl-Almandine: Features Chrysoberyl and Almandine, a deep red Garnet. This combination strengthens, stabilizes, and manifests spiritual progress.
  • Chrysoberyl-Smoky Quartz: This blend of Chrysoberyl and Smoky Quartz, in colors like yellow (Chrysoberyl) and smoky brown (Smoky Quartz), promotes balance, protection, and spiritual change.
  • Chrysoberyl-Clinochlore: This combination shows Chrysoberyl’s vivid green color and Clinochlore’s relaxing vitality. It helps emotional healing, balance, and spiritual evolution. It brings luck, abundance, and protection.
  • Chrysoberyl-Chihmingite: This unique combination shows Chrysoberyl’s brilliant yellow color and Chihmingite’s anchoring force. It improves clarity, spirituality, and manifestation. It gives its wearer courage, protection, and prosperity.
  • Chrysoberyl-Mariinskite: Combining the golden hues of Chrysoberyl with the calming properties of Mariinskite, this fusion supports balance, self-confidence, and mental growth. It aids in problem-solving and finding inner peace in golden tones (Chrysoberyl).

How To Cleanse Chrysoberyl?

Sunlight above the clouds

  • Sunlight – Chrysoberyl can be cleansed by putting it in 3 hours of full sunlight. This lets the sun’s energy clean and recharges the crystal.
  • Incense – Pass Chrysoberyl through the smoke from cleansing incense, such as sage or palo santo, to eliminate bad or blocked energies.
  • Meditation – During a meditation session, hold a Chrysoberyl in your hand and imagine a bright light all around it, cleansing and reviving its energy.

Questions and Answers

Can Chrysoberyls Get Wet?

Yes, Chrysoberyls are safe to clean under running water.

Are Chrysoberyls Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Chrysoberyls are usually safe in the sun. They can be worn or put in the sun without getting damaged or losing color.

Is Chrysoberyl Expensive?

Yes. Chrysoberyl’s price depends on size, quality, color, and rarity. Chrysoberyl gemstones can cost $100 to $500 per carat. However, rare and extraordinary Chrysoberyl variants, like Alexandrite, can sell for several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars per carat.

How Can You Tell if Chrysoberyl Is Real?

To determine if Chrysoberyl is real, look at its physical properties (hardness, refractive index), do some simple gemstone tests, and talk to a trusted gemologist or jeweler for a professional opinion.

How Do You Take Care of Chrysoberyls?

Chrysoberyls should be kept away from other jewels so they don’t get scratched. Use a soft cloth or brush and mild soapy water to clean the stone. Keep it away from harsh chemicals and quick temperature changes.

What Stones Go Well With Chrysoberyls?

Chrysoberyl can be paired with Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Citrine, or Selenite to strengthen their energies and make beautiful jewelry combinations.

Interactions with Chrysoberyl

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