(hi - duh - nite)
Main Origins:
USA, Madagascar, Mozambique, Brazil, China, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

What is Hiddenite?

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Hiddenite crystal is an attractive and highly vibrational healing crystal. It is a variety of Spodumene that is light to emerald green in color due to the presence of chromium. Most types of Hiddenite are translucent; some pieces are slightly opaque.
Hiddenite displays an optical phenomenon called Pleochroism. This is when the stone changes color depending on the angle that it is observed from and the lighting. Hiddenite ranges from emerald green to light yellow greens.

The energy of Hiddenite is loving, nurturing, healing, and aligning. Hiddenite benefits all ages and situations, encouraging nature and heart-based living.

Did you know the town in Alexander County, North Carolina, where Hiddenite was discovered in 1879 by geologist William Earl Hidden, was renamed and is still named Hiddenite?

Hiddenite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

The metaphysical benefits of Hiddenite are abundant and rooted in nature and divine love. This crystal activates the Heart Chakra, resonating with an open and balanced heart and allowing for a deeper connection, ease, gratitude, healing, and grace.

Hiddenites ruling planet is Neptune. This planet relates to the subconscious or hidden mind. It has a spiritual energy of inspiration, spiritual connection, magic, and unconditional love, which is encompassed by Hiddenite.

The ruling Goddesses of Hiddenite include Persephone, who imbues the crystal with fertile energy as well as a focus on renewal and integrating duality, and Astarte, who resonates with Hiddenite, contributing love, power, and healing.

According to numerology the overall vibration of Hiddenite is the number 7 and resonates with themes that include spiritual awakening, intuition, alchemy, refinement, and manifestation.

In feng shui, it corresponds with the Easterly direction, relating to health, family, and renewal. Hiddenite properties include bringing healing, connection and love to these aspects.

This stone’s ruling element is Water. The flow and emotional or temperamental aspects of water are channeled by Hiddenite as emotional and physical healing.

Hiddenite Healing Properties and Benefits

 Emotional Healing 

  • Hiddenite energy can encourage us to process, release, and express emotions. This can be deeply healing and also help us to fully feel, accept and transform.
  • Activate Hiddenite for emotional healing by meditating with your crystal on a full moon, charging your stone in the moonlight.

Improves Physical Health 

  • Hiddenite crystal brings to light the state of your physical body. This can arise as heightened intuition, synchronistic messages, and increased attention to physical symptoms.
  • Work with Hiddenite to stay in check with your health by wearing a piece of Hiddenite while doing a body scan meditation, relaxing, and checking in with each aspect of your body.

Amplifies Plant Remedies  

  • An interesting benefit of Hiddenite is that it can boost the effect of herbal and homeopathic medicine. It is a stone of fertility and earthly magic, to be used when making or receiving herbal medicines. 
  • Activate your stone to connect deeply with plant medicines by meditating with your Hiddenite stone as often as possible in natural surroundings.

A Healer’s Assistant 

  • Hiddenite can be used by healers to assist in diagnosing imbalances within the physical and etheric bodies. It also amplifies any remedies prescribed and speeds up recovery processes.
  • Charge your Hiddenite crystal before a healing session by entering a state of deep meditation and connecting with the energy of this crystal. Carry Hiddenite stone to your healing sessions.

Fertility and Sexual Power

  • The frequency of fertility is lent to the Hiddenite stone by its ruling Goddesses – Persephone and Astarte. This stone holds sacred sexual energy that can be channeled in different ways to create, express, and receive.
  • Use this crystal for fertility by placing your Hiddenite crystal over your womb or above your heart and taking 7 slow and deep breaths.

Hiddenite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

2 women holding hands, facing each other on a sumo squat

Expanded Potential and Success 

  • Hiddenite aligns us with the powerful frequencies of the heart, the earth, and fertility. This empowers us by uncovering our limitless potential and manifesting this easily.
  • Charge up your Hiddenite crystal for manifesting your highest potential by holding your stones and speaking aloud 7 affirmations of empowerment and success.

Gratitude and Abundance

  • This crystal energizes the Heart Chakra and some of the positive benefits associated with this are an increased focus on gratitude and a capacity for great abundance.
  • Active Hiddenite for gratitude and abundance by charging your stone by meditating while holding your crystal and listening to Heart Chakra frequency, tuned to 639Hz.

Deep Presence 

  • Hiddenite is known to deepen states of meditation and bring our focus fully to the present moment, to live with an open heart, embodied in the now.
  • Use Hiddenite for deeper presence by including this stone within a daily stillness meditation practice.

Clear Intuition  

  • Hiddenite encourages natural healing and self-healing. A deep connection to our physical and emotional health often includes consulting and trusting intuition.
  • This stone can be used to clarify intuition by holding the crystal near your Third Eye Chakra and Heart Chakra, visualizing the light energy of the crystal and these chakras connecting.

Heart Chakra Balance

  • The gentle and powerful color frequency of Hiddenite makes it perfect for balancing the Heart Chakra. It can bring into balance both an underactive and overactive chakra.
  • Use Hiddenite for Heart Chakra balance by holding your crystal and chanting the Heart Chakra seed mantra YAM during meditation.

Side Effects of Hiddenite

  • Detox: As Hiddenite is a stone of deep physical and emotional healing, as part of the natural processes, you may experience detoxification effects accordingly.
  • Overwhelm: Hiddenite is a high vibrational crystal that easily affects the physical body. At first, it may cause feelings of overwhelm as your body processes and heals what is needed.

Hiddenite Meaning: What does Hiddenite symbolize?

close up of a relaxed woman having reiki healing treatment

The meaning of Hiddenite is “natural healing.”

The name of this stone also has an energy that lends to the symbolism of being hidden. Hiddenite energy uncovers what is hidden, allowing us to delve into and heal the hidden subconscious realms, emotions, and imbalances. 

Because of the frequency of this stone, it also symbolizes love, open-heartedness, deep healing, and the natural world. Hiddenite is a stone of growth, renewal, and evolution.

Hiddenite also symbolizes fertility, so this crystal boosts physical fertility, sexuality, and all creative ventures. It is also associated with spring and the freshness, beauty, and vibrancy it brings.

Types of Hiddenites

  • True Hiddenite: A variety of Hiddenites from North Carolina that is pale yellow-green to emerald-green. It is a stone of love and healing.
  • Lush Green Hiddenite: This is a darker emerald green variety of Hiddenite. It is a powerful crystal for opening the Heart Chakra.
  • Yellow Hiddenite: A translucent crystal that is light yellow to yellow-green. Yellow Hiddenite has a high vibrational energy that is joyful and creative.
  • Blue Hiddenite: Commonly known as Aqua Kunzite, it is a variety of Blue Spodumene that forms in translucent aqua or green-blue shades. This is a stone that helps to bring love and clarity into your communications.
  • White Hiddenite: Also called Triphane, the colorless variety of Spodumene can be fully or semi-translucent. This is a stone of clarity, bringing to light information that you need to evolve.
  • Pink Hiddenite: Correctly called Kunzite, it is a pale pink variety of Spodumene. The vibration of this stone resonates with the divine feminine, so it is nurturing and emotionally supportive.
  • Brazilian Hiddenite: A very pale green-colored variety of Hiddenite, sourced from Brazil, Brazilian Hiddenite is a stone of harmony and open-heartedness.
  • Colorless Hiddenite: The translucent and colorless variety of Hiddenite is quite rare. It is a stone of clarity and cleansing on physical and emotional levels. 
  • Rutile Hiddenite: Light green Hiddenite can be found formed together with dark red to almost black Rutile crystal. Together, these crystals are beneficial for letting go of the past and welcoming the energy of renewal and evolution.
  • Bicolor Hiddenite: This variety has a gradient of two colors within a single Hiddenite crystal, ranging from darker green to lighter yellow greens, blue-green to pale green, or pale green to pink or violet. Bi-Color Hiddenite is a powerful healing stone. 
  • Hiddenite-Kunzite: A Bicolor Hiddenite crystal that includes both pale green to green-yellow Hiddenite and pale pink to purple Kunzite in one stone, it is an excellent stone for bringing balance to the Heart Chakra and relationships.
  • Hiddenite-Muscovite: Pale Muscovite crystal can form together with Hiddenite. This combination is for physical healing and emotional stability.
  • Hiddenite with Albite: Some Hiddenite can include pearly white to gray with Albite formed together with it. Albite and Hiddenite together are excellent for tapping into intuition.
  • Hiddenite with Morganite: Pink to peach-colored Morganite crystals sometimes form as inclusions with Hiddenite. Hiddenite with Morganite is a good combination for increasing compassion and understanding.
  • Hiddenite with Almandine Garnet: Pegmatites may contain deep red Almandine Garnet combined with varieties of Spodumene, including Hiddenite and other crystals. These stones will improve physical health and wellness.
  • Hiddenite with Lepidolite: Hiddenite can form together with light purple or other colors of Lepidolite. Hiddenite with Lepidolite is useful for emotional healing and attunement.
  • Hiddenite with Quartz: Different types of Quartz crystals and Hiddenite can form together. Quartz will amplify all the natural healing properties of Hiddenite.

How to Cleanse Hiddenite?

woman holding soil

  • Soil – Let the earth’s transformative power cleanse your Hiddenite stone by burying it under some soil for a few hours.
  • Selenite – Place your Hiddenite on a piece of Selenite crystal for a few hours to easily cleanse and charge your crystal.
  • Visualization – Enter a state of meditation and visualize pure green, pink, gold, and white light cleansing and tuning your Hiddenite crystal.

Questions and Answers

Is Hiddenite the same as Kunzite?

No. Although they are similar, as they are both of the same crystal family called Spodumene, Kunzite is a pale pink to purple color variety of Spodumene, while Hiddenite is a green to yellow color.

Is Hiddenite the same as Emerald?

No, Hiddenite and Emerald are different stones. Hiddenite is part of the Spodumene mineral group and Emerald is of the Beryl mineral group.

Can Hiddenite go in the water?

Yes. It has a fairly high hardness and its chemical composition is generally considered insoluble in water. That being said, Hiddenite should only be in water briefly, and avoid soaking it for extended periods.

Is Hiddenite safe in the sun?

No. Hiddenite is prone to fading when left in full sunlight, as it is a heat-sensitive stone.

Can Hiddenite go in salt water?

No, Hiddenite should not be exposed to salt water, as it is corrosive to this crystal and can be damaged, especially if it is exposed to salt water over time.

Why is my Hiddenite changing color?

Hiddenite crystals may display color changes from different angles or lighting due to the phenomenon of Pleochroism. If your crystal changes colors over time, it can also be from sunlight or heat exposure.

How can you tell if Hiddenite is real?

To tell if it is real, observe your Hiddenite crystal for a prismatic formation habit, similar to Quartz and Tourmalines. Also, observe the stone from different angles to check if it has the pleochroic color change effect characteristic of real Hiddenite.

Who shouldn’t wear Hiddenite?

Hiddenite is suitable for all. It has deeply loving and powerful healing properties that can benefit anyone.

How do you take care of Hiddenite stone?

Take care of your Hiddenite crystal by keeping it out of direct light for prolonged periods. To clean this crystal, wipe it as needed with a damp cloth.

Is Hiddenite a rare stone?

Yes, this stone is as rare as Emeralds, especially darker green Hiddenite crystals. Hiddenite faceted cut stones are also rare, as they are technically challenging to cut correctly.

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