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Main Origins:
USA, Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar, and Pakistan.

What is Kunzite?

Small pieces of kunzite crystals forming a heart shape

Kunzite is a variety of Spodumene that usually appears pink or purple. Kunzite has also been found in colorless, green, or yellow shades. Its soft, glassy colors come from traces of manganese found in the crystal.

Known as the Stone of Romance and the Stone of Femininity, Kunzite is often found in mines amongst varieties of Tourmaline and Beryls. It is a pleochroic stone, which means its shades of pink and purple appear different depending on the angle you look at it.

Did you know that Kunzite shines under UV light? Kunzite famously has strong phosphorescence, which means that it holds energy within it and releases it as light. When a UV light is shone on the stone, it glows in pink and peach shades.

Kunzite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Kunzite works with both the Crown and the Heart Chakra. This means that it allows you to understand your feelings and your purpose in life. It brings forth growth in your emotions and spirituality, and it helps you approach the world with hope and faith. 

This amazing crystal reminds us of our own personal strength. When times are tough, the tranquil energy of Kunzite allows us to tap into our power and compassion to move forward. 

Did you know that Kunzite is connected to the Roman Goddess Venus? Venus is the Goddess of Sex, Beauty, and Love. We can connect with her using Kunzite to bring forth her healing into our life. 

Kunzite gets its powers from the element of Earth. This means it has grounding energy to it. Kunzite brings stability and security into our lives, allowing us to open up our Crown Chakra and explore higher realms of existence safely. 

The planet Venus also provides Kunzite its powers. Because it is the planet of love, Venus boosts the soothing and tranquil energy of the stone. We can turn to Venus to guide our romantic life and self-love journey.

Kunzite Healing Properties and Benefits

Boosts Relationships

  • Known as the most romantic stone in the world, Kunzite works to open your heart and harmonize relationships
  • Wear a Kunzite stone as a necklace to have it close to your Heart Chakra, allowing it to boost your love life.

Releases Negativity

  • Kunzite’s soothing vibrations help you to unblock emotions and overcome negativity. It releases pain and trauma, allowing you to move forward in life. 
  • Hold your Kunzite crystal on your Heart Chakra on the night of the waning moon. Appeal to the moon’s energy and ask it to release your negativity and pain. 


  • Because of its soft and soothing energy, Kunzite helps you tap into your feminine side. It doesn’t matter what gender you are, we all have a feminine side we can embrace!
  • Meditate with your Kunzite crystal and reconnect with your feelings, emotions, and intuition. 

Self Love

  • Kunzite opens the Heart Chakra and boosts your ability to connect with yourself and love who you are unconditional. 
  • Hold your Kunzite stone in your hand while repeating positive affirmations of self-love and strength. 


  • By working to connect you to your emotions, Kunzite is a fantastic stone to boost creativity and self-expression. 
  • Wear a Kunzite ring on your dominant hand when writing, drawing, or making music. Its energy will flow through you and allow you to express yourself through creativity. 


  • Kunzite boosts empathy and compassion, allowing you to connect with others on a deeper level. Its energy helps you gain an understanding of the feelings and views of those in your life. 
  • Wear a Kunzite necklace to bring compassion and understanding into your life. 

Kunzite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman holding a kunzite crystal on her forehead

Balances Energy

  • Kunzite works to balance the energy within you, harmonizing emotions and your powers within. 
  • Meditate with your Kunzite stone to bring balance into your life. 


  • The tranquil energy of a Kunzite stone will cleanse your space and aura, allowing you to feel safe and calm
  • Place a Kunzite crystal in your living room to allow its energy to cleanse your home


  • Connected to the element of Earth, Kunzite helps you stay grounded and centered. 
  • Meditate with your Kunzite crystal in your hands. Visualize pink light coming from the crystal, through your body, down through your feet, and into the earth.

Communication with Spirit Guides

  • Because Kunzite opens up the Crown Chakra, we can work with it to connect with and communicate with our spirit guides. 
  • Hold your Kunzite crystal in your hands when praying to your spirit guides. 

Spiritual Awareness

  • When our Crown Chakra is open, we are able to discover higher levels of consciousness and further our connection with the universe. Kunzite’s vibrations connect and open the Crown Chakra, allowing us to develop our spiritual awareness. 
  • Hold your Kunzite stone on your Crown Chakra and visualize an expanding glowing light coming from the stone and your Crown Chakra. 

Connect With Nature

  • Kunzite gains its power from the element of Earth, and this means we can use it to connect to Mother Nature on a deeply spiritual level. 
  • Sit in a park or forest while meditating with your Kunzite crystal. Focus on your senses, such as sounds and smells, and allow your soul to connect with the energy of Mother Nature.

Kunzite Side Effects

  • Negative Emotions: Kunzite releases negative energy that may be lurking deep within you. This means that you may feel a range of emotions when this energy comes from within and gets released.

Kunzite Meaning: What Does Kunzite Symbolize?

A silhouette of a mother carrying a child with her two hands

Discovered in 1902, Kunzite gained its name from the gemologist George Frederick Kunz. He was the first to identify this new type of crystal in California. 

Even though it is a fairly new crystal, Kunzite has become extremely popular over the last hundred years because of its stunning shades of pink and purple and its soothing vibrations. Its energy works to calm the soul and bring forth love and light into your life. 

Many people choose to gift a Kunzite stone to the person whom they love to symbolize their devotion and support. It is seen as a message of hope and healing. 

Did you know that JFK famously bought Jackie Kennedy a Kunzite ring in 1963 as a Christmas present? Sadly, he was assassinated in November before he was able to give her the ring. It is said that, for years after JFK’s death, Jackie Kennedy always wore the kunzite ring as a symbol of hope and unconditional love

Varieties of Kunzite

  • Clear Kunzite: This variety of Kunzite appears pretty much translucent with a slight pink or peach hue. Use a Clear Kunzite to bring forth peace in your life. 
  • Peach Kunzite: A pink-orange variety of the stone, Peach Kunzite has the energy of balance and harmony. 
  • Yellow Kunzite: Use a Yellow Kunzite to give yourself a boost of hope and positive thinking. 
  • Lilac Kunzite: Lilac Kunzite is an incredibly soothing stone that brings love and tranquility into your life. It also opens up the Crown Chakra and boosts intuition.
  • Pink Kunzite: The most common variety of Kunzites, Pink Kunzite activates the Heart Chakra and opens you up to love and happiness.
  • Purple Kunzite: A darker form of Kunzite, Purple Kunzite connects to the Crown Chakra and brings forth spiritual enlightenment. 
  • Blue Kunzite: Blue Kunzite allows you to tap into your emotions and discover your true self. Use this variety if you are feeling lost or confused about life.
  • Green Kunzite: Green Kunzite connects with the element of Nature and allows you to focus on the physical world around you. It stimulates growth and personal development.
  • Hiddenite: This pale green variety of Kunzites brings strength and courage into your life.
  • Triphane: This specimen is yellow and boosts optimism and happiness. 

How To Cleanse Kunzite?

A shovel on the mulch

  • Soil: Bury your Kunzite stone in soil, making sure it is entirely submerged. Leave it overnight. 
  • Positive Affirmations: Hold your Kunzite crystal in your hands while repeating positive affirmations of love and peace. 
  • Incense: Light a stick of incense and let it burn for a few minutes. When there is enough smoke, carefully bring your Kunzite stone through it a few times.

Questions and Answers

What is Kunzite good for?

Kunzite is great for bringing love and peace into your life. It opens up the Heart Chakra to enhance romance and positive feelings.

Is Kunzite a valuable gemstone?

Yes, because it isn’t found in many places, Kunzite is a valuable gemstone.

Is Kunzite crystal rare?

Yes, Kunzite is a fairly rare crystal and can only be found in a few places around the world.

What does the Kunzite stone symbolize?

Kunzite symbolizes romance, hope, and femininity.

Is Kunzite a protective stone?

Yes, Kunzite works to dispel negative energy and protect your heart from pain and hardship, making it a fantastic protective stone.

Can you wear Kunzite every day?

Yes, because of its soothing and peaceful vibrations, you can wear Kunzite every day.

Who should wear Kunzite?

Kunzite is an amazing stone that uplifts your energy and harmonizes your emotions. This means that anyone can wear it. However, people with the zodiac signs of Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus will really benefit from wearing Kunzite.

Does Kunzite fade in sunlight?

Yes, the pink and purple colors of Kunzite will fade in the sunlight over time.

Does Kunzite lose its color?

Yes, Kunzite can lose its color when exposed to bright light, sunlight, or heat. If you have a Kunzite crystal, make sure you are careful when wearing it and never leave it out in the sunshine.

Can Kunzite go in the water?

Yes, Kunzite can be washed in the water without affecting its color or integrity. If you want to wash your Kunzite, you can do so in warm, soapy water. 

What country is Kunzite from?

Kunzite originates from the USA, Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar, and Pakistan.

What are some fun facts about Kunzite?

Kunzite has strong phosphorescence. This means that it holds energy within it and releases it when a UV light is shone onto it. Under the UV light, Kunzite will glow pink and peach. 

It is also pleochroic, meaning that different colors will appear in the stone when looked at from a different angle.

Does Kunzite glow under UV light?

Yes, Kunzite has phosphorescence, meaning that it glows pink and peach under UV light.

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