(am - uh - lahyt)
Main Origins:
Canada and the USA.

What is Ammolite?


Ammolite crystal in a rock

Did you know Ammolite is a trading name for an iridescent crystal formed from fossilized prehistoric organisms with whorled shells called Ammonites? Ammonites existed 300 million years ago and died out 66 million years ago. Their shells fell to the ocean floor, heated, and layered by sediments undisturbed by oxygen. 

You can find plenty of Ammolites in varied sizes because Ammonite organisms once roamed the oceans in sizes between a few millimeters to 3 meters. 

Are Ammolites the same as Ammonites? No, both are fossilized gemstones, but Ammolites form from Ammonite fossils; hence, they don’t have any visible shape of the shell inside. Conversely, the Ammonite has shells and chambers showing the fossilized invertebrate.

Ammolites originate exclusively from Bearpaw Formation in Alberta, Canada. They have a thin layer composed of Aragonite and the same mineral found in the nacre or Mother of Pearl. 

Ammolites show iridescence with one, two, or three colors and in a matrix of shale or siderite. Multiple layers on this organic gem lead to patterns like dragon skin or stained-glass cathedrals. 

Fun Fact: Ammolite is technically the crystallized backside of an Ammonite gem.

Ammolite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

The chakra energy within Ammolite flows in a spiral, shell-like pattern, even if you can’t see the shell in it. Depending on the Ammolite variety you have, these stones open one or more chakras. 

Did you know Ammolites carry the full spectrum of rainbow colors? Hence, they also open all seven primary chakras.

Besides the seven chakras, Ammolite is ruled by all the elements–water, fire, earth, air, and ether. The planetary energies of Jupiter and Saturn power it. Hence, you’ll attract blessings, discipline, vitality, and health. 

Ammolite represents the Egyptian God of Air (Ammon) and Sun (Ra), Amun-Ra, and the Greek Goddess of Earth, Gaia. Interestingly, Ammon rules Ammonite, so Ammolites may have the powers of Ammon and Amun-Ra.

Ammolite Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Ammolite is excellent for opening and broadening the mind because it opens the higher chakras. It’s great for kids, teens, students, and young adults who are too naive or stubborn.
  • The best way to use Ammolite to fill your mind with knowledge is by charging it next to a singing bowl. Place the Ammolite within 10 centimeters of the bowl and play it for a few minutes.

Enhanced Good Instincts

  • You’ll start making the right decisions with Ammolite because it connects you to the Root Chakra and amplifies positive instincts and intuitions.
  • For enhancing instincts, soak the Ammolite crystal overnight under the full moonlight. You can then wear it as jewelry or carry it in your pocket.


  • Are you tired of feeling exhausted all the time? Then use a multicolor Ammolite to remove blockages from the seven-chakra system.
  • You can use Ammolite for detox by making gem water out of it. Consume it within two days of preparation. If you don’t know how to, explore DIY crystal-infused water here.

Emotional Freedom

  • Ammolite can help you find your voice and courage to speak your mind if you feel emotionally unsatisfied in love, marriage, friendship, or career. Why? It’s a freeing crystal.
  • Meditation while holding Ammolite in your palms is the best way to charge it for emotional strength and maturity. You should try it in the early morning with the sunrise for the best effects.

Communication Skills

  • Did you know Blue Ammolite enhances communication skills? As it opens the Throat Chakra, you’ll become confident, charismatic, and adept at work, romance, and life.
  • The best way to use charge Ammolite for enhanced communication skills is by chanting YAM. You should chant this seed mantra for a few minutes into the crystal.

Ammolite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman on a field spreading out her armsProsperity and Luck

  • Whether you check Greek, Egyptian, Christian, or other religions, Ammolite attracts good fortune and success in most. You can also attract abundance, victory, and money with it.
  • The best way to attract good luck with Ammolite is by charging it using Positive Affirmations. Remember to chant affirmations into the stone.

Karmic Therapy

  • Most people focus on the Ammolite benefits of luck that they forget the greater power of accessing the Akashic Records within this crystal. 
  • You can charge Ammolite for karmic therapy and penance for bad karma by rinsing it under tap water for 10 seconds. Then, pat it dry and sleep with it under your pillow. 

Prophetic Dreams

  • Shamans and psychics have been using Ammolite for premonitions and foresight for hundreds of thousands of years. They’re great for seeing perils and hardships before they occur.
  • You can also use Ammolite to enhance prophetic dreams by gazing into it for a few minutes before bed. Finally, keep the crystal under your pillow before sleeping off.

Remove Hexes and Curses

  • Ammolite is excellent for removing bad mojo, whether it’s strong or old. I suggest using it when shifting to a new home, office, room, or place. 
  • You can set a crystal grid in the center of your home with Ammolite in the center of the grid. Before setting the grid, charge your crystals with a lit candle by holding them before it.


  • Do you think Ammolite can stop negativity from affecting your mind, home, or family? It does create a psychic shield against toxic neighbors, radiation, and psychic attacks.
  • Bury a piece of Ammolite in each corner of your house, in the ground. If you live in an apartment, bury a piece each in a flower pot and keep them at the four corners of your home.

Ammolite Side Effects

  • Nightmares: For some people, Ammolite energies might unblock chakras all at once, causing bad dreams or disturbed sleep.
  • Fatigue: Because Ammolite is a high-vibration stone, it may drain your physical energy if you use it continuously.

Ammolite Meaning: What Does Ammolite symbolize?

A flower blooming in a soil

The meaning of Ammolite is “rebirth.”

Ammolite evolved into several meanings throughout human history. The name Ammolite was first used in 79 A.D. by Pliny the Elder to describe a fossilized invertebrate in a spiral shape, like the coiled horn of a ram. It originated from Ammon, the Egyptian God who wore ram horns. As a result, the crystal represented horned deities in the later days. 

Ammolite meant fortune-telling for Ancient Romans. They kept it under their pillows to peek into the future.

Ammolite was called Draconite in the Middle Ages, owing to its rainbow appearance with the texture of a dragon’s skin. People at the time believed Ammolites were a stolen part of the head or crown of dragons. 

Ancient Ethiopians considered Pyritized-Ammonite sacred. They were used exclusively by priests, seers, and shamans.

Did you know Ammolite enhances Qi or Chi in the East? It’s believed to transmute negative energies into positive ones. 

Another common name for Ammolite is Iniskim, meaning “Buffalo Stone.” According to the legend, the wife of a Blackfoot brave found an iridescent crystal (Ammolite) in the snowy terrain while searching for firewood. She took it home and conducted a ceremony that brought the buffalos home, health, and protection to the tribe, as a singing spirit told her. The Blackfoot tribe members still carry Ammolite as a talisman, especially in the hide of their buffalos during hunting.

Varieties of Ammolites

  • Red Ammolite: One of the most common Ammolite varieties, this crystal shows red mixed with green, yellow, blue, and black. It’s excellent for grounding, as it opens the Root Chakra.
  • Fiery Red Ammolite or Red Flash Ammolite: A variety of Red Ammolite, this type, with flashes or red iridescence when viewed from different sides, is excellent for courage and good fortune. 
  • Blue Ammolite: The indigo-blue variety of Ammolite opens the Crown, Third Eye, Root, and Sacral Chakras. It shows green, cyan blue, orange, black, and purple hues.
  • Green Ammolite: Dark to pale varieties of green color appear in this Ammolite. It’s excellent for harmony, prosperity, love, peace, and balance as it opens the Heart Chakra.
  • Orange Ammolite: This type of Ammolite exists with yellow, green, and red shades, with or without iridescence. They’re excellent for kundalini awakening, inner power, and strength. 
  • Pink Ammolite: Another Heart Chakra stone, this Ammolite variety helps you cultivate self-respect, positivity, and emotional balance. It’s seen in dark pink shades with blue, purple, green, red, or yellow, sometimes with iridescence. 
  • Rainbow Ammolite: Often showing violet and indigo on top, changing into the green to orange and red colors, this type of Ammolite shows rainbow colors with or without iridescence. They’re excellent for balancing all 7 chakras in the body. 
  • Fire Ammolite: This is an Ammolite variety where you can see one or more fires of yellow in the same stone. It’s excellent for success and work, wisdom, and protection.
  • Imperial Ammolite: This is a type of Ammolite stone that’s graded AA or A+ by gemologists with blue, yellow, red, and green colors. This Ammolite variety is excellent for good fortune and prosperity. 
  • Floral or Crimson Ammolite: Some Ammolite varieties show crimson-red patterns with green outlines over blue crystals. They’re excellent for confidence, self-esteem, and courage.
  • Purple Ammolite: One of the rare varieties of Ammolite, this opens the Crown Chakra. In this type, you may notice other colors, like gray, black, pink, green, yellow, or blue.
  • Bi-Color Ammolites: These are usually seen in red-green, green-blue, red-black, or green-yellow hues. This type of Ammolite opens multiple chakras, often in the lower body.
  • Tri-Color Ammolite: This is a variety of Ammolite with three distinct colors–red-yellow-orange, yellow-blue-green, purple-black-blue, and so on. They’re great for multiple chakra powers, like the bi-color variety.
  • Dragonskin Ammolite: Seen in almost all color varieties of Ammolite, the appearance of the dragon’s skin on it makes it a powerful stone. It’s great for accessing the Akashic Records and higher realms.
  • Colorado Ammolite: This type of Ammolite originates from the Rocky Mountain areas in Colorado. It shows blue or white flashes with green, indigo, purple, and brown colors, thus opening multiple chakras.
  • Brown Ammolite: This variety of Ammolite is usually seen with fossilized insides but with a shell-shaped outline. Because they aren’t fully-formed Ammolites, they’re great for opening the Root Chakra.
  • Shale Ammolite: Many Ammolites are sold in shale matrix and are great for grounding and wisdom. They’re also called Preserved Ammonite in Ammolite crystals.

How To Cleanse Ammolite?

A burned white sage beside a selenite wand

  • Soil: You can bury Ammolite in three inches of soil for a night, week, or month to cleanse it thoroughly. You can then wear or use it for rituals.
  • Smudging: One of the best ways to use air or wind to clean Ammolite is smudging with sacred herbs. Light the tip of the smudge stick, like sage or palo santo, and waft the smoke over your crystal for a few seconds.
  • Selenite Wand: The quickest way to cleanse Ammolite is by circling a self-cleansing crystal, such as Selenite. You can do it before and after every use.

Questions and Answers

Is Ammolite an Opal?

No, Ammolite is not an Opal. It’s a rare fossilized gemstone that resembles the play of colors often seen in Opal stones.

Can Ammolite get wet?

Yes, Ammolite can get wet, but it’s not recommended to soak it for long in the water. You should pat them dry after because overexposure to water can damage the stone.

How rare is Ammolite?

Up to 5% of Ammonites contain Ammolites, and gem cutters use 80% of that to create Ammolite pieces.

Can Ammolite go in the sun?

No, Ammolite shouldn’t be in the sun, as it can crack, shatter, or discolor the stone.

What is the rarest Ammolite color?

Purple and Blue are the rarest Ammolite colors because they form the lower layers. Red and Green Ammolites are the most common because they form on the upper layers. 

Who shouldn’t wear Ammolite?

If your zodiac sign is ruled by the enemies of Jupiter and Saturn, such as Venus, Sun, Moon, and Mercury, don’t use or wear Ammolite unless your astrologer recommends it.

How to identify fake Ammolite?

Ammolites aren’t cheap and are rarely in one smooth piece. Most come with bleaching, frosting, and uneven surfaces.

Look for iridescence, often in red, orange, green, brown, or blue colors in an Ammolite. It doesn’t have a shell or chambers, unlike an Ammonite.

What’s the cost of Ammolite? OR Is Ammolite expensive?

As Ammolite supplies are quickly depleting with a few more years to go, the price of this organic gem increases by 30% on average per year. Ammolite is always hand cut to make its colors pop.

On average, Ammolite costs $10 to $30 per carat and may go up to hundreds of thousands of dollars based on its colors, size, weight, and traits.

What’s Korite Ammolite?

Ammolites mined and polished from the Alberta mine of Korite are sometimes called Korite Ammolites.

Is Ammolite safe to touch?

Yes, Ammolite is safe to touch and wear, even as an organic gem once polished. However, it may be toxic if dusty, broken, cracked, or unclean.

How to take care of Ammolite?

As Ammolites have a low Mohs hardness score of 3.5, using them sparingly and with care is important. You shouldn’t overexpose it to water, light, heat, or brute force. Otherwise, Ammolites may flake, crack, or break. 

Always pat dry the stone after cleansing it with water, and remember to cleanse it before and after use.

Interactions with Ammolite

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