(kuh - koks - uh - nahyt)
Main Origins:
France, Romania, Greece, Mexico, DR Congo, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Italy, Slovakia, United States, Belgium, Canada, Sweden, Morocco, Bulgaria, Portugal, Hungary, the UK, Namibia, South Africa, Ireland, New Zealand, Japan, Mali, Spain, Cameroon, and Argentina.

What is Cacoxenite?

A Cacoxenite Egg on a dark background. Source: Etsy | TheGlobalStone
Source: Etsy | TheGlobalStone

Cacoxenite is a mineral often found as an inclusion within Quartz crystals. Its physical appearance can vary, but it is commonly seen as golden-yellow or brownish strands or needles that radiate from a central point within the Quartz. 

These strands give the crystal a unique and eye-catching pattern. When observed closely, the texture of Cacoxenite appears fibrous or hairlike, adding to its distinctive charm. It has a flexible structure because of how the atoms and molecules that make it up are arranged.

Cacoxenite has a relatively short history in terms of recognition as a distinct mineral. It was first identified and named in 1825 by the French mineralogist François Sulpice Beudant. Initially, it was classified as an independent mineral species.

After doing more study, scientists found that the best way to describe Cacoxenite is as a part of a Quartz crystal. Even so, it has a unique look and is often found with Quartz. This makes it a mineral that crystal lovers and fans want and value.

Did you know that Cacoxenite is believed to possess powerful metaphysical properties? This powerful stone is associated with inner growth and change. It can help you find inner calm, tap into your psychic abilities, and establish a link to higher states of awareness.

Cacoxenite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Cacoxenite comes in many different colors, but the golden and yellow energies are the ones most often linked to it. They represent money, happiness, hope, and smarts. Yellow energy stands for knowledge, self-confidence, and open communication. While gold energy stands for enlightenment and spiritual growth.

When it comes to chakras, Cacoxenite is mostly linked to the Crown Chakra. The top of the head is where this energy source is. It has to do with spiritual connection, divine knowledge, and a higher level of awareness. 

Cacoxenite’s vibrations also align and activate the Crown Chakra, making reaching expanded states of awareness easier and improving mystical experiences.

The energy of the Earth element helps bring stability, realism, and connection to the real world. Regarding Feng Shui, it should be placed in the Southwest or Northeast of a room to improve relationships.

Jupiter and Earth influence Cacoxenite. Jupiter is the planet of growth. Cacoxenite’s metaphysical qualities help people grow, get rich, and grow spiritually. Earth makes one feel more grounded and real.

Cacoxenite is linked to important Gods like Prithvi, Ra, Apollo, and Sol. These Gods stand for security, light, health, and understanding. Their connection to it increases Cacoxenite’s power, protection, and spiritual direction.

In terms of numerical vibration, Cacoxenite resonates with the numbers 1 and 9. The meaning of 1 is goal-setting and achievement encouragement. While number 9 is enlightenment and universal love.

Cacoxenite Healing Properties and Benefits

Health and Detox

  • Cacoxenite’s properties are to harmonize energy flow, promoting health and detoxification. It balances and cleanses chakras, improving health. 
  • Hold Cacoxenite and set it to work toward the goal of health and cleansing. Imagine a stream of clean, active energy flowing through you and into the crystal. Feel how it calms you. 

Confidence and Creativity

  • It stimulates the Crown Chakra and expands consciousness, boosting confidence and creativity. It promotes creativity, risk-taking, and self-expression. 
  • As a charm, you can carry Cacoxenite with you or wear it. 


  • Cacoxenite helps people get pregnant by balancing hormones and the flow of sexual energy.
  • Visualize how a baby is made. Put Cacoxenite under your pillow or near your bed to help you reach your goal while you sleep.

Love and Relationships

  • Cacoxenite strengthens love and relationships by bringing more compassion, understanding, and mental healing. It makes everyone happy and makes relationships stronger. 
  • Sit still with someone you care about. Cacoxenite is in all of you. Focusing on the love energy of the crystal, each of you should share your hopes and dreams for your relationship. Your relationship gets better when you talk to each other.


  • Cacoxenite is a stone that helps people reach awareness by bringing their physical, mental, and spiritual selves into balance. It can help fix the body’s internal clock and wake the mind.
  • Write down your thoughts, questions, and goals for enlightenment. Write in your journal with Cacoxenite next to it. Consider what you’ve learned and let the crystal’s energy help you understand it better.

Cacoxenite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

An angel statue on a concrete beam in nature

Higher States of Awareness

  • This allows their consciousness and spiritual growth to increase. It makes your intuition, senses, and inner knowledge better.
  • Say positive words or statements to yourself that will help you grow spiritually. Cacoxenite can help you reach states of thought that are more enlightened.

Luck and Abundance

  • Cacoxenite can bring luck and abundance into your life. It works by aligning your energy with the frequencies of prosperity and positive outcomes. 
  • Imagine entering this light and being grateful for all the good things coming your way. Use crystal energy to visualize and enhance your goals to bring luck and plenty.


  • One of Cacoxenite’s benefits is to help align your intentions with the universal spirit of manifestation. This crystal supports your manifestation efforts energetically and practically.
  • Put your goals on paper. Focus on each intention with happy emotions. Imagine your intentions multiplied and sent into the universe by placing the paper under the crystal. Cacoxenite will help you achieve your goals.

Angelic Contact

  • It is ideal for angelic contact since its energy matches celestial vibrations. This gem improves intuition and spirituality.
  • Hold the Cacoxenite in your hand and go somewhere quiet and comfy. Close your eyes and breathe deeply to calm down. Think of yourself as being surrounded by a soft, caring light.

Spiritual Expansion

  • Cacoxenite aids spiritual expansion by activating your Third Eye and Crown Chakras. These chakras are associated with higher consciousness and spiritual awareness.
  • Hold the Cacoxenite in your hand and find a peaceful space to focus. Close your eyes and take deep, calming breaths. Visualize a vibrant purple or indigo light entering your Third Eye Chakra between your eyebrows.

Side Effects of Cacoxenite

  • Overexcitement: Feeling overstimulated or overwhelmed due to the heightened energy of Cacoxenite. Take breaks, ground yourself, and practice mindfulness to restore balance.
  • Obsession: Being too focused on the benefits of the crystal or depending on it alone for spiritual growth. Use Cacoxenite as a tool along with other spiritual routines to keep your spiritual life well-rounded.
  • Blind Positivity: If you focus too much on the good things, you might ignore or avoid the bad things. Keep a balanced view and recognize and deal with your negative feelings.

Cacoxenite Meaning: What Does Cacoxenite Symbolize?

People are joining parts of a jigsaw puzzle

Cacoxenite means “Bringing Together A Person’s Physical, Mental, And Spiritual Selves Into A Single Unit.”

The name of the crystal comes from the Greek words “kakos” and “xenios,” which mean “bad guest.” The crystal is often found in iron ores with unwanted impurities. It was first found in the area of the Czech Republic known as Háje.

Alternative names for Cacoxenite include “Melody Stone” or “Super Seven Crystal,” highlighting its unique composition, which often includes seven different minerals.

Traditionally, Cacoxenite has long been seen as a symbol of spiritual change and the awakening of higher awareness. Currently, it is valued for its ability to help people meditate, heal on a physical healing and vibratory level, and grow spiritually.

Cacoxenite goes well with other crystals that make its energy stronger and whose qualities go well with its own. For example, putting it together with Amethyst or Clear Quartz can strengthen its spiritual and changing effects. 

Cacoxenite’s link to the Solar Plexus Chakra can also be strengthened with Citrine or Yellow Jasper. This can help with personal empowerment and manifestation.

An interesting fact about Cacoxenite is that it is often found within Amethyst crystals, forming beautiful golden threads or inclusions. It is believed that these golden threads represent the integration of higher spiritual energies into the healing properties of Amethyst. 

In the past, Cacoxenite was thought to help the body heal and correct imbalances in certain parts of the body.

Types of Cacoxenite

  • Common Cacoxenite: Typically seen as golden-brown or reddish-brown threads or inclusions within other crystals. Believed to enhance spiritual growth and promote harmony.
  • Radial Cacoxenite: Forms in radiating patterns resembling golden or brown needles. It is used for spiritual awakening and connecting with higher realms.
  • Golden Cacoxenite: Exhibiting a vibrant golden color, it is associated with abundance, manifestation, and amplifying positive energies.
  • Acicular Cacoxenite: Consists of long, needle-like crystals in golden or brown shades. It aids in spiritual transformation and deepening meditation practices.
  • Cacoxenite Urchins: Features clusters of Cacoxenite crystals resembling spiky spheres. It is known for its protective and grounding qualities, fostering emotional stability.
  • Cacoxenite Needles: Characterized by thin, delicate golden or brown needle-like crystals. It assists in accessing higher knowledge and facilitating clear communication with spiritual guides.
  • Cacoxenite Spray: A crystal-infused spray with golden or brown hues, it is used for cleansing and energizing spaces, promoting spiritual harmony.
  • Red Cacoxenite: Displaying rich reddish-brown tones, it is believed to stimulate passion, courage, and creativity while providing grounding energy.
  • Purple Cacoxenite: Exhibits deep purple shades. Associated with spiritual enlightenment, enhancing intuition, and accessing higher realms of consciousness.
  • Green Cacoxenite: Featuring lush green colors, it is known for its crystal healing properties, promoting emotional balance, and nurturing growth and renewal.
  • Bicolor Cacoxenite: Displays a combination of two distinct colors and represents balance and harmony, fostering the integration of opposing energies.
  • Cacoxenite Auralite 23: A unique blend of Cacoxenite and other minerals, it is renowned for its high vibrational energy, spiritual awakening, and multidimensional crystal healing effects.
  • Amethyst Cacoxenite: Contains Purple Amethyst crystals with Golden Cacoxenite inclusions Combines Amethyst’s spiritual properties with Cacoxenite’s transformative energies, promoting spiritual growth and insight.
  • Cacoxenite Wavellite: Features green Wavellite crystals intertwined with golden Cacoxenite threads. It enhances emotional healing, promotes self-love, and encourages personal growth.
  • Cacoxenite-Goethite: Displays a combination of Golden Cacoxenite and Brown Goethite. Believed to facilitate deep emotional crystal healing, release past traumas, and promote inner strength.
  • Cacoxenite-Limonite: It contains Golden Cacoxenite inclusions within Brown Limonite. It is known for its grounding properties, fostering stability, and providing a sense of balance in life.
  • Cacoxenite Magnetite: Combines Golden Cacoxenite with Black Magnetite crystals. It is believed to amplify energy, enhance manifestation abilities, and promote grounding and protection.
  • Cacoxenite Beraunite: Golden Cacoxenite with reddish-brown Beraunite crystals promotes emotional healing, resilience, and inner strength.
  • Cacoxenite Strengite: Features Golden Cacoxenite intertwined with pale pink Strengite crystals. It enhances spiritual growth, intuition, and connection with higher realms.
  • Cacoxenite Quartz: Clear Quartz crystals infused with Golden Cacoxenite inclusions amplifies the properties of both crystals, fostering spiritual awareness, clarity, and manifestation abilities.
  • Cacoxenite Rockbridgeite: Displays Golden Cacoxenite inclusions within dark brown Rockbridgeite crystals. It supports emotional healing, releasing past traumas, and embracing self-love.
  • Cacoxenite Dufrenite: Contains Golden Cacoxenite with Green Dufrenite crystals and assists in balancing emotions, fostering harmony, and promoting personal growth and transformation.
  • Cacoxenite Kidwellite: Features Golden Cacoxenite inclusions with blue-green Kidwellite crystals and enhances communication, intuition, and spiritual insights, facilitating emotional healing and self-expression.
  • Mottled Cacoxenite: Displays a mix of golden, brown, and reddish hues, promoting spiritual growth, enhancing intuition, and facilitating emotional healing.
  • Cacoxenite Ferristrunzite: Contains Golden Cacoxenite with reddish-brown Ferristrunzite crystals and enhances personal power and manifestation abilities and promotes grounding energy.
  • Cacoxenite Chalcosiderite: Features Golden Cacoxenite with Green Chalcosiderite crystals. It fosters emotional healing, balances the heart and mind, and supports spiritual transformation.
  • Cacoxenite Pyrite: Combines Golden Cacoxenite with metallic Pyrite crystals. It promotes abundance, manifestation, and protection while enhancing confidence and willpower.
  • Cacoxenite with Muscovite: Golden Cacoxenite inclusions within silvery Muscovite crystals enhances spiritual insight and intuition and facilitates clear communication with spiritual guides.
  • Cacoxenite with Citrine: Contains Golden Cacoxenite with vibrant Citrine crystals, and it amplifies abundance, manifestation, and positive energy while promoting joy and self-confidence.
  • Cacoxenite with Hematite: Displays Golden Cacoxenite inclusions within metallic black Hematite crystals. It provides grounding energy, boosts strength and courage, and assists in releasing negative patterns.

How To Cleanse Cacoxenite?

A woman is meditating outside, surrounded by a beautiful sky scenery.

  • Meditation: Hold Cacoxenite in your hands, close your eyes, and picture pure, cleansing energy all around the crystal. Imagine this energy clearing the Cacoxenite of any bad or stuck energies.
  • Smudging: Run Cacoxenite through the smoke of holy flowers like sage or palo santo. The smoke acts as a purifier, making the crystal clean and eliminating bad spirits.
  • Clear Quartz: Put Clear Quartz crystals around the Cacoxenite or put it on a Clear Quartz cluster overnight. Clear Quartz can absorb and change bad energies.

Questions and Answers

Can Cacoxenites Get Wet?

Yes, Cacoxenites can get wet, but it’s best to keep them away from water for as long as possible because it can change their look and strength over time.

Is Cacoxenites Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Cacoxenites are safe to be in the sun most of the time. However, too much direct sunlight can make them fade or change color, so it’s best to keep them out of the sun as much as possible.

How Can You Tell if Cacoxenite is Real?

If you look at Cacoxenite’s physical properties and characteristics, you can tell if it’s real or not. Cacoxenite that is real will have thread-like golden or brown particles in its crystal structure.

Is Cacoxenite the Same as Super Seven?

No, Super Seven and Cacoxenite are not the same material. Cacoxenite is one of the minerals in Super Seven, a mix of seven different minerals.

How Do You Take Care of Cacoxenites?

Cacoxenites should be kept in a dry, safe place, protected from hard knocks or scratches, and handled carefully. With care, you can clean them with a soft cloth.

Is Cacoxenite Expensive?

No. Cacoxenite typically costs $10 to $50 per gram. However, prices might vary greatly based on the specimen’s quality, size, and vendor. Before buying, compare prices from other sources to get a better estimate.

What Stones Go Well with Cacoxenite?

Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, and Hematite all go well with Cacoxenite. The energies of these powerful stones work well with Cacoxenite and can strengthen its effects and psychic protection.

Interactions with Cacoxenite

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