Auralite 23

(aw - ruh - lyt twen - tee tri)
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What is Auralite 23?

A heart shape Auralite 23 crystal on a table. Source: Etsy | NaturalMineralsArt
Source: Etsy | NaturalMineralsArt

Auralite 23 is a unique crystal known for its striking appearance, with shades of purple, red, and orange blending together in a beautiful display. Some commonly recognized minerals found in Auralite 23 stone are Amethyst, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz, Magnetite, Goethite, Pyrite, Chalcopyrite, Bornite, Covellite, Gialite, and Epidote. Other minerals that may be present in smaller quantities include Hematite, Titanite, Cacoxenite, Sphalerite, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Copper, Iron, Limonite, and Lollingite.

It is important to note that the 23 minerals of Auralite 23 may be few or less than the others. 

Auralite 23 is believed to have originated from the Canadian Shield, a geological formation in Northern Canada that is estimated to have formed over 1.2 billion years ago. It was first discovered in 2007 in the Boreal Forest. It has become increasingly popular among crystal enthusiasts for its unique appearance and powerful energy.

Auralite 23 Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Auralite 23 crystal has many color energies due to its various compositions. This includes purple and blue colors, which are associated with spirituality and communication

It has a deep connection to the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, responsible for enhancing intuition, promoting clarity, and connecting to higher states of consciousness. This makes it an excellent tool for meditation, spiritual growth, and personal transformation. 

Auralite 23 is closely associated with the Storm element, believed to bring transformation, purification, and renewal. Placing it in the North space area of your home is said to bring positive energy and clear away the negative energy. This makes it an ideal crystal for space clearing or feng shui.

This crystal is associated with all the ruling planets, but Mars and Venus predominantly govern it. These planets bring in the energies of passion, love, and strength. This is why it’s sought after by those looking to enhance their relationships or personal power.

Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of abundance and prosperity, is just one deity who rules this crystal. Auralite 23 has a high numeral vibration, enhancing spiritual growth and promoting overall well-being. Working with it can help improve abundance and wealth in all areas of life.

Auralite 23 Healing Properties and Benefits

Knowledge and Charisma

  • Auralite 23 is associated with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, which are responsible for our intuition, wisdom, and clarity of thought. This crystal’s ruling planet is Uranus, representing innovation and originality, making it a perfect tool for those seeking to enhance their creativity and charisma.
  • You can hold it in your hand during meditation or place it near your workspace. You can also program it by setting an intention or visualizing yourself achieving your desired outcome.


  • Auralite 23 has a connection to the Sacral Chakra, which is associated with creativity and sexuality. Its energy can help balance and stimulate this chakra, improving fertility and reproductive health.
  • To improve fertility, wear Auralite 23 or place it on your Sacral Chakra during meditation. You can also create an elixir, leave it under the moonlight, and then drink it.


  • Auralite 23 enhances love and relationships. Its energy is associated with the Heart Chakra, responsible for our emotional balance and connection to others. This crystal’s pink energy can help attract love and improve relationships while promoting self-love and compassion.
  • To use Auralite 23 for love purposes, place it on your Heart Chakra during meditation or carry it as a talisman of love.


  • Auralite 23’s energy is linked to the Sacral Chakra, which governs creativity and self-expression. Its purple energy stimulates the imagination, allowing new and innovative ideas to flow freely. This crystal is a perfect tool for those seeking to unleash their inner artist.
  • To harness its creative power, place it on your Sacral Chakra during meditation or carry it with you during creative endeavors.

Detox and Vitality

  • One of Auralite 23’s benefits is its energy associated with the Root Chakra, responsible for grounding and physical vitality. This crystal’s ruling element is Earth, representing stability and grounding, making it a powerful tool for those seeking to improve their physical health.
  • It is best to carry this crystal during physical activities. You can also place it on your Root Chakra during meditation.

Auralite 23 Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman with different kinds of crystal on top of her body chakra points

Chakra Balance

  • Auralite 23 is associated with all seven chakras, making it a powerful tool for chakra balance and alignment. Its energy helps to remove any blockages and restore balance to each chakra.
  • To use Auralite 23 for chakra balance, hold it in your hand during meditation or place it on each chakra, starting from the Root and working up to the Crown.

Psychic Protection

  • One of Auralite 23’s properties is its ability to provide psychic protection. Its energy creates a protective shield around the aura, preventing negative energies and psychic attacks from affecting you.
  • To use it for psychic protection, carry it with you or place it near your bed while you sleep.

Psychic Abilities

  • Auralite 23’s energy is associated with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, which govern intuition and psychic abilities. Its energy can help to open these chakras, enhancing psychic awareness and intuition.
  • It is best to incorporate this crystal during meditation and place it on your Third Eye or Crown Chakra. You can also repeat a positive affirmation, such as “I am open to receiving spiritual insights and intuition.”


  • Auralite 23’s link to the Crown Chakra, responsible for our spiritual connection and wisdom, can help to open this chakra, allowing for spiritual insights and enlightenment.
  • To use it for wisdom, carry the crystal throughout the day to reinforce your intention and give you fresh perspectives.


  • The energy properties of Auralite crystals can help to ground spiritual energy and bring it into physical manifestation. This crystal’s ruling element is Ether, representing unity and connection, making it a powerful tool for those seeking to manifest their desires.
  • To use it, pass the crystal through the smoke of the burning herb or sage, allowing it to absorb the cleansing and purifying properties of the smoke.

Auralite 23 Side Effects

  • Overwhelming: Auralite 23’s energy can be powerful and overwhelming for some. If you feel overwhelmed, try carrying a grounding stone, like Black Tourmaline or Hematite, to balance the energy.
  • Leads to Financial Losses: The metaphysical properties of Auralite 23, such as manifestation, if misused, can potentially lead to adverse outcomes, including financial losses. Set clear and positive intentions when using it.
  • Sleep Disturbance: Auralite 23’s high vibration can sometimes interfere with sleep patterns, leading to disturbed sleep. Try using it earlier in the day rather than at bedtime.
  • Paranoia: This crystal is known for its powerful psychic abilities, which can sometimes lead to paranoia. To prevent this, it’s important to ground yourself regularly and use a cleansing crystal, like Selenite or Clear Quartz, to clear your energy field.

Auralite 23 Meaning: What Does Auralite 23 Symbolize?

A statue of a buddha sitting on a pedestal

Auralite 23 means “divine transformation.”

Its Latin word, “Aurum,” translates to “gold” since it contains traces of precious gold. This unique crystal has many variations, with each stone showcasing a different blend of minerals.

Auralite 23 is also known as Auralite, Auralite Amethyst, Kindred Spirit Stone, and Super 23. According to a myth, this crystal was discovered accidentally in Canada, and its properties were later revealed through meditation.

Legend has it that Auralite 23 carries the energy of 23 different crystals, making it a powerful crystal for spiritual healing and growth.

Types of Auralite 23

  • Common Auralite 23: This type of crystal has a beautiful range of colors, including purple, red, and orange, with intricate patterns. Its unique combination of minerals promotes emotional healing and spiritual growth.
  • Chevron Auralite 23: This crystal features chevron-shaped designs, creating a distinctive and eye-catching look. It enhances intuition and spiritual awareness.
  • Brown-Tipped Auralite 23: This variety of crystal is distinguished by its brown tip, which is a composition of Smoky Quartz, Hematite, Goethite, Cacoxenite, Rutile, Sphalerite, or Giatilite. It is helpful in grounding and stabilizing emotions.
  • Red-Tipped Auralite 23: Another variety of crystal, its tip is made of Hematite, Lepidocrocite, or Rutile, which gives it a beautiful red color. It enhances creativity and passion.
  • Golden Auralite 23: This crystal is also known as the Yellow-Tipped or Golden Crown Tip Auralite. It gets its yellow color from minerals like Citrine, Pyrite, Titanite, Sphalerite, and Gold found within the crystal. This crystal promotes self-confidence, abundance, and manifestation.
  • Blue Auralite 23: This unique crystal gets its blue color from minerals like Bornite and Covellite, creating a unique and stunning appearance. It brings a calming energy to the body and mind.
  • Dusty Tip Auralite 23: The Orange or Blaze Red Auralite 23 crystal may owe its color to Hematite. It is perfect for grounding, energy clearing, and promoting vitality.
  • Sacred Ice or White Auralite 23: This type of crystal is tinted with Silver and Quartz. It assists with meditation, psychic abilities, and enhancing one’s spiritual awareness.
  • Black Auralite 23: This crystal gem is rich in rutiles, causing the black color. It helps transmute negative energies, grounding, and improving self-esteem and confidence.
  • Rutile Phantom Auralite 23: This unique crystal has distinctive golden thread-like inclusions. It is used to aid in spiritual growth, manifestation, and healing of emotional traumas.
  • Multicolored Auralite 23: This type of crystal has a range of colors, including red, green, and blue, and is thought to have a high vibrational frequency. It promotes balance and harmony and aids in emotional healing.
  • Titanite or Titanium Auralite 23: This striking crystal gem exudes yellow flashes and a 3D effect. This stimulates creativity, enhances mental clarity, not to mention improves intuition and psychic abilities.
  • Druzy Auralite 23: This striking crystal has a sparkling surface. This encourages positive thinking, relieves stress and anxiety, and promotes inner peace and tranquility.
  • Auralite 23 Elestial: This stunning crystal has intricate formations and sharp terminations. It is a powerful tool for spiritual growth and development, deep meditation, and connecting with higher realms.
  • Single and Double-Pointed Auralite 23: This type of crystal has one or two naturally formed points on one or both ends of the crystal. Its focused energy aids in concentration, enhances mental clarity, and promotes spiritual awakening and transformation.
  • Lepidocrocite Auralite 23: This unique crystal has reddish-brown fibers of lepidocrocite inclusions. It is a stone of love and compassion, promoting emotional healing and enhancing one’s connection with the divine.
  • Cacoxenite-Tipped Auralite 23: A variation of crystals that features the mineral Cacoxenite as a tip. It assists in connecting with one’s higher self, promoting spiritual growth, and enhancing one’s intuition and psychic abilities.
  • Chalcopyrite with Auralite 23: This stunning crystal has an exquisite metallic luster and purple hues. It is used to stimulate creativity, attract abundance and prosperity, and promote emotional healing and balance.

How To Cleanse Auralite 23?

Woman meditating with incense with the sky as its background

Disclaimer: You don’t need to cleanse Auralite 23 since it’s a self-cleansing crystal, but you can try the following if your intuition tells you otherwise.

  • Meditation – To cleanse it with meditation, hold the crystal in your hand and visualize white light surrounding it. Repeat positive affirmations like “I release all negative energies.”
  • Smudge Stick – Light up a sage or palo santo and let the smoke envelop the crystal while setting an intention for cleansing.
  • Soil – Bury the crystal in the ground overnight during a Full Moon to let the lunar energy remove any negative energies.

Questions and Answers

What are the stones in Auralite 23?

The stones in Auralite 23 include Amethyst, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz, Magnetite, Goethite, Pyrite, Chalcopyrite, Bornite, Covellite, Gialite, Epidote. 


Other minerals present in smaller quantities may include Hematite, Titanite, Cacoxenite, Sphalerite, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Copper, Iron, Limonite, and Lollingite.

Is Auralite 23 rare?

Yes, Auralite 23 is rare and can only be found in one mine in Canada.

Can Auralite 23 get wet?

Yes, Auralite 23 can get wet.

Is Auralite 23 safe in the sun?

Auralite 23 should not be left in direct sunlight for extended periods, as it can fade.

How can you tell if Auralite 23 is real?

You can tell if Auralite 23 is genuine by checking for its unique combination of minerals and colors.

Are Super Seven and Auralite 23 the same?

No, Super Seven and Auralite 23 are different crystals with distinct properties.

What is the best combination for Auralite 23?

Auralite 23 can be combined with other crystals, such as Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Black Tourmaline.

Is Purple Phantom the same as Auralite 23?

No, Purple Phantom is a type of Quartz, whereas Auralite 23 is a combination of minerals found only in one mine in Canada.

How do you take care of Auralite 23s?

Auralite 23 should be stored in a cool, dry place, wrapped in a soft cloth, or placed in a protective case. To physically clean it, use a soft cloth and mild soap.

Is Auralite 23 expensive?

Auralite 23 can be expensive due to its rarity and unique combination of minerals. Generally, it can range from $10 to $100 per gram or more.

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