(goh - thahyt)
Main Origins:
Mexico, USA, Germany, Canada, France, Spain, Morocco, Egypt, Australia, Afghanistan, Angola, Antarctica, Czech Republic, Argentina, England, and Brazil.

What is Goethite


A cut of Goethite crystal on a black granite

Goethite is an iron oxyhydroxide crystal from the Diaspore mineral group. It commonly shows brown, red, ochre yellow, and black colors, but it can show many more. The iron oxyhydroxide is also spelled Götheite, Goetite, Göthite, and Goethite. 

When it’s found in bogs, lakes, and swamps, with a red coating from Hematite, it’s called Brown Hematite or Bog Iron. This iron oxyhydroxide crystal exists in various shapes, like blobs, blades, stalactitic, discs, slabs, botryoidal, and prismatic. 

Have you heard about the pigment yellow ochre? Goethite is the main reason for this yellow pigment. It may be opaque or subtranslucent in crystalline form with a silky, metallic, glassy, or dull luster. 

Did you know Goethite crystals show pleochroism? It may show yellow, red, brown, or orange color, changing from different angles on top of strong dispersion under different lights.

Fun Fact: 80% of the teeth of Limpet (an Aquatic snail) are made of Goethite fibers. 

Goethite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Goethite is commonly seen in black, brown, red, or gray colors. It’s associated with the Earth element, Solar Plexus Chakra, Root Chakra, and Earth Star Chakra. They bring psychic protection, clairaudience, power, luck, peace, and karmic healing. 

Where to keep Goethite in the house? You can attract Goethite benefits when kept in the Center or Southeast corner of your house, according to feng shui

Goethite naturally forms with other minerals in many colors, like orange, pink, purple, indigo, and blue, with silver and golden flashes. They open the Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Solar (minor), Lunar (minor), and Soul Star (minor) Chakras. 

Mars is the ruling planet of Goethite, bringing fertility, passion, energy, and intelligence. 

Who should wear Goethite? Aries and Scorpio are the best zodiac signs recommended for Goethite to help them think rationally and positively. 

Goethite draws from the God energies of Ptah, the Egyptian Creation God; Sedna, the Inuit Sea God; Tefnut, the Egyptian Fertility God; Svarog, the Slavic Fire God; Mulungu, the South African Sky/Thunder God; and Gaia, the Greek Earth Goddess. 

This crystal is associated with the cosmic vibration of numbers 44 and 5, meaning balance, new beginnings, a blissful love life, and prosperity.

Goethite Healing Properties and Benefits

Power and Vitality

  • Goethite with Pyrite (Ehrenwerthite) and Aluminum (Alumogoethite) clears chakra blockages in the lower chakras and improves your inner power.
  • Program your crystal for power and vitality by making a crystal elixir and infusing it indirectly into a glass of water for drinking. 

Knowledge and Quick Thinking

  • Did you know Goethite is a stimulating stone? It charges the dormant corners of your body and mind. As a result, your wit, intelligence, decisiveness, and critical thinking skills improve.
  • Activate your Goetite for knowledge and mind power by meditating with it before bed or after waking up. 

Focus and Rehabilitation

  • If you have difficulty focusing on work, keep a Goethite on the left side of your desk. Use Brown, Red, Banded, or Yellow Goetite varieties for this.
  • Activate your stone for concentration, patience, and motivation with a candle using Fire energy.

Mindfulness and Inner Peace

  • If stress, depression, or anxiety is blowing your temper or peace, Black and Iridescent Goethite crystals can help. 
  • Program your crystal for mindfulness by chanting affirmations or mantras into the stone. Then carry it with you.

Letting Go and New Beginnings

  • Do you find it hard to let go of grudges and hurt? Bond with a Pink, Purple, or Golden Goethite to move on confidently from toxic situations and start anew.

Goethite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

The body of the woman is sleeping while her soul is floating and connected by a cord

Reality Shifting and Astral Travel

  • Have you jumped consciousness? Cosmic travel with Goethite involves switching realities and traveling astrally by tethering you to the subtle body from the physical body. 
  • Charge your crystal with multiple techniques, like smudging, meditation, affirmations, mantras, and singing bowls to activate it for dreamwork and cosmic travel.

Psychic Protection 

  • Most Goethite varieties are good for preventing psychic harm and evil vibrations from affecting you. 
  • Light a candle to program this crystal for protection from hexes, evil eyes, and curses. Then place the charged crystal at the entrance.

Karmic Healing

  • Use Black or Banded Goethite to find ways to do penance for karmic debts from your past lives. 
  • Learn how to do penance for past life karma by scrying. For this, gaze into your crystal briefly then keep it under your pillow before sleep. 

Luck and Fortune 

  • Did you know Golden Goethite attracts good fortune by clearing the blocks in your life? Botryoidal varieties of this crystal attract success and abundance. 
  • Activate your crystal for good luck by charging it with Sun salutations yoga before placing it in the Southeast direction. 

Clairaudience and Spirit Contact

  • Silver and Yellow Goethite crystals are good for communicating with spirits. They awaken your dormant psychic abilities to manifest communication with your guardian angel.
  • Charge your crystal for spirit contact and psychic abilities by placing it next to a Tibetan singing bowl. Then play the bowl for a few minutes and meditate on your intention. 

Goethite Side Effects

  • Disturbed Sleep: As a high-vibration crystal, sleeping with Goethite may leave you awake with disturbing visions.
  • Detachment with Current Reality: Overusing Goetite may shift you to the desired reality over the current. You may feel confused or lost. Use a Morganite to cleanse if this is you. 
  • Overwhelmed: It’s possible to feel overexcited if you’re new to this crystal. Some people may even feel exhausted from overuse. Cleanse with a Clear Quartz and take a break for a few.

Goethite Meaning: What Does Goethite Symbolize?

spiritual person performing grounding outdoors

The meaning of Goethite is grounding.

It was used in Ancient Greece to heal skin ailments, in Ancient Egypt for medicinal ointments and pain, in Ancient China for horoscopic benefits, and in Native American cultures for psychic protection.

Raw crystals of Goethite tether you to Mother Earth by balancing the Root and Earth Star Chakras. It’s associated with protection, courage, safety, power, focus, manifestation, inner healing, and spiritual awakening. 

A famous story about Goethite revolves around King Midas, an ancient Phrygian king who turned everything into gold. History says King Gordias’s burial shroud is made from Goethite and originally resembled Gold.

Goethite isn’t named after Gordias, but Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the German poet, philosopher, scientist, and artist who was also the Chief Minister of Weimar. That’s why it’s sometimes called the Weimar Stone.

Did you know Goethite is also called Sammetblende, after the German word, Samm, for velvet? In the new age, Goethite properties include karmic healing, spiritual awareness, mediumship, luck, and clairaudience. 

Types of Goethite

  • Common Goethite: Showing yellow, brown, or black in scores of shapes and formations, common Goethite is good for safety, peace, and power.
  • Banded Goethite: Göthite may show parallel or abstract banding, mostly in yellow and brown varieties, sometimes with concentric circles. Use it for order, perseverance, and manifestation.
  • Tiger Iron: This is a variety of Tiger’s Eye, but with banded layers containing needles or massive Goethite crystals with Hematite or Quartz. They’re great for grounding and stability.
  • Yellow Goethite: A variety of Göthite in bright to dark and pale yellow hues may be banded or in a solid color, with Limonite and Hematite. Use it for detox, immunity, and physical health. 
  • Super 7 and Auralite 23: Both these crystals contain needlelike reddish-brown Goethite in their crystal structure and open all the primary chakras. 
  • Alumogoethite: As the name says, this crystal contains Aluminum and shows orange, brown, or red hues in cubic or other geometric shapes. Use it for harmony, manifestation, or good fortune. 
  • Ehrenwerthite: A Göthite pseudomorph after Pyrite, these crystals often form cubic shapes in brown, red, yellow, pink, purple, and clear hues. It’s good for reality-shifting. 
  • Goethite Stalactite: This is the cylindrical variety of Goethite in pale to dark brown colors that form a hollow center by replacing gypsum stalactites. They’re good for knowledge, focus, and growth. 
  • Botryoidal Goethite: Existing in all varieties of Goethite, this is a good stone for Reiki healing and inner strength. Botryoidal or Botroidal Göthite shows a bulbous shape. 
  • Acicular Radiating Goethite: If your Goethite forms needlelike crystals originating from a single point of brown, black, golden, red, silver,  or yellow, it’s good for amplifying energies and setting intentions.
  • Goethite Blobs: Botryoidal variety of Göthite may form bulbous shapes of Goethite as nodules or concretions in black and brown hues. Use it with feng shui placement for spreading harmony and good vibes at home.
  •  Goethite Discs: This is a Goetite variety that replaces disclike Calcites in its entirety with Goethite in brown, black, or pale yellow. This crystal is a good charging plate for jewelry, clothes, objects, and spaces.
  • Iridescent Goethite: Showing bright rainbow colors, this type of Götheite may show botryoidal or acicular crystal shapes, sometimes with druzy crystals. Use it for traveling the cosmic world.
  • Turgite: This is the Iridescent Göthite mixed with Hematite. It forms from alternating iron minerals, like Siderite and Pyrite, and may show multiple colors. Use it for inner fire and spiritual awakening. 
  • Wood Iron: The fibrous variety of Goethite, showing orange or copper colors, may be called Fibrous Siderite and works well for universal connection and empathy.
  •  Sammetblende Goethite: This is a Goethite with a velvet luster from acicular structures inside of it. It’s great for knowledge and letting go of past trauma. They may be spelled Sammtblende and Samtblende. 
  • Hyalite Schorl with Goethite: Containing Hyalite, Black Tourmaline, and Goethite, this is a crystal formation with brown, red, white, or black hues. Use it for energy, vitality, and karmic healing.
  •  Goethite Selenite: Jet Black Goethite may show white crystals by replacing gypsum or Selenite. It’s a good purification stone that can repel hexes, curses, and evil vibrations.
  •  Goethite Sunstone: Showing a washed-out Sunstone color, Goethite forms dark inclusions in this variety. It’s good for luck, innocence, and wisdom. 
  •  Goethite with Azurite: Red Goethite with Hematite forms naturally with Blue Azurite in clusters, sometimes with Malachite. Use it for clairvoyance and spirit contact. 
  •  Goethite in Smoky Quartz: Bog Iron forms in a spray-like shape, with Smoky Quartz showing brown, black, tan, and beige hues. The variety is great for manifestation, wealth, and inner healing. 
  • Amethyst Sage: A popular variety of Amethyst that forms with Goethite, this crystal shows purple, blue, white, and beige with dendritic growths. It’s good for forgiveness and karmic healing. Amethyst also forms flower-shaped crystals with Goethite.
  •  Goethite with Marcasite and Siderite: When some crystals fail to convert to Goetite in formation, they form pseudomorphs (inclusions of other minerals) after Pyrite, Marcasite, or Siderite. They may show black, white, brown, orange, or gold. Use them for manifestation.
  •  Goethite with Fluorite: Usually forming black and beige cubic crystals, this type of Goetite may exist with green, pink, purple, and red Fluorite varieties. They’re great for healing, power, and awareness. 
  • Dioptase on Goethite: Dioptase may form in green, blue, or white and often with Calcite when it naturally forms with Goethite. Use this crystal formation to break free from toxic habits and thought processes. 
  • Yanthosiderite: This Bog Iron variety from Greece is named for its flower-like formations (yanthose means “flower” in Greek) in yellow and brown hues. Use it for growth and quick thinking.
  • Przibramite of Glocker: A mineral related to Goetite from the Czech Republic, in brown or black color, use it for clarity and charging intentions.
  • Mesabite: This is a trademarked name for Goethite from Mesabi Ranges in Minnesota, in brown, orange, yellow, and gray hues. It’s a good crystal for strength and resilience. 
  • Goethite with Chalcopyrite: Another captivating type of Goethite with yellow, brown, or reddish-brown hues, this Chalcopyrite variety is recommended for attracting good opportunities and fortune into your life.
  • Goethite with Bornite and Covelline: Iridescent Goethite crystals form with Bornite and Covelline naturally and are black, gray, blue, purple, white, yellow, and silver crystals. They’re great for psychic vision and abilities.
  • Manganite, Pyrolusite with Goethite: Forming concretions, nodules, and geodes, Goethite shows white, blue, gray, black, beige, or brown crystals in this variety. Use this crystal for protection from psychic harm. 
  • Goethite with Barite: Showing white, black, brown, red, and clear hues, this type of Goetite frees you from codependent relationships and toxic companies. 
  • Goethite with Mimetite: This Goetite variety forms orange, yellow, brown, and red crystals on dark matrices. It’s often found with Pyromorphite and Willemite in pale colors. Use this crystal for deep peace.
  • Conichalcite with Goethite: This is a Goetite variety with crystals of Beaverite, Plattnerite, or Olivenite with green, olive-green, brown, red, or white. It’s great for karmic healing. 
  • Goethite with Pseudomalachite: A variety of Goethite with bright green, clear, white, cream, and beige, with points or clusters from Pseudomalachite in Goetite, use it to attract harmony, joy, and luck into your life. 
  • Goethite with Lepidocrocite: Resembling Sunstone crystals, this is a reddish-black Goetite variety filled with rose, red, or pink inclusions. Use it for fertility and passion.
  • Goethite with Stolzite: This Goetite variety shows cream, beige, white, or pale yellow hues with black, brown, or blue from Malachite, Chrysocolla, Bayldonite, and Stolzite with Bog Iron. Use it for healing and confidence.
  • Psilomelane with Goethite: Exhibiting gray, black, and brown, sometimes golden sparkles, this is a Goethite variety for psychic protection and spiritual awakening. 
  • Goethite with Cerussite: Showing peacock-like multicolored hues with gray, beige, blue, brown, or black, this is a stone for connecting to the subtle body and chakras outside the body. 
  • Limonite with Goethite: A rare Goetite variety, this rock formation may be red, brown, black, or yellow. Use it for grounding and psychic protection.

How to Cleanse Goethite

A crescent moon in the sky

  • Moonlight: Open a window on a moonlit and let your crystal soak overnight in its energies.
  • Smudging: Light an incense or sage smudge stick and waft the smoke over your crystal to remove negativity absorbed by it.
  • Seed Mantra: Chant the mantra OM into the crystal before use to clear negativity it absorbed during rituals.


Is Goethite a gemstone?

No, Goethite is not cut into gemstones. It’s used commercially for iron and metaphysically for energy healing.

What’s the difference between Hematite and Goethite?

The simplest difference between Hematite and Goethite is their streak. It’s the powder produced from rubbing the crystal on unglazed porcelain. 

Hematite will show dark red powders or streaks, while Goethite gives off yellow, red, brown, or orange streaks.

Are Limonite and Goethite the same?

No, Limonite and Goethite are not the same, but they may be found together. Interestingly, most Limonite in the market is natural or enhanced Goethite.

Is Goethite rare?

No, Goethite is a commonly available healing crystal.

What is the difference between Turgite and Goethite?

Turgite forms from the natural-alteration of Goethite. It’s a mixture of two different minerals – Hematite and Goethite. Turgite is also described under Goethite and Hematite varieties.

Is Goethite safe in water?

Yes, Goethite is safe in water over short intervals. Avoid soaking them for over 5 minutes in water.

Can Goethite go in the sun?

Yes, Goethite is safe in the sun for short periods. Avoid prolonged or direct exposure to sunlight.

Is Goethite toxic?

No, Goethite is not a toxic crystal in its natural form.

How to identify real Goethite?

The easiest way to identify real Goethite is by scratching a needle on the stone and checking for brown, red, orange, or yellow streaks.

Is Goethite worth money?

Goethite’s cost varies by size, traits, color, and origin. On average, Goethite tumbled stones cost $2 to $5, and large specimens $50 to $500.

Super 7 is the costliest variety of Goethite, with large specimens fetching thousands of dollars.

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