(chuhl - kuh - pahy - rit)
Main Origins:
Mexico, Peru, Germany, USA, Australia, Canada, Spain, Japan, Chile, and France.

What is Chalcopyrite

chalcopyrite on dark and shiny blue lights

Chalcopyrite is a copper iron sulfide mineral that has a metallic golden appearance. It is often confused with Pyrite because of its colors, yet it is a much softer mineral and has its own unique spiritual benefits. 

Did you know that Chalcopyrite is often treated with acid to change its color? When treated, Chalcopyrite shines in iridescent blue, green, purple, and gold colors. Many spiritual shops will sell this under the name Peacock Ore. 

Both treated and untreated specimens of Chalcopyrite have amazing spiritual benefits. Like other golden stones, it is known as a stone of abundance, and you can use it to bring prosperity and wealth into your life. It is also a fantastic stone for meditation, as it opens up the higher chakras and allows you to find a place of peace and harmony. 

Chalcopyrite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Chalcopyrite aligns with all the chakras, making it a great stone for Reiki healing and cleansing. It unblocks any energy in the body and creates a flow between the seven chakras.

Although it works with all chakras, Chalcopyrite is strongly connected with the three higher chakras. It’s a deeply spiritual stone that opens you up to higher realms of existence. Working with Chalcopyrite in meditation and prayer allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your connection with the universe and receive cosmic guidance.

Did you know that Chalcopyrite gains its energy from both the element of Fire and the element of Air? The element of Fire brings forth change and transformation, whereas Air governs wisdom and intellect. The powerful energy of both means we can enhance our lives with Chalcopyrite.

Chalcopyrite allows us to connect with the Sun, gaining enlightenment and joy through its powerful energy. The Sun has been viewed as a celestial representation of wealth and prosperity throughout the ages, and we can use Chalcopyrite to enhance this energy and bring abundance.

It is said that Chalcopyrite is a stone for retrieving and realignment. Its ability to open us up to higher frequencies allows us to gain forgotten knowledge from ancient civilizations and reconnect with our ancestors.

Chalcopyrite Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Chalcopyrite is a fantastic meditative tool that allows you to bring tranquility and calmness into your life. 
  • After charging your Chalcopyrite with positive affirmations, meditate with the stone when you need its energy to bring you peace and tranquility. 


  • Because it gains energy from the element of Fire, you can use Chalcopyrite to enhance change and transformation in your life. 
  • Charge your Chalcopyrite with a candle. Then hold it in your hand while writing down the changes you wish to make.


  • If we have the decision to make or are uncertain about the next step we need to make in life, we can turn to Chalcopyrite to gain clarity and understanding. 
  • Meditate with your Chalcopyrite under the Full Moon. Ask the Full Moon to shine down on you and give you the clarity you need. 

Sense of Purpose

  • Chalcopyrite allows us to explore our sense of self in a non-judgmental and open-minded way. It helps us understand ourselves better and promotes a sense of purpose within. 
  • Wear a Chalcopyrite as a necklace after charging it with chanting. Its energy will connect with your own over time, boosting your sense of self and allowing you to find purpose in life. 


  • By combining the powers of Fire and Air, Chalcopyrite illuminates the truth and helps you overcome any lies and anxieties holding you back. 
  • After charging your Chalcopyrite with incense, wear it as a ring on your dominant hand. 


  • Chalcopyrite has fantastic relaxing properties and can be used in times of stress to gain relief and peacefulness. 
  • Charge your Chalcopyrite with a singing bowl before placing it in your living room to enhance relaxation and tranquility.

Chalcopyrite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

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  • The golden glow of Chalcopyrite brings prosperity and abundance into your life. 
  • Keep a small Chalcopyrite stone in your purse to enhance your money and wealth. 

Alignment of Chakras

  • Chalcopyrite works with all the chakras and creates a flow of energy through them. By connecting them, this stone enhances balance and harmony within. 
  • Place your Chalcopyrite crystal on your Crown Chakra and visualize a glowing, golden light coming from the stone and down each of your chakras one by one. 

Psychic Abilities

  • By helping you to tune into higher frequencies, Chalcopyrite promotes the development of psychic powers
  • Charge your Chalcopyrite stone with the moonlight. Then hold it in your hands or wear it while working on your psychic abilities. 

Energy Cleansing

  • Chalcopyrite’s powerful vibrations cleanse the energy both within you and around you.
  • After charging your Chalcopyrite with sage, hold it while visualizing its energy flowing through you and unblocking any negativity. 

Celestial Wisdom

  • Connected to universal truth, we can use Chalcopyrite to gain celestial wisdom and a deep understanding of the universe. 
  • Mediate with your Chalcopyrite placed on your Crown Chakra


  • Chalcopyrite is a powerful manifestation stone that can move you forward with your goals.
  • Charge your Chalcopyrite with sunlight. Then hold it while setting intentions and visualizing your dream future. 

Chalcopyrite Side Effects

  • Intense Change: Chalcopyrite enhances transformations and may trigger extreme changes in your life. This may cause anxiety and distress
  • Misfortune: Like any crystal for manifestation, using an uncleansed Chalcopyrite may mess up your intentions and cause misfortune. Cleanse and charge your Chalcopyrite regularly to avoid this. 
  • Insomnia: Chalcopyrite is full of energy, and this means it can cause sleep issues. If you find yourself suffering from insomnia, make sure you keep your Chalcopyrite far away from your bedroom. 

Chalcopyrite Meaning: What does Chalcopyrite Symbolize?

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The meaning of Chalcopyrite is awareness

The name Chalcopyrite is derived from the two Greek words chalkos and pyrites. Chalkos means copper, and pyrites means striking fire. 

Chalcopyrite is often referred to as the Stone of Mystic. This name reflects the potent spiritual magic of the stone and how it can help you tune into higher frequencies. It boosts psychic abilities and understanding of spiritual knowledge. 

Types of Chalcopyrite

  • Common Chalcopyrite: The common variety of Chalcopyrite appears in metallic golds and browns. This variety is perfect for boosting spiritual awareness and aligning the chakras. 
  • Agate Chalcopyrite: Agate Chalcopyrite refers to Chalcopyrite structures found in rocks amongst Chalcedony. Use this variety for cleansing. 
  • Blue Chalcopyrite: Blue Chalcopyrite is a variety of Chalcopyrite that has been treated to bring out a bright shade of blue. Blue Chalcopyrite is a great stone to use for clarity and wisdom. 
  • Peacock Ore or Iridescent Chalcopyrite: This name refers to Chalcopyrite that has been treated to enhance its colors. It appears in different shades of blue, green, purple, and gold and is known to boost psychic abilities. 
  • Gray Chalcopyrite: Gray Chalcopyrite appears in a metallic gray color. Use this variety to boost feelings of calmness and tranquility. 
  • Golden Chalcopyrite: This stunning variety of Chalcopyrite shines a rich golden color. Golden Chalcopyrite is perfect for prosperity and manifestation.
  • Botryoidal Chalcopyrite: Referring to specimens found in small, rounded crystal structures, Botryoidal Chalcopyrite brings relaxation and peace into your life. 
  • Silver Ore Chalcopyrite: Chalcopyrite is often found in the ore of other precious stones, such as silver. This variety appears gray with sparkles of gold and brown throughout and boosts prosperity. 
  • Green Fluorite and Yellow Chalcopyrite: An intriguing mix of Fluorite and Chalcopyrite, this variety has blue-green Fluorite crystals surrounded by yellow Chalcopyrite stones. Use one of these stones to enhance your connection with higher realms of existence. 
  • Chalcopyrite on Calcite: This variety has a mixture of small white and metallic crystal structures. Chalcopyrite on Calcite is a great stone for cleansing and renewal. 
  • Cubic Orange Fluorite with Chalcopyrite: Another mix of Fluorite and Chalcopyrite, this variety has small orange Fluorite crystals amongst metallic, golden Chalcopyrite stones. This is great for optimism and hope. 
  • Barite in Chalcopyrite: This variety appears as tabular, white crystal structures with dots of golden Chalcopyrite within. Barite in Chalcopyrite can be used for astral traveling and psychic abilities. 
  • Galena in Chalcopyrite: Galena in Chalcopyrite is an impressive variety that is made up of metallic gray Galena cubes and golden Chalcopyrite clusters. Use this variety for manifestation and setting intentions. 
  • Rhodochrosite with Chalcopyrite: Appearing in a milky-pink shade with gold Chalcopyrite clusters, Rhodochrosite with Chalcopyrite can also be found with Clear Quartz inclusions. This variety is great for finding a sense of purpose and developing your connections with other people. 
  • Siderite with Chalcopyrite: Siderite with Chalcopyrite appears as a cluster of brown and gold crystals. Use this variety for energy cleansing and grounding. 
  • Sphalerite in Chalcopyrite: This variety is a mixture of black Sphalerite stone and golden Chalcopyrite inclusions. Turn to Sphalerite in Chalcopyrite to enhance change and transformation.

How To Cleanse Chalcopyrite?

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  • Sunlight: Place your Chalcopyrite in the sunshine for ten minutes. 
  • Smudging: Light a bundle of sage then wave it over your Chalcopyrite stone. Make sure the smoke covers the crystal before you stop. 
  • Moonlight: Place your Chalcopyrite stone out under the Full Moon. Leave it there overnight.

Questions and Answers

What is Chalcopyrite used for?

Chalcopyrite is used for spiritual enlightenment and growth. It is also used to align and balance the seven chakras.

Is Chalcopyrite Fool’s Gold?

Yes, Chalcopyrite is sometimes called Fool’s Gold. There are three different minerals commonly referred to as Fool’s Gold: Chalcopyrite, Pyrite, and Mica.

Is Chalcopyrite the same as Pyrite?

No, Chalcopyrite is different from Pyrite. They have their own unique chemical compositions, and Chalcopyrite is a weaker crystal.

Does Chalcopyrite contain Gold?

Chalcopyrite does not always contain gold, but some specimens have small inclusions of the gemstone.

Is Chalcopyrite rare?

No, Chalcopyrite is a fairly common mineral.

Is Chalcopyrite magnetic?

Yes, Chalcopyrite has weak magnetic properties.

What color is Chalcopyrite?

Chalcopyrite is usually found in metallic golden hues, though it can be treated with acid to display purple, green, and blue shades.

Where is Chalcopyrite naturally found?

Chalcopyrite is naturally found in a range of locations worldwide, including Mexico, Peru, Germany, the USA, Australia, Canada, Spain, Japan, Chile, and France.

Does Chalcopyrite scratch glass?

No, Chalcopyrite will not scratch glass. This is one way you can tell if a specimen is Chalcopyrite or Pyrite, as Pyrite will scratch glass.

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