Guide to 15 Mood Ring Color Meanings With Chart

  1. What Is a Mood Ring and How Does It Work?
  2. 13 Positive Mood Ring Color Meanings 
  3. Red Color Mood Ring Meaning 
  4. Gold Mood Ring Meaning 
  5. Yellow Mood Ring Meaning 
  6. Green Mood Ring Meaning 
  7. Olive-Green Mood Ring Meaning 
  8. Dark Green Mood Ring Meaning 
  9. Teal Blue Mood Ring Meaning 
  10. Sky Blue Mood Ring Meaning 
  11. Indigo or Dark Blue Mood Ring Meaning 
  12. Pink Mood Ring Meaning 
  13. Lilac Mood Ring Meaning 
  14. Mood Ring Purple Meaning 
  15. Orange Mood Ring Meaning 
  16. 2 Negative Mood Ring Color Meanings 
  17. Gray Mood Ring Meaning 
  18. Brown Mood Ring Meaning 
  19. FAQ
  20. Track and Enhance Your Mood with Mood Rings!

Did you know a mood ring is a liquid-crystal thermometer? They indicate the wearer’s mood, temper, energy, and spirit. How do mood rings work? What’s the meaning of mood ring colors? Are there positive and negative meanings for the colors of a mood ring?

Mood rings change colors based on your body temperature and indicates a person’s metaphysical strengths and weaknesses based on their mood. They’re made of thermochromic liquid crystal in a shell of Quartz. 

Did you know there are positive and negative aura colors? 

Read on to learn the meanings of 15 mood ring colors and their properties, like chakra, element, planet, and temperature. I’ll also share mood ring color charts in a summary.

What Is a Mood Ring and How Does It Work?

Mood rings were composed of thermochromic crystals encased in Quartz some time ago, but the ones you see today are made of a strip of the same crystals with a protective coating.

Did you know Mood rings were quite a trend in the 70s? Honestly, I thought they were gone forever, but my niece (teenager) was showing hers off last Christmas. 

Thermochromic crystals change color based on the wearer’s body temperature via their skin. They’re calibrated to flash different colors based on human body heat and emotional state. 

The color meanings of mood rings are based on color psychology and their metaphysical properties. Mood rings are actually great if you’re into self-care, wellness, and spirituality because you can wear them and track your auras, too.

Note that the color of mood rings isn’t hard and fast. They might vary based on the wearer’s horoscope, aura, life, experiences, and environment.

Fun Fact: Mood rings also called thermochromic rings, mood crystals, and temper rings.

Mood rings can have positive and negative meanings. 

13 Positive Mood Ring Color Meanings 

Warmer colors indicate excitement and cooler tones represent calmness. I’ll tell you the chakras, elements, and other metaphysical traits associated with the mood ring temperature chart. 

Red Color Mood Ring Meaning 

red plain color

Is your mood ring showing a red color? It means you’re excited or feeling daring. It’s for you to find out if that means you feel it from happiness, romance, enthusiasm, frustration, or anger. 

Red is the color of passion, power, and energy in psychology. It means life force energy, prana, or chi in metaphysics. 

The color grounds you and encourages you to manifest dreams with its metaphysical properties associated with the planet Mars, the Fire element, and the Root Chakra

Scientifically, the mood ring shows this color at body temperature between 68°F or 20°C.

Pro Tip: One good way to enhance the red mood on your ring is to program crystals with Red Jasper or other red-colored stones with the Earth energy. Bury the stone under three inches of soil overnight. 

Gold Mood Ring Meaning 

gold color mood ring meaning

Sometimes associated with honey-yellow and amber, the gold color on your mood ring is good news. Psychology describes this color as joy. The gold mood ring color indicates power, happiness, hope, clarity, vitality, and focus

Did you know the Solar Plexus Chakra brings luck and health to the gold and yellow colors? 

Spiritually, the Fire element and the Sun are associated with gold, bringing with it willpower, conviction, and optimism. Mood rings show this color at the body temperature of 70°F or 21°C.

Pro Tip: Hold an Amber crystal charged with the golden rays of sunlight (at dusk or golden hour) in one hand while meditating with the crystal. It’ll enhance the golden mood color on your ring. 

Yellow Mood Ring Meaning 

yellow color mood ring meaning

One of the primary colors, yellow, represents happiness and hope in psychology. It’s associated with the planetary energies of the Sun and the elements Air and Ether in metaphysics. 

The yellow mood ring indicates happiness, vitality, strength, luck, or passion. 

If your mood ring is bright yellow, you’re in a good mood, perhaps after waking up or bathing. It’s associated with Solar Plexus Chakra and its benefits. Your body temperature falls to 73°F or 23°C in this mood color. 

Pro Tip: Get a Citrine stone and hold it in your other hand for a few minutes while facing the rising Sun to enhance the yellow color of your mood ring. You can also do sun salutations to program your crystal before wearing the ring.

Green Mood Ring Meaning 

green color mood ring meaning

Green color mood ring means stability, growth, and patience in psychology and prosperity in metaphysics. It’s linked to the Heart Chakra; hence the color indicates calmness, good health, universal connection, relief, or kindness. 

Other metaphysical properties associated with the green mood color are the Air element and the planetary powers of Venus and Mercury. 

They help you eat healthy foods and attract abundance, financial luck, love, and joy. The human body shows 76°F or 24°C when the mood ring changes its color to green. 

Pro Tip: Green Aventurine is the best crystal to enhance the green color of your mood ring. Try to chant or breathe into the crystal to beckon its spiritual benefits before wearing your ring.

Olive-Green Mood Ring Meaning 

olive green color background

The mood ring’s pale green or olive-green color also indicates Heart Chakra benefits. It’s linked to the Earth and Wood elements on top of Venus in astrology. 

The olive-green color means tranquility in psychology and indicates relief, relaxation, good fortune, peace, health, or harmony in spirituality. 

It means you’re at peace or content with your reality when your mood ring is olive-green. You may show a body temperature of 78°F or 26°C to trigger the green color on the mood ring.

Pro Tip: Charge a Peridot with YAM, the seed mantra of Air, before wearing your mood ring. 

Dark Green Mood Ring Meaning 

dark green color meaning

Sometimes called forest green mood color, this shade is associated with the Heart Chakra and Earth element. These metaphysical traits of dark green indicate peace, emotional healing, support, grounding, empathy, and abundance.

In psychology, dark green means balance and a deep connection with nature. 

If your mood ring is showing a dark green color, it means your body temperature is 81°F or 27°C. The associated planet of dark green is Mercury, so you can do spiritual rituals to manifest intelligence and adaptability with this mood. 

Pro Tip: Carry an Emerald after charging it with soil next time you wear the mood ring. You can do this by placing the crystal on the soil for 24 hours in a shady place.

Teal Blue Mood Ring Meaning 

teal color mood ring background meaning

Tranquility is the meaning of teal color, according to psychology. If you look at it spiritually, teal means trust and peace because the color is associated with the Throat Chakra opening. 

This mood ring color is linked to Mercury and Neptune and indicates knowledge, decisiveness, mental clarity, and manifestation energies. Teal is also related to the elements of Water and Air, signifying intuition and wisdom. 

If your mood ring color is teal, your body temperature may be 83°F or 28°C.

Pro Tip: Program a Turquoise crystal with positive affirmations or seed mantras before carrying it on you before wearing your mood ring.

Sky Blue Mood Ring Meaning 

sky blue mood color meaning

The mellow blue or sky blue tone is psychologically considered soothing. That’s why it’s linked to the Throat Chakra. If your mood ring color is sky blue, it means you are serene, relaxed, ready, or focused. 

Did you know blue is linked to Air, Water, and Ether? They bring knowledge, clarity, consciousness, and higher powers. The color connects with Mercury in astrology, signifying quick thinking abilities. 

The mood ring shows sky blue when your body temperature is 85°F or 29°C.

Pro Tip: Hold an Aquamarine crystal close to your throat and speak into the stone for a few minutes after sunrise. Carry the charged crystal with you before wearing the mood ring. 

Indigo or Dark Blue Mood Ring Meaning 

indigo color meaning

Dark blue means awareness and insight, according to color psychology. It means intuition, foresight, and psychic vision in spirituality. This color is linked to Third Eye and Crown Chakras, associated with the mind’s eye.

Some argue dark blue color on the mood ring is a sign of upcoming good fortune because of its Saturn associations. 

The indigo color on your ring also evokes the Etheric element that connects you with your subtle body. It’s noticeable on thermochromic crystals at a body temperature of 88°F or 31°C.

Pro Tip: Charge a Tanzanite or Lapis Lazuli overnight in the moonlight and hold it in one hand before wearing your mood ring. 

Pink Mood Ring Meaning 

pink color meaning for mood ring

Pink is an uncommon color on the mood ring. It’s associated with the primary chakra of the Heart and the second chakra of the Higher Heart, indicating affection, love, empathy, gratitude, and universal connection

Psychology describes pink as nurturing, kind, and loving. 

If your mood ring is pink, it also means elements like Air, Fire, and Ether are in harmony inside you. They will help to manifest intentions, make decisions, and find dormant skills. 

You’ll notice the pink color on the mood ring when you are at a body temperature of 89°F or 31°C. This color brings self-respect, self-care, and joy into your life from the planets Venus and Pluto in astrology. 

Pro Tip: Program a Morganite crystal with Fire energy before wearing your mood ring to see the pink color change. You can light a candle and hold the crystal before it for a few minutes.

Lilac Mood Ring Meaning 

lilac color mood ring meaning

A pale shade of lavender, lilac is described as calming and soothing. You’ll be peaceful, pleasant, unstressed, or relaxed when your mood ring shows this color. 

People with lilac aura may show this color on the mood ring because their higher chakras are open.

Lilac brings enlightenment, clarity, intelligence, critical thinking, growth, and awareness to the spiritual world. It’s directly linked to Jupiter and the elements of Wood, Ether, and Light and their benefits like abundance. 

Your mood ring shows a lilac color when your body temperature is at 90°F or 32°C

Pro Tip: Activate a Lilac Fluorite with the energy of healing sounds, like singing bowls and Solfeggio frequencies, before wearing your mood ring. 

Mood Ring Purple Meaning 

purple color representing purple mood ring meaning

The color purple translates to creativity in psychology and enlightenment in spirituality. It opens the Crown Chakra with the planets Jupiter, Neptune, and the elements Water, Ether, and Light.

Purple and violet on the mood ring indicate enlightenment, intuition, knowledge, or psychic abilities. The body shows a temperature of 92°F or 33°C at purple on the mood ring.

Did you know purple was associated with royalty a few centuries ago?

Pro Tip: Charge an Amethyst by smudging it with sage and hold it in one hand before wearing your mood ring.

Orange Mood Ring Meaning 

orange color representing mood ring meaning

Although orange is associated with sweating, nervousness, tension, stress, and frustration in psychology, it’s not always bad. It might be positive stimulation, like sweating from a superb workout.

Orange means strength and grounding in spirituality because it’s associated with the Sacral Chakra, the element Earth, and the planet Saturn.

The negative effects of the orange color on mood rings are sometimes from the wrath of Saturn because of bad karma. Consult an astrologist if this is your mood ring color. 

Technically, the ring may change into orange or black at the body temperature of 66°F or 19°C. 

Pro Tip: Program a Carnelian by wafting a lit incense over it and holding it before wearing your mood ring. 

2 Negative Mood Ring Color Meanings 

There are endless negative mood ring colors, but I’ll tell you the meanings of two negative colors and what to do next today.

Gray Mood Ring Meaning 

gray background color

Gray color mood ring points to an unsettled mind. If this color appears, it may be because you’re confused, stressed, or thinking hard. Clear the confusion in your mind and the mood ring with a Clear Quartz wand before wearing the ring again. 

The gray color may also indicate the ring is malfunctioning, dead, or unable to detect the temperature. 

Brown Mood Ring Meaning 

brown color representing mood colors meaning

If your mood ring shows brown, you may be lost, afraid, or going through tough changes. You can find hope and grounding by keeping a Smoky Quartz crystal in your left pocket. 

Brown might also indicate positive qualities, like adaptiveness, anticipation, and exhilaration.


  • Is a mood ring a crystal?

Yes and no, mood rings are made synthetically with a shell of Quartz. 

  • Do mood rings expire?

Yes, most mood rings lose their abilities with natural wear and tear in two to five years. That said, some mood rings from the 70s are still in working condition.

  • Why did my mood ring turn blue?

Your mood ring changes to blue because you’re calm, relaxed, or honest. This is common when hanging out with people who make you happy and lively, like friends and family. 

  • Why is my mood ring black?

Your mood ring may be black from damage from its inability to detect your body temperature.

  • Are mood rings toxic?

No, mood rings are not toxic to most people, but some people may be allergic to them. If you have allergies, crosscheck if the metal and other parts of the ring are safe before wearing.

  • What finger to wear a mood ring?

The best finger to wear a mood ring is the middle finger on the left hand.

  • Can I shower with a mood ring on?

No, you shouldn’t shower with your mood ring on. 

  • How to take care of a mood ring?

You should avoid contact with water and keep the mood ring dry for maximum life.

Track and Enhance Your Mood with Mood Rings!

We learned mood rings are made from thermochromic crystals that change colors with your body temperature. 

I love wearing them on special days like birthdays, anniversaries, and vacations to track my spirit state on these special days. You should know how they work before wearing them. 

As we learned, there are positive and negative mood ring colors. Positive colors mean courage, joy, happiness, calm, relaxation, and peace, while negative colors indicate confusion, pessimism, and worry. 

Here’s the mood ring temperature chart summarizing what we learned today:

A graphic table for the mood ring color and temperature chart

What color does your mood ring show? We’d love to know what you think about it!

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