Main Origins:
Germany, Mexico, the United States, Brazil, India, Australia, Russia, China, Japan, Madagascar, Venezuela, Namibia, South Africa, Egypt, Indonesia, France, and Italy.

What is Jasper?

red jasper situated on top of green leaves

Jasper is a type of naturally formed Microcrystalline Quartz from the Chalcedony mineral family. It’s an impure Silica variety that exists in endless colors, color combinations, and patterns. 

Spiritually, Jasper resonates with Earth’s energies, divination, health, courage, and protection, depending on the variety.

From artifacts to jewelry, tools, medicine, and amulets, Jasper was used for mind, body, and spirit in earlier times. Did you know humans have been using Jasper for thousands of years? The oldest known Jasper bead dates back up to 50,000 years!

It may be known as African Bloodstone, Jaspis, Diaspro, Tecpacuihcuilli, Jašma, Jasperite, Vabanite, Iaspis, Jaspis, Jasp, Jaspe, Agate Cornaline, Agate Terreuse, and Patterned Cryptocrystalline Quartz. 

This type of Chalcedony may show a dull luster but shines once polished.

Fun Fact: Jasper is often known as the opaque reddish-brown Chalcedony.

Jasper Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Jasper features endless colors and patterns but mostly activates the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Earth Star Chakras. These energy wheels are responsible for courage, creativity, fertility, wealth, protection, and immunity. 

When you consider the other types of Jasper, it awakens the Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Lunar Star, Solar Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras. As a result, the stone becomes a powerhouse of peace, willpower, passion, luck, and divination. 

Mars governs Jasper, promoting manifestation, energy, passion, courage, and health. This makes it an ideal healing stone for the Scorpio, Virgo, Aries, Leo, and Libra zodiac signs, as it assists them in cultivating loyalty, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, leadership, confidence, and harmony. 

Multiple elements are associated with Jasper, like Earth, Fire, Wood, Air, Water, and Ether, symbolizing grounding, prosperity, growth, intelligence, and interconnectedness with the cosmos. 

These elements are the reason you should keep Jasper healing stone in the North, East, Southwest, Northeast, Southeast, or South areas of your home. They will lead to luck, abundance, love, and harmony.

This type of Chalcedony taps into the powers of Gods like Gaia, the Greek Earth Goddess; Brahma, the Hindu Creator God; Odin, the Norse Chief God; and Bastet, the Egyptian Fertility Goddess.

Jaspis stone resonates with the numerical vibrations of 6 and 9, beckoning powers of balance, family, awakening, and divination.

Jasper Healing Properties & Benefits

Tranquility and Deep Healing 

  • Tapping into deep peace and inner healing isn’t easy unless you’re using Ocean, Rainforest, or Sunset Jasper varieties. 
  • Hold your healing stone in your palms, close your eyes, and meditate on your intentions for a few minutes every day upon waking.

Courage and Perseverance

  • Are you looking for stimuli to inspire and empower you? Then charge and carry a Brecciated, Dragon Blood, or Brown Jasper on your dominant side at all times.
  • Chant this affirmation to set your intention with the healing stone, “I am fearless and ready to face challenges with boundless perseverance and trust in success.

Immunity and Health

  • If chronic illness is wreaking havoc in your life, get a Red, Bloodstone, or Green Hair Jasper today and make a crystal elixir with it. 
  • Place your crystal next to a glass of water for 4 to 6 hours to allow its energies to infuse into the water indirectly. Afterward, you can consume it within the day to boost immunity. 

Intelligence and Creativity

  • Batik, Chrysanthemum, Picasso, and Spiderweb Jasper varieties are a surefire way to activate the dormant areas of your intelligence and soft skills. 
  • Light a candle and hold your Jasper near the flame for a minute to charge it for creativity and knowledge. Carry it in your purse or wallet once it’s charged. 

Fertility and Libido

  • For those struggling with fertility issues, Watercolor, Pink, and Plume Jasper offer great relief. You can also boost your passion and sex drive with these varieties.
  • Pour a glass of (indirectly infused) crystal elixir into your bath and soak in it for up to 10 minutes before trying to conceive.

Jasper Spiritual Properties & Benefits

hand planting coins on the ground

Luck and Wealth

  • Some Jasper varieties, like Bird’s Eye, Maligano, Wilkite, Poppy, and Honey, act as magnets, attracting wealth and luck.
  • Create a Jasper altar with your healing rock in the center, surrounded by basil, chamomile, marigold, and cinnamon in the Southeast corner of your home. Light a golden or silver candle to activate the altar daily.


  • Did you know Rainbow, Deschutes, Confetti, and Genesis Jasper stones can manifest intentions? These are great for success, career, and travel.
  • Light a sandalwood incense and fan the sacred smoke over your crystal while visualizing the intentions you want to manifest.

Psychic Abilities and Divination

  • Ball, Picture, Orbicular, Eye of the Storm, and Calligraphy Jasper crystals activate the dormant part of your psyche. Powers like intuition, clairvoyance, and premonition are common to these healing stones. 
  • Place your healing crystal for a few minutes under the full moon or new moonlight while meditating on divination to activate it. 


  • Psychic protection and grounding are easy to manifest with Basanite, Bloodstone, Fossil, or Snakeskin Jasper by your side. 
  • Place your choice of stone at the Entrance of your house to prevent negativity and evil from affecting you. 

Awakening and Karmic Healing

  • Are you looking for the perfect healing crystal for enlightenment or karmic penance? Riband, Porcelain, Kalahari Picture, and Orbicular Jasper can help you out!
  • Place your healing stone next to a singing bowl and play it for a few minutes to activate sound energies to lead you to spiritual awakening and penance. 

Side Effects of Jasper

  • Fatigue: When your crystal healing rituals enhance immunity, weariness is a common side effect. Take a break or hold a cleansing stone if this is your situation.
  • Restlessness: Awakening the spirit may lead you to a restless mindset. You can avoid this by keeping a Morganite or Black Tourmaline close by. 
  • Disturbing Dreams: Sleeping with a charged Jasper on your nightstand or under the pillow may lead to disturbance of dreams. 


Jasper Meaning: What Does Jasper Symbolize?

a man sitting by a body of water with a cosmic object in front depicting cosmic wisdom

The meaning of Jasper is cosmic awareness. 

Also a calming crystal, Jasper instills a sense of well-being. Keeping it close to you can help you relax, boost immunity, and increase the chance of conceiving. 

Spiritually, it’s ideal for protection, manifestation, luck, and awakening. 

Types of Jasper Crystals

  • Red Jasper: The most famous Jasper variety, this stone ranges from brick to blood and wine reds with swirling or mottling patterns. Use it for vitality, strength, and fertility.
  • Brecciated Jasper: Also called Segmented Jasper, this type of Diaspro Stone forms from rock fragments fusing over time. It’s great for determination and renewal. 
  • Alladinite: Jasperite from Wabuska in Nevada constitutes this variety and is very rare, showing a yellow base color with red patterns. Use it for protection, tranquility, and emotional intelligence.
  • Bayate: This type of Agate Cornaline shows mostly yellow and orange shades. It’s great for brain power, memory, and manifestation. 
  • Bloodstone: The dark green variety of Jasper that’s also known as Heliotrope, this crystal enhances strength, immunity, and psychic protection. 
  • Ball Jasper: When Iaspis stone is seen naturally in spherical shapes, it’s known this way. This type of Chalcedony is a divination stone, good for deep healing and balance.
  • Bergerit: This is the local name for a net-like Jaspis stone known for protection, passion, and karmic healing.
  • Catalinite: Jasper stones originating from Santa Catalina Island in California, USA, are named this way. They’re usually mottled with minuscule spots of white and yellow. Use it to manifest intentions and find peace.
  • Creolite: If your Jasper shows red-and-white bands, especially from California, it’s most likely a Creolite. They are the best stones for chakra alignment. 
  • Dallasite: This is the Jasper variety from Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. It shows gray, blocky patterns on a black backdrop, ideal for awakening, clarity, and psychic abilities. 
  • Darlingite: A Lydian local name for the stone, this type of Jasper originally came from Victoria in Australia and is ideal for courage, persistence, and intelligence.
  • Irnimite: Another local Jasper from Siberia’s Manganese ores in the Taikan Ranges, this stone shows black, white, blue, and brown hues. Use it for willpower, protection, enlightenment, and grounding. 
  • Wilkite: This type of Jasper shows purple, yellow, green, and pink hues and hails from Willow Creek in Idaho, USA. It’s a good stone for growth, transformation, wealth, and fertility. 
  • Pastelite: Featuring soft pastel colors of orange, yellow, and red, this type of Iaspis stone is a cosmic consciousness stone that attracts luck and health to you. 
  •  Quetzaliztli: A translucent variety of Guatemala Jasper in emerald-green hues, it gets its color from Chromium-bearing Muscovite inclusions. Use this healing crystal for deep peace, sex drive, emotional healing, and fertility issues. 
  • Brown Jasper: Jasperite in earthy and brown tones, often with red, black, yellow, beige, and gray colors, constitutes this category. They empower your mind, body, and spirit. Also, Egyptian Jasper is a sub-variety of Brown Jasper.
  • Imperial Jasper: Another earthy-toned Diaspro in beige, brown, gray, or white with captivating patterns. Use it for fertility, courage, and vitality. 
  • Ocean Jasper: Agate Cornaline stone in oceanic hues, like blue, green, white, gray, red, yellow, and orange, form this variety. It activates psychic powers, like intuition, spirit contact, and self-expression.
  • Riband Jasper: This is a type of Banded Jasper in olive-green, pink, orange, blue, brown, and red hues. It’s good for peace, renewal, and karmic healing. 
  • Rainbow Jasper: Vabanite (a.k.a Jasper) with rainbow flashes, constitutes this variety. Use it for manifesting intention, courage, and fertility. 
  • Mookaite Jasper: Also called Mookaite, this is an earthy-toned variety, usually brown, yellow, orange, and red. It’s great for growth, tranquility, and passion.
  • Picasso Jasper: Patterned Cryptocrystalline Quartz with patterns akin to brush strokes falls under this category and is great for creativity, manifestation, awakening, and prosperity. 
  • Leopardskin Jasper: This type of Agate Terreuse features brown, beige, yellow, white, and gray hues. It’s a courage booster crystal that also empowers your auric shield and divination abilities. 
  • Druzy Jasper: A type of Jasper with a sparkly coating from Druzy Quartz, this variety may exist in any color. It’s an amplifier crystal, ideal for manifestation, luck, intelligence, and deep healing. 
  • Watercolor Jasper: You’ll see black, blue, brown, and white hues from Manganese, and it comes from the Taikan range in Eastern Siberia. The healing stone looks like a watercolor painting and connects you with the cosmos and angels, awakening your spirit. 
  • Rainforest Jasper: A rare type of Rhyolitic lava, this type of Diaspro Stone shows brown, green, beige, yellow, and orange hues. It’s a fertility stone that also boosts your mental clarity and courage. 
  • Picture Jasper: Jasperite with picturesque patterns fall under this category. It’s good for manifestation, cosmic awakening, and tranquility. 
  • Bruneau Jasper: Agate Cornaline from Idaho’s Bruneau River constitutes this category. It’s great for perseverance, letting go, deep healing, and divination. 
  • Spider Web Jasper: This type of Vabanite features intricate patterns, resembling a spider web. Use it for protection from psychic attacks, creativity, and intelligence. 
  • Turquoise Jasper: Also called African Jasper, this variety shows beige and yellow spots on a pale brown and turquoise base color. It’s good for communication, health, fertility, and clairvoyance. 
  • Genesis Jasper: Also called Genesis Stone, this is a Banded Iron Formation (BIF) of Patterned Cryptocrystalline Quartz in black, gray, maroon, and brown hues. Use this healing stone for karmic healing, protection, and courage.
  • Confetti Jasper: One of the colorful varieties of Tecpacuihcuilli Stone, it’s a conglomerate stone with inclusions of varied sizes and colors, like confetti. It’s great for spiritual awakening, immunity, and fertility.
  • Bird’s Eye Jasper: Also called Vogelaugenjaspis, this is an unusual variety in red, brown, white, beige, cream, yellow, and dark brown colors, mimicking eye-like patterns. Use it for grounding, abundance, divination, and manifestation. 
  • Noreena Jasper: This type of Jaspis Stone is a silicified stone of mud with red, yellow, and cream hues from the Pilbara region in Western Australia. It’s great for fertility, passion, and psychic abilities. 
  • Red Creek Jasper: Another multicolored variety, this type of Diaspro shows orange, red, brown, green, yellow, black, blue, and gray hues. It’s also called Cherry Creek Jasper and opens all the chakras, leading to enlightenment and spiritual abilities. 
  • Porcelain Jasper: Also called SciFi Jasper, this is a type of Brecciated Jaspis variety from the Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico. It features purple, cream, red, and gray hues, fostering tranquility, peace, creativity, and divination. 
  • Orbicular Jasper: Jasperite with colored, orb-like inclusions constitute this category, showing green, white, gray, red, brown, orange, and other colors. Use it for psychic protection, deep healing, and fertility. 
  • Kinradite: This is a type of Orbicular Jasper, originally from San Francisco, named after J. J. Kinrade. It shows red orbs on a base color mix of white, black, and gray. Use it for prosperity, intelligence, and enlightenment. 
  • Poppy or Flower Jasper: One of the varieties of Agate Cornaline linked to happiness, manifestation, and inner peace, this stone is usually red, blue, black, gray, yellow, orange, brown, or maroon.
  • Polychrome Jasper: Vabanite varieties in blue, orange, brown, yellow, gray, white, and red hues, fostering creativity, libido, awakening, and success. 
  • Basanite Jasper: Also known as Black Jasper, this type of Iaspis stone looks solid black, sometimes with yellow or golden dots on one side. Use it for grounding, psychic protection, courage, and strength. 
  • Fossil Jasper: Patterned Cryptocrystalline Quartz with fossilized inclusions in white, off-white, beige, cream, brown, and yellow hues. Karmic healing, acceptance, peace, and grounding are its main benefits.
  • Yellow Jasper: Jaspis stone in shades of yellow, sometimes with veining or patterns form this variety. It’s good for immunity, health, luck, charisma, and spirit contact. 
  • Honey Jasper: This type of Patterned Cryptocrystalline Quartz is a darker variety of Yellow Jasper, sometimes with white, gray, or black veining. You can use it to attract wealth or be more fitness-oriented.
  • Blue Jasper: A captivating and unique variety of Diaspro, this stone is also called Blue Spot Jasper. It looks similar to Sodalite, activating intuition, clairvoyance, higher consciousness, and cosmic awareness.
  • Fancy Jasper: A type of Jasperite with cream, white, blue, green, red, yellow, and several other colors fall under this category. They are all-rounder stones, battling anxiety, immune issues, financial troubles, and reproductive problems.
  • Green Hair Jasper: Also called Green Jasper, this variety has a dark green base color and hair-like white patterns all over. It’s great for immunity, protection, abundance, and intelligence. 
  • Chrysanthemum Jasper: Often called Starburst Jasper, this variety has a flower-like pattern over it. Use it for manifestation, perseverance, awakening, and creativity. 
  • Plume or Purple Jasper: Not the Black Andesite misnamed as Plum Jasper, the Plume or Purple Jaspis stone features plume-like patterns in blue, pink, red, maroon, yellow, white, and brown hues. It’s great for karmic healing, creativity, peace, and fertility. 
  • Pink Jasper: Featuring many shades of pink from rose to mauve, baby pink, and reddish pink, this variety may also have white, gray, or brown veining. It’s good for emotional healing, fertility, divination, and perseverance. 
  • Owyhee Jasper: Jasperite crystals originating from the Owyhee River in Oregon constitute this category. They’re ideal for a sense of security, psychic protection, and self-trust. 
  • Batik Jasper: Resembling the patterns of Batik fabric, created by nature, falls under this category of Jasper varieties. It’s a creativity stone filled with communication, expression, and willpower. 
  • Biggs Jasper: Tecpacuihcuilli stones found around the Biggs Junction in Oregon form this category, moving obstacles and negativity out of your way.
  •  Mocha Jasper: Jaspis in the colors of coffee form this category and are considered perfect for strength, courage, clarity, and manifestation.
  • Moss Jasper: Agate Terreuse, with dendritic patterns on it in green, forms this variety. You can use it for growth, transformation, abundance, or intelligence. 
  • Calligraphy Jasper: Known by many other names, like Coquina, Arabic Script, and Elephant Skin Jasper, this type of Jasper fosters transformation, success, and intelligence. It has a maroon backdrop with yellow script-like patterns. 
  • Zebra Jasper: A Jasperite with zebra-like stripes on it, Zebra Jasper is a protective stone that lifts your mood, health, and psychic awareness. It’s usually beige with brick red to brown patterns. 
  • Eye of the Storm Jasper: Patterned Cryptocrystalline Quartz with multiple layers or swirls is also called Judy’s and Bahia Jasper. It’s a clarifying stone that activates strength, courage, peace, and psychic abilities. 
  • Kalahari Picture Jasper: Tecpacuihcuilli Stone with scenic swirls of brown and other earthy hues constitutes this variety. It helps with growth, soul mission, karmic healing, and awakening.
  • Maligano Jasper: Jaspis with contrasting colors, like red to blue, yellow, orange, black, and gray, are called this. It’s a renewal stone for immunity, creativity, manifestation, and libido. 
  • Kona Jasper: Agate Cornaline in flesh-like colors with dark inclusions form this category. It’s good for harmony, love, empathy, and karmic healing. 
  • Snakeskin Jasper: This is a striped variety of Diaspro in red, cream, green, and black colors. Use it for anger management, forgiveness, creativity, and psychic protection. 
  • Morgan Hill Jasper: Jasperite from Morgan Hill in California forms this variety. It features orbs of yellow and olive-green on an orange, brown, or maroon base color. Use it for manifestation, willpower, and health. 
  • Deschutes Jasper: This is a type of Porcelain Jasper from the Biggs Junction in Oregon. It is brown and beige with red or maroon patterns. Use it for courage, success, and prosperity. 
  • Sunset Jasper: A Jaspis variety for fulfilling goals, finding emotional balance, and evoking compassion, this type shows a mix of yellow, red, brown, and black hues. 
  • Dragon Blood Jasper: Featuring shades of green, yellow, red, and brown hues, this Tecpacuihcuilli variety is a stone of courage that also activates psychic powers and intelligence. 
  • Silver Leaf Jasper: Agate Cornaline with silver, gray, and black colors, this variety is a higher consciousness stone that leads to spiritual awakening, tranquility, and perseverance. 
  • Kaleidoscope Jasper: Diaspro with swirling patterns in several colors, this type of Iaspis opens all the chakras, leading to spiritual awareness, abilities, and powers. 
  • Morrisonite Jasper: Agate Cornaline is named after James Morrison. It is a Jasper-Agate that is popular for its vivid colors and patterns. It’s often called the King of Jaspers and is believed to stimulate creativity, intelligence, and luck.
  • Agate-Jasper: This is a combination of Agate and Jasper, showing all colors of the spectrum. It helps with deep healing by helping you let go of traumas as well as boosting courage, psychic vision, and focus. 

How to Cleanse Jasper?

A burning palo santo wood on a bowl

  • Soil: Bury your crystal under three inches of soil overnight to cleanse the negativity absorbed by it. 
  • Palo Santo: Light a palo santo smudge stick and waft the sacred smoke over the crystal to cleanse it.
  • Sunlight: Hold your crystal for a few minutes under the morning sun to reset its positive energies. 

Answers and Questions

How Can You Tell if Jasper is Real?

The best way to tell if you have genuine Jasper is by testing if it gets scratched by minerals under 6 on the Mohs scale. 

Can Jasper Get Wet?

Yes, Jasper can get wet without sustaining any damage because it is nonporous.

How Do You Clean Jasper?

The best way to clean Jasper is with a soft cloth and lukewarm water once a month. 

Is Jasper Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Jasper is safe under the sun for short periods under sunlight. You should also avoid it from direct sunlight and heat.

How Much Does Jasper Cost?

The cost of Jasper varies from stone to stone based on its color, size, cut, and origin, but most fetch $2 to $5 per carat.

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