January 25: Full Moon Meaning and 17 Crystals to Use for the Wolf Moon

  1. What Does the January Full Moon Mean?
  2. 17 Wolf Moon Rituals to Do on January 25th 
  3. 17 Crystals for January 25 Full Moon 
  4. Start Using Crystals for a Powerful January Full Moon!

Something enchanting unfolds under the January night sky; you witness the full wolf moon’s brilliant presence. This event is known to captivate our senses as it is named after the wolves’ howls that echo during winter in the woods.

Have you ever wondered what happens during the January full moon? What to do during this time? What does it mean? Can you use crystals during this time? 

January’s full moon, also known as Wolf Moon, illuminates the night and signifies introspection and renewal. During this time, you can profoundly connect with nature and embrace solitude. Crystals like Moonstone, Amethyst, and Clear Quartz can strengthen your introspective journey, promoting inner balance and clarity. 

Unleash the Wolf Moon’s secrets and explore how this lunar phenomena enhances your experience. 

What Does the January Full Moon Mean?

a howling wolf silhouette with a full moon background

During the wintery January, the enchanting glow of the full moon, or Wolf Moon, starts to envelop. The full moon occurs when the Moon is opposite the Sun, and according to the zodiac, if the Moon finds itself in Aquarius, it can add an extra layer of importance. The Wolf Moon in Aquarius is a time of innovation, inspiration, and community.

Historically, the term “Wolf Moon” originated in Native American folklore, when wolves howled due to hunger during winter. This event symbolizes survival and unity in times of challenges. Alternative names for this Moon include the Cold Moon and the Old Moon, which highlights the chill of the season and the passing of time. 

If you want to witness the beauty of the Wolf Moon, you may watch it grace the night sky during January. It is best seen on a clear night in different locations worldwide. You can find a spot away from city lights for the perfect view of the Moon’s serene glow. 

Regarding the traits of Aquarius during this lunar phase, Aquarius, as an Air sign, is connected to innovation, independence, and humanitarianism. These traits enhance your sense of forward-thinking and positive change during a full moon. 

17 Wolf Moon Rituals to Do on January 25th 

As we embrace the positive energy of Wolf Moon on January 25th, let’s look at the suggested rituals that can harness the power of crystals, sounds, herbs, flowers, and chants.

Ideal Affirmations

Begin your Wolf Moon rituals by stating and expressing intentions like, “I am open to positive change,” or “I embrace the wisdom of the Wolf Moon.” These affirmations will uplift your spirit and guide you during confusing times. 

Crystal Altar or Grid 

You can create a sacred space for your crystals to amplify the Moon’s energy. Place Clear Quartz to achieve clarity, Amethyst to enhance intuition, and Moonstone for lunar connection. Arrange the said crystals in a grid to collate their vibrations, forming a harmonious field that aligns with the Wolf Moon’s transformative energy. 


Engage in a calming meditation to be one with the celestial frequencies. Finding a quiet space where you can sit comfortably and focus on your breath is advisable. Imagine the Moon’s peaceful glow covering you, bringing a feeling of serenity and inspiration. 


Participate in a guided visualization to enhance your connection with the Wolf Moon. Envision a wolf guiding you in a snowy area, symbolizing resilience and intuition. Imagine also that the Moon’s energy infuses you with creativity and strength to help you face life’s challenges gracefully.

17 Crystals for January 25 Full Moon 

Embrace the brilliant energy of the January 25th full moon by utilizing the following crystals, which possess distinct benefits that amplify your lunar experience. 


Celestite on white background

Celestite is a crystal that enhances your association with divine energies and promotes inner peace and communication with celestial realms. During the full moon on January 25th, this crystal is your ideal companion for setting positive affirmations regarding personal growth. 

To maximize Celestine’s full moon benefit, place the crystal under the moonlight overnight and allow it to absorb the lunar energies and spiritual properties.

Rainbow Moonstone

rainbow moonstone on white background. rainbow-moonstone-x-pinterest-Sarah-Belle-Style
Image Source: Pinterest | Sarah Belle

This is a stone of intuition and balance that aligns suitably with the transformative powers of the full moon. Rainbow Moonstone enhances your emotional well-being, and using this stone during a full moon will allow you to face challenges with clarity. 

Charge your Rainbow Moonstone on a windowsill or outside your area during the full moon. Let it absorb all the radiant energies from the Moon for a more powerful lunar stone. 


aquamarine on a white background

It has calming and soothing properties known to complement the full moon’s energy on January 25th. Aquamarine is a crystal that promotes clear communication and emotional healing. Use this crystal during the lunar phase for enhanced self-expression. 

To achieve Aquamarine’s full moon benefits, clean it in cool, running water and allow it to be in the moonlight overnight.

Elestial Clear Quartz 

Elestial Rose Quartz on a white background. Image Source: Esty | IrisUnique
Image Source: Esty | IrisUnique

Elestial Clear Quartz is renowned due to its high vibration and spiritual growth properties. It is a useful crystal during January’s full moon that amplifies intentions and assists providers in overcoming life’s challenges.

Fill your Elestial Clear Quartz with energy by charging it in a bowl of purified water overnight under the full moon’s light. Allow your crystal to absorb the Moon’s magnificent energy for extra power.

Lapis Lazuli

Polished Lapiz Lazuli on a white background

A stone of wisdom and truth, Lapis Lazuli is associated with the full moon’s transformative energy that can stimulate your intellectual abilities and self-awareness. Incorporating your crystal during a lunar event will give you a deepened connection to your inner wisdom. 

Charge your Lapis Lazuli by placing it in your window area or outside during a full moon, letting it absorb the Moon’s enlightening energy. 

Blue Apatite 

raw Blue Apatite on a white background

Do you want to own a crystal that enables you to manifest and be more creative? Blue Apatite is a must-have and a perfect companion for the January full moon. It is known to make you more intelligent and foster a sense of clarity. You can use Blue Apatite for clearer intentions and goals during the January full moon. 

Blue Apatite can be charged by placing it on a piece of Selenite for a few hours before exposing it to the full moon outside your area.

Quantum Quattro Quartz

Quantum Quattro pendant on white background
Image Source: Etsy | GemStoneAppeal

Quantum Quattro Quartz is a powerful combination of minerals that harmonize your mind, body, and spirit. When used during lunar times, this crystal has the power for deep healing and balancing. 

To charge your crystal intentionally for the full moon, place it on a bed of soil to ground the crystal and absorb the Moon’s energy. 

Blue Amber

Blue Amber on white background
Image source: facebook.com | Phoenix Mix

This rare and distinct crystal also aligns with the warmth and positive transformation brought by the full moon’s energy. Use it during the lunar phase to encourage self-expression and creativity. 

Charge your Blue Amber by placing and soaking it in a bowl of saltwater overnight under the moonlight.


A Raw phenakite on a white background
Image Source: Flickr | Ron Wolf

Phenakite is considered a high-vibration crystal that resonates with the full moon’s energy, activating your spiritual growth. This crystal connects you with higher realms of consciousness when used during a full moon. 

To activate the power of Phenakite during a full moon, place it along with the Clear Quartz cluster or on a windowsill. Then allow the crystal to absorb all the Moon’s positive energies. 


Apophyllite on white background

Apophyllite has a high vibrational frequency that connects you to the spiritual realm, specifically during January’s full moon. If you want to achieve clarity, inner peace, and a sense of awareness, use your crystal during the lunar phase in January. 

To charge your Apophyllite, place your crystal under the moonlight overnight as it absorbs the transformative energy present in the full moon.


Polished Selenite On a white background

When used and utilized during a lunar phase, Selenite will allow its users to achieve mental clarity and spiritual growth. Having your Selenite with you during the lunar event is advised as it cleanses your aura, and the Moon’s energy brings more power to your crystal.

Have your Selenite charged by placing it under the moonlight or on a windowsill while you allow it to absorb the purifying energy brought by the full moon. 


Ametrine on white background

As the name suggests, Ametrine combines Amethyst and Citrine crystals to harmonize and balance one’s energy. When used properly during a lunar event, this crystal can promote creativity and intuition. Moreover, when you incorporate it into your rituals, you’ll have enhanced focus and balance. 

Ametrine can absorb the energy of the full moon as you place it in a bed of sea salt or under the moonlight overnight. This charging technique is best for the crystal to absorb the energy coming from the Moon.

Golden Labradorite

Labradorite on white background

Golden Labradorite is known to spread positivity among its users. This crystal can also promote creativity, inner strength, and intuition when used during lunar events.

The best way to charge your Golden Labradorite is to place it in a bowl of soil or on the earth as you allow it to absorb the energy from the Moon.

Ocean Jasper

Polished ocean Jasper gemstone on white background

Ocean Jasper is a crystal you can use when finding the right positivity in your life. Using this crystal during lunar events will make you more joyful and positive as you face life’s challenges. 

Charge your Ocean Jasper in a bowl of purified water overnight under the moonlight. This technique will allow the crystal to absorb more of the full moon’s transformative and positive energies.


polished rhodonite on white background

When used properly in your rituals during lunar events, Rhodonite is known to make you more compassionate and emotionally healed. This is evident as this crystal can promote self-love and forgiveness. 

Unlock the crystal potential and charge it by placing it on a bed of rose petals under the moonlight.


amazonite crystal on white background

This crystal is an ideal gemstone to use during January’s full moon since it is known as the crystal of communication and balance. Amazonite is a useful stone because it enhances clarity in the way you express yourself, and it fosters harmony. 

To activate Amazonite’s Moon energy, place it in a bowl of water with chamomile overnight and under the moonlight. 

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is considered a crystal of strength that makes its users courageous and resilient. It is recommended to use Red Jasper during lunar events as it taps your inner strength to overcome challenges in life. 

Burying the crystal in the earth overnight will allow it to absorb the stabilizing energy coming from the Moon. 

Start Using Crystals for a Powerful January Full Moon!

As you explore the energy brought by the January Full Moon, it is important to remember the essence of incorporating crystals into your rituals and meditation practices. Remember that each crystal has its own unique power and properties that align with every aspect of your life. 

Gain knowledge and insights about the crystal’s healing properties and use it properly and timely for a more efficient and effective crystal power. 

CelestineCalming and angelic communication.Enhances association with divine energies. 
Rainbow MoonstoneFeminine energy and intuition.Connects with lunar cycles and enhances intuitive abilities.
AquamarineCalming, communication, and courage.Promotes emotional balance and enhances communication skills.
Elestial Clear QuartzSpiritual evolution and amplifying energy.Aids in personal growth and amplifies intentions.
Lapis LazuliWisdom, truth, and spiritual insight.Enhances self-awareness and promotes spiritual growth.
Blue ApatiteIntuition, inspiration, and clarity.Stimulates psychic abilities and enhances mental clarity.
Quantum Quattro QuartzHealing, balance, and spiritual growth.Harmonizes energy and supports overall well-being.
Blue AmberPurification, protection, and vitality.Clears negative energy and boosts vitality.
PhenakiteHigh vibrational energy and spiritual activation.Accelerates spiritual development and enhances intuition.
ApophylliteSpiritual connection and clarity.Facilitates communication with higher realms and enhances clarity.
SelenitePurification, clarity, and angelic communication.Clears energy blockages and connects with divine guidance.
AmetrineBalance, abundance, and spiritual clarity.Harmonizes energy, attracts abundance, and enhances spiritual clarity.
Golden LabradoriteTransformation, intuition, and protection.Supports spiritual transformation and enhances intuitive abilities.
Ocean JasperNurturing, joy, and stress relief.Promotes positivity, joy, and alleviates stress.
RhodoniteLove, emotional healing, and balance.Fosters self-love, heals emotional wounds, and maintains balance.
AmazoniteHarmony, balance, and communication.Enhances communication skills and promotes balance.
Red JasperGrounding, strength, and vitality.Boosts energy, provides strength, and enhances vitality.

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